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Rumor: Palm to release keyboardless "teen phone"? 147

by Dieter Bohn Fri, 17 Dec 2010 4:45 pm EST


While we've been tracking Pixi 2 rumors for some time now, it seems that the codename guessing game has just gotten more interesting. Along with the news that Palm's codename for the PalmPad is 'Topaz,' Engadget reports that Palm plans on releasing a "low end teen phone" without a physical keyboard on Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T.

We don't know if this maps to the Pixi 2 / Broadway rumors (Strangely, this new teen phone is supposedly codenamed "Castle."), but it perhaps it could be the "smallest smartphone ever" that Todd Bradley told HP employees about in the last all-hands call - which Bradley said would launch on SFR next month.

In any case, after so many months of not hearing much at all in the way of hardware rumors coming out of Palm, having too many codenames - from Broadway to Windsor to Mantaray to Stingray to Castle (redux) to Myte, Gyst, and Veer to Topaz - feels nice, eh?

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So what exactly is a "teen phone"?

prob a phone in the same catagory as the LG Rumor.

yeah that's a weird term to me. It's no like teens don't have iphone 4s. So if that's a very high end phone seems it would be a teen phone too.

Yea exactly. What a joke. And who makes low end phones??? Do you see any low end Android phones or iPhones? And why call it a "teen" phone? Like teens don't buy expensive phones??? Are they completely insane? Teens want the "it" phone and will pay whatever to get it. The Pixi was a complete waste of time. When people buy the crappy version, they associate it with the high end phone once they are completely turned off by it. Countless people have abandoned WebOS because of the Crapixi. It's becoming obvious Ruby needs less control of Palm.


Also, the very few Android phones that would fit the "teen" definition being used in the article, like the Motorola Cliq, were failures.

Seriously? Have you seen any non-headline Android phone that wouldn't fit that definition? The only 2 decent Android phones that Sprint sells are the Epic and Evo; the rest of the Sprint Androids I would definitely classify as "teen" phones, given the lower specs and smaller form factors. I would argue that most Android phones are teen phones, with the exceptions being the Droid-branded phones and the Evo/Epic.

And I wouldn't.
The big sellers in the Android market are the big phones.

Android 1.5/1.6 [the two versions that those older phones you are speaking of run natively] only make up a few percentage points of the total mass of the Android market now, my friend.

Ever heard of software updates? I think that might account for the fact that most phones are running higher os versions. Plus, almost all new Android phones released are running 2.1 or 2.2, including the lower-end phones (that's a huge selling point for phones on regional carriers: "runs Android 2.1/2.2).

All I'm saying is that out of the hundreds of Android phones running around, only a handful are so-called "super phones." The rest could qualify as "teen" phones, which I would define as a lower-spec'd version of an Android phone. I don't know why everyone is blowing their tops over a rumor of a teen phone, and immediately jumping to the conclusion that it will fail epically. We don't even know what HP thinks would qualify as a teen phone. If you read what this tipster is saying, this phone will be a keyboardless Pre. If they throw the Pre 2 hardware in it, while releasing their super phones, then it would qualify as a teen phone in my opinion.

Sorry, those phones, like the Motorola Cliq, hell even the G1 only run 1.5 or 1.6.

They NEVER OFFICIALLY received 2.0/2.1/2.2.

Those lower end phones never do.
They can't handle running the higher versions of Android. [It's easy as a WebOS user to misunderstand how the Android update system works because when WebOS gets an update it's 90% bug fixes, when Android gets an update it's generally a complete rework of the system]
So, in short, most if not all of the "lower end" Android phones don't even run 2.0 and yet sub 2.0 android devices only make up a few percentage points now.
At one point that wasn't true, it is now.

A "teen phone", as the phrase has been coined, is perfectly described by the Kin.

We have no reason to believe that Hpalm would use that phrase yet try to redefine it.
That's why the reaction is what it is.

Yeah, and how old are those phones? The G1 was not a teen phone when it came out. And no need to patronize a poor unfortunate webOS user like me. I know how Android updates work, even though I don't have an Android phone. But you failed to see what I said before that. There are maybe 10 Android "superphones" out there, that are released with the most recent os update, and have hardware to be compatible with future updates. For the rest of the mid-range Android phones released on the big carriers and the regional carriers, it would be moronic to think that they aren't released with at least 2.1. As I said, with carriers like Boost, U.S. Cellular, and Cricket, it's a selling point that they mention on ads: "Android phone with 2.1 operating system." Why the hell would a handset developer release a phone in 2010 with an os version from late 2009? Old phones, like the ones you noted, are still running old versions of the os because their hardware doesn't support the new features. I would classify these non-superphones as "teen" phones, because they have the features kids want, at a price a parent won't balk at.

The reaction is what it is because everyone on here has gotten their hopes so high that HP will release the phone to end all phones, simply because that's what they want to see happen. When they finally hear what HP has planned, even though it's an anonymous rumor, they freak out. We're not as spoiled as you Android users with 200 phones to choose from. And I'm sick of people trying to figure out what HP is doing by reading the tea leaves and putting stock in rumors and gossip. Until HP reveals their lineup, all this speculation is just that: speculation.

