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Rumor: PalmPad to include pen input? 91

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 20 Jul 2010 9:38 am EDT

Over at Examiner, Daryl Deino is making the claim based on an HP 'insider' that the upcoming PalmPad (assuming, of course, that is what it will be called) will feature a screen that can recognize a Wacom pen in addition to having a standard capacitive touchscreen.

Wacom pen input is nothing new to HP, who has the input on their TM series computers.

The ability to take handwritten notes with a proper pen instead of a capacitive stylus would be pretty cool indeed, though we are slightly concerned it could drive the price of the tablet it. Would it be something you'd be willing to pay more for?

Source: Examiner; Thanks to Zen00 for the tip!



any idea on when it will drop? Lol!


"The ability to take handwritten notes with a proper pen instead of a capacitive stylus would be pretty cool indeed, though we are slightly concerned it could drive the price of the tablet it. Would it be something you'd be willing to pay more for?"

Yes! In fact, I want a stylus for my, Pre, too! Finger navigation is nice, but I still prefer the stylus.

I agree.

I'm more interested in an ASUS Eee Tablet than anything else at this point.

I'll prolly get a PalmPad just 'cause. But the Eee Tablet is the real deal if they can keep the price at $199. And it might actually be better to ONLY have pen input, so that your resting & holding hands won't affect a capacitive touchscreen.

We'll see if HP-Palm can hurry the frick up or not.

Agree! I'd imagine most who came from PalmOS would like the option to use a stylus.

I would definitely be willing to pay more for that capability. Students and business folks alike are clamouring for pen-based note taking.

It would be a real differentiator from the iPad. Add usb connectivity, front-facing camera, micro-sd and flashcard slots and we would have a really compelling device.

Keep the price competitive and it's game on.

As I was reading the article I was thinking the same thing..but I would have the camera as part of the tab not an attachment. It become a hassle when you gotta carry alotta extras for a portable device

Absolutely would pay more for that.

Not sure why a consumption device needs a pen. Not many will buy these things to be productive.

If it had a pen input, they would.

I know several artists who would have loved an iPad if only it had a pen input, and without one it became useless to them. If HPalm puts out a WebOS tablet that also has pen input, that will tap a market segment that Apple ignored.

not sure why people would want a consumption device over a productive tablet.

I could definitely see this useful if they had a version of ms onenote available for it. It would make it perfect for taking notes in class.

isn't there pen's that write on surfaces and report via bluetooth?

why doesn't palm just make one? Bluetooth is picking up speed.. Keep th cost of the pad down.

something like this...

do we really need to write on our screens?

I'd definitely pay extra for pen input and handwriting recognition.

Adding pen input would be a great feature, as long as the cost premium is kept reasonable. I've used the Fujitsu Lifebook with the pen input and touchscreen which allows tremendous flexibility and a great user experience. But better functionality doesn't result in acceptance by the general public, especially when the competing iPad doesn't have this feature and is no worse for wear.

Yes, I would pay more for the pen. Btw, anyone know if there's a stylus that will work with my Pre and Pixi? Would be nice for some things, like art or tiny web links (without zooming in).

What you're looking for is a Capacitive Touch pen. Google around. If you have a sausage (yes the food) you can use it as a cheap and yummy alternative.

Capacitive sausage IS NOT equal to a Wacom pen. Capacitive screens lack the input resolution and pressure sensitivity that a Wacom based digitizer will give you.

I own a Wacom tablet and I believe that an iPad-like device with a Wacom pen is the wet dream of artists across the globe.

A sausage will work for the Pre though, not well, but it'll work.

If this works as well as a wacom tablet, and I could use it as a mobile sketchbook I would purchase one in a heartbeat.

this is great, Steve Jobby has turned his back on a great part of the market. I'm talking about artists. We love new tech for digital art and his crusade against using pens/stylus' alienates us. If HP does make use of a waccom stylus and have solid/powerful hardware, with photoshop support, the art industry is going to nutz. The cintiq line are too clumsy and not very portable :(

Not to mention, not their own units. I've been waiting for the day somebody put out a tablet with no physical keyboard and stylus input, preferably with a pressure-sensitive radio would probably be rather expensive, especially if the graphics hardware is good, but it can be done. Manufacturers just don't feel it's a big enough market to invest in. I WAS looking forward to the iPad when it was announced, because I thought, "Sweet, Mac OS on a tablet!" I was pissed when I found out it was just another iPod.

Oh good, an actual TABLET PC that won't be a ()*&%$!ing iTampon clone.

My handwriting is terrible, so I'd rather not have a pen with a tablet. I certainly don't want to pay for something that I will not be inclined to use.

Gimmick. No-one has got this right. I'd rather plug in a mini USB keyboard.

