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Samsung hires former HP PC exec, said to be eyeing webOS purchase 151

by Derek Kessler Mon, 29 Aug 2011 10:12 am EDT

In an effort to bolster their consumer PC business, Samsung has hired former HP Personal Systems Group marketing VP Raymond Wah. This comes as Samsung has denied rumors that they were considering making a purchase of HP’s maybe-to-be-spun-off PC business.

Instead, Samsung is looking to the future and to an arena where they’ve already had plenty of success: mobile. While Samsung has built a growing smartphone empire off Android (with a smattering of Windows Phone), their tablets haven’t exactly taken off. And with Microsoft shacking up with Nokia and Google buying Motorola, Samsung’s got to be looking for a way to differentiate themselves. And that’s where webOS comes in.

According to Digitimes (always a fun but questionable source), Samsung is giving consideration to purchasing – not licensing – webOS from HP. Samsung has been exploring their own OS for some time, and has achieved some success with their home-cooked Bada OS in Asia, but its traction elsewhere has been less than great. Could Samsung be a possible third home for webOS after Palm failed and HP gave up? Predictably, neither HP nor Samsung has offered comment on the issue.

Source: Digitimes; Via: The Next Web


Oh PLEASE Samsung!!!

Samsung might be the last Hocrux!

third times a charm!


10 points for Gryffindor!

WOW wow WOW take care, Jay

If Sammy took it over... that would be awesome and I'd definitely buy another webOS device. Until then, I am going Android. Not sitting around to see what happens in the 'coming months'.

Everytime someone says Sammy, a puppy gets hit by a truck.

But it's one of those yappy little dogs that rich girls carry around in their purses so it's not a big loss.

That's funny.... in a "No dogs were harmed in the writing of this comment" kinda way.... :)

Those aren't dogs, those are barking cats. Real dogs don't fit in purses.


Everytime someone says "HP", my blood pressure rises. Which is way more important than some stupid puppies.

But seriously, that is the only logical way out, that's left, that COULD possibly work. Some well-established mobile devices manufacturer (like, er, Samsung, or HTC, or maybe Samsung, or HTC) buys the whole lot and starts small/medium (but quick & steady) again. Leaving these fantastic "visions" to the "visionaries" at HP, and producing solid PHONES first, than tablets, after phones regain a foothold.

HP developing & licensing webOS - no thanks, that is most certain way to ensure it will be killed so effectively, that even stink will be gone.

I completely agree!

This is what I've been saying, and they wouldn't devote the time to the os it deserves, couple that with amazing hardware and u got a new competitor, maybe even new marketshare holder... and they could pump out devices to the market super quick to :) webos FTW!!!

First off I would be absolutely shocked if HP sells webOS. The amount of money they can make between licensing, enterprise and patent licensing far exceeds what they could sell it for, esp now that they've put in an extra (guessing here) 1 billion dollars in R&D last year.

That being said, Leo and company have already proved their ineptitude concerning webOS and execution, so them shrugged their shoulders and giving up would be a fitting final chapter.

That also being said, if webOS goes to Samsung it wouldn't be the worst thing to happen. Personally I've been more impressed with HTC hardware but that's not to say Samsung's hardware sucks.

Whatever is going to happen I hope it happens quick. I've been feeling pretty down on webOS since HPs announcement and I've got the "gotta get a new phone" bug pretty bad. 27 months with my poor Pre- is enough.

I agree. HP have not said they are looking to get rid of webOS. But they have said they are looking to maximize value, and that could be ready as keep it on life support until someone buys it, or as you say look to maximize income from licensing.

I think it would be particularly hard for them to license the OS at this stage. It is going to take a while for people (CTOs etc) to forget the shambles of the announcement and TP/VEER/PRE launches (?!) and rebuild confidence in the OS and HP. Also, the OS itself still needs a lot of work to make it butter smooth.

...when do you guys finally realize that what HP says at that stage, doesn't matter at all.

What matters now is how they are perceived, and who might be interested in picking the remains of webOS, and for what price.