That link is to all of the Sprint android devices. The oldest system any of those come with is Android 2.1

The Transform (running 2.1 and getting os upgrades is EXACTLY a teen phone w/ rebates it's under a hundred bucks and pretty much does everything a modern smartphone should do even has a front facing cam) - and it's selling like hotcakes to the younger crowd at the non-corp Sprint store my friend owns.

There are lots of lower end smart phones for sale, but some folks are so focused on always seeing the negative side of things they can't/won't notice them.

This is a smart move, many form factors for many tastes and needs....

the trolls may now resume their "sniping"

True. While the majority of Android phones are mid-range, i am still not exactly sure what a "teen phone" is. I sell mid-range phones to plenty of older folks who don't want to spend $200 on a high-end device, and more often than not, the teens want the highest-end phone anyway and they are not the ones paying for it.

Samsung. LG.

You know, tweens are a fast growing and lucrative market. I can see HP marketing a low end phone to tweens, whose parents might balk at a more expensive smartphone, but be willing to buy a low end phone as a compromise. And the best way to get a tween to want something is to say it's designed for teens....

seriously, there are a TON of low-end Android phones. Samsung, LG, & Motorolla ALL have them. My wife has a Samsung Intercept which is very "low end."

A non-crippled Pixi with a cheap data plan. This is part of the problem with this rumor. It suggests that Palm has no idea how to tackle this market.

Don't know either but probably compact phone with lots of social app options, messaging. Maybe available with stripped down data plans. Not everyone can or should pay for their kids' $$$ data plans esp if all they're doing is go on facebook as opposed to real work activities. Keep it sturdy, reasonably fast and it should do ok. The crowd here is mostly male, tech-oriented and wouldn't go for these phones. If HP can throw out 6 different models then let them go for it.

One "teen phone" is the purple LG Optimus S

That's the phone you bought your teen that you didn't get an unlimited voice and data plan for. The phone they used to rack up a ridiculous bill. LOL!!! I'm not buying or paying for my 17 year old to have a "teen phone". He can get a job and buy his own.

Here's hoping they also bring out a non-phone device (ie: iPod touch concept)


The iPod touch is, quite literally, an iPhone without the voice/data radio.
It's for dumb games and music only.

I disagree. Think about your pre without either the phone or 3G radio. What would be missing?
-No phone calls
-No SMS/Text
-Data only in WiFi regions.

** That's it. Everything else would be there (Calendar, Tasks, Contacts (for eMail), Memos, eMail, Google integration, App Catalogue + all apps, browser, etc..)

The benefit? NO contracts, simply a one-time cost to buy the unit. This would bring the goodness of WebOS to those who either don't want or don't need a Smartphone (ie: would provide those still carrying Palm T|X'es or other PDA's with another option other than the iPod Touch).

I think you are vastly over exaggerating the "goodness of WebOS".

Not even Android, outside of a tablet, has done anything of that nature.
The ONLY reason that Apple gets away with it is because of itunes [and their complete and utter monopoly in the mp3 player world]
If Apple didn't have either the iPod touch would have fallen flat on it's face.

No, I think it's the size of the app store that let's Apple get away with it. Maybe at first, iTunes helped the iPod touch take off, but now the iPod touch is a legitimate gaming device, a good social media device, etc.

The size of the app store does play into it but it's yet another reason why a "radio less" device is not something Hpalm should even be thinking of.

Not even Android, outside of a tablet, has done anything of that nature.

Wait, what? There are lots of Android non-phones out there. Dell Streak comes to mind, Archos, etc. Most of them have 3G connectivity too, but some don't.

Archos is a tablet and Dell Streak is a joke [and a phone]

Neither are success stories by the way.

What about that Samsung Galaxy S MP3 Player? From what I understand, it's selling pretty well overseas . . .

Archos is a tablet

I suppose that depends on the definition of a tablet. I have no idea if there's an official definition, but mine runs along the lines of 7+ inches of screen size, whereas things smaller than that are PDAs, MIDs, PMPs, or some other cute little TLA. In any case, they're in the non-phone category of thing that we're talking about. And in that space, Archos has several.

I don't think Apple has a monopoly in the legal sense. Sure most people buy an iPod, but their prices are extremely competitive and offer more than the competition. A real monopoly would mean they overcharge because you're unable to get anything else to play mp3s which isn't the case.

It's not a true monopoly but it pretty much is.

Think about it. Every radio headset has the special propriety connection that only ipods can use.
The radios that control the ipod can only control ipods, you can't do that when it comes to any other mp3 player.
So in that matter of speaking you're forced to buy an ipod for that purpose.
The "overcharge" comment is questionable.

An 8gb ipod is $200... I can get an iphone 36gs 16gb for that same price.