Then get a laptop or a netbook. What's the point of having a TABLET computer if you're going to need a physical keyboard?

If it's done right, it could mean simple graphics and drafting applications, possibly even 3D modelling systems if the hardware is powerful enough. I don't mind using my fingers to work with small devices like phones and PDAs, but stylus input is awfully handy at times.

I hope it doesn't use stylus input. That smells like "HP-fication". This doesn't seem like an idea that originated from within Palm.

I hope they don't ruin this thing by turning it into a Windows style slate with some WebOS lipstick on an HP slate pig.


How many Palm products can you think of that had a stylus versus not having a stylus? I can't think of any aside from the Pre and Pixi. Having a stylus is very Palm.

If we were talking about Palm OS, then I'd agree, but WebOS is a completely different animal that share's nothing more than the company name with its predecessor.

The PalmOS stylus was partially a holdover from the old Palm Pilots with no keyboard. Also, styli were somewhat helpful on old resistive touchscreens.

The HP tm2 is proof that you don't have to choose. It has both!

I'm a Web Designer. Of course I want this.

Yes! I've had 2 convertible laptops over the years, and love having a wacom tablet digitizer in them! (especially for fooling around in sculptris) I also have a Wacom Intuos tablet for when I need to work on my dekstop computer.

Considering they can sell the Bamboo Fun for $60, they should be able to add a digitizer for a cheap enough price point that it should make a difference!

Bear in mind, the Bamboo has a relatively small working area compared to actual tablet laptops. The working area on something iPad-sized (1024x768) is roughly twice the size of a Bamboo's working area, so it could get a little expensive. I would love pen input, but I wouldn't be surprised if they forego the pressure sensitivity and radio tracking due to cost.

Hech yeah. I would love to have a tablet with proper hand writing recognition. That is the way to go completely paperless.

^ Also, this.

Make that Graffiti 1, probably quicker than hand writing. If you haven't used it, you might be suprised, only a slight learning curve.

I give me that pen and a WEBOS photoshop and I'll be in heaven :D

Yes me too...heck I want the best of both worlds, Quick webOS access to start, Windows 7 for native access to Photoshop, Corel Draw, and numerous other apps I'd use in a tablet formfactor, and Palm's webOS layer (Dashboard like interface) sitting on top allow quick access to everything (mail, contacts, etc). Somewhat like Apple does with their half baked dashboard, but using webOS useful interface providing complete control.

I'm excited and can't wait to see what's coming! Sorli...

I'm a systems engineer and creating good drawings of networks and system components is very difficult with just your finger. A stylus would help a TON. Drawing a server with a name you can actually read, ip addresses, etc is very difficult with just a finger.

I would gladly pay more for both.

I would absolutely pay for a tablet with wacom pen input. I had high hopes for the now defunct MS Courier. And have been waiting for a competitively priced tablet with wacom pen support for story boarding, design mockups and general note taking. There are hundreds of creatives that would love such a device!

Definitely, especially since Wacom Cintix's cost an arm and a leg although I've heard people say it ain't all that good to use.

Having a PalmPad that can be used as input device at the same time it is an extended output device, would be worth paying extra for!


I am not a fan of tablets in general, but this is a feature that, done well, would turn me from a scoffer to an enthusiast. Finally a function on a tablet that would make it really stand out from my netbook!

No way. I complain about lack of pen input in tablets for some time. Actually I hoped in wacom pen & touch in notionink adam.
Kudos to Jon (somebody in palm should consider pixel Qi displays too).


I'd buy almost anything that came with a Pixel Qi display, honestly.

They're THAT good.

Are you Serious?

I mean I haven't seen one in person nor know of anything that uses it. Could you point me in the direction of one?

I second those remarks, see

I already use a wacom tablet and pen. Would welcome a merge of the two technologies.

I won't buy a slate/pad without stylus input. The only applications I really care about for that form factor are e-reader (including PDF) and a OneNote type application with handwriting recognition. Everything else is gravy.

I have owned a Toshiba Protege M205 for years now, and used it for college note-taking with MS Notes with printed out handwritten homework using graphite colored looking ink with MS Journal (even printed out the notebook paper lines). It was awesome and got looks everytime.

The slate market is finally picking up and with advanced technology up from 5 years ago when I was using it, would definitely appeal to the colleg crowd. Tablets were great then, think they were put out to early for most people to appreciate them, but now is the time.

I would buy one regardless of the input, but if ever taking a class or needing for business purposes would really love the wacom pen input.

Nice move HP! Just kep it around $300-$500 and it will sell.