That supply of suckers is dwindling fast. And fruitlessly passing time in this business is not exactly what can "maximize value" in any way. When was the last time that you have sold your mobile phone for MORE than you bought it for (well, Pre 3 firesale excluded :)). Guess what, same goes for other technologies/software.

I agree. As I said, it would take a while for people to forget the shambles they've made of this and rebuild confidence.

Well the minute samsung unveiled a sgs2 variant with webos all that would be forgotten. It was always the hardware that hindered webOS.

HP running a software shop to compete with Google and M$ is the definition of hilarious!

Oh wait, SW & services is their new "vision". Ooooh, I'll be loading up shares like Gordon Gekko at the opening bell in the AM! LOL!

Licensing, enterprise, and patent licensing probably won't be high-enough margin for Lay-o to be interested. It's why they're even discussing spinning off the PC business. Lay-o would probably prefer making a quick buck and getting it off his hands.

Also, you really should take a look at the Sprint Pre 2. People can get it done for you if you don't want to do it yourself.

I'm pretty sure "Lay-o" thought about all of that before announcing that they were done with it in the first place, and probably had discussions with these same companies when they were in a stronger position.

yes of course, because everything they did last 12 months was sooo brilliantly thought-out, and strategic, and everything...

Oh wait.

No real thought required for this one. They had confirmed they were having talks with companies about licensing (and probably outright sales) long before everything went FUBAR.

Shouldn't someone be talking to Access, since they control the patents, software end and hp the hardware. I think it"s going to take a long time for people to forget hp's crappy hardware association.

HP's always had crappy hardware that's how they've been able to sell at such low cost which means tons of sales to the masses. They see the market shifting cause of the smart phone tablet market, demanding quality and they don't want to pony up the extra dough and build quality products.

The only reason I never did the FrankenPre was because I thought Sprint was getting a new phone "any day now" since freakin June 2010. Getting a Pre2 now that the Pre3 is floating around doesn't make sense to me. I need to know that the phone side of webOS has a future or is dead and buried so I can move on to WP7.

Yeah, I always read that HP had no plans to sell WebOS, and I can't imagine that Samsung will join HP in overpaying just to get their hands on a UI that is being copied away bit-by-bit by Windows Phone, Android, and iOS anyway.

Even if Samsung grabbed it and brought a handset or two to market, it would always take a distant backseat to the paying-the-bills Galaxy S franchise, not to mention the upcoming Nexus Prime exclusive to Verizon.

On the basis of that alone, while Motorola may be Google's baby down the line, Samsung will be Android's standard bearer for the foreseeable future in the US.

If Samsung bought webOS, it'd be for the patents. That said, while you're correct for most part I could see them experimenting with what happens when you cross webOS with some decent hardware.

Copied bit-by-bit by ... ? You forgot Blackberry Playbook. Cheap rip-off of the whole UI (not bit-by-bit).

While you are at it sweet, might as well add the "fire sale" numbers into the R&D, or advertising investment. LOL

Yea, lump it all in. If I had to guess I would say HPs total investment so far is around 2.5 billion. It sounds like a lot of money until you remember we're taking about HP. They can lose that much and plenty more if they're sure they will make it back eventually.

yeah, because it is so LOGICAL thing to do, loose money, and then pull the plug - to MAKE money! Why I haven't thought about that, that's so brilliant.

Can I do that at home?

"First off I would be absolutely shocked if HP sells webOS."
Unfortunately, I'd be shocked, too - for all the wrong reasons (well, HP will fiddle around, for months to come, as they did for a last year, but this time trying to make the best deal, with no one seriously NEEDING to buy webOS off them, and probably only interested in buying it if it was a good deal - do you think that for example HTC would put more money on the table now, than they did 18 months ago, when they attempted to buy Palm? Guess what, they were turned down then, HP upped their bid. Then they have spent some more - a billion or billion+, on top of that purchase, to mess everything they could, and then some more. And today, undoubtedly, HP will want to see some "return" from their "investment", you know, "to maximize value for a shareholder", ekhem, ekhem... - read, they will try to sell it for MORE than they have bought it + their webOS-related expenses to date - they are deluded enough to try). Of course, any potential webOS suitor, at that stage when presented the asking price for webOS division, will laugh at them until their sides hurt, and and turn their backs on them, wiping the tears of joy off their eyes.

