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SanDisk shows off People app on TouchPad with latest webOS 3.0 build at Computex [video] 145

by Derek Kessler Wed, 01 Jun 2011 9:58 am EDT

 We confirmed many moons ago that SanDisk was providing the storage chips for the HP TouchPad, and like many of the vendors that are contributing to the webOS tablet, they’ve had a few to show off here and there. The latest showing was at Computex, in the SanDisk booth, where Gadgets Magazine was able to snag a video of a newer build of webOS 3.0, complete with its darker interface.

While SanDisk managed to not spill any beans about what else might be in store for webOS 3.0, they did briefly show off the People magazine app developed for the TouchPad. We saw it before at Think Beyond, but only in portrait mode, but SanDisk’s demo guy was more than willing to turn the tablet every which way, rotating and reformatting the People app along with it from a three-column layout in landscape to two rearranged columns in tall-and-skinny mode. Apart from that, there were many new revelations (a revised but not earth-shattering Contacts skin, for example), and our first live look at a TouchPad in its case, but flopped open and sitting on a Touchstone stand while simultaneously plugged in with a cable. Check out the video after the break.

Source: Gadget Magazine; Via: CrunchGear; Thanks to everybody that sent this in!


Hope TouchPad really launched at June 12th

they really shouldn't have shown that app either as it was pretty buggy. I'm not complaining, though I'll take any and all videos of the TP I can get.

Still looks overall a little laggy to me.... usable but a bit laggy....overall though im still excited

Magazines from Time, Inc. We've seen it before in February. I'm sure Sports Illustrated and Life are on the way, too. Nice to look at but they are pretty much cookie-cutter apps.

you can hardly call them apps, as they are just magazine spread images. there are some good examples of interactive magazines out there on the iPad, namely GQ, where you can rotate and spin products on the page, expand and play movies, etc. the fact that they call that an app if all you can do is swipe from page to page is more meaningful because got they the deal to have the magazine on there. it's nothing more than that if they are not taking advantage of the interactivity.

I was being generous calling them "apps" but it's something visually compelling that you can show the casual user. Showing web pages, magazines, photos, and email may impress the casual user but it isn't going to impress the technology press. This is 2011 not 2009.


Considering the "casual user" makes up a larger market than the "technology press," I fail to see the issue. Especially since all the "technology press" care about is whether or not it has an Apple logo.

yea, it still looks like it needs some work. i wonder how much they've updated the software since the "think beyond" event?

Little laggy, but still fast.

Anyone else notice the demo guy NOT using swype back gestures. And instead CLICKING a button on screen.

Seems like such a de-evolution. That im VERY disapointed by. He even had to hit the back button a couple times before it actually going.

Disapointed in that for sure.

The touchpad doesn't have a gesture area though...

you're behind the power curve man. the TP doesn't have the gesture area anymore. it's like the iPAD with that one button.

I don't think "behind the power curve" means what you think it means. :-)

Whether Klownicle realized there's no gesture area or not is irrelevant, he/she was pointing out that the omission of the ability to swipe with a gesture area detracts from the WebOS user experience we have grown to love. I agree wholeheartedly.

I couldn't imagine paying the same amount for a laggy app-less version of the ipad. HP is dreaming a bit here. I'm not sure i'd even pay half of what they're asking for it.

yea.. i prefer the multitasking on the ipad better...oh wait... thats right...

multitasking alone will not keep your boat afloat, my friend. if you think that, you have one very large egg and in that basket and nothing else.

Yeah, you can multitask between lame magazine apps that are glorified PDFs of the real thing and multipane email that every other tablet already has. Oh, wait....and who wouldn't wanna play Armageddon Squadron all day. I just don't understand why they aren't running commercials now.

The multitasking essentially allows you to switch with one less button press than iPad 2 requires. You double tap that to see opened programs. You only single tap WebOS. TOTALLY worth the cheap plastic thick build, tens of thousands less apps, and no real ecosystem to support your $500 purchase.

Except that the iPad STILL does NOT have multitasking. You can call it everything that you want, but not multitasking.

Ok. My Windows laptop can play YouTube videos in the background as I write this post. Can WebOS do that?


