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Rumors: Pixi 2 launching on SFR next month; HP / Palm to step up device releases in 2011 118

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 09 Dec 2010 3:32 pm EST


We're still tracking rumors on the Pixi 2, which we hope will be a Pixi with beefed-up internals that is no longer a huge step down from the Palm Pre. After seeing the Broadway in code twice now and hearing vague rumors the Pixi 2 might hit Verizon, we are firmly in the believe camp now.

One more piece of evidence - jerseydevil in our forums just sat in on an "HP All Employee Broadcast" wherein HP VP Todd Bradley said that "the smallest smartphone ever available" would launch on SFR in France next month. Rings true to us, SFR is fast becoming the Palm's coziest carrier - they're still the only one to have launched the Palm Pre 2 with webOS 2.0.

Bradley also claimed that HP / Palm would step up their releases next year "HP will ship a new smartphone every two months." That's an agressive schedule, though naturally it still won't hold a candle to the flood of Android devices hitting the market practically every week.

Source: PreCentral Forums; Thanks to Jonathan Ezor for the tip!



Please make it happen.

Don't worry. HP/Palm will introduce bold new hardware innovation to the market in the coming months.


The little smartphone that could lol. A Pixi with a 1Ghz processor and a bigger screen would be awesome though. I love my pixi's form factor but it's just so slow sometimes, even when overclocked.

So overclocking a Pixi is available? Is it as safe as the Pre. I can't use my Pre without overclocking.

It's still very experimental, and I don't think it's safe yet to get it close to 1GHz. You can browse the forums for more info on Pixi overclocking.

I love the pixi form factor too. I would totally get one if it had the pre size screen, stays thin, better internals, and a non rubber, treo 700p style keyboard. The pixi 2 should not go down in any way of performance or hardware. Keep the form factor, enlarge the screen, and boost performance.

I've always liked the form factor of the Pixi, but went with the Pre for the internals. This would be a good thing.

Smaller. That's a new one. Is Palm doing the Centro thing again but smaller?

Why the hell would HP introduce a phone smaller than the Pre? The screen on the Pre is already borderline too small for heavy smartphone use.

And if they think there is a market, why would they introduce it BEFORE they introduce the larger device they desperately need to compete with the iOS, Android, and W7M phones? And then why in France of all places?

I know this news is speculation, but if true it seems like HP's smartphone product planning department is headed up by a nutless monkey.

One thing to keep in mind is that the size of a cuboid is principally governed by its smallest dimension. By way of example, if I have a phone that is 4 units tall, 3 units wide, and 2 units thick, then it has a volume of 24 (4

Better release some devices in the States next month as well. Glad something is coming out, but something has to come out next month here or more people are going to jump ship.

I hope they leak something, leave a prototype at a bar or some picassa pictures or something. Hope something comes out with a front camera and for sprint, don't care if it's 3g or 4g.

New phone every two months? now that is good news but how would we know which one we really want?

Decide which one you want out of the ones available at the time you buy one or wait forever.

Well, right now you can choose between nothing and nothing. Wouldn't having too many choices be a good problem, by comparison to your current one?

Oh well, I like my Epic 4G. My launch-day Pre is sitting in a drawer somewhere collecting dust. I don't even remember which drawer.

Yet you remember how to log on here. Isn't there an Epic website somewhere?

You're welcome to stop by Android Central. I'll even promise not to respond by telling you to come back here, as satisfying as that might be! :)

You need to get out more.

He probably meant to say "new phone in the coming months." LOL!!!

if its launching in SFR next month, in the states it will launch in March...

Yeah, and it will launch in Canada in September...

or 2012 for Mexico

You are clearly an optimist ;-)

It will launch "in the coming months".

How original! Did your mommy help you with that one, or did you come up with it on your own?

France will clearly conquer the world in 2011 with their military might, that is why HP Palm has this strategy of releasing phones only on SFR. I think it's a winning strategy.

Winning by surrendering? That's certainly a new marketing approach.

If they get Marion Cotillard (elle est belle) to do the ads, then it IS a winning French strategy.

Oh yeah! She is HOT!

