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Second Veer commercial targets the youngins with Miranda Cosgrove [video] 135

by Derek Kessler Fri, 10 Jun 2011 10:46 am EDT

You might still be wondering who HP is targeting with the HP Veer. It's a tiny smartphone, and they've got guys like Manny Pacquiao promoting it during commercial breaks in shows like the MTV Movie Award and Discovery's Deception (among many other shows). But you know who else likes small phones? Small people. Namely, kids (and their parents). And what do kids watch? Nickelodeon, of course. And that's the channel where HP is running a second commercial for the Veer, and instead of a pint-sized boxer with a punch that'll knock your head clean off, HP's enlisted the talents of teen tv star and lead of the Nickelodeon hit iCarly, Miranda Cosgrove.

The commercial, which has aired during shows like iCarly and Spongebob Squarepants (seriously, not kidding), is structured in the same manner as the Pacquiao commercial: Cosgrove holds the Veer in front of her face and shows off some features. In this ad we see AT&T Navigator, Messaging (subtly combining both SMS and AIM), and the web browser, before Cosgrove's face pops in and she switches to a video of her manic dog. She then speaks, seemingly both of the dog in the video and the phone, "Isn't she cute? Yes you are!"

Check out the ad after the break.

Thanks to bhughes719 for the video, and everybody wo was forced to watch Nickelodeon for the tips!



Keep em coming!

You are all ove it this morning. Good Job DK!

who is Amanda Cosgrove?

She was Summer the band manager in School of Rock.

Please edit the headline. The girl's name is Miranda Cosgrove.

Does it matter?

Not in the slightest. Who?

She also has a tv show called iCarly which is very popular with the Nickelodeon crowd.

Lol i didnt even notice the typo, good catch.

I'll never going to get that phone now. Wow! It's a phone for CHILDREN that ATT can slap Data plan charges on.

Really? From all the other comments you've posted in all the other posts about the Veer, it seemed like you were so anxious to buy one. Sorry this commercial is the reason you're now reconsidering :( Maybe watch the Manny Pacquiao commercial a few more times to see if that changes your mind.

Or this: don't buy one.

Little guys can indeed pack quite a punch.

serious? just cause of one commercial?

you're that worried what people are going to think of your electronic device?


Pre 3 will be phone for professionals. I might buy one, but it does not look like Sprint is going to carry right away if at all...

I was already a little worried and this confirms that the Veer is a tween phone, which is fine, but really not for me.

I don't see what's controversial about a male adult not interested in buying a phone geared to kids?

it's how it's conveyed.

"i dont want to buy a phone because of an advertisement for kids"


"the veer isn't my selection because it doesn't suit my needs. The pre 3 is my target"

it comes off completely different.

People are already way too insecure when it comes to what smartphone they carry (why, i don't know.. it's just a device)

I didnt buy the pixi due to the name... Guy Friend: "What kind of phone did you get?" , Myself: "A pixi..." (awkward silence) Guy Friend: "A pixi? ..."

Fanyboyism aside, it's really not a phone for adults. It's small, it has weird parts you have to clip on, the screen is super-tiny, the keyboard is the smallest of any palm phone, and now Nickelodeon people are repping it.

It is what I said it is. A phone for tweens that ATT loves because now they can force parents to add data to their tweens phones.

If you are an adult and what to buy a phone that is promoted with a dancing dog video by a child, maybe you need to take a look in the mirror and ask, "Am I really THIS big of a Fanboy?".

Hey if you don't like the Veer get off P|C...because this is the best of webos right now !!!

He is giving his opinion on the phone, one that I'm sure many others have. This circlejerk that has become precentral really needs to stop. People have every right to voice their opinions in these posts and in the forums. Enough with your "You don't like it? Then gtfu." garbage.

"People have every right to voice their opinions in these posts and in the forums."

True for "these posts". False for "in the forums". In there you've got two choices: fan or ban.

They haven't exactly banned you yet though. One can only guess what the mods' criteria is. Consistency isn't one of them. Pleading your case isn't recommended either (they're right, you're wrong). Just accept the infraction.

I'll say that the pre 3 is the best webOS phone. Yes I'm gonna get some minuses for it but remember it's my opinion.

Except the Pre3 can't be purchased yet....

