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Samsung introduces the Galaxy S III, with a riverstone shape and wireless charging 35

by Derek Kessler Thu, 03 May 2012 6:08 pm EDT

Samsung introduces the Galaxy S III, with a riverstone shape and wireless chargi

What do you get when you mix together a 4.8" 720P AMOLED screen, 8 megapixel camera, quad-core processor, a 2100mAh battery, a smooth riverstone-inspired shape, and a wireless charging system? The Samsung Galaxy S III, of course. Yeah, those latter two could have been said about the original Palm Pre as well, and we'll admit we take issue with Samsung's misleading "first wireless resonant charger", which we have no doubt the uninformed will take to mean "first wireless charger", even though Palm crossed that bridge more than three years ago. It's like Christopher Columbus discovering the Americas... centuries after the Vikings.

Disgruntled grousing aside, the Samsung Galaxy S II and Samsung's latest implementation of Android 4.0 and TouchWiz do qualify as impressive. It's a high-powered device that serves as an effective counter to HTC's recently unveiled One series of smartphones. We're also pleased to see a greater focus on software over specs, with the Galaxy S III packing new features like WiFi direct, a camera that can tell if you're looking at the phone (and turns the screen off when you're not), facial recognition for social networks, picture-in-picture for videos while using apps, a Siri competitor dubbed "S Voice" (how original), and much more.

The Samsung Galaxy S III is dues to come out later this month, hitting the US in June, in both HSPA+ and LTE variants. Presumably it'll hit most, if not all, US carriers, hopefully without the increasingly silly default email signatures we've been watching our Android brethren cope with over the past few years.

Check out Android Central for all the latest on the Samsung Galaxy S III.


Now if only we (not me - lol), could port a open sourced version of webOS onto a gadget like this, well ... that'd be great.. :-P

...then you'd notice your phone does a hell of a lot LESS things.

Seriously, the barrage of this Galaxy S III launch has affected me quite a bit. We should be riding that wave too.

When Open webOS finally gets to us, it will be nothing more that several thousand lines of source code. It takes a good amount of effort to turn that into something as impressive as we are seeing today. Samsung has done a great job, of course spending scandalous amounts of money in the making.

Nice reply.

I held on well past the point of reasonable hope with my Pre+. Picked up the Galaxy Nexus this January and it feels like I've jumped forward a decade in tech. Don't get me wrong, WebOS had some nice trimmings, but ICS is excellent. The device experience is light years ahead.

SIII looks to take it even a step farther. Although, my GalNex is a large device and this one appears even larger in width. Refuse to go any larger on my daily driver.

Pat, I think I could find room in my pocket for a SGSIII if only for the expandable storage capability that the GNex lacks and for the slightly bigger stock battery over the Gnex. The added screen and improved camera are just icing on the cake. Remember, I used to carry a LifeDrive in one pocket and a Moto flip phone in the other, so a slim 4.8" Android smartphone is NOTHIN'! ;-)

Why Palm did not make the Touchstone a HUGE selling point in advertisements during the Pre's launch instead of friggin' creepy lady is what is scandalous.

Regarding "stealing" ideas... How DARE those other countries whole "stole" ideas from the United States Constitution!!! If they couldn't come up with their own ideas, they should've done the decent thing and stuck with a monarchy.

Geez and its white too!

I have to admit - the Touchstone is one of the Biggest reason's I held on to my Pre- Next to webOS of course.
It would be sweet to port open webOS to this phone.

Touchstone was nice. But that wasn't new and it wasn't even Palm technology when Palm "invented" it so its nice to see others finally pickup the wireless charging ball and spike it.

Oddly, nobody wanted to copy Pre's most dominant traits: obsoleting all former applications and data sets, under powered batteries, 100% use of low-end materials and underengineering of moving parts, downclocking of CPU, unutilized GPU, and front placement of a hard to see notification light, marginal RAM resources, superlight storage capacity with no expansion options and oft use of fragmentation o/s moves, with a closed hardware pool.

Whoooaaaaa, Bundy!!!!

None of the Palm /HP concepts were bad, it was just the execution that killed them. You can't make a living on the 'atmosphere' of a restaurant (however good it may be) if the meals are poorly prepared.

I expect to see all of the "cool features" of webOS picked up and used by Android, RIM (if they can survive), and iOS in the next 2 to 3 years.

It would have been sooner, but the new versions OS'es being released now were already in the pipeline.


I would agree with you C-Note on how HP/Palm handled themselves, but your restaurant analogy is off the mark. I "grew up" in the business - even owning the same for awhile - and Atmosphere trumps food taste all the time.

Granted, the food can't be crap, but if you check all the big franchises, they force their stores to upgrade the premises at specific intervals (for this very good reason) all the while forcing them to "purchase" their menu in a frozen capacity.


i do think there is merit to your point about restaurants. I've read a couple books discussing how there are monied morons that will overpay even for crap food because a restaurant was merely dressed up like it was special. Then they'd move on to the next hip one a while later and the first one would change up a bit and start over.

