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Sam Greenblatt out as webOS CTO, new leadership not yet announced 35

by Derek Kessler Thu, 29 Mar 2012 3:14 pm EDT

Sam Greenblatt out as webOS chief, new leadership not yet announced

We've been hearing rumblings of tension within the leadership of HP's Open webOS unit, and today we've learned that webOS CTO Sam Greenblatt is transitioning away from his leadership position within webOS. We contacted HP and they confirmed that Greenblatt will no longer be in charge of webOS, though they offered no hints as to who might be taking the lead:

"Sam Greenblatt is moving from webOS to a new role at HP and will continue to assist the team during the transition. The Open webOS project is on schedule and HP remains committed to the roadmap announced in January."

Sources indicate to us that developers within HP were frustrated by the pace of the roadmap (whether they wanted it to go faster or slower, we're not certain), and that there has been considerable head-butting since Greenblatt took the lead of webOS just a few short months ago. For what it's worth, HP has delivered on Enyo 2.0, QtWebKit, the Linux Standard Kernel, and the Nyx hardware abstraction layer.

Before coming to webOS, Greenblatt had been "VP of Strategic Program, Strategy & Corporate Development", a job title that tells us pretty much nothing, but still sounds like something that would mesh well with leading a group like webOS. Additionally, at least according to his LinkedIn profile, Greenblatt also currently holds the CTO of Enterprise Global Distribution position at HP, so he'll still have something to do once the transition to whoever is new is complete. Of course, the last webOS leader that transitioned to another position within HP eventually transitioned to a hammock in Mexico.

HP Chief Strategy Office Bill Veghte is still in place, guiding the webOS effort from above, as are the remnants of the Open webOS staff after the most recent round of dismissals. Drama like this is never good for any group, and it's especially not good right now after all of the hits webOS has taken in the past five months. We're hopeful HP will pick a new leader for the webOS CTO position that will be keep Open webOS on track and drama at a minimum.


The lack of ability to provide stable leadership for webOS from HP has just been... tragic. Sad that the most stable leadership for the platform over the years hasn't been anyone from Palm/HP, but Rod.

You're forgetting Jon Rubinstein, right? Without his leadership, the world may have never been introduced to can't possibly group him in with these short-sided HP execs, who have more arrogance than commonsense.

I don't want to sound bitter, but HP has managed to destroy just about everything that we knew and loved about Palm. It is truly tragic!

Imagine if that Mark Hurd CEO dude hadn't been replaced and had been able to support webOS as he intended...

stupid women and their hot sexy bodies!!!

I have a different view: For me, it's fine to get rid of all suits, and have just tech people. That makes perfect sense in an open source scenario like webOS has fallen into.

Hint: Android has no suits.

I'd certainly take that over a revolving door of suits jerking the arms of technical teams as they spin through the door.

Dave Balmer for the rescue! Get him back!!! Come on - I hope there will be a future for webOS!!! 

Nomination accepted. Let's kick some ass!

Who is he? What achievements has under his belt? Sorry if it's evident, but I got into webOS last summer, and never heard about him.

looks like he is a Javascript Guru

Geesh! Idk what to say!

They can't take a break and chill out bc, webOs is barely on life support. And the infighting at this place seems just my last job ;)

the culture it's completely dependent on the leader and with out a leader who understands and is adept at politics, the problem will continue... Ugh!

Like the sands through the hourglass...
Hey, I'd love to transition over to the Global Hammock Unit. C'mon, Mega lotto! Big bucks, no whammies....

Well, it's a very legitimate, interesting project. Oh, you meant revenue? If that was the only motivation, go figure if homebrew (our most valuable asset) had ever existed.

I'd love webOS on some nice former Android device. It's not about commodity, it's for the sake of being different. But then, I'm a former amigan (cheers, gatekeeper), so I'm a lost cause...

We're no market anymore, if ever.

got to think that Sam was insisting that up stick to the roadmap and stay on schedule., and employees were saying can't be done. Need to here from an insider on this.

But it seems that the roadmap is perfectly on schedule... My bet is that this kind of upper level managers make no sense in a project like this. I mean, you need these people just for supplier and carrier relations, which don't exist anymore.

wow...we really don't need this...webOS is up against enough as it is.

Whatever happen to the Dewwit dude? (I know I didn't spell it correctly) I don't remember hearing that he left webOS but I also don't hear anything about him inside webOS ether.

But as I've seen Meg is devoted to help webOS so if this dude was causing problems I think it is better that he's out.

Meg!!!! Make webOS suceed!!

Everything I'd heard was that DeWitt took over the PSG side of webOS (that is, the hardware team) while the non-PSG (software) side went to the former CTO who left in November.
I believe DeWitt went back to PSG when they laid off the hardware team but I could be wrong.

"Everything I'd heard was that DeWitt took over the hardware side"

So he is, effectively, nowhere?

printer man?

He's still at HP as far as I know - beyond that I don't know much about where he's located, what team he works on, etc. He could still be managing some part of webOS GBU (which is the segment of the split-up webOS he took iver) but I don't believe he is.

from Linkin

Stephen DeWitt's Overview


Senior Vice President & General Manager at Hewlett-Packard


President & CEO at Azul Systems
VP/GM Content Delivery and Edge Computing at Sun Microsystems
President & CEO at Cobalt Networks, Inc

kudos to derek and webosnation for getting the scoop.
derek, you've been doing a great job lately, liked your lottery piece, those workouts must be really juicing your creativity.
wondering if we could get a followup to this story on the implications for webOS?


oh dear Lord....*face in pillow*

The water level is dropping and circling the drain.

When are they finally going to just pull the plug? Sheesh...

Yes, I don't understand this at all. Is there any hardware for this? Printers? Its dead, why HP is playing these games with it seems nuts. I am not and HP shareholder, but I'd be seriously pissed. Who are they trying to please with these efforts, a small group of die hard supporters? This is none, and won't be, any meaningful revenue stream from this. As such, HP needs to let it die.

That's too bad. Actually open webos seemed to have a realistic schedule and surprisingly has been meeting goal deadlines. We never even had time to get to know the guy.

This is a good thing for webos, Sam has constables consistently out of touch with reality and detrimental to the webos team's efforts. It is dreaded every time he makes a blog post or calls a meeting, inevitably it's because he heard some new buzzword or about a project, and it appears in a public announcement, with no input from any engineers, or anyone with half a clue about the realities of webos and the staffing situation

--a (former) webos engineer

Interesting.  We would love to hear more  if you can share.

That's reassuring (if true).  I was worried that HP were losing interest again.

thanks for the info.
So what HP did is good. Hope the team morale is high after he is out.

Word up

Does this have anything to do with committing to deliverables for March, and then not making them? Looks like he created a real mess.

this guy is laughable.
when HP assigned him to deal with Palm's mess, He declared he would not consider android a competitor, because, in his mind, opensource webos already beat android.

he either is so dumb he truely believed that, or he believeed Palm engineers were dumb enough to believe his claim.

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