See how easy that was? The iPad multitasks. So does TouchPad. The iPad gives you WAAAAY more tasks to choose from.

Of all the ways to multitask, why would you be running a video when you can't see it LOL!

In fact, stopping a video when you aren't watching it is a good feature!

Wow...good thing no one ever uses YouTube to listen to music. It's only for watching videos. Yeeahhh...

Actually it can. That patch that enables videos to run when not in full screen is a lifesaver. I rocked a huge block party using my hspa+ veer, a bluetooth stereo gateway, a web browser and the webOS youtube app with that patch. Id load up a video, let it jam out, then swipe over to the web browser while it still runs, google the next video in the web browser, then load it when the song is over. That actually had the party jumping. When i try donig the same in MXTube on the ipad it just crashes after going in and out of the app a few times. Its lovely to hear a giant dead air popping sound too. especially to about 300 drunk people. lol.

webOS multi taks, iOS does not. and that my friend.. is that.

The ignorance here is amazing.

i wouldnt equate you to the general user. lol

LOL...can't wait for the HP commercial directing people to patch their devices so they can live out this rather implausible scenario.

its funny when the ipad came out, users were saying jailbreak to use true multi tasking and talked it up as a savior to the OS... mention patches on any other operating system and its bad for some reason. I agree though that the normal user won't be doing this stuff.

is anyone in this thread normal though? lol

schmultitasking, it all does the same thing. even now that the touchpad doesnt have a gesture area anymore, it puts it at a more even playing field. touchpad, one button touch, gets you to recent apps, one button touch + a launcher tap gets you to icon grid. ipad, one button touch gets you to icon grid, two button tap gets you to recent apps.

yes, webos does SO much more.

On my iPad 2 I simply swipe left-right with multiple fingers to switch between open apps or slide up with multiple fingers to view the list of open apps (same as double-tapping the button). Multi-fingered pinch brings me to the launcher.

I don't close apps often and I haven't noticed any lag. It just works.

Imagine that.

I too have this same functionality on my iPad2 and it does help tremendously because I don't really like pressing the button. I wanted to mention the relation to the number of button taps since the TouchPad won't have any multi-touch gestures to take advantage of.

i do consider the multitouch four finger left and right swipe to switch between apps fairly useless, as it doesnt give you any indication of what's to come next, or the ability to skip ahead to a given app. And when you have roughly 20 to 30 apps that are left in background mode, i'd rather just swipe up or go back to the icon grid screen.

Agreed. But the left-right swipe is handy when you're bouncing between 2-3 apps (just like the advanced gesture on the Pre).

Meh, the multitasking gestures on the iPad 2 are pretty cool and useful.

Actually the multitasking on the ipad is better implemented. It's automatic. Draws less battery. And provides better performance.

iOS was designed to show one app at a time. WebOS can simply minimize them as cards is the only difference where iOS just shows the icons. Both multitask well enough for the end user. Hopefully you're not that ignorant.

Test Case 001

1. start up ipad
2. open pandora application, push to background
3. open graphics intensive video game, push to background.
4. open up twitter client, push to background
5. open up browser
6. Look at pretty ipad logo screen as it reboots from the crash

rinse, lather, repeat

Test Case 002

1. Start up TouchPad.
2. Scroll through list and count frames.
3. Play a video with controls in the wrong orientation.
4. Swipe through laggy email.
5. Play Armageddon Squadron.
6. Is there anything else to actually do on a TouchPad? Apparently not.

Test Case 003
1. start up touchpad
2. touchpad turns on
3. profile is entered
4. apps are synched
5. itunes is uninstalled off pc.
6. pc comes to life and says "omg thank god no more skinny jeans and lagging itunes install messages, weird itunes crashes and painful synching of music only to be DRM'd off the playlist for no good reason. Thank you.. Thank you...

You have to re-enter your profile each time you turn it on? Who's writing these test cases you cite? Google?

BTW, iTunes DRM went away eons ago, and you'll still be using iTunes since HP still has no desktop media management.

