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Samsung CEO: We would "never" purchase webOS 217

by Derek Kessler Fri, 02 Sep 2011 8:42 am EDT

The name that’s been floated the highest in hunt for a purchaser or licensee of webOS has been Korean electronics giant Samsung. After all, they make Android and Windows Phone smartphones without the sweetheart deals given to Motorola and Nokia, and have been pursuing their own OS development with Bada. It seemed like the perfect fit – a company with hardware and software expertise picking up a great mobile operating system in need of just that.

Samsung CEO Gee-Sung Choi has struck down any such thoughts (and unlike Leo Apotheker, Choi has a firm grasp of what’s going on in his company), saying outright to reporters at the IFA conference in Berlin that Samsung would “never” pursue a purchase of webOS. Bloomberg reported that a Samsung spokesperson confirmed the statement. He went on to say that “It’s not right that acquiring an operating system is becoming a fashion,” and that creating an OS is “harder than people outside think.” Which seems like a perfectly valid reason to buy a fully functional OS with brand recognition than try to build one from scratch. Then again, Samsung showed their commitment to Android yesterday with a massive unveiling at IFA.

After HP’s decision last month to scrap webOS hardware development, the Palo Alto-based tech giant has been searching for a partner for webOS while simultaneously starting the task of spinning off their PC-developing Personal Systems Group. With Samsung off the list, that leaves manufacturers like HTC and LG as the most likely suitors. But after this week’s showing for Windows Phone from HTC at IFA, we’re not sure they’re game for a webOS purchase either. Of course, there are always the dark horse candidates that could come out of left field. That’s where HP came from and that worked out just fi... oh.

Source: Bloomberg; Thanks to Brad on Twitter for the tip!


OK, so that would be it... When and where's the funeral?

"Which seems like a perfectly valid reason to buy a fully functional OS with brand recognition than try to build one from scratch."
...I for one would not bet on brand recognition of webOS, as such a great thing... It is world- renowned now for a failure, and TWICE. Not the kind of brand recognition that you can easily build on, is it?

"With Samsung off the list, that leaves manufacturers like HTC and LG as the most likely suitors."
Nonono... It is not "most likely" suitors, it is "the last two possible" suitors, and unlikely ones at that. HTC - they have attempted once to buy Palm. They have been turned down, and HP was chosen - they have offered better price. Then, HP pumped (read: WASTED) a lot of money into that purchase, just to achieve NOTHING (correction: to achieve NEGATIVE results).

Now, HP is looking to "maximize value" from webOS GBU "investments". Read: they will try & attempt to sell it for MORE than their purchase price PLUS their costs/loses.

Given that their INITIAL price that HP have paid for Palm was higher that what HTC was willing to pay 18 MONTHS ago, what makes you think that HTC will be stooopid enough, to cough up that kind of cash that HP will be foolishly looking for, after HP have wasted all that time, and delivered noumerous mortal wounds to the webOS?

End of the road. The only thing that's left is some blips on the flatline, delivered by homebrew (and God only knows for how long)

Time to say goodbye to webOS, and maybe buy one Pre 3 as an investment - they might be worth a good money for collectors one day.

Just could not help but to wonder, how different things would look like, if these muppets in HP get down to earth from their high horse and did not try to match iPad for price/margin. So many of firesale TouchPads ended up on eBay/Craigslist. People out there were willing to pay in the region of $300-$350 for them, DESPITE the fact, that webOS has just been killed, death blow officially delivered by a company that SUPPOSEDLY was in that for a long run.

Just imagine, boys and girls, if these sorry greedy idiots priced it around that since DAY ONE, when there was energy, anticipation and high hopes, that there's a new sheriff in town. How different review summaries would look like, how different sales figures would be, how totally different momentum webOS would gain.

See? I tould ya all of that, BEFORE they made these horrendouysly stupid decisions, that led to the current situation - again, bitter-sweet satisfaction for me.

Lost for words, if there will be no heads rolling in HP, that is really funny, and it only means that today's leaders have NO responsibility to their consumers ad shareholders.

Nah, people only know webOS now as the OS that runs on the cheap tablet.

Don't kid yourself. The last 2 years of webOS has NOT been erased by a fire sale.