Or a 2 TB, yes that TERAbyte, internal hard drive.

So is it overpriced simply because "they can"? That argument could be made.

Except you're really paying more like $1,800 for that iPhone since it comes with a 2 year commitment @ $70 a month.

Put your Pre in airplane mode and you have yourself a Pre Touch. lol

this is kinda a dumb statement... do u realize the extent to which the ipod touch helped ios take off? the more devices for the platform that are out there, the more apps they sell, the more devs get on the bandwagon. my itouch is a great compliment to my pre. because of it i dont buy many games on the app market cuz i would rather play a game on that cuz the screen is bigger and i dont wanna kill my pre's battery. the apps on ios are far superior to webos too, the games are simply awwwwesome. dungeon hunter 2 (for example) is epic... not to mention: it has 64 gigs; my pre has 8 gigs, the multitasking is sufficient, the media player is wayyyy ez to use and fast... so i guessing u dont have one haha.

Why not? We already have a "mom" phone: the Pre, a girls phone: Pixi, why not a "teen" phone. :P

Why can't they make a power users phone, or a business phone?

not until they get an office app.

Hit the nail on the head there.

Can't call it a "buisness", nor a "productivity", phone if you can't even edit documents.

They're saving that for the PalmPad, scaling it down to five inches for a phone (hopefully?).

Also, the Pre can very well be a power user phone if you know how to hack it up, which you should know if you're a power user.

No phone can be considered a power-user phone with out the ability to edit docs or even open pdfs without bugs. (disclaimer, I love my pre)

think kin with webos featuring the bece facebook app available.

if they can get the carriers on board with a low data plan it might work.

The words "completely" "stupid" and the phrase "waste of time that could be spent on better ideas" all combined together provide a solid overview of this, if it's true.

They all combine to describe the average teenager too. Hmm...

I could make the same claim about the average American.
Or the average WebOS user.

Need I continue?

Completely irrelevant to the point.

These type of phones are stupid and wastes of time.
See the Motorola Cliq [or even better, the Kin]
If this rumor is true, it just continues to provide proof that Hpalm is as stupid as Palm, if not worse.

Meh, when it's a company as big as HP, and they're releasing six devices in a year, I think they can afford to experiment with one of them. Just because you don't like them doesn't mean someone out there won't.

Just because you "can afford" to do it, from a financial aspect, doesn't mean you can from a PR aspect.

We have seen, more than once [with the best example being the kin] that phones like this fail. Why waste time and resources when billions have been spent on this before with complete and utter failures as a result?

Now to the comment about the "six devices in a year".

We have not one, not one, confirmed phone for next year.
We have rumors based on little to no actual facts.
We have people hope and praying and we have random serial numbers but we have NO confirmations.

Until it's confirmed I don't give a fuck about the "claims" of rubenstein nor of Hpalm in general.

What, you won't believe them until the phone launches? If they say they will launch six devices, what reason do they have to lie?

Did you really ask that?
Why would they lie? To get developer interest, among other obvious reasons.

I'm not gonna sit here and suggest that they won't be releasing any new phones nor will I suggest that they are just saying things to lie, but I don't care what Palm or Hpalm SAYS anymore.
I've been lied to and disappointed enough with what has been SAID.

Proof is in the pudding.

The only "release", which hasn't been released, thus far as been the Pre 2.
IF those 5/6 releases next year compare to that then there won't be a WebOS in 2012 to have interest in.

Ok, whatever. I'll let HP know how much they owe you.

Ya know what, that is one of the most annoying things that people say.

They don't owe me shit.
I moved on to the Evo and, besides keeping in touch with what's going on in the WebOS world, haven't looked back.

But I can tell you this, if they have ANY want as far as being successful and, hell even fucking surviving at this point, they won't be following road maps that have been PROVEN to be failures.

If Microsoft spends a BILLION DOLLARS on the kin and it fails what do you think is gonna happen with Hpalm spending a fraction of that?

"I've been lied to and disappointed enough with what has been SAID."

Sure sounds like you think they owe you something.

And haven't looked back? Please, if that was true you wouldn't be posting it here.

No, it sounds like I, like A LOT OF PRECENTRAL USERS, are sick and tired of promises and comments about what WILL occur.

All I'm telling you is, I don't want to hear about what is "possibly going to happen in the future" and frankly, no one else does either.
I'm speaking industry wide, not just of WebOS users.

I need more than my two hands to count the amount of times that Palm made a claim, in regards to upcoming things, that hasn't paned out.

The money has no relevance to the Kin failing, I'm sure you know that.

The Kin failed because it was delayed so long, Verizon got pissed and decided to opt out on those cheap-O data plans that were supposed to be launched alongside the Kin.

It failed because of the surprising lack of widespread advertising.

It failed because the head developer of WP7 was such a jerk, he decided to force Sharp developers to run it into the ground.

If HPalm doesn't do anything stupid with this "teen phone," I can see it doing pretty well.