Test Case 004
1. Buy a touchpad
2. Additional steps available in the coming months.

and before any haters can say im full of it, ill make a video showing how easy it is to freeze and crash the ipad. a fake icon placeholder with a service maybe still running is far far far from multi tasking.

Its a 1 trick pony all the way. not only that, it breaks your brain down to only use or do one action at a time. it actually dums you down like scott steiner said. lol.

Ah...the famous [derivative of] "it's for stupid people" argument. All those millions and millions of stupid people. It's a good thing HP isn't trying to be "the new cool kid" or "better than number 1" because they might also need to sell to those millions and millions of stupid people. What business in their right mind would want to sell to such a huge market? /smh


"it actually dums you down"

Does it, now?

The iPad lags as well! When you open a few apps, fill the hard drive and start pushing lags pretty bad!!

its not even comparable to this, not even in the same hemisphere as this.

What do hemispheres have to do with this?? And yes, they both lag. Whenever you open an app on the iPad, it takes a few seconds for it to load (or reload completely sometimes, if it doesn't crash first!)

Don't get me wrong, that wasn't that pretty, but i think you are getting a little demanding. Play with an iPad for more than a few minutes and you'll see what i'm talking about.

i think you are confusing operational lag (taps, touches, scrolling, etc) with the time that it takes an app to launch. (remind me again how long it takes for a palm pre to load up google maps, was something like ten seconds right?) and when you say ipad, im implying that you mean the second generation iPad 2, since the TouchPad and iPad 2 will be at the same price point...

i dont need to play with an ipad, my ipad 2 works just fine. webos is beautiful yes, gorgeous, but that comes at a cost. it's really wearing down on the experience.

I'm guessing you've never used one before.

Hey i like a lot of idiots bought the laggy crash happy ipad1. and people actually are dumb enough to think that think can get something productive done. The only good an ipad is for is remote desktop connection or vnc connection into a real machine. So to me its all about who connects me better. If the touchpads citrix works like a champ and it remotes in like a champ and of course, if the battery life is on par with the ipad then why not.

The only thing i never did on the ipad was install a boatload of apps, but it got to the point where all i did was install 30 apps a day, find out 30 of them are useless or gimmicky look at me type apps, then delete them.

Must be why customer satisfaction is sky high, and why the sequel was even more popular.

Because it sucks so bad.

It did look alittle laggy but i wonder how much of having to do multi-taps is due to holding it on a angle for the demo.

Yes it does need some more work. But i don't think it's fully optimized. The rep that's showing off the TP, should have had it's stuff together b4 demostrating some of those features. I still can't wait. My noey is waiting.

If it's not fully optimized, they are cutting it close aren't they?

why cant they get Caucasian people to showcase these devices for a change? no accent, easy to understand, and younger too.

D Bag!!!

As a professor that is certainly NOT Caucasian, I would hope that you would have encountered by now people of other races that could speak well enough for "your" standards!!! As for age, I can do nothing about that either - somehow, I just keep getting older!!!

i wasn't trying to be disrespectful, please dont take it that way. i was trying to be realistic. especially in marketing situations like these, people need to have encounters with sales and demonstrations staff that fade into the background and let the product do the talking. you have to have someone that knows what they are talking about, can articulate those thoughts properly, and has curb appeal, ie young enough to attract that demographic. check out youtube for the clip when asus reveals the padfone on stage, it is ridiculous.

let's face it, some extra from one of the apple commercials would have been a better fit as someone on the floor who encounters people, must answer questions, must be able to have decent conversations about specs, etc., and must be able to attract people potentially interested in the product. this is nothing new, folks. this is why you don't see overweight hairy guys selling beer in the commercials.

Thanks for the clarification. However, there are plenty of Caucasian people that don't speak English ( I really don't think (or hope) you meant it as it came across. I think if you had ommitted the word "Caucasian," there would be less concern.

Now back to the topic at hand.... I actually think the video showed the TP off fairly nicely, with a notable hiccup when he tried to open a video. To me, everything else looked good... I'm sure optimizations are still occurring both now, and will continue to occur after release (as occurs with all devices these days).