Indeed. It's a zombie OS. People have deluded themselves into thinking it's alive because of the death throes of the firesale, but there's no more products, no manufacturers, no carriers, almost no developers....there's nothing.


It is amazing to see people clinging on to any last bit of hope.

Really sad.

Amazon will buy/license it... Just watch


I'm not really clinging to hope anymore. I realize I'll have to settle for another platform once my Pre- finally doesn't work anymore. Don't like it, but I'm realistic.

I wasn't encouraged a year ago when I learned that HP had bought Palm.

I have no opinion really on the subject, but it is kind of hard to dismiss the fact that WebOS has a decent userbase now because of the fire sale.

No, it has a decent tablet userbase for now that will NEVER EXPAND. The market will keep growing. Samsung, Motorola, and the rest will keep making Android tabs. Assuming HP spins off their PSG into an independent unit, you can bet Windows 8 tabs will be hot on their plates.

WebOS will drift back into the "other" category in marketshare.

It's over.

If someone buys webOS the userbase WILL EXPAND. The acquiring company will make more TouchPads.

If PSG gets sold off, it's highly unlikely they are going to go to Windows 8. Why start over with a new OS and still have all the hardware issues they had previously.

It would be like taking the worst of both worlds.

No one is going to buy webOS.

You think PSG - a company that makes the vast majority of revenue from Wintel machines - would be at a disadvantage if they started making Windows 8 tablets.

Yeah, okay. That'll happen when someone buys WebOS to get into smartphones.

to be fair, no one is buying android tablets either. IPad has no real competition at the moment.

I know, I know. But just because you close your eyes and refuse to read all of the reports of iPad marketshare being slashed 40+% from their 90+% share last year....doesn't mean it's not happening.


Interesting set of numbers you're using there...

Not til windows 8 tablets hit.

There were almost no developers before. All the same people still post on the developer forums.

A great many Smartphone users are educated on Hardware and Software, and those individuals know how and why webOS failed. WebOS did not fail because of the Operating System itself, but because of lack of funds and more importantly, bad/idiotic marketing decisions.

The portrait slider is well recieved among webOS faithful, but it is a recipe for disaster when it comes to success. Even if HP got everything right with their webOS reboot, it would never have met their goals, because there's not enough market for the portrait slider.

WebOS on a Slab would have been well recieved, and slowly would have gained some traction.

"Even if HP got everything right with their webOS reboot, it would never have met their goals, because there's not enough market for the portrait slider."

I, for one, respectfully disagree on this. IF the slider was robust, well built, had the feeling of a quality product, and every other spec was high enough (Pre 3 was, IMHO) - it is a big big ADVANTAGE over stooopid on-screen keyboard. With the only disadvantage - added thickness.

Which I, and many many other professionals would gladly pay the price of, for the advantage of typing on the physical keys, if everything else clicked in place - which never did...

Do you think a Perfect vertical slider would out sell a Perfect Slab?

I would argue that it never would, (not even close) and I think most would agree. So if you are big ol' HP, why the **** (really H E L L is bleeped?) would you ignore the market when dollars is your only driving purpose?

Except the consumer market is where the growth is and where HP would make more money. The consumer market is demanding slabs.

That's HILARIOUS considering when the TPad launched sales were lukewarm and now EVERY single retailer can't keep them on the shelves. Sure it's firesale pricing, but users are users. Devs don't care if all units are stolen as long as people have them.

Even MORE hilarious is that the TPad launched with like 304 apps. It is now almost 390 and BIG NAME devs are adding to that count.


Really, name a BIG NAME dev (that wasn't already nearly done with an app).

Just one BIG NAME?

He can't. I'd say sell em while you can. Or before your Touchpad gets all cracked up.

"Don't kid yourself. The last 2 years of webOS has NOT been erased by a fire sale."

Indeed, we all remember the sub-standard hardware, the bungled launches, the lack of interest from big-time developers, the shrugs of indifference from the public, the broken promises. The fact that HP couldn't get even one carrier in europe to carry the Pre 3.

Is that what you meant?

That is EXACTLY what I meant.

People don't remember webOS as simply "the cheap tablet OS". It is the OS that failed a row.