A new phone every 2 months? That is IMHO going overboard and puts into question the veracity of the report.

it might be overboard, if it was every carrier, every two months, but i think, different form factors on different carriers wouldnt be overboard, portrait slider here, landscape slider there, 4in all touch over yonder, brain implant chip w/ 3D and HUD system(oh my imagination)...but yeah, you get the idea

Its stated they will release 6-7 devices in 2011, so this shakes out about right.

I believe they stated that they are releasing webOS devices about every other month, not Palm phones every other month.

No, that matches the past reports of 5-6 WebOS devices having been contracted from Foxconn & other Chinese manufacturers. If I remember all the rumored designs I'd expect them to be released in this order: Pixi 2 - probably a cpu in TI-OMAP family at ~750Mhz with full 3D support and 320x480 screen. slightly thinner than current Pixi to be "smallest" - Immediate Q1 release, at least on SFR

Pre2 HD - vertical slider 960x640 screen Hopefully 4" and Q1 release (at least on SFR)

tablet 1024x768 screen, probably 7" - Q2 release
slate phone ~4" screen @ 960x640 - Q2 release

horizontal slider phone, ~4" screen @ 960x640 - Q3 release
?? - could be a 2nd tablet @ 10", a ginormous 5" slate phone, Droid Pro-esque Pixi with 3.1" 960x640 screen, a 4" Pre2 HD if it doesn't already exist, a 4" cell phone at 1024x768 for those pixel-density junkies. Possibly a dual-core ARM 9 based device. Whatever it is would land in Q4

I wish it comes to sprint but probly it wont

jerseydevil has 17 posts---not much credibility there. no audio/visual proof? lets just trust him.

Look man I just wanted to give the folks here some hope that new products are on the way.

Proof? Sure I can get both the audio and the video of the entire presentation.

But I like the roof over my head and dislike hunger...

So you're free to comment on a public forum the content of the meeting, but unable to show proof of said meeting?

jerseydevil: don't sweat it! we believe you. there's always one like msechea in there. Besides, he/she only has ONE post in the forums! (I have over 300.)

Thanks for the info! Much appreciated!!

then again, i didn't vomit extraneous information on the forums with one post. Oh, i forgot guys..I too am a HP employee and just sat in on a presentation similar to jerseydevil's presentation. Jon mentioned that we would all get an ice cream sandwich coupon every day for the rest of our lives. Since everyone likes ice cream sandwiches, I thought this would be worthy information to pass along to the rest of the community. What? Proof...oh, um, nah, I don't have any blurry camera shots. No, no pdf screenshots. Nope, no audio either. Geez, I know, how silly of me to make an ice cream sandwich claim without backing it up with solid evidence. Well, it's just I haven't heard any awesome news lately, and I thought I would just blurt it out to keep everyone excited, because, like I said, everyone likes ice cream sandwiches. Don't worry guys, TRUST ME, I'm an HP employee and I sit in on great meetings like this where they tell me great information pertaining to great future products and great future timelines. Yesss, yes, it's true, it's true. Nevermind my one forum post, trust me!

my friend is lactose intolerant...i dont think she like ice cream sandwiches that much...

fear not! we have lactose intolerant ice cream sandwiches!

I think the word or words you are looking for is Lactose-Free. :)

Dude. If anyone from HP still reads this forum and discovers that you've mentioned anything about anything, you're toast!!

Really hope this is true.. the lack of palm news is killing me.. CES better be biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig!!

oh goody... I bet we get more releases in the coming months!

hey hpalm howzabout you communicate something to sprint about time frames of any sort, so when I'm getting my pre replaced for the x time a manager can say it's estimated for release in q1 or atleast the proverbial coming months.

No one likes the pixi. I don't know why every time a new phone comes out there is this much hype by anyone. This is not the phone people want, this is the phone they might end up with. The fact that Palm placed it below the basic feature line says alot. I don't agree with the strategy either. The top end of phone are not overall that expensive therefore there isn't much room for levels of phones.

