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Rumor: webOS to hit Sprint on the 7th? 106

by Robert Werlinger Mon, 05 Jul 2010 7:09 pm EDT

Sprint webOS users: you may want to hold off on the repeated tapping of the refresh button in the Updates app that ensues before an update for at least a little while, as presumed Sprint employee and P|C forum member leprecub has it on good authority that webOS version will be hitting Sprint on the 7th - a few days later than some of the European carriers, but in plenty of time before the upcoming PDK Hot Apps competition, which begins on the 15th that'll dole out a cool $1 million to C/C++ developers.

In addition to the change log we've already seen on Palm's own website, leprecub has a few more details on what to expect beyond the ability to deploy PDK apps on the Pixi that include always welcome power consumption and battery optimization enhancements amongst others:

Palm Pre Software Update to webOS
Customers: Palm Pre Users
Effective Date: 7/7/10

This should update your Sprint configuation to 2.5.

Details: A software update is available for the Palm Pre on 07/07/2010.
Fixes, Feature Updates and Enhancements

  • Web: Podcasts now download correctly. 
  • Web: text entry can now be entered correctly 
  • Email: Sprint branded default email signature correctly branded 
  • Power consumption / battery optimization 
  • Videos: A user can now send a video via multimedia messaging from the Video application 
  • Video: the video trim feature now works to send in a message. 
  • Sprint TV: Upgrade to V 3.5.4 
  • Sprint TV: Enhanced Parental controls 

Source: PreCentral forums, thanks to everyone who sent this in!




yay! So happy to have sprint :3

"Email: Sprint branded default email signature correctly branded"

What does that mean?^^^

Really small update. Nothing much to see here.

update it to something like
"Sent from my Palm Pre on the Now Network from Sprint" I believe.

This update means much more to Pixi users. As it gives them the ability to run PDK apps and jails PDK apps to prevent malicious code from destroying the phone.

Well not quite. It gives Pixi users PDK, yes.

But the jailing isn't just for Pixis. Jailing was never included on the Pre, so this means a lot to everyone (we can now get a bunch of PDK apps)

Yes. Sprint's need to insert itself into my e-mail is obnoxious. If the update changes my signature back to this, I shall be very nonplussed.

"Nonplussed" -- Love the double entendre. :-)

If people aren't excited about seeing PDK apps then maybe they don't understand how useful the PDK is going to be.
Are you expecting magic features to be added like 3D cameras and mind reading technology?

I certainly hope so! xD

I can verify this as truth. In addition the internal document says 7/7/2010 in the PM. So it will be evening!

But what about Verizon?!

Aw, who am I kidding, I couldn't care less about this useless update(for the Pre at least, and really, who on Precentral owns a Pixi?).

You should care, as it allows you to download PDK apps.

Yes, there are some games currently available, but most apps will require 1.4.5, since the Pre never had jailing added in.

Thanks for the vote of confidence buddy, I have a Pixi and I love it. Especially because I am not afraid it will slice my finger while trying to type. :)

so.... it's a pointless update.

Not for those of us experiencing the horribly annoying text entry problem. And furthermore, as a Sales Rep, the ability to edit and now send video texts should help push a few more out the door, since Sprint refuses to budge on price.

thank you for that bit of info. i am glad someone sees it as more than a pointless update. it amazes me the amount of negative people that habitate this blog.


I own a Pixi. Perhaps you need open your eyes more.

"I own a Pixi"

I'm so sorry.

Boy, spaces was waiting with baited breath to launch that zinger.

(wipes the drool from space's chins)

Hardly a pointless update--it frees up PDK development and gives devs another platform for their apps in the Pixi/Plus. And, we already know that the big update will be coming in/by the fall, so this is just a little something to tide us over.

Oh yeah, lets be serious, who on precentral uses Verizon?

Can you offer anything of substance? What's with all the hostility?

Can we get an update to Sprint Nav? I miss being able to avoid certain segments like the old BB could do. They're up to 2.8 but we still have v2.1.