I think any of the people who know webOS know that it's the companies that failed twice, not the OS.

It's never webOS' fault. It's everyone else. lol

Actually, mine failed many times... fortunately, I could just Doctor.

I know you are hoping a Doctor will come along and resurrect webOS, but this time... it isn't going to work.

For most people the last 2 years of webOS didn't happen. The fire sale is the first they've heard of it.

webOS marketshare was at it's highest in '09-'10. But let's just erase all of that and focus on the fire sale, shall we?

good point. And many many of them are buying it and awaiting eagerly to install Android on them as soon as possible. Firesale for many was just a mean of getting a cheap hardware, that would eventually run an OS with a future (and a present).

And the last they will hear of it when they don't get updates, and the TP loses market share and they move on.

And unless they are regular members of this forum, and willing to tinker tinker tinker, they are sitting in their living room right now saying, "sheesh. I know why this thing didn't sell."

2 points:
1) Maximizing value is getting as much as you can - not as much as you want or more what you paid for.

2) Unlike HP HTC (or similar established smartphone manufacturer) has no reason to buy the whole of Palm. All they would need would be the rights to the OS and the core of the programming team.

I don't see anybody buying Palm at this point. It's gone. HP absorbed and now destroyed it. The remaining value is in webos, experts and possibly a batch of defensive patents to go with it. Nobody is going to pay 1.2 bn for that at this point - let alone more than that.

At this point HPs value maximization is to sell the core assets for a few hundred million and get a long-term licence back (for printers etc...) - that's pre-paid for a decade or so.
Much better than the 0 they have now after murdering the platform.

Otherwise I agree - without Samsung webos chances are pretty dim - most likely dead. Samsung was the best fit.

Sadly it seems that HP is more proficient at loss maximization.
It's not just Palm/webos - they invested in a lot of other stuff that would have more value if you have a mobile platform to go with that (HPPlay, etc...)

Did HP do similiar actions when they bought Voodoo?

good points on "maxmizing the value", but I am not so convinced that is what HP will settle for - with all their apparent arrogance and cluelessness. I think they will butcher it to the very end, by keep demending ridiculous prices and T&Cs for the eventual suitor.

..and much more likely, they will try to play along the lines of "webOS development & licensing", which will be an utter disaster - them clumsy morons, without a shrewd of strategy and leadership, without public relations, without mature APIs after two years on the market... Trying to compete with Google/Microsoft in that space... My gosh, that would be embarrassing to watch.

webOS didn't fail twice. The companies that owned it either didn't have the resources or refused to commit the resources to give it equal hardware or market it.

Despite the hardware that is lacking in some aspects, Gizmodo says, "The TouchPad is the second best tablet you can buy, at any pricepoint. It nailed all the big ideas about what a tablet should feel like".

webOS is more attractive to companies now than ever before - they can leverage all of Palm and HP's work with little investment of their own. Plus they'd get a ton of patents in the deal, which are apparently worth billions if you look at the Motorola deal.

Motorola have a much bigger user base, they have products and a pipeline.

webOS has???

Do we even know how many people bought firesale TouchPads?

Do we know how many actually use them?!

"webOS is more attractive to companies now than ever before"

Seriously, stop.

I feel like we are **cked :(


Lets unit and buy WeobOS from HP and make it open source.

Thanks Mr. Choi... that's like Obi-Wan Kenobi telling Princess Leia to f**ck off. Now who are we gonna send our hologram to?

So much for that.

Another i told you so. So many now i've lost track.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.


"And that worked out just fi... Oh."

Derek Kessler is the man.

Not really. He's the one who thought Samsung buying webOS would actually be a good idea. Anyone still taking this guy seriously? He thought the original price point was great.

so does that mean we all change our chant to HTC HTC?

Is there a flash mob schedule? I must have missed it...but I signed up to be notified! :O

I must admit the whole thing does flow nicely in a chant. HTC WebOS HTC WebOS

htc already said no too.

Well, he said they would never "BUY" webOS. What about leasing the software?

yeah i'm confused by this article for this reason. samsung said they'll never buy (surely we knew this, and that HP didn't want to sell it- licensing was the only option IMHO). but didn't say they wouldn't license. yet derek seems to write off licensing too, without any evidence. derek do you know something we don't?