Most of us wish the Pixi was never released at all. Your celebration is somewhat disturbing. For the un established pre to have degrade version of phone doesn't really help the overall WebOS appeal. If Palm released enhanced versions of nothing less than the Pre then we would consider need for excitement. This phone is nothing more than away to get people in and on WebOS, but really this has little to no success. They would be better off decreasing the price of the Pre sooner. If they used all quality components and created a more advanced versions and named it something other than the pixi, (possibly back to Eos) they could push the fact that its slimmer and a different design. Since they have chosen this route. It is nothing more then a lower end version of a WebOS phone. Again, the WebOS has not provided quality to this point to allow for such a market.

I know I want one. I always liked my old Centro and the Pixi is the same type of phone. I like my Pre, but the Pixi just feels nicer.

I like my Pixi +, thanks.

"No one likes the pixi." Cooz, speak for yourself, only. I really wanted the Pixi form factor, coming from Treo. I liked the exposed keyboard. The Pre was here 1st & when the Pixi arrived it was under powered & lacked WiFi.

If they release a Pixi-like model w/real power, I'll give it a strong look.

Ditto. I graduated from a Treo 300 to a 600, then 650 then 700 and loved the exposed keyboard. However, I have been playing with my daughters' LG Optimus and I might could get used to the on screen keyboard for short bursts. But for longer note-taking, emails, etc, I prefer a physical keyboard.

WebOS 2.0, Treo Pro form factor, Treo 755p/800w keyboard, 1 GHz, 32Gb expansion card, 5mp camera. Sold!

Seriously, how difficult is that?? Ridiculous that they haven't done that yet.

This is so pathetic. It's December 2010, I'm a Sprint launch day palm user, and I have no idea if I'm waiting for anything. No announcements, not specs, hints, nothing. For all i know they'll release something in France of all places and Verizon, Sprint will get nothing. PALM! You're not Apple. Leak something for gods sake. I could've jumped for the EVO or EPIC and been flying on 4G. And don't be so glib. My god damned phone takes 30 seconds to open an email and I'm over-clocking the damned thing 200%. The Pre sucks, now get a move on. And your damned right I'm angry.

Yeah, I call B.S. on this too. If HP really had any significant devices anywhere even close to being released (e.g. in the next 6-months), they would be leaking something.

Don't hold your breath, there's nothing exciting coming out of HP/Palm anytime soon.

Or maybe I'm wrong, and this is all part of HP's grand strategy: Maybe they're waiting for their market share to reach 0.000001% before they strike! You know, give all their competitors a false sense of security -- play dead and then attack when no one's looking. Maybe they actually have a raft-load of revolutionary devices all ready to go, but why release anything when you can just sit on it for awhile. I mean, nothing makes better business sense than to have your existing user-base lose interest and move on to other platforms -- and to seduce new customers by showing off your dwindling market share. Now that's what I call business savvy.

I thoroughly enjoyed that rant! Well done! HPalm has become a train-wreck.

Maarketing 101.1
"It is much cheaper and much eaiser to KEEP a customer than to win a NEW one!"
of course unless your PALM or HP or worst of all HPalm

Good points.

No announcements. No leaks. No prototypes. No information. How many of us are really going to wait around till CES before moving on to more rellevant platforms?

That's exactly what I plan to do...But not a minute more. If CES comes and goes and their are either no pertinent announcements or the announcement is for something "in the coming months" I'm off to WP7 or maybe Symbian. See ya, Palm.

They will need such an aggressive release schedule to get back in the game.

Also, can someone explain to me the image? There's always a phone flying over the forest with "I WANT TO BELIEVE" in big white text. What inspired that?

It from the X-Files. Mulder had that poster with a UFO in his office.

Oh, I see...

Oops double post

you can't be serious....

.... banned for not getting an X-files reference. :-)

Well, sorry I had better things to watch on TV...

that's blasphemy! There was nothing better than X-Files.

or for that matter, watching Scully on the X-Files

The lack of innovation and the blind fan boy belief that HP is for some unknown reason, sitting on info about new products they will release "in the coming months".

I'm on Sprint.

What's a pixi?