But they'd better sell it as a whole, if you ever want to see another new webOS device on the market. Unfortunately, I don't think it will happen.

"The amount of money they can make between licensing, enterprise (...)"
...that amount is precisely ZERO dollars, ZERO cents - as no one sane would license it from them, and no single Enterprise would buy into a stinking corpse of a system, that webOS sadly became, under HP's banner and "leadership".

"(...)and patent licensing"
well, yep, that is the only possible place where HP could possibly get some serious returns. That will demand some aggresive play, and stepping on toes of some companies they do business with. SO I don't know, but maybe. Sadly, that is the most likely future of Palm/webOS - to fed patent trolls.

Who says HP got any wothwhile patents out of the Palm buy?

HP's mobile IP portfolio is pretty sparse, last I heard, and I imagine if they had any valuable IP there would be an auction going on for the Palm GBU right now, which there isn't. HP did announce they were getting out of hardware so there's no longer any reason why they would dig in and hold onto valuable mobile IP, so you would expect an auction right?

Remember, nobody except HP were interested in buying Palm in the first place so, other than the webOS asset itself, I guess there won't be too much interest now (especially as the Touchpad was such a failure).

Best bet is Samsung or LG take a punt as a hedge against Google buying Motorola - but it would be just that, a punt.

"Who says HP got any wothwhile patents out of the Palm buy?"

...Anyone who's got a slightest clue about that industry space? How about that one:

"patent #7555727: "Integrated Handheld Computing and Telephony System and Services"

That applies/describes EVERY smartphone on the planet, that has ever been/will be ever made, and there's no work around that one. And I guess most if not all of feature-phones, too.

"Remember, nobody except HP were interested in buying Palm in the first place "
you are quite wrong on that too, HTC was also interested, and AFAIR there were 4 bidders in total.

But that was 18 months ago, and webOS didn't exactly gain in significance since then, did it...

bushi, that is correct.

Good post. Noooooobody interested in success would license the OS from HP. Can you imagine HP developing WebOS to keep pace with the times? The thought brings back memories of Bambi trying to walk on that frozen lake. LOL!

Everything is for sale at the right price. I think its apparent that HP is pretty much done with the consumer sector. They were doing just fine with their PC business, but they're looking to sell or spin that off, why would expect they'd still want anything to do with WebOS? Besides, is it unusual to be absolutely shocked by HP after their recent announcements? Plus, HP could benefit more from this than just ridding themselves of WebOS. Instead of an outright purchase, they could be offered a certain share in Samsung or some contract that binds Samsung solely to HP's enterprise products for a set number of years in addition to a cash payment.

I just got my new Pre 2. Freakin' awesome! Vzw holding GPS and mobile hotspot ransom for $30 per month above already outrageous data plans, not so awesome.

Samsung has the scale to push WebOS into the marketplace just like HP did.

Samsung has a proven track record in mobile and has Apple suing scared, unlike HP.

Samsung has just enough scale to be successful manufacturer of handheld devices, something that HP with their SCALE didn't wanted to even pursue seriously.

... just like HP DID? Now that statement scares me. :-)

Learn how to write proper English (FORMED)!?! Well time for another company with an inflated ego to try to resuscitate the gift that keeps on taking which is WebOS. As Kirk once said about the Klingons "Let them die!"

I love Samsung Hardware. Their TVs and phones are awesome.

Lets hope this ends up being true. It's WebOS's only hope at this point, and time is running out fast.

With the up and down roller coaster that has been WebOS over the past 2 years, apart of me thinks this is going to happen.

I just want this to be the September 1 announcement.

What September 1 announcement? Did I miss something?

If that happens, I'll definitely get a webOS phone in the near future. WebOS on a 720p 4.5" Super AMOLED PLUS display? How about throwing Tegra 3 in there as well?