I don't care what HP *said*.
For the platform to be marketed best it would have needed a new owner. HP could have retained a licence for their own product in return as part of that sale.

Why licence webos when you can licence Android or WP7?

You get the best value out of a platform when you *own* and control it.
That's what Apple has going.
And HP just blew their chance to get their own complete platform.

For somebody else to make the needed investment they would have to want the same. Google opened up that option by buying Motorola.
MS and Nokia could merge (not an unlikely development - Nokia lost all independence when they decided to exclusively use WP7 anyway).

Samsung was such a great candidate because they would have had all pieces in play to become another Apple - all they needed was to own their own platform. They already have the manufacturing and necessary size. Already well established internationally. Already interested in owning an alternative (see Bada). And recently provided with additional motivation by the Google-Motorola deal.

...see, that's what I am saying - nobody in the industry is taking Gogorola deal as a threat for Android OEMs, rather the opposite - an advantage, strong weapon in the patent wars.

They never wanted the company.. they wanted the intellectual property. so now we'll get a printer that lets you surf the net. Really... who would ever stand at a printer and google anything... I'm seriously wondering what planet I'm on.

Why would they license it? They are selling lots of Android devices, and they have Bada in Asia. Why would the bother with webOS?

Android - they get sued over patents and MS is collecting protection money - err - licence fees.

The Google-Motorola deal is a potential game-change.

Bada seems to be decent - but so far is only used on cheap entry-level smartphones and mostly in Asia. And not as nice as webos. As they have said - developing your own os is hard - all the more reason to buy a shortcut when one is available. That's why HP did it after all. Sadly HP has been reading pigeon entrails every couple of years and this years entrails said: "Get out of consumer hardware".

And that's just the defensive reasons. Owning your own platform means you can develop it into a better cash cow (just look at MS and Apple).
It goes like this:
IPod -> Itunes -> Iphones -> App Market -> IPad -> Super-Profit.

When the customer is invested in the platform (got an Ipod, then ITunes was convenient), then you can sell more stuff to him/her and there is an added barrier to buy from others ("Nice MP3 player you have there - but doesn't work with my ITunes collection", "Nice music service you have there - but doesn't automagically sync with my Ipod, IPhone, IPad, IMac, etc...").

Don't invest any hope in Samsung licencing webos and putting it on devices. If they were interested at all they'd tell HP: **** licencing, we buy it (rights, devs, some patents), you can have a printer licence back, everybody goes home happy - here's 400m - take it or leave it".

If they just licence it they are in a similar position as with Android - only worse.
Sure - the OS is nicer. But they could still be sued by the patent trolls (including Apple), Android is far better established and has far larger App market. If they have any success HP would licence to any competitor who also wants it then. And HP has not proven to be a good steward of the platform (certainly much worse than Google for Android).

They were rhetorical questions that in about 1/4 of the time and effort said what you said in about 10 paragraphs. Except that you contradict yourself.

Yes, they are being sued by Apple and they have to pay fees to MS. But they are also making money from Android, something NO ONE has done from webOS.

Therefore, they will not touch it with a barge pole.

Yep. WebOS is a money sink for everyone except for eBay resellers and select developers that made some coin when it was a viable OS.

Otherwise, it sunk Palm, took billions from HP, and turned off carriers left and right.

not exactly webOS' fault, that HP has idiots as leaders, so I wouldn't blame OS here :)

Did Palm and HP make dumb decisions? Yes.

But they've tried advertising blitzes, cheap priced hardware, putting it on a bigger screened phone, giving out financial incentives with "Hot Apps" contests....None of it moved the needle with carriers or consumers.

Well, nothing except selling them at an 80 percent discount, which isn't sustainable or profitable, even on the back end after app and accessory revenue. Not sure what else another company can do.

They also announced new hardware in Feb to a rather excited industry, then waited 6 months to release anything. They rushed to announce, let ANY hype die away, alienated core users, and FINALLY released a subpar tiny phone, and a subpar tablet. No larger phone, etc etc etc. Sad to say the future is dead for webOS. It will live on with my Touchpad and Pre 2's for as long as they survive.