I still don't get it. Say it's true and they really are going to go all out with phone releases. If this release schedule is already a pretty steady roadmap,then what's the point in not leaking some hype before the official unveiling at CES?

it's like having a huge party ready to go, but you forgot to send out the invitations and nobody shows up. I'm flabergasted by the idiocy of this company...... ok, a little harsh there, but the only way I would say they aren't stupid is if they really have literally nothing to show at CES, therefore having nothing to leak.

They are sending invitations to come join them at CES.

I'd say a better analogy is like sending the invitations but not telling who will perform at the party.

Ah, yes.... I concur with that analogy. Thank you kind sir.

Damn now a PIXI 2 I can rocks with.. I like the candybar form factor.. When I brought for my wife I was like its like a Blackberry but only better.. CES is 3 wks away can wait..

Haha. I'm french, and I just love how everything is going on with Palm those days. Normally, in France, you wait 6 months for a gadget which was launched in the US, and now, it's the opposite :D.

Still waiting for a real superphone, the Pixi being too small for my usage.

If they make a Pixi 2 that's about as big as the Pixi but with a Pre-sized screen atop a hard keyboard (using Bezel space) and a Gigahertz processor, I will probably buy one on day one even though I'll only be out of this plan in November.

Are this people really serious about releasing a pixi on us. who give a rat about the little phone. HP is not ready to take on the market yet. Really a Pixi; is that suppose to give me any excitement about the supper phone to come. I have been really patient for the longest of time but what is this bull they keep giving us. The thought of jumping ship hasn't cross my mind for a long time, but lately it's all i have been thinking. Comes January I will get the best phone that will be available on sprint. If they releasing a Pixi in January when do we get the supper phone ( I know it just a rumor but......)? My upgrade has been up for a long time now; I have been waiting for palm to come out with something nice but it looking like that is not going to happen very soon. I don't think they will even have anything comes February. The ipad two is coming out in 98 days. My hope for HP/Palm is at all time low.


I own a Samsung Fascinate and a Palm Pixi Plus and I use the Pixi more and no, it's not just because of the FREE wifi tethering. Sometimes bigger and faster does not translate into a better user experience. It's UI could be drawn better by a 4 year old and the thing locks up almost as much as the Pixi, which is a far less powered phone.

And HP/Palm and Rubi have stated continuously that new phones are en route Q1 next year, some most likely being announced at CES. Now that dude is saying a new device every 2 months? Sure, it's no multi-company Android but that's A LOT of WebOS from one company.

If you've waited this long already, what's another couple of months?

correction, in the coming months.

That is idiotically reactionary. At this point, whether or not Palm releases new phones falls on HP's shoulders. They pay the bills, make the budget, and are the ones who need to lean on the carriers enough to get enough upfront cash to manufacture the things. If they fired Rubinstein, I guarantee you it would take twice as long (or never) to release a new phone. Along with having the face of your company changing along with a lack of investor confidence in the new leadership, you run the risk of having the media write off the company as dead. That lack of confidence permeates the consumer market, and I guarantee you that webOS goes the way of BeOS without that recognizable leadership.

There's the rub...Sprint wants 4G phones. Why would they buy a bunch of phones that can't compete squarely with their current standards and be stuck selling them at a hugely discounted price? If HP wants them as a carrier, they need to get a 4G phone out asap.

Don't get down. This time they promise.

*ugh* If you just want to troll then go elsewhere. there was nothing constructive in that sentence.

the pixi 2?? Theeee Piiicsi 2??????
They gotta be kidding us...
A realese every two months?
No wait. Now I'm sure they are kiddin'!!

screew these rumors im goin to lay low and wait for ces they'll reveal everything

This post has the word "months" in it with a NUMBER in front of it!!!!!11

Hey lorcha- that Pre collecting dust in your drawer? I'll take it. My launch day Pre's wifi radio crapped out yesterday and I'm out of warranty. You can get a hold of me on . Thanks a heap in advance, dudesicle.

I just hope some good stuff is headed to Sprint. My 2yr contract ends in july.

Yours and many of ours (though mine's up in June). We were early adopters and the two year mark is coming. I expect big announcements leading up to the 2 year anniversary. HP Palm will not only try to get new people in 2011, but keep the ones they already have.