Note: Not everyone has the money to buy full-fledged smartphones. Hell, not everyone WANTS a full-fledged smartphone. The "teen phone" is definitely not a waste of money/time because I can definitely see a market for it. Don't so pretentious as to assume that these phones will fail.

Read all the guy's posts on this page (and there are many of them). He is nothing but pretentious. For someone with an Evo (and supposedly never looking back) he spends a lot of time being pretentious on PreCentral.

"Trolls gon' Troll"

He's not called "Mattytrollx" for nothing...

Actually it was itunes that carried the ipod. They were selling like crack way before the itouch was introduced. The iphone also started off as a "teen phone". It basically was being marketed as a touch ipod with a phone radio. Yes they marketed itunes with the iphone..nothing more. I mean it was a complete media device that could make calls. No copy/paste, a freaking 2g radio. I mean hell, they just added some sort of third party multitasking this year! Let's be real, android is all kinds of security issues and windows phone 7 is just like the iphone was. It's being marketed as a media device. Music/movies/games..nothing more. I mean one of the devices has a freakiing slide out speaker, not a keyboard but a speaker.

the absence of proof does not mean proof of absence..

talking shit again matty.

Would it be possible for you to either make a constructive post on topic or to just not at all?

who the hell do you think you are. You come on here and call average webOS users stupid. So I constructively tell you to shut your mouth. Say your opinion but leave your shit talking at the door.

When did I call anyone stupid, buddy?

wow. You may want to re-read all your posts. Or does your shit talking come out without you knowing.

Funny how you can't even point it out.
Only time the word "stupid" was posted in this thread was in regards to this phone idea.

ok. I've already wasted time feeding the troll and don't need to point it out to you. Think about what you post. You clearly talk shit without regard. Say your opinion and leave it at that. Don't sneak in your snide comments about the users of this website.

Like I said, instead of flaming someone for their opinion why don't you spend your time offering your own opinion?

I didn't call anyone stupid, although I did call this phone idea stupid.
The fact that you can't point it out is just further proof that you are just trying to pick a fight.

I'll be sure to ignore your flame posts for now on.

Matty, you worked VERY hard on your reputation and you've earned the "privilege" of being treated like crap. Even if you dont continue be as big a db as you were before, you still have to live with the consequences of your early achievements.

Hey, break it up guys, I won't allow it! (Referee)

see what happens when you feed the trolls? fight the urge and ignore the little twerp. if no one plays with him, he'll go away...

I agree, but it could be related to data plan required. I think the Kin would have been great for teens with a $10 txt/data plan instead of an expensive one which makes a Droid just as attractive.

Precisely my point above. Although the world has pretty-much given up on the PDA concept (think Palm T|X as a good example), there are still lots of people who want all of the features provided by a smartphone (ie: mobile operating system with calendars, tasks, web browsing, etc...) but, *without* two important things:

1. They have zero desire to be tied to any form of contract or monthly payment
2. They don't want this to be a phone -- they want it to be a device that works both offline and online (WiFi) --> think the Pre if you disable your data radio and never use phone or SMS.

I'll say the negative comment before anyone else does: PDA's went away for a reason. My reply is: perhaps it's partially true, but, there are still lots of Jaded PalmOS users out there that don't want to have to pony up for an expensive data plan just to replace what they already have for free.

I was in exactly that same boat. I literally am running my Pre+ with *NO* data plan. I probably use my data radio 5 times or less a month (pay-per-use). Since I have WiFi at home & work, there really is no benefit to paying the extra $30 for 500mb /month just to run trapster in the car. I'll admit: it's nice having both my phone and Palm merged into one device, but, I'm certain there are people who would only want the WiFi.

Last part to my rant: with the PalmPad -- it's clearly not a phone. There will likely be lots of people who don't want to pay for a data plan for their tablet device (and will be happy running on WiFi only). Regardless of whether a non-phone handheld is made by HP or not, the fact remains that this business model makes sense for some consumers.

ha now that's a good one

When they mentioned "teen", this came across my mind:

Someone above mentioned "think kin," but my first thought was more like "Oh crap they bought up the leftover stock of Kins."

I should add I don't think it's a horrible idea, but the Kin did come to mind. The one person I know who has a Pixi, a 12yr old girl. My 11 yr old daughter really wants my phone (though will probably be just fine with the Android phone she is about to get).

You don't think it's a horrible idea even though you have more than one example, the best and most well known being the kin, where this sort of thing fails?

Sorry, it's an absolutely horrendous idea and, if true, further proves that Hpalm doesn't know what they're doing.

What is another example, because the Kin is all I mentioned, and the Kin did NOT have a smart phone OS in which you could add apps. The Pixi, or just a lower end phone in general I think would do well enough to justify it's existence. I am sorry if you feel every phone should be the latest and greatest technology (or close to it) but that is not realistic.

Also, I have no worries at all about if Hpalm knows what they are doing or not, because last time I checked there is no such thing as HPalm. There is however an HP Palm.

I don't expect every phone released to be the absolute latest and greatest technology.