Here's the thing, tho:

No carrier - supposedly aside from AT&T - ever got onboard with the Pre 3. And AT&T didn't have their name attached on the Feb. 9 thing. So even if it was ready Feb. 15, wouldn't the foreign-only-no-US-interest-BOMB scenario be the same?

Only with even less compatible apps fully rendering at 480x800?

Another company would have to sink billions into fixing the OS, providing services and apps, and expanding the ecosystem. All high risk.

No one will do this. And no one will license this from HP since HP won't do this.

The kicker was the "Veer" I mean if that is not a kick in the regional area, I don't know what is. there is no way anyone in their right mind that really Did their homework would have come up with the "veer". How many people bought it.. 23?

The moment I saw the word "buy" I just knew someone would focus in on that word and leave "lease" as yet another thread of hope.

I don't think, as a company, you come out with a statement like that because you're thinking about licensing it. The statement reads: we're not interested.

Keep reaching for the straws!!!

I seriously think that there needs to be a "webOS Optimist Club" formed. ;-)

There is. It's called Precentral.

Sure doesn't seem like a WebOS fan club from some of the posts. I realize WebOS is on its' way out, but I ain't happy about it.

Its not looking chaps. Still hanging in there with my pre- in the UK.
Watched Emmerdale last night (a popular soap) and what should pop out of one of the main characters pocket was a palm pre , clutching at straws I know but hey ho.....
Keep the dream alive.


Good riddance. They would have put TouchPiss UI on it, anyway.

yeah if they bought it they'd have ruined it like that. licensing terms would be stricter i'd imagine, so here's hoping....


webOS Guy: HP has scale, size...blah, blah...they will finally give webOS what it needs!

HP: Everybody off!

webOS Guy: **** HP! Sammy has the hardware and proven success in this space!

Sammy: We're not interested.

webOS Guy: **** Sammy! They'd just f@#& it up anyway. Who's next?

UPDATE: LOL @ p|c for censoring the word "s__c...r__e...w".

Must admit, Thats funny

Search my posts in the forum. I NEVER supported Samsung buying webOS. Never. I HATE Samsung. I've had the same opinion the whole time.

A friend of mine is on his fourth Epic, and he never once dropped his phone.

LOLOLOL. The pliability of opinions around here is comedy goodness. Remember how everyone dismissed tablets when the iPad was first introduced, and now the Touchpad is the bee's knees?

I think they actually called it "Maxipad" and loudly proclaimed that nobody would ever buy it because it's just a big iPhone.

It's amazing how WebOS users are consistently wrong about everything, isn't it?

I think my time here is about done. Train already crashed. But it's still hard not to laugh as the clueless here cling to silly hopes. No Samsung for you :)

I can't bail out just yet. Not when the WebOS faithful are somehow getting even more delusional after WebOS was publicly buried by HP.

You sure you're on the right forum? Isn't there a forum somewhere for WebOS haters?

Most webOS "haters" are former webOS users. True story..

Looks like there is no longer a place for webOS. It's sad, but I really saw Samsung as our last hope.

The good news is WP7 Mango is looking really good, and iOS5 will have much better notifications. Android is still an ugly mess, but I'm sure that will even get better.

The Samsung Galaxy Note is looking really nice BTW. It's like a brand new Palm or Clie after all these years. No matter what Steve Jobs may say (in public at least), a digital pen is such a great addition for a handheld. I was really hoping for such a device with webOS...

Well, who knows what the new PC subsiduary unit of HP will do? Leo might not like it, but maybe Todd Bradley will want to take another shot at it? With the new webOS user base, you never know what could happen.

This. I'm now a bit less than hopeful for webOS' future, but you can never kill ideas, and good ones tend to crop up again. We're starting to see elegant copies of webOS features crop up in other places. I think i've got a good chance if I hold on to my pre2 for a year or two, that even if there isn't another webOS handset *ever*, I might see decent task management, dismissable notifications, and Synergy crop up somewhere else, and that's where I'll go.

Speaking of which, my older brother switched from his sprint pre minus to an iPhone 4, and when he realized what he was missing when he lost synergy, his actual words were, "What is this, 2008?" Other than that he has no real complaints, but I thought it was amusing.