'Would it be something you'd be willing to pay more for?'
In fact I think with the typical size of a slate/pad/tablet handwriting recognition could finally work great! And... you even don't need that annoying keyboard overlaying 30+% of the screen while writing (> virtual graffity :-) ).
Reading a webpage while having an IM conversation then could become very intuitive and straightforward (I assume of-cause that Palm will make it possible to have more than one programm running 'onscreen' sametime).

it should be an Option. To have the choice would be awesome. I could see buying without, then if I needed it I could upload/download software or app.

yes, yes I would spend the money on it I can wait I want it all tablet smartphone hurry up

They need to hurry up so I can use it for school!

Just because it has it available doesn't mean it needs to be in every model either. I think it's a great idea for all the reasons stated, but for the people that don't want it offer a cheaper model that doesn't include it and for the people that do offer a slightly more expensive model to include the feature. Fairly easy solution if you ask me. Even the iPad offers different models with extra features. Just allow for the feature to be added for a fee.

Im not to intrested in the plampad just cause i already have a fujitsu lifebook with 7hr batt time @ 3 pounds so im good there.. but a phone that aliens could see from outterspace with webos would be awesome still have my pregen1 and was a launch day buyer way back when still holding for a bigger webos phone..

I definitely would pay some more for this function.
Actually, such a feature would probably be the reason to buy such a device at all.

Else, I am pretty happy with my Palm Pre Plus. ;-)

No thanks. I don't have time for gimmicks nor would I pay an extra fee for one.

Handwriting recognition is a cool add on (how much I loved that on my Newton 2100), full Wacom is gorgeous (does it notify the degree the Pen is held related to the tablet?
But if it will be driving the price, it should be available as an option in a special series (as having a gsm-adapter or getting the less expensive iPad-version just with wlan.
Btw. I loved it at the Newton, but it never really worked!

As a college teacher, I can't wait to get one of these with a HDMI output. With web, an ebook app, office support, and handwriting app, I could just plug into the TV in the classroom and have everything I would possibly need to display right there in a slim form factor. Couple it with my next WebOS phone and things are finally looking up for us.

Yes, this is good, and has a huge market.

As long as the capacitive screen and WebOS finger touch specific interface isnt compromised, adding pen support provides capabilities for artists, architects, engineeers and surveyors to use the device in the field, instead of a laptop, which can be cumersome.

Additionally, package delivery companies like Fedex and the like can switch over to a better and faster interface for thier applications, and get customer signatures on thier devices uploaded to thier servers instantaneously.

HUGE potential here.

I even expect dual capacitive / stylus functionality to be the "geeky, exciting" hardware improvement for the new phones this fall that has been teased. If it's not 'THE' whoa feature of the phone, it's going to be one of them.

Also corroborated by the handwriting recognition software that's apparently under development.


Seriously, I am a 100+ wpm touch-typist. Please give me a REAL keyboard.

(That being said, I'm sure a WebOS SLATE, not a PAD FOR CRYING OUT LOUD will have a large audience. I just want a netbook.)

Great idea!
This was one of the greatest tools in my Treo.
Touch screen is ok but why to let the other great tools out?
By the way, getting back the "grafity" (I don't remember the name) to a Pad whould be great too because it was extrely fast for writing, that is the objective, right?

Lets hope they don't brand it with Palm WebOS and ruin it. The Palm brand is tarnished. Drop Palm and call it some sort of HP Pad with WebOS. The vast majority of people don't even know what WebOS is or even heard of it. But they do know Palm failed at making phones and don't have faith in their product.

Love the idea. I have one of those dual touch/stylus screens with my HP tx2000 tablet/laptop, and the stylus is so much better for drawing. Please also license Graffiti from Access if they won't make a free version for webOS!


Yes! I want a tablet that I can write on! (Don't tell me to go buy a pad of paper. I want to program it!)

Im an engineering student with horrible hand writing, however it is incredibly annoying inputting formulas and diagrams on a laptop to keep up with the lectures, I have tried TeX and Easystroke and a bunch of other ways to input formulas symbols and diagrams on a computer and have been looking for a good tablet for a while. If this makes it easy to take good notes in class and converts my handwriting to text, I had no problem with graffiti on the old palm pilots, this would be extremely valuable to me.

For a bit of fun revenge, get Adobe to port a lite version of Photoshop as a PDK app for a WebOS tablet. Might make Steve pop right out of that turtleneck!

Now add a Pen for notes, handwriting recognition, and a mic for voice recording. Now THAT my friends is cornering a market. Students everywhere will buy one. I know I would!!

Has no one made the connection between this and the leaked images of the china rom with the Handwriting input screen!?

I am always surprised when an "Examiner" article makes the news. it's user generated content. Anyone can publish there. They get paid a penny per view.

The smart ones pick a topic or rumor they know people will be looking out for, and throw something up.

No one hires the people who writes on this blog; no one vetts their credentials.

Its just a guy.