The future for webOS is looking brighter than ever. Let's hope this soon materializes. Something tells me this is more likely to happen than not.

Being in love with both the software and hardware would be so amaking. This would be like the true return of the CLIEs of yore.

Can't wait to see what happens from here.

"The future for webOS is looking brighter than ever."
You just can't be serious now, can you?

Maybe it's according to when EVER was?

I think over the past few days webOS has more than proven itself in tablet form. Samsung would be wise to target all the new Touchpad owners. They'll be looking to upgrade at some time, and they probably would like to stay with something familiar.

I think if WebOS has any future, it's as a tablet OS. Phones are pretty much done due to carrier disinterest.

Agreed. Although, HP doesn't have the same relationship with the carriers in the US that Samsung already has, so Samsung would probably have an easier time getting the carriers to work with their devices.

The company behind it wouldn't make a difference, and the design of the device probably wouldn't either.

Supporting an unproven OS that has now failed an additional time is the problem.

Again, Samsung couldn't even get the Galaxy S II here in a timely fashion, and that's one of the most popular, most lusted after handsets in the world. The arc would be similar to the Samsung Focus: One carrier. Less than great sales. Big price drops.

Except there wouldn't be a Microsoft to keep developer interest up, nor would there be other manufacturers and carriers keeping the platform alive.

"Samsung couldn't even get the Galaxy S II here in a timely fashion, "
Samsung did get SGS2 out in time all right, that it is not available in US is not SAmmy's, but Apple's fault, and their patent trolling. I am using my SGS2 here in Ireland for how long, I think nearly two months now.

ppl want synergy between their devices you don't get that when you have 3 different os that you use

AHHHHHHH please let this happen.

Along with a phone, i want a Samsung LED TV with WebOS

Can you imagine??? A TV than can be controlled by your TP? Not just as a remote, but cards and all. Your TV input sources running in cards?

yeah, I just can't wait for it, to wait for my TV for two minutes to boot up after I press "power" on my remote!

That will be soooo awesome! That could be only be upped by a printer that boots up for two minutes, or a toaster that boots up for two minutes. Really useful things!

I thought HP should have done this and just ran Windows on a PC to a webOS enabled HP monitor that displayed the video input in a card.

Sammy! Please get me a printer with WebOS.

I have always liked Samsung.

Samsung hires formed HP PC exec, said to be eying webOS purchase

Uhm, ever thought of using spell check?

"formed" and "eying" C- for spelling. And in the TITLE no less...

Regardless, you get an 'A' for content.!

Look out Apple, here we come! (maybe ;-D)

Well it is an "OMG NO WAI" moment... so I'll give him that.

Maybe this is a crazy idea, but can't we, webOS die-hard fans and new by-accident Touchpad owners, begin some kind of campaign (with a little help from Precentral) to let Samsung know we're really hoping they become the webOS saviors we all are waiting and praying for?. Who knows, perhaps if they hear enough voices they would seriously consider adopting (and reviving, once again) webOS.

A glimmer of hope at last. :-)

a buyout by Samsung may be the only thing to revive webos. I was hoping it would've been HTC instead though....

It's going to be expensive to purchase a webOS device if Samsung buys it. However, anything is better than killing webOS

Gosh, I've been waiting to spend a lot on a decent WebOS device since Feb 2009! Please, somebody gimme decent hardware w WebOS ... I'll pay!!!

I have no doubt that Leo will botch this deal (if true) as well. He'll insist on licensing webOS for an exorbitant sum. Samsung will look at the sinking ship that is HP and insist on a sale rather than license.

Samsung realizes that without a premier hardware manufacturer, webOS is worthless. HP, who killed hardware before finding a licensee or buyer, thinks that webOS has value by itself.

This is going to be ugly.

Unfortunately, I think you are 100% correct.

I doubt HP would sell off webos, they want to license it. If they want to put it on printers and computers still they can't sell it.