I DO expect that to be the NUMBER ONE priority of Hpalm.

I also KNOW, from data available to anyone on the internet, that lower end smartphones don't do well. Especially now.

The point is, these "teen phones" do NOT do well.
That's been proved.
So going down the same road again is asinine.

And I still ask the same two questions:

1) Please name me another example besides the Kin (which was not even a smartphone OS targeted towards teens)? I would like examples of phones with a smartphone type OS targeted towards teens. Failed or not I don't even care, I seriously would like to know what other examples you are talking about because I do not know what they are. Links, data to back up your claims.

2. Who is Hpalm?

Here's at least one "teen phone" (phone that has lower specs, super cheap) that's doing well:

Wow, some of you negative naysayers need to give it a re. This apparently wouldn't be the device for you. But, HP plans to release 5 or 6 WebOS device in '11, remember? They've probably got a few demographics in their sights. Keep in mind, the teenagers of today are the purchasers of tomorrow. Like the crack dealer at the playground, get 'em hooked on WebOS now. Could have a user for a long time.

Just because you "can afford" to do it, from a financial aspect, doesn't mean you can from a PR aspect.

We have seen, more than once [with the best example being the kin] that phones like this fail. Why waste time and resources when billions have been spent on this before with complete and utter failures as a result?

Now to the comment about the "six devices in a year".

We have not one, not one, confirmed phone for next year.
We have rumors based on little to no actual facts.
We have people hope and praying and we have random serial numbers but we have NO confirmations.

Until it's confirmed I don't give a fuck about the "claims" of rubenstein nor of Hpalm in general.

To your crack dealer comment, you clearly over estimate WebOS.

Marketshare was 7% when WebOS was released and is now 1.3%.
Apparently that crack you speak of isn't very high quality.

"We have seen, more than once [with the best example being the kin] that phones like this fail."
I've seen you say "phones like this fail," but now I'd like to see specific names other than the Kin.
Remember the SideKick? What about all the lower-end Android phones such as the Optimus One? The Alias?

"Apparently that crack you speak of isn't very high quality."
Fools equate device quality with market share.
What we can equate market share with is superior advertising.
Not to mention the market has expanded exponentially with Android catching steam. For all you know, the 7% of yesteryear could easily be the 1.3% of today.

I hate to jump in this argument but as more poeple buy smartphones the percent can go down without poeple leaving the great webos ship. Example first lets say 100 in the whole wide world have smart phone and of the hundred poeple, 7 of them ran webos. Well suddenly now there is 150 poeple in the whole wide world have smart phones and there is still 7 poeple who stuck with webos. Now even though the number of users hasn't changed it went from 7% to roughly 4.5%. Not to say nobody left webos I just think your rational thinking may need tweeking. :)

I totally agree.As long as HPalm is bringing out more devices then I don't care if they make one for teens.People are never happy woth anything. It's kinda like a women scorned.You been hurt now you want to do the hurting yourself and never forgive or be reasonable like and adult.Maybe you are the the ones that should be getting this phone because you are acting like teenagers.

I totally agree.As long as HPalm is bringing out more devices then I don't care if they make one for teens.People are never happy woth anything. It's kinda like a women scorned.You been hurt now you want to do the hurting yourself and never forgive or be reasonable like an adult.Maybe you are the the ones that should be getting this phone because you are acting like teenagers.

You are complete and utterly missing the point.




Really, it's not hard to understand at all.

I highly agree with you, couldnt have said it better myself. these people dont understand where u are coming from. its not like we hate palm; we're just sick of being let down with these weak updates. we stood by them for how long and they're just throwing the palm pre at us over and over again and its unbelievable how some people are going nuts over the palm pre 2...really? its the same hardware. dont get me wrong webos 2.0 is great but its the same hardware. so all in all they just keep disappointing us, the fans with these not so great updates. all we have are these rumors and guesses to go by. if Jon is going to be doing these interviews where he is beating around the bush then he can sit his ass at home. honestly i know its ur job to talk about tech stuff&new software but why leave ur house if you cant tell us something promising and worth not dumping my 1st palm pre in the trash

Really? Last I checked there were THREE generations of SideKick phones and that basically kept them in the game until they could make the swing from oblivion to now stocking some of the Top "high end" Android phones (G2, MyTouch 4G).

The only people who think teen phones are good idea are people that aren't teens. When they did the Kin marketing, they used people who were obviously older than teens doing non-teen things:

Unless the monthly cost is significantly cheaper, why would anyone buy one of these? However, doubt the carriers are going to make these plans cheaper because teens are heavy users of SMS and voice. The point is that there isn't any such thing as a teen phone.

Reading A LOT of BS in these comments. Just have to say, SMS and Voice can be had unlimited...... it's the data that is becoming the issue (as I am sure you know because you are not new to this). My wife has 4 teenage siblings (lets say 10ish to 16)..... 5 people on a plan (4 of them teens), can't touch what is the most expensive thing for my carrier with me (the wife uses very little).... DATA. Even running some of my data thru wifi, I can break 3 gigs in under a month.

