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In search of webOS at CES 2013 45

by Derek Kessler Thu, 10 Jan 2013 11:00 pm EST

I've spent the entirety of this week in Las Vegas with the Mobile Nations crew covering CES 2013. CES has a special place in the hearts of webOS fans - after all, it was CES 2009 where the Palm Pre was unveiled to overwhelming critical acclaim, and CES 2010 saw the announcement of the Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus. Even after the debacle of the webOS hardware development cancellation, CES 2012 had OpenMobile showing off their intentions to bring Android apps to webOS.

CES 2013, on the other hand, was entirely devoid of webOS. It's understandable, though I was surprised that HP didn't even have a space on the show floor (to call what Samsung, Sony, and the others are doing 'booths' would be to call Godzilla a salamander). Then again, Microsoft doesn't have an official presence at CES anymore either. OpenMobile was at CES this year, and this year they were focusing on building yet another Android app store - one that has nothing to do with webOS.

If you haven't already, go ahead and check out all of the CES 2013 coverage on our sister sites Android Central, iMore, and Windows Phone Central. I'm going to head back to the convention hall and wander around. Rumor has it that Sprint's booth was constructed entirely of returned original Pre smartphones...

My thanks to Android Central's Alex Dobie for helping with filming.



Don't feel too bad Derek. I was there two years ago. Palm had a booth/room for which I hunted for over an hour. It was literally the last room in the building. I was not surprised to discover the room had been reassign to someone else because Palm had cancelled.


Think, McFly. Think! You gotta back-swipe to the future! Just download the home brew time travel patch and start fixing things!

Is there any "Competition" there? Sailfish, Firefox, Ubuntu? The other minority OS'es...

I saw Ubuntu and Firefox.

I lost it at trying to card flick on the Note II. Too funny.

That was one of the saddest expressions in recent memory I've seen on your face, over and over again. :(

But still the video was well done Derek.

Look at it this way, YOU were the presence for WebOS (the best there is), and Kevin was most of the presence for BlackBerry.

I went looking for webOS when I was webOS all along?


Really though, nice video. Had a chuckle when you tried swiping the cards off the Galaxy. I found myself wanting to do that many, many times.

In a way. I still consider you to be human though and not an OS :)

On another note, hoping to see you back on future Mobile Nations podcasts. You offer a unique look on the other OSs as well. Something that has been missing from some of the podcasts and you do I well.

end of the vid put dereks forlorn face as per the photo and add in the sorrowful music from the end of the tvseries hulk, that was always depressing, but would suit here perfectly.

then after a minute of sad hulk music, have derek going berserk/turning hulk and smashing openmobile's stuff.

happy ending.

"...add in the sorrowful music from the end of the tvseries hulk, that was always depressing, but would suit here perfectly."


You're bringing back memories! Back in high school we used to joke about how that has got to be the saddest most depressing piece of music ever composed by man...

Oh geez... please don't say 'derek' and 'happy ending' in the same sentence. The video was depressing enough. ;) LOL

Great video Derek!

LOL, thank you for making this video Derek, thank you!

Love the video!
Boring CES I believe ;)

Derek, great video. Yeah, it is still stunning to me that the former leadership at HP canned the whole product line. Unbelieveable. I feel the same way as you. However, using my Pre-3 and I love it. I have a few extra in case my current one dies but both the Pre-2 and Pre-3 are going strong. Cheers.

Nicely done.
watched from my Pre2

btw derek i lol'd so hard when i see your attempts at swiping away an app on that shiney demo phone :)

also quite funny in that its common in any physical shop i visit when you ask for a pre3 case and get told "we only have apple" :)

its a well edited/put together video tho, probably the most fun thing ive seen you do to date, its like revenge for all your earlier podcasts when the rest of them are dead active talking about their things and you typically look like your busy making a noose under your desk.

its the little things that make me laugh as well, like most of your shots looking suicidal theres always some weirdo in the background dancing away and having fun :D

did you actually find anything interesting there, webOS or not?

That was sad, I was expecting you to find one webos related exhibit, sure a very tiny one hidden in a corner, but thought you would at least find one. That was a sad ending.

anyone oldish and british may find a remarkable similarity with dereks video and an old yellow pages advert of a man asking all over for a copy of an old flyfishing book he wrote.

its the first thing that sprang to mind when i saw derek asking in the booths for a pre3 case and getting nowhere :D

Haha the massive sigh going up the escalator was classic! Derek, you should have tried to look for one of the "NEW" inductive charging solutions on show like the one by TYLT, and tried to rest your Pre3 on it like a touchstone .. to get a sneaky top up of charge ! Maybe you can stick a Palm sticker on one of the inductive chargers for kicks!

