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Russian developer bringing some Android love to webOS 23

by Ryan St. Andrie Tue, 08 Jan 2013 2:47 pm EST

AndroidChroot hero

Over the years we’ve witnessed all kinds of webOS and Android hacking madness. From Android riding shotgun with webOS on a dual-booted TouchPad to Open webOS being fired up on a Galaxy Nexus we have seen all sorts of interesting ways of joining the two operating systems under one proverbial roof. One of the interesting things to come out of webOS going open-source with Open webOS is Phoenix International Communication’s project to get Open webOS running inside Android as an app. However, what if someone did the opposite and booted Android as an app within webOS? Well that is what Russian developer Nizov Nikolay has accomplished with AndroidChroot.

From Nizov’s video posted on YouTube we can see he has successfully booted CyanogenMod 7 onto his Pre 3 as an app within the confines of webOS. Unfortunately being in the alpha state that it is it seems more than a little sluggish and there don't appear to be any of the default Google Apps loaded (no Google Play Store or Google Services). But even without Google services there are plenty of other ways to procure awesome Android apps, like Amazon’s App Store. There's a lot of optimization to be done before you'll want to run any of those apps, so think of this as more of a proof-of-concept project for the time being.

Nizov's project is definitely one we will be keeping an eye on - if it gets running at acceptable speeds it could be an optimtimal solution for the Pre3 lovers among us. Sure, there's the possibility that Open Mobile might someday give use the ability to run Android apps in webOS like they said they would, but why use just the apps when you can use the whole Android operating system? Just something to wrap your brains around for a moment there. In the meantime sit back and watch this pretty cool YouTube video of Nizov Nikolay's Pre 3 taking part in some Android loving awesomeness.

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Very cool! Can't wait to use this on my TouchPad.

Me too, there are 2-3 Android apps which I often use and have no equivalent on webOS.


Now we will not have to give up the best mobile OS for a game, or "third world" bank transaction, or uploading photos to Instagram (if you're into that kind of shi...), etcetera.

Almost every time we get some crazy developers from this community (or are they?!).
I hope a good thing can come out of this for webOS.

Best regards,

This is sweet! This guy have a webpage or a place to donate? I want this on my Pre 3! (Once hardware acceleration is enabled.)

What the hell? I thought the goal is to get webOS on some hardware not replace webOS with POS Android

This sucks!!1 Show me how to get webOS on devices not off of them!

you're what ? a troll or simply lacking in reading comprehension... this is like ubuntu chroot, but with android, so that you can run an android app under webOS

Btw Nikolay is a first name and Nizov is a family name if you'd want to fix that ...

this is awesome! I hope this becomes good enough to be useful..

Awesome news! I want to install this on my Pre 3!
Will be watching for any other news about this! I can donate)

Николай молодец, так держать! Буду следить за прогрессом, и с удовольствием вложил бы денюжку ;)

although this is nice and interesting  ..... I would prefer to get webos onto new hardware

first to successfully port webOS as a daily driver to new hardware for all to use will get a nice donation from me and probably many others. all these other exercises are jutst spinning wheels.

I agree with you 100 percent. All this stuff is just a big waste of time and effort. PLEASE JUST MAKE AN APP So we can put webOS on any phone or computer.

Anything else is just a waste at this point!!!

You're missing the point. This will presumably work on OpenWebOS on the device of your choice in the future.

In the meantime, it brings more apps to my Pre 3.


can't deny that is much as I dislike the droid

Agreed. Not the best solution for webOS enthusiasts. But a good way to extend the life of aging, non-supported hardware.

even if you got your open webOS on new hardware, exactly what apps are you going to be using, there would be far far less on open webOS than there is vanilla webOS?

at least this like the "never gonna happen" ACL, would allow app useage from elsewhere as a stopgap.

its a good piece of news tho, but to be fair its the same as chompers work on the touchpad so far, hopefully more will come of it than chomper managed which unfortunatly didnt go all the way which was a huge shame for something so genious.

@geekpeter Agree with all points made :-)

This is AMAZING!!!!!!


The whole "why do you want to [insert port]" thing is tired, folks. If you don't get it, then please move on. Criticizing the underlying motivation for this project isn't constructive and only distracts the people who are busy trying to do something interesting and productive.

It's open source. It's about choice. It's about seeing what you can do. "We do what we must because we can." The question should be "Why not?" /rant

Anyways, there are plenty of reasons this is a compelling experiment. Not the least of these is that the Pre 3 is still pretty decent hardware. And nowadays as the popular trend is toward phablets without keyboards, the Pre 3 still reins supreme in form factor to a loyal few (myself included).

For my daily driver at work, I love webOS for Synergy and Just Type. And I sure as **** love the Pre 3 form factor. But I'd dual boot to Android in a heartbeat if I could, just to have some more apps to mess around with. I'd prefer a direct port for performance, but a chroot is just as compelling and still turns up helpful info for everyone. So cheers, Nikolay!

apps. apps. apps.

what is all this talk about apps, like this super catalog of fantasy fulfillment i'm missing out on because i dont have android or ipoo.

i've got a phone app, a camera app, an IM app, a Pandora app, Sprint Nav, Google Maps, and Google synch for email, calendar, and contacts.

oh and a flashlight patch, and a download any stream patch.
WHAT ELSE DO YOU NEED? what am i missing here?

i want to open cards that multitask on faster hardware with all the well known bugs finally ironed out. I want to swipe something to the right, and underneath is the option to delete. i want to flick up and it's gone with immediate process kill. i want intuitive gesturing and no bugs or lagginess. that's all i want. why can't someone build THAT??

that said, hey nice work Nik. that's a heck of an accomplishment. best wishes

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