It's really common in the club scene here in L.A., Especially hollywood. I don't go to Hollywood clubs anymore unless it's some special event cause well i'm too old and it's deucey. But point is a club will be hip for a while, then it passes, it shuts down, remodels and they reopen "under new management" and they try and recatch the spark. Now the big thing is they'll just shut down and move to a new location and sell the old building.

i also think it cuts both ways. Ideas are free to be stolen. But where as some other OS's may borrow for say multitasking on webos. Webos has holes too and needs to be borrowing from android and ios. Like cloud storage for music with google play and icloud. Cloud sync, backups, cloud contacts etc. And voice commands like there are with android, wp7 and siri. And i'm sure their are other things like devices with 64gbs of on board storage. But webos should be copying the other guys too in my opinion.

Proof that the design idea of the Pre was solid, but the hardware killed it..

The fact that webos ran like a turtle contributed.

yep. totally agree. Not to mention mediocre keyboard, lack of hardware form factor options, lack of apps. what you said operating system issues, and the what i just said were all bigger deals to me.

ever used a Pre3? Or Android before 2.2?. My dual-core Droid3 is no faster than my Pre3, and many apps don't use landscape for me to use it's keyboard.

The Pre was slow, but not bad over-clocked. If the Pre3 with webOS 2.2 had been made it to the Telco's, webOS would have a better reputation, just like Android was not even a contender to iOS or RIM until Android 2.x phones came out.

however the app ecosystem would still be a problem without a screaming popular device to sell 10 million devices to attract big devs. I prefer my Pre3, but for work, use the Droid3 for the major medical apps I require (Epocrates, LexiComp)

not me. i've never even seen a pre 3. where i live it never came out so. Hell i can't remember seeing a pre 2. I had a pre minus so that's really most of what i know. that was just not running well and they just failed to add features to the OS in a timely fashion. Sure some people liked it but to me they where addressing different things then what i was interested in.
I know people bought pre 3s on ebay and stuff but i'm not a hard core phone users or enthusiast. i don't do that. so i'm measuring webos based on my experiences of the pre and how it compared to the things out not now but at that time in the past.

it's only white and it's huge. Sorry, i have not issue with android. I'm fine with it but I don't want a 4.8 inch phone no matter what.

If they copy the cards from webOS I am sold.

guys you forget the Touch-to-share like feature... S Beam... in wich you can send files between devices by just touching them... NFC... another way to say Touch-to-Share...

i wonder why webOS devices does not have faster Bluetooth versions...

hey! this one looks just like Exhibition Mode!!!

some of my customer have HP Pre3, and they love the design since the first time i gave it to them, because of the reverstone shape and the elegant way it look.... the width because it does not fell like breaking everytime... the keyboard, the feeling and size.... and ne of things they really liked was the size... because they didn't wanted to have a good device with a HUGE display that didn't fit well in their pockets....

i do love my pre3... it only needs A LOT OF UPDATES... and i'm pretty shure the webOS community will achieve more things with webOS, once it became open... (of course with hardware restrictions) than what the Samsung Galaxy S III does...

but i have to say... it's an impressive phone...


it's impressive in it's specs, but my Droid3 is a pain to pull in and out of my pocket already, with a 4" screen. I picked it because it was the smallest modern Android phone with a keyboard.

4.8" for me means get a svelte iPhone5 this fall! (and then I can flirt with Siri, too).

Top-shelf android phones are just getting too big for most professionals to be interested, in my opinion. Fine for soccer moms with purses and college kids with packs, though, so can watch Netflix.

You must wear some really tight pants. My phone is 4.3 and I find the size to be perfect and so does the Mrs.

if someone can port Open webOS to this, we could call it the Pre4.8!

like Christopher Columbus discovering the Americas... centuries after the Vikings.. Which was thousands of years after Native Americans. :-P


The Keyboard less phone that any WebOS user would have love to have had on the market. If Samsung Bought PALM who knows maybe they wil make a clone with Open WebOS because they make everything these days.

I think it's borderline sadistic to put out hope that there will be some magic Port of open webOS to sophisticated smartphone hardware which preserves all sorts of up-to-date functionality. That's just a fantasy. The operating system will not even be designed for smart phones. The state-of-the-art devices will use voice recognition that requires a server among other things. No big deal? The whole point of having this phone would use these features:,2817,2403970,00.asp.

The future of webOS on smartphones is that the existing hardware will die and be replaced. Period. In two years carrying around a webOS smartphone will be like using a Treo today. You certainly will be able to do it but you will be terribly handicapped from a current functionality standpoint. There's nothing to prevent you from burying your head in the sand like modern day Palm OS die-hards though.

what's that big draw sized button on the phone for...must be a lanyard holder or something

I'll pass!!

"It's like Christopher Columbus discovering the Americas... centuries after the Vikings."

A better one might be:

It's like HPalm claiming they invented the "tap to share" name and technology more than a year after Nokia did it (both name and technology):

Palm first. No Android is first. "first wireless resonant charger" vs "first wireless charger"?

That's two bald guys fighting over a comb.

LOL!!!! Best line of the week.

And down goes inductive charging! Anything else leftover?

Aha fuck you too Samsung :-) Way to go proving how original you are :)

My Palm Pre Plus is falling apart and the HP Palm 3 for Verizon is $499 on Amazon. I have a Touchpad and just dream about being to sync by touch between the two devices, particularly my calendar. The Galaxy 2 seems like the best Android phone but I am not in the mood to do the conversion. Is it crazy to buy the GSM/CDMA phone?

I personally have Samsung galaxy s3 and i love its features especially 8 megapixel camera and HD screen but many of my friends feel that the screen is too big but i like it .