Was that Ruby on stage (1:59) ?

Haven't watched the video yet... don't shoot if this info's there. Have you seen ANY WebOS at CES? Aside from your personal devices (Derek) - any other attendees rocking WebOS?

I got my first (and presumably last) hands-on with a Pre3 and Touchpad a couple of weeks ago. Really a pity they never came to be widely (aka: easily) available. Was a nice reminder of the 'good 'ol days' for me. If it wasn't so horribly depressing (my Pre+ went crazy), I'd probably boot up WebOS more often to see what 'could have been'.

None that I saw.

Awesomely done. Very Charlie Brown-esque.

BTW, any mention, sightings, or rumors of anything webOS at the openmobile booth?

I like the idea of the sad Hulk music, Geekpeter.

Derek I think its time to move on, I say pick up the fight for Ubuntu Phone. Have a feeling that it has the best possibility to make it in the west compared to the other "new" mobile OSs that will pop up this year.

That was (unfortunately) very funny. Anyone notice that Derek could pass as Steven Colbert's stunt double..........just sayin'
OpenMobile had nothin to say about WebOS?

Derek, keep the fight goin, I am still rockin with my TP, frankenPre2, my wife with her Pixi, and my daughter is using my old Pre-. We are all still pretty happy (or insane) :'(

Me too. I am diehard webOS. I have two Touch Pads and on Sprint I have 2 Pre and 1 Pixi. Also have a Pixi and Palm Pre Back up. As long as Ebay and Amazon have replacements I will keep on using these devices for years If need be.
Even the original webOS is ten times better than the crap Android and Apple software

I don't think Apple is crap, as it rarely freezes up on my iPhone5 or iPad mini. BUT, I still like using my Touchpad better to surf with, and miss using my Pre3 with it's broken (permanently stuck) volume button ruining it. webOS was by far more elegant, easier, and more powerful to use than the other 2.

Yes the video is funny but also very sad at the same time. I would like to see some light at the end of the tunnel



PS: at least openmobile should sell us the android compatibility layer... i'll pay for it.... i think 60 USD or so would be ok...

Long live webOS!

The saddest guy at CES. Great and utterly depressing video.

palm was trashed like the compuserve & all that usenet info that just went poof... It's a shame these massive efforts went the way of the pez dispenser...

you searched far and wide for webOS and all the time it was right in your hand Derek

we the few out way the many and you were probably the only One :-P

Not sure if I saw it in another post or not but just wanted to share what I received back from OPPO with you all (check the link below)... I hope everybody takes a moment to voice you want for a Open webOS phone from them...

Well produced...but kinda pathetic. It would've been funny if ...I don't know...say we knew HP was going to re-release webOS with new hardware in a few weeks. However, there isn't a snowball's chance in hell that is going to happen any time soon...if ever. really could've cut down the video by 90% and you would have essentially the same video.

With that said...

Long live webOS!!!

"On ComScore's smartphone market share chart, Nokia's Symbian comes in dead last at 0.5% of the market. Somewhere below that are a few holdout open-source WebOS users who just can't let their dream go."

How applicable. :D

Relatively good article. Though I don't see the reference that the Pre was trying to be anything like the blackberry. Why, just because (they both retained) physical keys?!? Blackberry never even had a real touch screen until the Pre-look-alike "Torch" over a year after the Pre was released (as I recall). I think that you could understand a little bit of the similarities to the iphone (Rubenstein influence to be sure).

However, the statement quoted above seems to make no sense at all. First off, there are exactly zero "smartphone users" on Open-webOS, as we all know. More importantly, if Symbian is dead last, then how can webOS users be less than that?! Was the author trying to say that webOS users are a statistical 0%. If that is in fact the case, then he should've stated it better. Moreover, I know that there are not a lot us out there, but I have a hard time believing that there are more Symbian users than webOS users.

Why, there are many more Symbian users and you can still buy Symbian phones.

CNET's first look at the Yota phone mentions webOS at 2:25. The Yota phone features an e-ink display on its backside and has something similar to a gesture area. Unfortunately it does not run webOS.

Hmmm. Well, I'd guess any phone that comes with a gesture area is an ideal candidate for porting - assuming the hardware supports it.

Wouldn't it be crazy to combine it with that other Russian technology and have webOS on one screen, android on the other? ;-)

Well played Derek..... Well Played!

Best video ever!!!!!!!! That really gave me a chuckle!

I went there looking for the Commodore stand to see if there was anything new using a 6502.