I will certainly consider getting the TouchPad and "HOPEFULLY" the Pre 3 on Sprint someday??? Cheers!!!

yes, an oversight on my part with the word 'Caucasian'

Yep, you excited all the freaks.

Computex is in Taiwan. For what possible reason would Sandisk bring in Caucasian people to an Asian trade show?

Oh, i thought we still had airplanes these days? my mistake...

OK, then. The next time I go to CES I'll be sure to stop by Sandisk's booth and ask for an Asian person. After all, according to you, they should bring in non-natives as booth presenters.

Oh, and how is it that Caucasians are automatically younger than Asians? I thought we all started at age 0 and went forward at the same rate.

Wasn't great at selling it was he? :P Its ok, its still seems to run better than the IPad.

>>still seems to run better than the IPad

I don't think we are looking at the same video.

The Sandisk rep mentioned a 64GB version did he not, is that new?

Yes, I came here to post exactly that. I wonder if the rep just threw out 64gb accidentally though. He was not very sure of himself.

I agree, I also heard that, came to post about it, and he may be typical Rep that doesn't know all the details, but if anyone should know how much storage, it should be the SanDisk people that make the storage for the device

I also think he's still learning the system. They should have people that really know the Os. i don't think he knows. He's a new learner.

Wow. This demo is a disaster. If someone were to demo the TouchPad to me like that, there's not a chance I would purchase one. And the lag in the operating system blows me away. I was hoping WebOS 3.0 would have solved all those issues. EVERY app he demos has a considerable (and annoyingly so) amount of lag. The email app, the video app, and the magazine app.. All of them.

I'll save my judgement until I have one in my hands, but - based on that video, the TouchPad is in trouble.

There was definitely some lag. Good news is that is definitely something that can be fixed with software updates.

Fixing with software updates was also promised with the Pre. I wonder if that logic with fly with consumers again.

Yes, because they've fixed the lag in previous webOS versions with updates right? "In the coming months" i'm sure.

actually they have, you haven't used 2.0 yet. The launchers, the scrolling, all a **** of a lot better. runs exceptionally smooth on the veer.

So they broke it again with 3.0? LOL.

Only time will tell.


You don't have to be dishonest about it.

This demo seemed more laggy then the think beyond event. The lag is more apparent when he was trying to swipe left on the magazine app or the email app. I like the subtle UI changes. I hope they optimize it more.

That demo was a joke, but nobody is really going to see it.

What matters is that customers do not have this experience in a couple of weeks when they boot up their machines.

I'm guessing the return rate will be high. That is, if they actually can sell these things at the prices being thrown around.

I think this isn't a good video to gauge the quickness of the device. It's being held akwardly and it seems the person wasn't exactly sure how it worked. I'd wait for reviews to come out on how snappy the OS feels.

Uh...shouldn't a finger swipe produce a smooth scroll regardless of how it's being held or how familiar you are with it?

"Optimized" or not, there's no excuse for basic scrolling to come off so rough given the processor and RAM.

Maybe specs do matter if its WebOS?

Just making sure everyone is seeing the 8 cards running while this is being demoed, try that on an iPad 2 and I'm sure you'll get some lag.

I tried it on ipad 2. lag. Sorry.

The way it is held affects its responsiveness?

Apparently he's not holding it right :)

ROFL. This will make antennagate look like a simple speeding ticket in comparison.

Good observation Ulairi. He's definitely a newby to this. This guy has not done his homework. Where is his manual? His demo was terrible.

DID HE SAY 64GB????????????????????
ABOUT :40????

Why are the demonstrators at these tech events so poor at demos. Can't you get some marketing guys instead? It's as if they truck out the engineers who make this stuff.

Wow, I hope, for HP and webOS' sake, this is still a very early build or that there was something wrong with that particular device. If not, I can already hear Progressive's Flo yelling "Discount!"

Just saw that to. This what happens when you have a vendor demonstrate a product that is they only have a part in. This guy sells memory chips not computers. They should have had someone from HP there to properly demo the unit. As was said before he knew how the device worked. He didn't know how to portray it well. Granted this was a trade show so the damage I hope will be slight. One ray of hope though is considering how the Veer works well with 2 on lesser hardware. What we saw with the TP in the vid could be considered an abnormality. Please let it be that.