Jaggrey! I do have old BB world edition ingood condition if
want to but it?

You can avoid segments - click on the Trip&Traffic Summary - then click on Traffic tab, and you can click on a segment to avoid it.

I use the navi about 40% of the time, you can avoid segments...
-tap screen
-tap "trips and traffic summary"
-tap middle "traffic" button at top of screen (middle button)
-it shows you the est. Mph for each segment. Tap the one you want to avoid
-scroll down, tap "avoid segment"

hope that helps, the navi is no standalone gps,but it holds its own

I hold in my hand, a piece of tech history, my palm pre, the birth of WeBos. Yay!

Ahh ok I'll give that a try... Thanks! I thought I only saw it appear when there was a traffic alert. I'll try it on my way home.

I'll pass on the BB! :p

That Sprint TV update concerns me. Every time they "update" it they just end up taking channels away.

Why are sprint updates .1 ??? Instead of the normal 1.4.5

Because is 1.4.5 plus some minor sprint related updates. It isn't really an upgraded OS. The further to the right the less substantial the update.

2.0 is huge rewrites of code 1.x would be additional features on top of the existing OS, and 1.4.x would be bug fixes and under the hood changes. So it would only make sense 1.4.5.x would be carrier updates to Palm's update.

ok what do you do if you have a lot of patches, do u need to remove them all?

can not believe there are still people asking this question

The Forums are to be helpful. Take it easy on the guy.

we have a rookie..yah

will you put on new shoes without removing the old shoes you are wearing??...LMAO

Oh, so you're saying I should completely remove WebOS from my device before installing 1.45?

There are some patches that need to be removed this time.
Forum post:

Hey, 3-5 more minutes of battery power per day is not useless!

I'm on Verizon...yes I admit

but I'm not waiting on the update...big red takes their time with those ya know...

That wasn't directed at you, useenme.


will come as an APP in the APP CATALOG. Palm said thatsome time ago (as in January 9 2010). But if I were to hazard a guess, I'd say we'll see it after 1.4.5 hits most carriers. The reason is because, while Palm laid the groundwork in 1.4.0, they probably want to jail flash to prevent any hijackings of the phone. Flash is very vulnerable.

How about not being a douche, and answer the guys question instead.

He would get a much more detailed, and informative answer in the forums, though I do agree with you. They could have directed him there.

Check the forums, buddy. :)

I just love this forum... when I'M BORED pre|central is the place to be. Love you Guys!

I just want to know when we're getting flash player :/

Ability to send vids in text is sweet. Must now be an option to record in lower quality?

"Videos: A user can now send a video via multimedia messaging from the Video application "

can anyone tell me what this means? I see i am currently able to send video via text in the videos app. also i can be in a conversation and click the "attachment" icon and either attach a video or record a new what functionality is being added?

on sprint Pixi

Flash in App Catalog plz?

you know what would be hilarious? It's been in the App Cat for a week, just no one checked. Ltm

Being both a Palm Pre owner and a HTC EVO 4G owner, the only update that has got me buzzing lately has been regarding Froyo; but this is awesome too, especially, with the PDK capability. Sprint needs the Pre Plus or something better now.

I just got my Sprint Pre a few months ago, don't need knew hardware just this and flash!

what's a app cat?dog?

hey if you have a question look in the forum dude honestly if you don't know then just keep it cool you know how hard it is to find a answer to a question in the forum..sorry that pre has to be hacked to be cool dude... Seriously be nice to the new users and help a brother

commas are magical

it may be small but it is how the update will be used that counts. Personaly I am looking forward t the txt entry in

sprint almost always gets updates before verizon (let's face it- vzw is slow with this stuff) so i'm gonna guess I've got another week or 2 left before my pre plus gets the 1.4.5 goodness, unicorns and all. Just guessing...

true dat on the commas is that a update thang?

my bad,will try to do so in the future

i'm not even sure if i really care about this update anymore. just show me some new hardware. that'll get me excited again...