Yep. My daughter's music teacher replaced her Pre- with an Epic, and while she says she's gotten used to the Epic, she said "I miss my Pre".

"With the new webOS user base, you never know what could happen."

I know what will happened: nothing, webOS is as good as dead.

...guys, please, stop with that "new webOS userbase"... How many of these firesale TouchPads were sold, couple hundred thousands? Let's be gracious, make it half a million (great overestimation)

That is how many Android devices Google activates every TWO DAYS. Today, next Monday, next Wednesday, next Friday... You know what I mean? THAT's userbase. TOuchPad firesale? It is not "new" userbase, it is "final" userbase, and a non-significant blip, at that.

No kidding. Samsung, by saying no like they did, sort of declared webOS dead. As if anyone had any doubts.

So sad. I love webOS. I go an use an iPhone or Droid or iPad and hate it. The interface is not as polished or as easy to use and the multitasking sucks.

I really was hoping to at least get a Pre3 on Verizon to keep me going for a little while.

It's really too bad. If HP had done things correctly, I think webOS would have done great. They had the potential, they had the resources, they just didn't have the plan.

I think you can blame Palm for the WebOS demise. The exclusivity deal with Sprint was a fatal error in so many ways. Couple that with taking 5-6 months to release the phone and it was pretty much DOA.

Such a great OS too. It's sad to see it dangling in the wind like this...

Umm yeah. That's what did it. Being Sprint's best ever (to that point) launch.

Could it possibly just be that the hardware stunk? That Palm couldn't get big names to do apps? WebOS was too slow, buggy, and incomplete? And that Ruby was a moron?

i disagree, while that was true two years ago, as webos has been shuffled around other os have caught up...webos has had little if any advancement for far too long.

"Which seems like a perfectly valid reason to buy a fully functional OS with brand recognition than try to build one from scratch."

WebOS is far from fully functional at this point and what brand recognition?

I agree that the brand recognition is a bit iffy.

But it is fully functional.

Perfect - nope. Fully functional - yup. If webos is not fully functional - then the same would go for all the others. They all have issues and restrictions - sometimes by design (no flash or USB on Apple devices for example).

Fully functional minus PIM functions that PalmOS had?!

It's not fully functional because an OS is not just an OS these days. Bada is technically a fully-functional OS.

What it is NOT - and why there is no place for Bada in America at present - is a viable ecosystem of integrated audio/video/eReading content, healthy app development, and interested carriers.

Same goes for Meego. Same goes for WebOS. That's why these platforms aint ready for primetime. Never will be.

I agree re brand recognition to a certain extent. EVERYONE is aware of the TouchPad now, but they have no idea it's webOS driven. But "not fully functional"? You'll need to explain yourself on that one. I've been using webOS from day one, and now carry a Veer and a TouchPad.When my friends who own iPads play with my TP, even ones in the wireless industry, they go gaga over it and wish they'd snagged one. Am I missing something here? The only person who could make your statement with a straight face would be someone who's not using webOS.

And that, dear friends, is the death knell for WebOS.

It's a shame, really - it's the little OS that had so much potential to shine, but it never got the chance.

The best hope for WebOS to continue now is for HP to simply hand over the code to the open source community... but I don't see that happening. They'll either want to sell it (which isn't going to happen) or they'll simply reduce it to nothing more than an OS for their printers.

RIP, WebOS. You were a good friend, and we'll miss you... but it's time to move on.

"...but it never got the chance."

Seems it got TWO chances so far.

For the longest during all the struggle I started viewing Palm as another Sega. It was generations ahead with what it had, just never caught on.

"(...)or they'll simply reduce it to nothing more than an OS for their printers."

...I hate HP so much at that stage, I really DO hope they make webOS their printers' OS of choice... Just eager to see how much more their shares will plunge, if they manage this monstrosity, webOS is so deliciously unfit for that purpose, these idiots might actually push forward with that nonsense... Hoping for it!

I keep thinking open sourcing it would be an interesting blow to the mobile world if HP had the balls. Take a loss, but possibly shake things up in the long run.

Problem with this I don't hear people mentioning: Palm Profile. How do you open source something that includes access to a proprietary network hosted by a single company?

I guess with Doctors floating around, they sort of already do this. But so long as the OS is tied to the Profile, I don't understand how they could open source it.