Just saying SMS and Voice isn't an issue for those other than GSM providers (since they run everything over the data bandwidth technically). This is why we have been seeing unlimited voice and messaging for a while (at various price points), but seeing data eliminated from that.

"Just saying SMS and Voice isn't an issue for those other than GSM providers (since they run everything over the data bandwidth technically). This is why we have been seeing unlimited voice and messaging for a while (at various price points), but seeing data eliminated from that."

My (like many others) GSM provider offers unlimited voice and messaging, even data is unrestricted (after using up your 3G quota bandwidth-limited), so whats your point again?


wow, HP Palm have really set the bar high! They not only want to own the enterprise world, they want to appeal to teens! they have all the bases covered!

teens are power users. their phones need to be the bomb.

so much drama and whining. I want to switch devices as well, becauae of hardware issues. But they will be released when they are. No amount of whining and complaining will hasten it. As any good parent should tell the whiny childens in the back seat to shut up......SHUT UP! Patience!

What you call "whining" I call constructive criticism.

You clearly need to look up the definition of "whining".

Also, while you are sitting there being "patient" [and some how attaching that to maturity when it comes to technology] the rest of the world is moving on.
Pretty soon that 1.3% is gonna be a dream in Hpalm's eyes.

Bitter much?

Palm will, or wont, succeed just as well without the screaming drama from android fanbois...

Your criticism is ill placed - direct it toward the company in question, rather than at those that enjoy their products - otherwise, STFU&GTFO.

Whining in public comments does nothing to influence a large corporation, nor does it show you to be intelligent or well spoken..

Considering this phone is rumored to be aiming for a very small form-factor, it no doubt is less capable than a larger more powerful device - but will likely do more to convert dumbphone users into smartphone users more readily than the oversized android phones, or the intimidating blackberries of the world - let alone the elitist iphones.

The smartphone crowd is still the minority - HPalm likely realizes this, and is building a road map to help initiate the unwashed masses which will build a true customer base for higher-end devices. Especially if they cut their teeth on the same OS.

The Pre was a flop for many reasons, but they tried to immediately enter into high-powered territory with a half-baked OS on a physically pitiful phone with tons of muscle. The first android phones were similar, but they aimed FIRST at the geeks and teenies, rather than business and professionals. I think that if this pans out, it will reveal much more about their strategy than their ethos on what a smartphone should be.

Somehow, I think HPalm has written off all of us, and will begin anew in the 'coming months' - which is probably smart, considering they can only piss of 1.3% of the market with this strategy...

Your name calling because someone[along with many, many other people that are members of this forum and abroad] has an opinion that you don't like is why my response stops here.


Hey Mattykinsx, since the word kin is in your member name, does that mean you are a failure too? Why don't you stop with your hate/ foul filled messages and stop trolling this site with nothing insightful to say. Personally, I don't care what phones come out if anything at all, but I'm not going to swear on a popular site to get my point across you needless twit.

Oh, and before you get your panties in a bunch again, maybe you should have checked out engadget's article before you ran your mouth... They are the ones calling it a teen phone. The article does not make any reference to Palm calling it that.

It's people like you who make reading the comments section feel like a listening to a 5th grade classroom. Scratch that, even 5th graders are more civilized than you.

Try 3.9%. If your gonna troll, at least get the data correct.

Palm 4.9% 3.9% -1.0


Personally, I don't care what they call it. One thing I do know is that the teenage group are the power users of tomorrow. What Apple has done is sucked them in at an early age and as they get older, they are now tied into the itunes ecosystem. I hope someone at HP is aware of this and whatever "teen" phone they bring out is just as powerful as the so called "superphone". Getting teens thinking "webOS" now will only drive sells in the future when they are committed to the webOS ecosystem that I hope is coming soon.

Yadda yadda yadda..... Palm is about to go down that same road as before, releasing the half baked Pre 2. By the time their so-called higher end devices come out, they too will be behind the curb. For every device rumored to come out from Palm, all the other carriers/OS's are already there with a device that's equal to what Palm is trying to catch up to. Looks like HP is setting Palm up to fail so they can be done with the smartphones and focus on WebOS only. I hope that I'm wrong tho.

Nothing suprises me with HPalm anymore. I kind of expected this, my expectations for ces are tempered way down now, so they may still surprise us, (however unlikely)

Who is HPalm?

althought hpalm is not an official name you (and all of us on p/c i'm sure) know exactly what it means. so leave your useless comments to yourself... some people. this whole thread is full of rude, dumb, and unnecessary comments. come on people lets keep our cool here and at least slightly think about what we are going to say plz. thx

This is just more proof that HP does not get it! But have no fear, they will get it "in the coming months" when they drive webOS completely into the ground.

I don't understand all the derpery ITT. There will be a pixi successor as there was a centro sucessor. Why is that so taxing to contemplate? Cute and cost effective smartphones can sell like crazy to teens. I welcome a broadened user-base for the platform.

