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by Dieter Bohn Thu, 16 Dec 2010 8:54 pm EST
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The most feature-rich, best looking and highest rated calculator application for WebOS is now on SALE for less than HALF the original price!

IMPORTANT: Pretty much all bugs described in the few negative reviews have been FIXED now and any new bugs that come up will get fixed as well.

- EEX works
- small numbers work
- memory registers now work
- no more rounding errors
- pixi compatible

The Scientific RPN Calculator for WebOS is a highly sophisticated calculator application with a large array of numeric, trigonometric and statistical functions. As an added bonus this application contains a full blown unit converter with over 20 properties and tons of units to convert to and from. This makes separate converter apps unnecessary!

This calculator behaves very much like the famous HP1xC range from Hewlett-Packard so users of these calculators will feel right at home with it. Users who are new to RPN calculators will be able to quickly learn how to use it thanks to the comprehensive built-in manual.

IMPORTANT: An RPN calculator DIFFERS from regular arithmetic calculators.
Please make sure you understand what an RPN calculator is and how it differs from a regular calculator before purchasing this app!

- Full blown unit converter with over 20 properties and tons of units to convert to and from
- 5 level stack with UNDO, stack roll and many other operations
- 10 continuous memory registers
- WebOS drag & drop stack manipulation
- Comprehensive set of numeric functions and trigonometric functions
including hyperbolic functions, coordinate conversions and numeric
- Configurable scientific and engineering display modes with user defined precision
- Advanced statistics functions exactly mimicking the HP calculators such
as linear regression, y-intercept and r, permutations, combinations and
standard deviation
properties with many different units.
- Keyboard support, audible feedback and real-time stack display
- Gorgeous design
- Comprehensive built-in manual

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Well, at least it's an RPN scientific. Not programable. Not enough functions to fill the yellow shifts; having a "function" that places 42 on the stack just adds insult to injury. But it's an RPN scientific. That it's the best available is sad. That I paid 10 bucks shows that I'm desperate for a decent calculator. I'll dump it in a second if Clay Thompson (a.k.a. Creative Creek, LLC) ports MathU Pro to Web OS; losing MathU Pro was the worst thing about giving up on my TX.

So, why 2 stars rather than 1? Well, it is an RPN scientific.

Way to go, supporting homebrew with some constructive criticism. Looks to have a fairly comprehensive set of functions to me.

Thanks man! Appreciate the constructive feedback!

What new yellow functions would you like to see?

And yes I agree that programmability would be awesome. That said I'm not charging $45 for my app. I probably would have to if I were to dive into the complexity of creating a program interpreter in Javascript.

Maybe some day when I retire :)


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