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by chexmix222 Tue, 09 Feb 2010 11:41 pm EST
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A theme for the guys and gals for the awareness of breast cancer; I thought it'd be funny and still serve a good cause. Hope yall enjoy it. for more info goto: If you like my work please donate.

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A bit Tacky but having lost my Mom to breast cancer I love any sort of awareness.

This is a pretty nice theme.

I like the IDEA but not how its presented...

I agree with the post above. Can we lower the ribbon just a little bit? like, lower.... ok, lower... jk!

Very nice work!!!!!!

niiceeeeee!! ;-)


Could someone tell me how to downlad this to my phone or lead me to some instructions?! Thx!

When I run themer Revert To Default in WebOSQuickInstall, I still have the Tatas phone dial pad. How do I remove the keypad theme? I have to hard reset my phone!!! Asthetics aside, a theme that messes up the phone is not a good theme.

I'm a nurse and wanted a breast cancer theme that was different. lol awesome theme

I really love all of it but the pictures. My mother passed away in 1993 and I just really loved this theme except I got young kids and I go to church. I dont want any of them to see these pics on it. If you could make one without the pics and still leave the ribbon would be perfect. I had to uninstall it cause I couldnt change all of it. thx for the hard work you did on it.

why would anyone think this is Tacky? I suppoft this cause 100% have Save The Tatas magnets on my truck ! It's a great way to plant the seed in womens awareness! I think it's genuis! My mother is a survivor of this disease! Ty Save the Tatas

I need some assistance I can't seem to download this. Can someone list the steps to download thanks. I'm new here :)

How do you apply this theme?