If it's a rumor, I'm not beliving it. The pre 2 was rumored nov 8 and then 11 did that happen? No. The U.K was rumored to get the webOS 2.0 3 days ago. Did that happen? No!

palm pre 2 was a rumor...did that happen?...YES

I meant pre 2 for verizon release thanks for the correction.

why are we assuming "broadway" is a pixi 2? have there been leaks of a form factor?

The same screen resolution was leaked awhike ago.

why would they build a phone like the pixi, with the same screen resolution years after the pixi was originally released? better question would be, why would anyone have the reason to be excited about it? i can understand anticipating greater under the hood specs, but why wouldn't they increase the resolution?

This post has the word "months" in it with a NUMBER in front of it!!!!!11

what?! It duplicates your poat if you RELOAD?! Ridic.

A new phone every 2 months? Sounds like fun.

Perhaps the small device mentioned in this article is the Mystery device that was blacked out on the wrist we saw in a photo a few months back....

After reading the article I agree with you. It will be interesting to see how webOS works on a watch sized phone if it ever makes it to market. I know I'm ready for a new phone(day one, hour one user) but I am more interested in a bigger screen, still.....

Have you used the new tiny all-screen iPod Nano? I think the older version was a better form factor since you can't see anything that you are touching on such a tiny screen - it's like your fingers block out seeing what you intend to touch. I don't like it.
I would love a new powerful Pixi 2.0 the size and dimensions of the Treo Pro. That was a great form, but with the Treo 755p or 800w keyboard. Best keyboards ever IMO.

what they should do for the pixi is say screw the keyboard and just go full touch screen they already have the patch for it and even in 2.0 they have it so since the pixi is pretty much all touchscreen anyway stretch the screen and take out the keyboard for an iphone like feel

the announced 5 new devices for 2011 so the pixi 2 is the last new device announced? It look just like the original pixi. I was expecting the phone to have a similar size of an HTC hero.

cmon new devices for sprint! I need to replace my pre with the broken digitizer, hopefully glass will be stronger

pixi 2
3.1 inch screen 800x480
1ghz processor
better keyboard
5mega pixel in bac and vga 3mp in front
make it metal and maybe a little thinner
if these thing dont happen it will be a flop and not worth being at ces

that's never going to happen for the pixi 2 despite having resources from hp. As long as Jon's still CEO, don't expect any better phones.

Rumor: In the coming months there will be some real news and P|C can stop reporting rumors.

heh heh, nice one.

there is a rumor going around that HP will have a presentation at CES too..

27 days 9 hours 30 minutes till CES... FYI

Not really a rumor... If you go on the CES website and look up Palm and HP they are slated to be in the same "semi-private" room... From what i heard thats where Palm was last year when they announced the Pre... Its all there for the world to see on the website! :)

That's what I like to here.

More empty promises? Blah blah blah Palm is a whore and HP is it's pimp! CES better bring a hell of a HPalm phone that will rock our socks off! Better than the Evo, but hella cool than the iPhone!!! Better be on Sprint!!!!!

who cares about a pixi 2. My wife has a low end Android and it is much better than my pre. I love webOS, but it needs much more developer support.

the developer forums are SLOW... almost a weeks worth of posts just on the first page.

These are not the ice cream sandwiches you're looking for.

HP needs to debut a new ice cream sandwich "in the coming months". LOL!!

There will be no Pixi 2. The Pixi is a horrible name choice. Many males do not even give the phone a look because of the name. I mean honestly, do you feel comfortable calling your phone a Pixi? And if you are comfortable with that how many other people do you know that are? The Pixi was the wrong name choice and it has been stated by (I don't remember exactly who at the moment, someone from Palm). HP cannot be stupid enough to keep that name going. So, no Pixi 2 coming soon. You can still hope for a (insert name here) small, candy-bar style phone though.

Did anyone see the ads yesterday with HP offering a free Palm Pre when you purchase a computer? How do you guys keep up with whats going on?....hope you see this!!!

"Pixi" has to be the worst name ever. I just call it my Palm. I like the form factor though, I hope they'll keep it. I love this phone!
My wife has the Moment. I hate to use it. Nothing flows and I don't think it's a very good os. I am glad I picked webos. If I don't have to I won't go to anything else.