Why do you "have to know how to protray it well"? Have you ever seen a "bad demo" of an iPad? People go in the Apple Store. They touch whatever they want and open whatever apps they want. Then....and here's the tricky part...they buy every single one that Apple can make.

The TouchPad should be the same if it's going to be sold for the same price. Anyone should be able to pick it up and make it work for them. Instantly. There are no gestures to learn. it uses a button for everything like iPad.

There's no excuse for this to be so lacking in new content or technical smoothness. NONE.

It's interesting that I've heard webOS touted as the most intuitive OS and here we have people saying it was laggy because the demonstrator doesn't know how to use it.

But lag as been consistent in all of the TP vids I've seen. Still, I hope for HP's sake there is a major difference in terms of responsiveness with the production TPs.

He mentions 64G for MEMORY

Anyone notice the bug in the videoplayer? Had to be rotated to show the video, yet the volume overlay was shown upside down?

nice to see also that he can drag the pane over in email to close a column from the top bar too. At Think Beyond, it seemed like you could only do it by touching III symbol on bottom. This makes me happy.

And reps don't always know every spec, but you'd think the SanDisk people would know how much storage. Maybe there will be 64 GB version too, #fingerscrossed

Is he showing a pirated video or why would it be playing upside down?
Anyways, it looks like HP has some work ahead of that particular build. I would love to have one, but if the day I hold a unit in my hands it runs like that I will walk away empty handed. Reminds me of my Pre- without OC'ing.

one of my biggest criticisms of webos is still the the water droplet graphic that happens with every touch on the screen. the system has to waste valuable computing power, to sense when the screen is being touched, and right after that, to produce an animation every single time. why? nobody else does this. and it doesn't do anything for the OS in terms of performance. sure it looks nice, like the app where you touch the water and it make the fish swim a different direction.

webos is in dire need of some trimming of the fat, optimization. they need to cut the dead weight and make this thing perform like the rest of the market. even on a tablet, since there are more pixels to move around, it's going to visually feel slower when swiping cards and lists. they are less than a month to release and this thing is not buttoned up yet. where is the hard work??

This kind of eye candy is meant to differentiate webOS from other user interfaces so it will probably stay.

Eh, I have an iPad 2 at home. If i had that many apps open it would be about just as laggy.

Also, he seems to leave buggy apps open which will slow things down. A better judge of responsiveness will happen after a reboot.

"Just reboot every day. It's the webOS way!"

I expect funnier from you.

And yet it was still funny

yeah, but you think miley cyrus is funny.

You weren't supposed to tell

That's odd. I've used an iPad 2 in the Apple store after hours and hours of general public usage, and very little app closing. never have I seen it scroll so badly.

In any case, don't tout multitasking as a feature if it causes that much of a performance hit with a handful of apps open.

don't you think apple employees take care of in store products? cuz they do.

and really, at home experience is much more meaningful than in store experience.

about 20% of my taps aren't recognize on the ipad 2 with just the app store app running.

Again...only one of these products tout "true multitasking". Apparently, WebOS isn't really capable.

I'll find out when I get one.

I don't have that problem with my iPad 2 at all. 20% seems high. I think something is wrong with your ipad.

If something is wrong with this new ipad 2 then apple needs better quality engineers. ;)

Interesting, because I have an iPad 2 right here and there are lots of apps open. I don't say any lag. In fact, some of the apps I have open are apps that we are currently building and testing (read: still buggy) and they are not adversely affecting overall performance. Certainly nothing remotely close to what is seen in that video.

what about your buggy apps that makes my comment so interesting? it's good that yours don't slow down the system but bugs have been known to bogged down ios before like infinity blade.

Because you've made a general comment that suggest having many apps open (and also buggy apps) are the sole reasons for the lag we see in this video and that this would be the case with the iPad. I've countered your point with the fact that I do have many apps open and some of them are in fact buggy and I don't experience lag like that.

Honestly, what really makes it interesting is that multitasking is always touted as webOS' "big win" and yet it is almost always used as an excuse as to why a demo was less than stellar or why webOS is so laggy. Not targeting you specifically, just an observation from following webOS since CES '09.