Doesn't mean he is wrong, or not in the know, just to read with some critical skepticism.

handwriting recognition? on-screen keyboard, ...bah.

I want voice-to-text. "PalmPad: transcribe an email, please"... "Ready to transcribe, begin speaking after the prompt"...

I'm an MD in training. My wife dabbles in interior design. A solid webOS pen interface? I'm in for two.

Why? I deeply mourn the axing of Courier. With this, you've got a SOLID foundation for all of Courier's functionality in an APP. And that my friends, is EVEN BETTER.

YES!!!! I would pay more $$$. A slim 'slate' without a useful pen is immediately robbed of a ton of potential. I think Apple made a mistake ignoring the usefulness of this concept.

I've been waiting for something like this (and will still have to). No more notebooks at school. Just write notes and "flip" to the next page. Anything that is a step up on the iPad is a plus. Just don't make the price sky high.

This will be awesome...doodling on the go!

DEFINITELY will pay more for this... great feature. I'll pay even more for a dock with a keyboard and VGA ports :)

I think a pen option would be excellent - coupled with multi-touch finger gestures you've got the best of both worlds. Imagine a drawing package where you use the stylus to sketch in 'pencil' then smudge it with your fingers! I love the idea of using fingers for all the navigation tasks and stylus for all the precision.

I'm still not sure how good handwriting recognition is, but why not just keep all your notes in your own writing? They don't have to be converted to text unless you want them to be. I'd like to be able to scrawl little arrows and messages on images and diagrams and I sure can't do that with a big fat finger!

I think a lot of games would work better with the precision of a stylus too - the bonus being that your hand won't be covering so much of the screen too.

if it requires a pen/stylus it failed. But if it provides the option, o boy! The possibilities

A stylus would be wonderfully useful! It could become a REAL slate computer for fun and business. As long as some exec doesn't have a meeting about how a stylus is a reason for a $100+ price premium. Not all primates have a nice, pointy toilet claw. And don't restrict if to an HP/Palm software store.


Wacom makes hard and touch screen WYSIWYG tablets for the PC.. these are huge in the graphic arts sector.

This is a natural migration for them, and it would seem that its a partnership of sorts with HP, aimed at markets much larger than the arts, since its a combination with the standard capacitive touch screen.. the best of both worlds would be.. well, the best!

Required for success, though: SPEED and ACCURACY

Pay more than what? An iPad? NO! Apple products are inherently overpriced.

I have a TX2525 HP Tablet / A TM2 HP Tablet. The Wacom drivers/modules work in Ubuntu/Gentoo no sweat. If the PalmPad does not come with a digitizer pen then it is a deal breaker for me. The Digitizer pen is the greatest, evar.

Oh BTW -- I would pay more than a iPad if it came with a digitizer... cause the PalmPad will also be a PalmWorkpad. Not a leisurely iFad. Not that i got a problem with ebooks/readers.

I would love to have a stylus input system on a PalmPad, it would be great for college. I am so sick of carrying notepads around and always grabbing the wrong one.

if it requires a pen/stylus it failed. But if it provides the option, o boy! The possibilities

It could add enormous value.
Think about all of the potential applications.

Think of how the screen could be manipulated and recorded, while creating art, lessons, live with other people, as a presentation tool,... Save your work, with audio? and hand it out electronically.

Pinch to zoom in Photoshop, illustrator, 3D creation then precise manipulation with stylus.

Use multitouch and fingers for 3D rotation and manipulation.

If there is video, take photos or video and put them under your work to model/draw from. Sample colors, patterns, and textures from photos/video you just took that moment.

Write and convert symbols. Perform calculations automatically. Do it live with audience. Draw shapes, symbols, real text, straight lines, etc live in front of class, meeting, patient, friend. Flip back and forth between pages. Save and share.

Applications and FUN are endless.

so I have 1.4.5 and now no over-clocking is available.. I want the 1ghz O-C.. can anybody help? and will it work with 1.4.5?

If this is verified as true and it has ANY sort of photoshop interface, I will preorder instantly. I know so many artist friends that are waiting for anything with 1/4 of the functionality of a cintque that is wireless. So yes, yes, yes, please HP make this happen. Don't make the mistake of just attempting to mirror the iPad, take the fight to Apple and bring out a device that offers more. Just keep it under $300 and I am sold.

I use a Bamboo pen and touch tablet instead of a mouse. Pen most of the time but it also works for touch, including multitouch with gestures. Fantastic device. I would definitely pay to have that built into a tablet.

I would be more interested in the Win7 tablet than WebOS, though. WebOS has great functionality for a phone, I think I would want more in a tablet. Although I suppose it depends what pops up in the app catalog.

Using Adobe Illustrator and other Adobe software would be amazing with this.