^5 to that.
This update is not worth losing MHS, so I'm holding off as long as I can. We need new hardware, at least for Sprint users anyway. I'm getting too many cards open error messages all the time now.

Well something must be happening soon as there have not been any new apps in the app catalogue for the last couple of days so I guess they are all waiting for the update to arrive.

Holiday weekend.

What about the brightness issue? Does anyone else have this issue? When you turn on the phone and the screen is full brightness... fixing this would be great.


So, they can add branding to email, but they can't fix actual problems with it? Priorities are a bit amiss.

The whole HTML tags in plaintext messages is getting annoying, not to mention how stupid that makes WebOS users look to the rest of the world.

cant wait... it looks like there is going to me nothing new

does anyone know if this update is coming to verizon on the same day?

Knowing how slow Verizon is about updating, I'd say you guys will get this by the time the rest of us get 1.5 :/ No offense, but as far as updating my phone is concerned, glad I have Sprint.

I am confused as to how people think this update is going to be "small" or provide "nothing". It is basically opening the door for iPhone developers to VERY quickly port their native applications over to webOS. The potential here is a HUGE influx of applications and games! We may see a significant surge of applications in the app catalog; ...and by surge I mean thousands upon thousands of applications, doubling or tripling the size of the app catalog within weeks. Very exciting!

what happened

OK Sprint let's do this thing!!!

pm on the east coast or on the west coast..come on sprint realise it...

pm on the east coast or on the west coast..come on sprint realise it...


what does this mean

"Web: text entry can now be entered correctly "

still waiting.....


still waiting.....

just called sprint their computer says it's already available..even though it's not so must be any minute soon


15 minutes left.... Waiting.....

on the phone with sprint thay are saying there is no information about this update they dont kno when its coming out so yeah

well the tech support I called said it will be out today if you call the billing department that's on you :)

but still no update

sprint has in the past brought all updates around midnight... Little hope remains :)

but this waiting sucks everytime and then the update aint all that :(

oh well

update:its midnight and no update is posted ... Big buhhh to sprint

Well that didn't happen. This informant was misinformed.

yop just called the techies they know fron nothing even though they did yesterday...they acting like I and the rest of the world are stupid..they even said they don't have the update from palm til this day :(

I'm starting to believe it's never going to come out.

They seriously need to give us an update purely dedicated to speed! There is absolutely no excuse whatsoever for the OS to be running this slow on a 500-600MHz CPU with 256mb or more Ram at this stage of its life. The ram also does not clear out like it should after killing an app, and the boot time is over 3 minutes - outrageous! They really need to get with the program here! Hope HP forces the Palm division to get on top of their game, this ridiculous!

The boot time issue will be resolved.. HP bought the instant on remember?

Uggg still no update!!

still no update, but now my phone's acting stupid? cant make any outgoing calls or texts

Today is 7/8/2010 and still no WebOS update for the Palm Pre. Hopefully HP/Palm will inform all of us soon.

I have no Update..... how can someone get it and everyone else not??

obviously they are not being truthful...

is anyone else experiencing an inability to make/receive calls or texts?

just wait guys ;-)



Only I didn?t say ?fudge?. I said the word. The big one. The
Queen Mother of dirty words.The F-dash dash dash dash word.


OK Now where's my update, my flash, my PDK apps on pixi..... :-)

Where is the update....

I'm on a horse

i have no issues making or receiving calls or texts

nice rumor, sigh....

I HAVE BEEN PATIENT FOR FLASH & UPDATE STOP F'ING WITH OUR EMOTIONS. Giving us false rumors just to get our hopes up... THIS IS KILLING ME!

I agree!

it is now the 14th and nothing. No sign of it on palm's website and no info from sprint. Can we get some good information for once??????????????

I have a Verizon Pre+ and I just checked updates, based on a tip in the forums, and after a long 'checking for updates' cycle, I got the message that was available. When I tap 'download now', it acts like it's trying to update, but the download status bar never 'fills up', and after a few minutes, the screen returns to 'checking for updates'. What's up with that?