I dont even think it's so much as everyone want's a device right now(well some do lol) but i think it's more like everyone wants a photo of a device or two to leak. Which would any of you prefer; if Ruby said the next phone would be out in say two months. or a photo to leak of the next phone to be released with no info of a release date? I think if we got either or, someone would get mad because they didnt get the other. Instead of being happy over so concrete info.

hmm someone seems to be getting worked up for a phone. I didn't know you needed a phone to live your life ahem...

wtf is a teen phone? teens don't want phone marketed to teens (see kin) the want iphones and droids just like everyone else. :IMO there should only be two target audiences. Business and consumer...


Using the term "teen phone" was a bad idea. I believe they're looking to market a phone, as Phreakish mentioned, to the feature phone users looking to upgrade. I think if we wait it out till CES 2011, HP|Palm will lay out a road map for 2011 that will get us and some new users excited for webOS. Have faith. It's three weeks away. After that, if your still disappointed, you can say to all of us "I told you!" :)

They should say that, then promptly leave and "never look back".

The kin had a decent concept but as we know all too well, it wasn't properly marketed, had midgrade hardware and limited release. Sounds like a webOS story. But microsoft is trying bounce back with WP7. They refined the OS, and slapped it on better hardware. It's long term success is pending but they're making a case to be player in the market.

teen phone seems to be a feature phone. A "low end teen phone" is something I would get for my 13 yr old daughter, because I don't have 250 bucks to drop for the flagship phone. It's gotta be a pretty cheap $0-$100. Plus, it would be good to just get webOS out there, on the low and high end.

The real reason the Kin failed was Verizon imposing exorbitant data plans on the phone. The targeted market could not afford it.

my wife teaches in a K-12 school in NYC. 235 Students. All middle & High school students have cell phones.. About 10% to 15% are smartphones rest are generic phones w/texting, some email.
Reason is $$$ ..
So there is a large Teen population out there if Palm can get product management and marketing to produce a phone to cater to Teens. Just because others tried and failed is not reason to quit, especially if you can loose several tens of millions of $$'s.

Exactly. See...T-Mobile Sidekick. Phone so popular there were 3-4 GENERATIONS of it.

it's WAS popular, until the world stopped focusing on feature phones and started moving onto smartphones. This would have been a good idea 4 years ago, but not today.

look guys, as android has demonstrated again and again, as long as the dev support is there and you have alot of apps it's going to sell no matter the hardware. Comparing a palm "teen phone" concept is not accurate at all. The kin failed because they went about it all wrong. They got the social networking part right but they had no apps and no way possible of developing any apps for it. I don't understand how they felt that was a winning combination but they found out the hard way. On another note, nobody needs a palm pre mp3 player only. Just cuz it was a hit with apple doesn't mean anybody else could do it. Let apple be apple as far as mp3 players go. Don't try and duplicate everything apple does....... I'm sick of all them comments about palm needing to copy apple.

I actually like the idea of a webOS watch MP3 player, if I didn't have more complex needs like I do now, I'd buy one in an instant, I'm sure that there are plenty of the younger generation who don't have sugar daddies to pay for monthly plans that would love to get something like that. You won't know till you try, and for some reason, no ones tried, not even Creative, who had everything lined up with the Zii, which I would have bought in a second. They never released it.

Not sure if this was mentioned already, but has everyone forgotten about the Tmobile Sidekick. That was a very successful "teen phone". Of course most of us wouldn't be interested in an HP teen phone, but it could be very successful if it's marketed right and has the right features. For one, it will HAVE to have a top of it's class keyboard, whether physical or VKB. If they don't do their homework (no pun intended), it will be an epic fail.

the sidekick is dead. Along with it died along with the concept of the 'teen phone'. May it rest in peace.

Apple's winning because they've created a phone that everyone wants, from teens to grandparents. The idea that teens want a targeted phone is ridiculous. Teens are more tech savy than anyone else and believe it or not what to have the 'coolest' out there. Those to facts are reason enough to focus on making only powerful consumer friendly phones.

from a market perspective, sure parents would like to buy their kids cheaper phones with cheaper plans, but any good business understands the value of having the product that all the cool kids have. The one that kids beg to have, do extra chores for, get good grades for, get parttime jobs for, etc. The one parents go out on a limb for to make their kids happy. Those are the real money makers. When's the last time you heard stories about an ultra-successful teen phone? It's been a while. And it's because teen phones aren't cool anymore.

The only way this will be successful is if it isn't tied to an insanely high priced data contract. Kin anyone?

Castle is the code of Pre. Castle + is the code of Pre plus..
Castle is the code of Pre. Castle + is the code of Pre plus...

I was surprised that nobody seemed to remember that and about to post the same.
So I wouldn't give too much credit to rumors based on a new model called "Castle".

"NERDS!!!!!" *points finger* - Booger, circa 1984.

Who wants a teen phone covered in acne and VD???

