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by chexmix222 Tue, 09 Feb 2010 11:41 pm EST
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A theme for the guys and gals for the awareness of breast cancer; I thought it'd be funny and still serve a good cause. Hope yall enjoy it. for more info goto: If you like my work please donate.

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A bit Tacky but having lost my Mom to breast cancer I love any sort of awareness.

This is a pretty nice theme.

I like the IDEA but not how its presented...

I agree with the post above. Can we lower the ribbon just a little bit? like, lower.... ok, lower... jk!

Very nice work!!!!!!

niiceeeeee!! ;-)


Could someone tell me how to downlad this to my phone or lead me to some instructions?! Thx!

When I run themer Revert To Default in WebOSQuickInstall, I still have the Tatas phone dial pad. How do I remove the keypad theme? I have to hard reset my phone!!! Asthetics aside, a theme that messes up the phone is not a good theme.

I'm a nurse and wanted a breast cancer theme that was different. lol awesome theme

I really love all of it but the pictures. My mother passed away in 1993 and I just really loved this theme except I got young kids and I go to church. I dont want any of them to see these pics on it. If you could make one without the pics and still leave the ribbon would be perfect. I had to uninstall it cause I couldnt change all of it. thx for the hard work you did on it.

why would anyone think this is Tacky? I suppoft this cause 100% have Save The Tatas magnets on my truck ! It's a great way to plant the seed in womens awareness! I think it's genuis! My mother is a survivor of this disease! Ty Save the Tatas

I need some assistance I can't seem to download this. Can someone list the steps to download thanks. I'm new here :)

How do you apply this theme?

The month of October is designated to spread breast cancer awareness and has educated women successfully since long. Any contribution is appreciated, so donate to breast cancer awareness so that more women learn about early detection, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. This helps in better control of the disease, right treatment for the needy and reduction in number of fatalities. nice post 419