So, they sell it off to Samsung with the provision that Samsung offer HP a sweetheart licensing deal to use it on their printers... problem solved! :)

(And then he took off his rose colored glasses.... but one can dream... and pray.... and hope..... and pray.... )

Samsung would have a webOS Slab out ASAP. And that would be the best possible thing for webOS.

Not in America. The carriers are pretty much all set with what they're carrying for the rest of the year, and not even Samsung can simply will carriers into doing their bidding, or the Galaxy S variants would have launched months ago like the rest of the world got 'em.

Verizon rejected one because they felt it wouldn't be as competitive with the iPhone 5 as the Nexus Prime would be. Think about that, then think about how US carriers would treat a Samsung WebOS slab.

At&t would carry a Samsung WebOS device easily.

After getting burned by the Pre3 I doubt it...

The issues revolved around the hardware, and more to the point, the vertical sliders, as carriers didn't believe there was a market for the devices. A webOS slab built as Samsung knows how to do would not be under such scrutiny.

- I hope

Can't be vertical sliders. AT&T carries the Veer and the Blackberry Torch. They just treat them like red-headed stepchildren.

Just like they do anything not iOS or Android. Same as they will do to a WebOS superslab made by Samsung.

...let's think again:

"after being burned by HP, they will not carry new&shiny Sammy handset"

hmmm... I am missing the connection here.

Maybe the Galaxy S III w WebOS will still have the HP splash screen? Ugggggggggh.

Ya, webOS on the Galaxy SII.... that would be sweet!

yep, or better yet, HTC Desire S, this phone's build is soooo sweet, I am sickened to think how beautiful marriage it would be to have Desire S running webOS...

Huh? I would take it on the Galaxy S1 or the original Evo!

Even if this goes through, you have to look at Bada to see what the future of WebOS would be like.

There's no OS owned by one hardware manufacturer (save for iOS) that has widespread developer and carrier interest. Certainly not in America. There'd be no ecosystem save for Samsung's pre-existing "hubs", which aren't really an improvement from HP's paltry offerings.

Essentially, the price for WebOS to be reborn yet again might be permanent niche status.

this will be interesting, like others above I dont think HP will sell webOS, they'll want to license it. Will HP donate the required resources to maintaining and updating webOS, and will Samsung be happy to leave HP in charge of the software? If I were Samsung I'd want complete control over the OS in order to leave nothing to chance, but I can't see that happening.

HP have the stupidity to **** this up, so I'm not holding my breath. Very exciting if true though!

fingers crossed a new webOS phone arrives by the time my shiny new Pre3 dies.

"HP have the stupidity to **** this up, "

hush- it is not called "stupidity" here, they call it "scale"

Typos fixed. Thank you. {Jonathan}

Guys, in my opinion HP should only licence to Samsung and not to sell it!


Because the patents are now with HP. Im pretty sure if they (Samsung) become the owners of WebOS they will be sued from the "Allmight vegetal company" because they don't got the Palm patents as backup to defend them selfs...
Remeber that Palm and HP never been sued before from nobody just because that precious backup...

Remeber also that "The Evil Vegetal company" opted to repeatedly break the iTunes sync in that past instead suing Palm. Patents matter!

How about a strategic partnership where Sammy buys the OS and licenses the patents from HP? It would probably be cheaper for Samsung and would give them a weapon to use in their legal battle with the fruit that cannot be named.

I think the only way it wors is them buying it together with PAlm's IP (read:patents)

Circling porcupines as the beloved Eddie Colligen told it.

That would be 4 operating systems that Samsung would be supporting--Bada, Android, WP7, and webOS--and two they would own.

Don't rule out a licensing option. If HP has several interested parties (as they have stated) they can potentially make more revenue with licensing. Also the potential is there for a partnership with or without a sell of webOS!

"If HP has several interested parties (as they have stated)"


Several middle school tech clubs maybe.

Have you seen the 'something big is coming' teaser on Samsung mobile's Facebook page? Big announcement on Sept 1st in Berlin, hopefully some WebOS-related news!