So this is about saying 'not all bugs cause lag'? Really? Did that need to be said? Are we not talking about the bugs seen in the video? The video clearly shows the magazine app with high resolution photos and a full web page being buggy. Both apps capable of taking up lots of ram so bugs there will lag the os.

And let's not continuing equating saved states that aren't running with open apps. Yet the ipad 2 still has it's share of memory problems, from apps crashing to safari refreshing. See 'Where the iPad 2 lets you down: Top 12 complaints'

So you are right about app bugs not as likely to lag ios because it force quits the app. But then you risk losing all your work with little warning when the app crashes.

Multitasking is a big win. It may bring it's problems but the pros outweigh the cons. Especially when you are just trading one con (lag) for another (app crashing). I can always choose to only run one app in webos to improve responsiveness. You can't choose when ios closes your app when you want to multitask.

A few points.

All the apps shown in that vid were laggy, not just the magazine app.

WebOS does not trade crash for lag, it gives you generous helpings of both.

I have yet to experience a crash or lag on my iPad 2.

Though I seldom need to, I CAN close apps on the iPad; not sure why you say it can't be done.

I don't need to choose to only run one app just to improve responsiveness but I find it extremely funny that you see that as a valid option.

sigh.. you keep misinterpreting what I say. If you don't understand what someone is saying, ask. Don't use it to further an argument that doesn't exist. You'll just look like you have no idea what you're talking about.

I did not say only the magazine app is laggy. I said it could cause os lag, which mean all apps would be laggy.

Lucky you with your ipad 2. Me and the writer at Infoworld and everyone else who's had crash or lag all have bad ipad 2's apparently? But you got the shaft with your webos device that lags and crashes a lot so we're even. :)

I did not say you can't close apps in ios. I said 'you can't choose when ios closes your app'. The os force quits your app when it wants and clears it out of ram when it wants.

Apple sees running one app at a time as a valid option. ios closes apps for you to improve responsiveness, so you must think Apple are extremely funny too. But you are right, you don't need to choose with ios. The decision is made for you.

"sigh.. you keep misinterpreting what I say. If you don't understand what someone is saying, ask. Don't use it to further an argument that doesn't exist. You'll just look like you have no idea what you're talking about."

You mean like:

"So this is about saying 'not all bugs cause lag'? Really? Did that need to be said?"


Anyway, you can try an make the iPad out to be whatever you want in your little quest. The fact remains it is one of the best selling devices in the market and has one of the highest satisfaction ratings in the market. Seems like it's not just me that "got lucky".

webOS-based products so far has done the exact opposite in both sales and user satisfaction...and for good reason. So it seems like it's not just me that "got shafted". (If only all those people knew they could optimize their device by running one app at a time...ROFL)

Cheers Mate.

I don't understand the eyeroll to my comment. Care to explain? I have no problem asking when I don't understand where you are coming from.

Quest? I can easily find post where you constantly put down webOS on a regularly basis. Can you find post where I regularly put down ios? Nope, cause I hardly speak of the negatives of other os's. Feel free to ask anyone on the forum to help you find these negative post of mine, even ask those I've debated against.

Best selling and high satisfaction does not mean no crashes or lag or vice versa. Try again.

You laugh at Apple running one app at a time again. Whatever.

You can keep throwing out your eyeroll, rofl and cheers. That just shows you're getting mad though. Really, these are just phones man. It's nothing serious.

I don't understand how people who are fans of webos(the name says it all) do not understand why there is lag in opening apps. Its called using interpreted code to write apps. There will always be lag when opening apps because of this. That doesn't mean that they can't improve scrolling throughout the experience but it does mean some apps will "lag" when you open them as well as when you navigate through them because the code is interpreted as you use the app.

More than likely (although I'm not 100% sure), webOS probably uses a JIT (Just In Time) compiler. This is much like Python, it quickly compiles the code and then runs it. If it doesn't, dammit HP, get on it :P

The need of a gesture area was glaringly apparent watching him try over and over to hit that top bar to go back. HP has made some very strange moves with the direction they are taking with WebOS.

