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Say hello to the new TiPb, now known as iMore 34

by Derek Kessler Thu, 05 Jan 2012 7:10 pm EST

You want more iOS? Then head on over to the newly rebranded iMore (formerly known as TiPb (formerly known as The iPhone Blog (formerly known as Phone Different))). As with our own recent rebrand, our iOS-loving sister site TiPb has switched to a new name, the very apt iMore, which gives them better license to cover all of the iOS things they’ve been covering. You know, the iPhone, iPad, iPod, iPerson, and iParakeet. The gang over there is still just as awesome as they were before, in fact maybe even more so.

It’s iMore. We know how you feel about iOS, really, we do. But it’s okay to look.

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iMore, really??

their new Twitter handle is @iMore...i can't wait for the first video where they say "Follow @iMore-on Twitter" haha

iDunno about iMore.... TiPb was actually pretty cool. But if you're going to change it, iNation makes much more sense.

that domain name was probably taken.


Well, good luck to them, and I hope iOS finally takes off...

That god.

No kidding. Too bad Dieter left. It's all going to pot now. Makes you wonder if Mobile Nations hired some ex-palm guy to run the show.

You didn't hear about Leo's new job?!?

lol :D


Wow. Seriously? I'm guessing that the majority of good names and domains are already taken, but iMore? That's just... bad.

Not to worry; in a month or two it'll just roll right off your tongues. Remember that funny-sounding name iPad?

iMore? Yikes...

Wow I would have expected iNation or iOSNation.
Keeping with the new Mobile Nations branding.

iBored with iOS.


ur girlfriend isn't

It's official, iMore is a terrible name. Kinda fits the blog though. I don't mind a homer slanted view on things but there are entirely too many posts over there written with a "rabid fanboy" slant.

iMore? Really?

Typical Apple users, quantity over quality...

i didn't like the name tipb and i don't like the name i more. iTryAgain. they need to just make up a random name. Like or or

They need to just roll their face on the keyboard then add some vowels to it. Likely to sound better...

xacovigibahubovocox ;)

iglad ino have to use it. thats pretty ibad.

Who cares

Why all the different brand styles?

Why not "webOS Nation", "iOS Nation", "Blackberry Nation", "Windows Phone Nation" and "Android Nation" ?

That makes too much sense. Better to be iStupid.



Sounds like BUY MORE.

LMAO...phew...really not much else you can do... is available

You are not morg, you are not imorg! What are you?

See, I knew it sounded familiar....

Spock's Brain is available too, right?

This is one of the funniest comment threads I've read here. Good stuff - roll face on keyboard, lol.

iMore didn't sound good to me either. Not very descriptive. I like iOS Nation.