You had arrived to precentral now after a absence of about 1 week right? =)

I think its Windows phone mango announcements, same with HTC...

Oh god!!! Samsung TV's, phones, refrigerators, washers and dryers all with WebOS goodness!!! They certainly have the money, scale and will to see this through... Please, this is what I've been praying for...

...another genius who wants to wait 2 minutes for his appliances to boot up? Why you don't go & work for HP, they need "visionaries" disconnected from the real world as senior management. Supposedly, package is great.

Gosh, Internet is such a strange place

Yeah, because I totally shut my refrigerator down at night...

Ok bushi.mich or should I say Apple fanboy... You shut your fridge off every night?? Please... If there is anyone disconnected, its you... I think your reply would have been different iof I wanted iOS on everything...

no I don't shut my fridge off. Neither I carry it along with me, to play Angry Birds, check my emails on the go, etc. Neither I do need ANY of webOS functionality in a fridge, actually, I do not need a functionality of ANY OS in a fridge, any more than I need it in my latrine. Actually, latrine would be more appropriate, I could do with some browsing, while on number two.

But apart from that idiotic example, by "docbeezer" above, I switch off every other appliance he mentions after finishing with them, and I could not (for the life of me) understand why the he11 someone would want to have ANY OS installed in them. Do you, really? Care to give me some examples of usage?

No need for all this bickering. All you'll have to do is just flick the card up off the icemaker at night. The crazy thing will be the massive touchstone that that baby will rest on.

Can't wait.

Do you really have nothing better to do than scroll through these comments looking for a place to insert your smartass gripes about boot times?

if I am a smartass, when pointing OBVIOUS stupid and unrealistic use cases, than by extension, someone who insists on these stupid use cases, is, I guess, a dumbass, according to your logic?

That is about right, I'd say.

Samsung for the WIN. Do it buy PSG

Use PayPal to expedite if you have to!

this is all Leo's fault. So, the guy is supposed to be a software guru - and he'll end up selling a possible new cash cow. This guy really needs to go.

Samsung, eh? Oh yeah? That's great.

But sorry, if I don't go all freaking through the neighborhood, but I'm going to believe the story when I hold a new device in my hands. Plus it's one year after the purchase and Samsung is still out there supporting WebOS. Been there, done that. "Woohooo! HP! That's great! They're an awful big company...!"

Don't get me wrong, here, I like Samsung. Liked them, since they brought out a Flatscreen TV that is still super-sharp when connecting a PC with an AMD GPU to it.

I even went to the store today to get me a new Galaxy S, since my poor little Pre died over the Weekend. It's a nice phone, overall. But it's not WebOS.

So, do I want to have a new WebOS Device? And would I go through all that with Samsung again?

Well yes, **** no. Instead I just sit back and watch the game show and hope that at least this time the good guy scores.

OK so how about this thought????

What if Samsung did buy/license WebOS? I think it would run great on galaxy hardware, but here is some out of the box thinking.

What if they were somehow able to incorporate WebOS in to their TV line? Using it to run netflix, apps, pandora, etc. I know there TVs already do that but if you can get WebOS to pull the TVs in to the Tablet/Phone ecosystem, how cool would that be?

Way cool. I'm not sure I would want to get off the couch to swipe the cards tho.

Regarding licensing webOS...

What single entity could HP possibly find that is dumb enough to license it (much less multiple entities) when HP has spent the past year dealing mortal wounds to the webOS customer base and ecosystem in general? Who would touch it while HP still has a single finger in it? Their only chance to salvage any value is to sell it to someone who has the guts (and stamina) to nurture and support it over the very long haul.

Something, based on their statements, HP lacks.

HP doesn't see a good future return in investing in webOS devices but it expects some other company to do so and pay HP for the privilege of taking the risk?

I really don't think so.

how about calling their first device the samsung WIND.
WebOS Is Not Dead

First news of it could be Breaking WIND. Sounds like a good idea to me.