Was never really holding my breath. HP killed the platform and no one is going to buy the carcass. It's simply an unreasonable request.

Apple, Google, Rim must love HP so much at the moment, with their inferior os's. Handed to them on a plate.

When Steve Jobs saw HP keel over in the first 1/4 mile of their "marathon", he resigned as CEO of Apple stating "My work here is done."

BUAHAHAHAHA! that must be it, indeed!

LOL of the month, respect taharka :)

When he says that creating an OS is harder than people think then he is saying that he doesn't think maintaining webOS would be a viable endeavor compared to the more well-backed ones. He's saying that webOS is dead.

Yep and yep.

He is talking about purchasing, but the most probable option was licencing anyway. Which fits with HP annoucements of keeping on webOS development. It does not really look as a surprise then.

Why would Samsung license it?

What would they gain??

They are selling a lot of Android devices, so what's the point of webOS?

Why? Because they would just gain more customers like us who do prefer webOS to other OSs. And potentially all the people having bought an HP TouchPad who will want to renew their device in a few years.

And your "they sell a lot of Android devices" does not work, you can apply the same reasoning with other systems: why then do they keep on selling Bada or Windows Phones?


No one outside this forum cares about webOS.

People bought the touchpad because it was cheap.

Wake up and smell the roses!!

But the customers they would gain would be an incredibly small segment made up of diehard "devotees" and those who just purchased the TouchPad because of the incredibly low price.

Here would be the tough question that any suitor has to answer: "How many people would purchase a webOS device that is priced similarly with other platforms devices?"

Given the acceptance of the TouchPad at even the $399 price point, I think the answer to that question is: "Very, very few".

Nevermind the customers. Can you imagine the conversation between Sammy and Best Buy?

Sammy: We've got new devices based on HP's webOS. How many would you like to order?

Best Buy: Click.

Pretty sure it wouldn't make it past "...webOS. How many"


good questions. i don't have the answers but i'm hoping someone will license it anyway :) it's out only hope.

it seems to me that the legal situation samsung are in with apple has something to do with their rumoured interest in webOS. not sure if licensing webOS is useful to them in this respect or if only a purchase would help. don't know about patent law. point is, the patent situation is related to it so it's the best i can do to answer your question.

Licensing wouldnt help them with their legal situation with apple.

And they are rhetorical questions.

Exactly my thoughts. Samsung is doing very well with android on their hardware. I myself am looking to get the Galaxy S II once that is out on Sprint. Good riddance to my 27 month old pre that won't even let me take pictures anymore.

Yeah, I am going Galaxy S 2 or may wait a little longer to see when the Nexus Prime is going to Sprint.

Sitting on my upgrade... waiting!

You mean like PalmOS 6 and ALP by Access? I see that both of those really caught on!

Licencing is what HP is talking about. But that doesn't make it a likely option.

I never bought that as "probable".

I can see why a company like Samsung might be interested in owning the platform.

But for licencing they can just stay with Android.

I consider licencing to be highly improbable actually (for smartphones at least - don't care if it is cut down and used on your next Router or TV).

Let's put it this way. Would you license an OS run by HP?

That last part is the deal breaker. Run by HP. HP never had the leadership to do this. Funny enough, they elected to keep doing the one thing they have no business doing while giving up on hardware which is basically what they do.

HP spent years becoming the top OEM computer maker. The clueless leaders want to throw that way and try to be IBM.

As long as someone somewhere makes a decent vertical slider that doesn't have the previous gen processor and has a nice and clicky keyboard, I'm fine with that.

Samsung would never produce 4 different OS. HTC has been making record profits every quarter from android, no reason they'd jeopardize that. I guess the future webos devices will be least it's something...

I can see it now...

The year is 2013... there are a bunch of guys standing round a printer, nervously chewing their nails and twitching... like a druggy on withdrawal...

They stand and wait...

and wait some more...

Finally, 4 minutes later, the printer running webOS turns on. They eagerly flick through the stacked cards, remembering their old Palm Pre's as they decide which print job to swipe up and delete...

It is a sad sad image!!