I just cant understand why they would drop the gesture area, even with their explanation that with Enyo, you don't need it anymore. That is BS, they totally needed it in that demo. That is just for the back gesture. App switching with advanced gestures is something I use all the time. How do you do that on the TouchPad? What about the launcher? Buttons are old hat. Gestures are more natural. Just like touchscreens replaced scroll balls and d-pads, gestures should be replacing on-screen buttons. HP is moving backward in this area.

I think they need to get this version out ASAP, and start working on WebOS 3.1 which brings gestures back. It would be simple, squish the dock a bit, and use the area below for the gesture area depending on orientation.

I think you're dreaming a bit. HP is probably waiting to see the iOS 5 presentation to determine what they'll work on next.

think about it though. if they are planning to expand webos to other devices---,desktop, cars, kitchen, printers, etc.---the gesture area doesnt make sense. sure its nice on a phone and probably on a tablet too. but it wont make sense on other things.

For mobile use there was still no need to eliminate it. No one is going to care about a gesture area but OG users and fans, but still.... why piss off your fanbase, and why eliminate what truely differentiated your device? Multitasking doesnt sell. PRE sales have shown this. Apps sell. Functionality sells. WebOS does not.

There isn't much of a fanbase left to piss off.

There's alot of ppl that are in denial here.

This video shows how laggy the experience is. The magazine app is laughable compared to the magazine apps on the iPad. Have you guys ever seen Flipboard?... how about Flud?... Those 2 iPad apps alone make the touchpad experience look super amateur. Sure it's about the developers, but if the OS lags on it's own email app, then good luck with that. It's 2011... why is there still lag on a mobile OS running the latest hardware?

Love Flipboard. It is easily my most used app. Nothing's perfect, but dang that thing's got some polish to it. Great App!

yes, flipboard is nice, but remember it has about 50 million invested...that's definitely in another realm here.

I miss gestures; how do you get your users so used to a general way of navigating and then take it away?

HP saw that the ipad doesn't use gestures. And sure enough..

Why is lag still the big issue anyway? Lets compare WebOS to Android for a second. Android is HORRIBLY laggy. I own an OC'd Evo and it lags all the time. Its glitchy as **** and i get force close errors every other day.

I left WebOS in December for no other reason but that the app selection SUCKS. No document editor, no Netflix, no Hulu, no widgets, ..... NOTHING that was actually useful on a daily basis. The lag was the least of its problems as the iPad cornered the market on the 'smoothfactor'.

When the TP comes out, i can guarantee it will not have these same services out the gates, but rather in the 'coming months'. Thats whats really a shame for trying to sell the thing for the same as the iPad. At least offer similar functional apps or drop the price considerably. The TP wont have a chance otherwise.

I need to be able to do more than just swipe my finger over the guesture area for fun each day..... oh yeah, you cant even to THAT anymore? Remind me again why i should buy the TP over any other device again?

oh, and try to offer up something more than multitasking. iOS and Android kinda proved that everyday people can really give a darn about it by sheer sales numbers alone.

The video has an old OS version from February. There's no lag today.

If we're just seeing it now, then that's pretty laggy

Interesting that the article mentions "many new revelations" if this is "an old OS version from February". Also, if true, why use an old version at current events?

I do hope you are correct. webOS is in trouble if you are not.

mm you had a good sleep last night huh?

The animations and swiping are still slow... not looking good at all.

I'm starting to think this is the most whiny community out there. You have the largest tech company in the world in the very early stages of pushing out your platform and all you can do is criticism them.

well as a well known user of webos even if this is an sneak peek is looks good. i heard him say 16, 32 and 64 and i almost fainted. yes this may be a early build. but i am sure they are polishing them up. I have a ipad and have had an android (not anymore) yes they are pretty and big but they are lacking one component of design and thats function. i multi-task, i don't need a bazillion apps I have the ones i use the most. although i wouldn't mind few more high end ones...i dont have to stop and click each time i try to do something. listen to music, play games and watch videos...oh yes and makes calls.

and i am sure the touchpad will do more...i want one NOW

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