Just don't get your hopes up. Remember, it's HP we're talking about. HP managers couldn't hit the water if jumping out of a boat.
I feel like Lenny from the Simpsons. In one episode everyone is watching Homer from the door of Homer's office, and Lenny very slowly says: "Hang on everyone, he's about to do something stupid."

It's inevitable.

Like Bambi on that frozen pond!

I doubt this has anything to do with creating WebOS devices, it has more to do with grabbing the HP/Palm patent portfolio to defend against Apple and even Apple could end up bidding for WebOS.

Why would Samsung even think of creating WebOS devices? They have Android, going well, BADA, going well in their home country, WebOS, going well nowhere.

I skimmed through and didn't see this mentioned. You know it could be possible, Samsung is only interested in the patents etc, they'll discontinue any future development of the os. They'll just consume the patents. It could be a very, very, BAD thing.

(webOS traitor to WP7)

Slap cards in WP7 and I would listen.

I think that Samsung could also strip out some good parts of webOS and integrate it into their Touch Whiz Android UI, and have the patents to further differentiate them from the competition.

Samsungs big announcement on 1st of September in Berlin at the IFA will be the Galaxy S2 LTE with updated hardware and better and larger screen. You can read this all over German Tech.sites prior to IFA.
But I agree Samsung would be cool but my tip is on HTC. (they bought Beats Audio ;-) )

But to br honest, both companies have the strenght to bring out WebOS devices on state of the art hardware within min. 2 month. I know HTC from the beginning and they are great developers and drive innovation.

Please also keep in mind that the US market is not the only one in the world ;-). Europe is quite large and we are not that strikly bound to carriers for new phones. We can buy them everywhere at the cheapest price. Only one mobile system GSM, data flatrates around Europe etc. . . ;-)

Yes, Europe is a big market with quite some die-hard WebOS fans like me. Unfortunately this got ignored by HP.

Pre 2 never reached the shelves here in Germany and I know at least three other people (without attending "anonymous Pre owners" meetings) in the small town where I live that would have bought one.

And even worse, we still get ignored by HP, since there is no refunds to Touchpad owners up to now ("Well, maybe, but I don't know and my Boss doesn't know." is all you get to hear on the support line) plus "This promo code doesn't work in your country".

+1 for Samsung here, since they put up the fight with the Fruitbox Manufacturer.

Oooh/ If HTC bought the PSG completely, they could just continue selling the TP 10 & 7 under their name until they brought their own beast. Those guys can rock some hardware now. Samsung too.

i have a samsung laptop and the buildquality is AMAZING. my old laptop was a plasticy hp laptop, my samsung laptop is beautiful aluminum and glass, no cheap **** if they make a webOS phone i'll be the first one to buy it :)

Here's what's happening fellas:

1. HP had a change of heart and wants to get out of the PC business, so they hire a big investment bank to shop the entire hardware side confidentially. Samsung is probably on the list of possible buyers.

2. They probably get one or two low bids from companies that want to enter the global PC industry like Lenovo did with IBM.

3. HP says it won't sell for such a low price, but the buyer(s) point out how HP will burn through cash if they don't get rid of the business, especially the Touchpad/WebOS part that is clearly going nowhere.

4. HP points out that they can afford to burn the cash for a few years if they need to, at which point the whole thing will be so much more expensive for the buyer(s). The buyer(s) won't budge and dares HP to run the business another few years.

5. HP makes the announcement that it is abandoning WebOS devices and spinning off the hardware business, possibly including WebOS. The share price plummets, armageddon draws nigh, etc. But, it completely turns the tables on the buyers, as follows:

A. HP has demonstrated its bona fides by burning its bridges with consumers immediately and taking the hit on its stock price. Plus, the cash-bleeding Touchpad launch is history.

B. In a spinoff, HP would put the PSG division/hardware business into a separate company ("Newco") and distribute shares of Newco to its current shareholders who then own two companies: HP and Newco.

