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by Dieter Bohn Thu, 16 Dec 2010 7:41 pm EST
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A word processor for writing on WebOS, with enhanced formatting & user-controlled export. Scratch supports Real Paragraphs, rich text formatting, and features both a *new* find feature and auto-complete. Every entry is grouped by topic and title, and has a configurable word count. Your files are stored on the device in an SQL database, and you can send them out via email or by uploading to Google Docs on command. Import options include an HTML page on your device, a URL from the internet, or an API-based import from Google Docs.

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Great work. Keep apps like these coming in for our corperate brothers and sisters, as well as the students among us.


That's for the student among us.


yea. I like Scratch Word Processor. It has saved my bacon more than once

Can it open Microsoft words documents?

no, not yet. But it can download and import google docs. If you upload your file to Google docs, then you can edit it on the phone.

I love this app, great work by the dev and they seem to update and add to it frequently.

It can't read MS Docs but if you upload them to Google Docs you can view & edit w/ Simple formatting.

I've wanted this app for awhile now. I shoulda gotten it during the half off sale, but didn't think about it at the time. Looks like palm won't be frontin me 2.50 for this one.

It's worth the $5, no question.

great app one of my most used...i use it 2 jot down lyrics as they randomly pop into my head

This is a great useful and functional program. If for no other reason, everyone should download this app to support the first easily installed and easy to use document editing program for webOS.

bought it!
&%"#* To you ...Docs to go!


Thanks JohnnyPre for helping me spell gooder! :)

plus one

This is one of my most important apps. I use it for all note taking. I need to start taking advantage of the export/google docs.

Man, your thumbs must be on fire after a two hour lecture huh? :-)

Well, it depends on your note taking level...

For instance, After a 2 hour lecture on how western civilization progressed from Rome to the new world to current day...I wrote:

"I'd love to visit Italy some day..."

of course, that's without the footnote references...

What's in the newest update (v. 1.4.3)? I tried looking on the developer website but it doesn't have anything listed since June I think.

It's impressive that the developer thinks it is more important to actually develop/update the app, than to talk about how they plan to update the app...actions do speak louder than words! Thank you! But, I wouldn't mind knowing what's new...if you have a minute or two...

Bohoo. I'm going to cry a river over not being able to pay my 4$ for this app, since HP thinks Swedes shouldn't have word processing apps. If they're not free that is.
Dear No Insult software, can I please pay you and get the software anyway?