Not so much a death blow as a deep body blow. webOS will probably never realize when it gets ko'd

"The webOS community will probably never realize when it gets ko'd"


So if the WebOS specific hardware white knight is out of the question, is there a way to install WebOS on an android piece of hardware? You know...modify WebOS a bit to run on other hardware platforms.

Total +1. Been thinking of this for a while...

I can see it now:

Take a 4-inch 800x480 Android slab.

Hack WebOS to run on it which means you have to use 20 percent of the screen as a gesture area.

Then, apps appear on a emulator window to preserve the 480x320 resolution like on TouchPad.

OH! Then, shrink that FURTHER for an onscreen keyboard, since most Android devices don't have a hardware QWERTY. Don't forget that the vast majority of WebOS is portrait oriented too, so no point in turning your new slab sideways to get more screen real estate.

Who wouldn't want that!?

I think with Samsung and probably HTC leaving the game, there is just one real solution left on the field. A company that produces very fine hardware and has a long history doing just that - PHILIPS! They are market leader with their broad range of toasters.

Unfortunately, if this news turns out to be true, the only place we could possibly see WebOS in 2014 is on a printer. Uggh! (I think I'd rather see it just go extinct.)

IF this news turns out to be true? It came from the man's mouth. What more do you want?

Well they destroyed any chance of selling it off when they messed up the webOS hardware announcement. HP totally and utterly screwed up, and now they are acting in reactive mode desperately scrambling. In the mean time, many developers have left the platform, many hard core fans have moved on, and everything is about to end.

I think there is ONE person to blame for all this, and this certain someone wouldn't know how to manage a candy store, let along a multi-billion dollar company. Leo simply doesn't care about webOS or his Printers, or whatever. Just business software, because that is all he knows. HP will sell off Hardware, that will thrive under a third party (and hopefully retain their employees), and the rest of HP will die.

Guys, we're in a strange echo of the PC wars. Android is like Win9x, webOS is like Amiga, iOS is like Mac OS, and Windows Phone 7 is like OS/2.

Android is like Win9x because everyone uses it and proclaims to like it but they just don't know how much it sucks. True, a lot of software is available and the platform is more or less reliable, but it has no elegance of design.

webOS is like Amiga because it's powerful, elegant, and well-loved by fans, but ultimately underappreciated. webOS, like Amiga, will probably die an undeserved early death.

iOS is like Mac OS because .. well you can figure this one out.

Windows Phone 7 is like OS/2 because it's too late and too incompatible with Android/Win9x to really get any traction, even if it is technically superior.

I don't know where this analogy would put Symbian or BB OS...

Lenovo, Lenovo! Last chance to save webOS.

Acer, Acer! Last chance to save webOS.

Asus, Asus! Last chance to save webOS.



Guess you missed all the announcements of Lenovo and their Android tablets.

C'mon Kyocera.

Quad-screen (One for the gesture area, one for the virtual keyboard, one for notifications, one for actual screen) WebOS slab exclusive to Sprint FTW!!!!

We should make up a ridiculous rumor about Trusted HP Partner McDonald's wanting to get into the mobile business with WebOS and watch the delusional WebOS fans run with it.

Did anyone notice that he said nothing about not licensing WebOS, just not buying.

BTW. a buy notion right now wouldn't look good for their Bada team, which after all just presented version 2.0

Bada is actually selling in Asia though, 4.5 millions devices in Q2 2011. How many webos users are left...?

Licensing makes even less sense than purchasing. Why would you lease someone else's OS when you already own one of your own? In order to push WebOS (leased) they would have to shelf their own asset.

I think open source is the best thing we can hope for at this point. HP just needs to be convinced it will be worth more that way than if it is allowed to wither away.

Absolutely -- why license it when HP has had a dubious reputation with webOS already. Sure, they have committed FOR NOW to keep webOS development going, but who knows about tomorrow?

So, any manufacturer has to look at the chances that webOS development will continue. If it doesn't then they would be forced to purchase it to keep development going. This would be extremely tough for any manufacturer.

Clearly to me this doesn't kill a licensing deal which makes more sense since its way less risk to a hardware manufacturer to build a piece of hardware for a licensed os vs buying the whole os.
I think licensing is a much better path personally. I wouldn't panic.

You are deluded.