C. When that transaction is complete, the buyer(s) will have almost lost their opportunity to pick up the PSG division, or will at least have to pay a LOT more by making a public tender offer for Newco at a price high enough to get 90% of the shareholders to sell. Who knows if Google, Apple, Lenovo or anyone else would put in a competing bid for genuine interest or just to drive the price up? If nothing else, the financial speculators will buy shares of Newco in order to flip them in the tender offer at a profit. That will drive up the share price and force the bidder to increase its offer.

D. Suddenly, the buyer(s) think that maybe HP deserves a higher offer for the PSG division.

6. Meanwhile, Samsung got to know Raymond Wah from all the back and forth and makes him an offer he can't refuse. Since confidentiality agreements often have a no-poach provision, hiring Wah suggests (just slightly) that Samsung is not one of the bidders. Otherwise, the no-poach time period would not have expired. On the other hand, a no-poach usually has an exception if the employee approaches the employer first or they were already in talks. So, don't despair or read too much into this.

Where does WebOS fit? I don't know.

Clearly, HP just cannot be successful in the mobile device industry -- through lack of interest or lack of corporate mojo. So, it should abandon that side. It would have been better to launch some good devices, increase WebOS use and then license to other handset manufacturers in Asia. THEN, it could get out of the hardware business gracefully while still recouping its investment in Palm over time. I guess the numbers just didn't fall that way. But, by spinning it all off, HP is effectively putting it up to the highest bidder. Hopefully, that bidder will be interested in consumer mobile 'cause I'll be so sad to see the best mobile OS go the way of the dinosaurs.

Just to show how on the ball HP is, go to the WEBOS website ( and click on the phones link and notice that they are still indicating that the Pre 3 will still be available "this summer". Would that it only be so!

And they are focusing on software and services. Strong!

I really hope they don't. :(
Samsung's phones feel so so cheap.

I think samsung would bring webos back from the dead. Just drop wp7 and focus on android and webOS to combat apple and samsung could be what webOS needs.

WebOS may have the home it truly deserve.
Samsung has WAY MORE experience with cell phones than HP. Lets hope we don't have to wait as long as HP made us wait from time of purchase.

this would be awesome news!

My theory is different. I believe HP still has the overriding goal of putting their proprietary WebOS "everywhere" and under their control. They've said WebOS would not only include their printers, Windows PC'S and such, but also things they don't make. That might be refrigerators, microwaves, "whole house remote controls" or whatever, as well as smartphones, tablets, and nebook-like devices. That goal will fail without smartphones, tablets and such since they must gradually get "something WebOS" into everybody's hands. They'll have to PAY someone like Samsung or HTC to make the phones, tablets, netbooks and such with "HP/WebOS", at least for a few years. The hardware manufacturer won't have to take the risk and pay HP to license WebOS. HP will pay them to build them and take all the risk. There's simply no other way to get up-to-date mobile hardware and WebOS together at this point. A common OS for refrigerators, cars, printers, tablets, phones, remote controls, STB's, portable NAV devices, radar detectors - this is still a new and vulnerable market just waiting for someone with the vision. All that's really changing is who makes some of the hardware.

yawn... Have ever thought about a career as a Sci-fi writer? That whole post above makes about as much sense as B-class fantasy movies. Or senior HP executive, speaking of the "future" of interconnected devices, gosh...

ROTFL! Ruby is that you?

Give up the ghost guys, go to WP7 and be done with the whole mess!

Well... not in a hundred years. If I decide to switch to another mobile os, it should at least be a linux based one. That's why I came to WebOS and that's why I'll switch to Android, when I'm done with WebOS.

Interesting stuff, could be awesome if Samsung buy it and start making quality WebOS devices (a-la SGSII, Omnia 7)
But if they try and slap some piece of junk proprietary UI on like they did with android, the FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU will rain from the sky :|

..I do not think they would need... Stock Android is a nightmare, and a MUST to have some UI skin on top of it... Not so much with webOS

Although, I wouldn't mind if they added freaking WIDGETS to the table....

"....HP Personal Systems Group MARKETING VP..."

Yeah... HP's marketing has been really top notch.

I don't know about that. You think about all the turds these guys have made, and somebody got them to #1 in PC sales. It has to be marketing!