Sent via EVO. Approved for adult use.

Teens are covered in VD?

dtreo, you set off my creepy detector.

My guess... Pixi, no keyboard, all screen... Which (having not handled the pixi in a long time ) wouldn't be a horrible thing... But it's all guesswork... No point arguin. CES, that's what we are all waiting for. If HPalm sux there... Well , this forum's gonna become a mighty quiet place.

This is the main reason I got the evo palm is letting me down with these crap phones!

I do love everyone that talks about "XYZ from HP/Palm is why I got the Evo." I would venture to guess anyone jumping from a Palm phone to an EVO, just wanted the newest phone out there. I could see jumping to other Android phones, but no physical keyboard is a deal breaker (and I would think would be for most people from the BB and/or Palm world in recent years). I love WebOS, don't need new phones yet, and do need a physical keyboard.

I say all that to say, the EVO trolling is getting OLD. The comparable phone is the Epic if you are gonna leave HP/Palm for an Android phone on Sprint. If I don't see something from HP/Palm before my next phone purchase then the Wife and I will probably both be getting the Epic or something similar.

I haven't jumped yet, although I probably will. But it's not because I wanted the 'newest' phone. It's because I want a bigger screen and HP is not giving me an option.

Multiple 'rumor' recently about small devices and teen devices and wireless keyboards and tablets.

I have to wonder if there actually is an Epic/EVO competitor in the wings because if so why haven't we seen a proper 'rumor' about one.

Personally I would be happy with the Pre 2, or something with similar specs. A slightly bigger screen I could see but too big won't do it for me. Like I said, the Epic is in my mind if I don't see a HP/Palm phone subsidized by my carrier of choice by my next upgrade (this is assuming another US carrier doesn't beat Sprints prices, but it is not looking that way). I would like to plan on my next phone matching the platform of the tablet I hope to buy in the next year.

The big things that have me sticking with and hoping HP/Palm shows us some good stuff is first that I am still happy with our Pre's overall, and 2nd that I like have the factory restore option with the Dr's. The fact that this does not exist with Android is bothersome to me... I have never had to Dr but I do like knowing I can freely play with my phone and always have a way to get back to factory specs.

I don't blame you. Palm does suck and it looks like CES is its last hope for any change. If they are trying to stay quiet and then boom, they better do it fast. And now I'm about to get attacked by palm fanboys.

Why is it called a "teen phone"?What is that suppose to be a phone that teens buy, because I bought my palm pre last summer with my own money and I was only 12 so does that mean it's a teen phone, and I have alot of friends who own pixis so what's with this "teen phone" thing

The Pixi could've been a teen phone if they marketed it better and gave it a better data plan.

A teen phone is just a phone that's very popular among teens and younger kids. Since you have a Pre and you're 13, it's technical name would be a Pre-pubescent.

You're probably one of the very few teens that could actually afford a smartphone, and I'm willing to bet that you don't pay for the whole plan yourself. That's the point some of us are trying to make here, not everyone can afford, or is willing to pay for the data and talk plans for their kids, let alone the phone itself. That's the whole point of the "teen phone".

I guess a 'teen phone' is a phone that is cheap enough to buy on PAYG (~

there is reason to buy a phone which has the same as a car,i wud say a pixi was perfect for

Just my two cents, but making tiny phones of crappy quality is what got Palm in the mess they are in.

I am a teacher at a junior high. And all the teens at my school sport iPhones or similar higher end android phones. Same with the high school. Teens want what's cool. Just like adults.

So i think this idea doesn't really get Palm anywhere.

You should see my high school. people have iphones or the itouch. I even asked someone if they heard of the "palm pixi or palm pre" and they said no. They had an HTC Evo......

True, all teens want the hottest technology, just like they all want the hottest car in the school parking lot. The fact is, it's not usually the kid buying the phone and paying for the data plan, it's mom and dad. In some places, a kid saying they want an iPhone is enough for a parent to buy one, just like a kid saying she wants a brand new Jeep when she turns 16 means she's likely to get one.

I'd be willing to bet, however, that most parents would say, "sorry Sally, I'm not paying $200 for an iPhone, then another $40/month for your data plan, then another $10/month paying for your overages. That HP phone has all the same features, is half the price, and looks sharp; you're getting that one." If I got everything I wanted from my parents, I'd be paying the second mortgage they would have had to take out to buy it all for me. Long story short, kids want the newest/shiniest, parent buy what's cheap.

Just would like to put a actual identity to the code names.... Give us a glympse of at least one of the supposed phones coming out next year

"teen device" is one of the dumbest labelings ever.

still, i can imagine lots of people buying a slightly bigger, pre-like shaped, slider- and keyboardless phone with pre2-like specs and good battery, so not neccessarily focussing on a highend phone, it just has to work with no problems from the very beginning.

If hp wants to attract more people to webOS they need to offer a CHEAP phone, since tons of people (unlike the few dozens here) think about the money first before buying a phone.