Was the minus really necessary? We know its specs don't we.

I'm pretty sure if ATT is "forcing" you to get a smartphone for your kid, you are incapable of making adult decisions.

If your cell phone represents you as a man or an adult you have far greater problems than your trolling of the P|C front page.

well said

This site is amazing... If you give an opinion that does not meet the criteria of the WebOS lovers you get killed.

My opinion is and always has been that the Veer is not a phone for professionals. It makes it more obvious when a little girl is selling it to other little boys and girls. I doubt you will see an iphone or Andriod thunderbolt commercial with justin beiber on that channel selling to children.

Honestly Glenn, I understand your position, I think the same thing, but at this point you're stating the obvious. But it isn't worth worrying about on online forums, the Veer will do poorly in sales and the Pre 3 will do better, HP is not passionate to a fault like Palm was, they'll correct for the market and continue.

The "obvious" is now what?
1. Easily perceived or understood; clear, self-evident, or apparent.
2. Predictable and lacking in subtlety.

The phone was meant for girls and kids (he stated you aren't a man or adult if you own it).

The phone is to small for "professionals", depends on what you do, if as a professional you do or are going to carry a tablet with you, you may not need a big phone. Maybe your profession doesn't require the use of a cell phone other than for receiving calls.

I could go on but really those are the only 2 points he has been repeating and neither of them are "obvious".

I don't know. It could sell like Hotcakes. I mean, all those Soccer Mom's who rushed out and bought a Pre Plus on Verizon can now rush out and get Veers for Soccer team.

ok i can see your point of it not being a phone for "professionals" but because the phone is shown being advertise by a "little girl" on Nick, how does that(as i quote you from a previous post "I was already a little worried and this confirms that the Veer is a tween phone, which is fine, but really not for me.") confirm its for teens.

so i guess youre saying manny isnt a "professional", and im not saying he was advertising to "professionals or tweens", but who would you say he was marketing too...boxers, small filipinos...?... based on the channels the commercials ran on..MTV and whats the age group of those individuals and do you not think some "professionals" fall within that group?

but like you said the phone isnt for you, which is fine...its not for me either, but one commercial doesnt confirm the phone is for one type of your eyes tweens

FWIW, Cosgrove herself is 18, not "little" or a "tween."

Sorry, I did not know she was "legal".

Has nothing to do with WebOS, your train of thought (as you said it). Has to do with how you view yourself as a man and an adult. It can be any phone, if you truly feel that determines your manhood and/or adulthood, you've got bigger problems.

As for the troll comment (in case you were responding to only that part of my post). I mentioned troll not because of your comment about WebOS in a negative, but I have seen you actively trolling (in the comments on a single article). Trolling one person as saying something negative in response to their post, then posting an opposite thought in another post (this is trolling at it's most basic definition). Has nothing to do with your feelings on WebOS.

Here's the issue:

There is absolutely nothing wrong with voicing your opinion. No one has anything against anyones specific taste. And if anyone does, then that's your own issue.

The problem is that people state their opinion in ways where it comes across that they are inflicting their interests on other people.

The veer isn't a phone for me. The pre 3 is what I am looking for. period.

To have someone indirectly inflict their opinion that "oh it's marketed by teenagers and kids, therefore you're less of a person than I am" or "omg my phone name is pixi.. how on earth will other people portray me in life" is just ridiculous.

Going around assuming that your opinion about it being a 'kids' phone reflects what others should think about is where the line is drawn. we all have different tastes. I find that the veer is a great companion device to both teenagers, and individuals who don't like big phones, who have the tablet, and just need a phone for quick texting/calling while on the go, whether this is for professional use or not. Also, people don't want 4" slab phones either.

There is a lot of markets out there, regardless of the fact that the slab market is bigger than the 'small phone' market. I'm glad HP is catering to some of them so they have the option to have a product as good as webOS.

Ed Zacahry

i don't get that when people say this...yes it does represent you as a man...when you have a choice of what you want to buy it definately represents you...would you say the same thing if a guy likes to wear women's clothes...if a man has a choice between a pink phone and a blue phone and the man chooses says a lot about a man...

Why does it bother you? Why do you care what other people have? Does it affect your life?


So... if a man is wearing a pink dress shirt vs a man who's wearing a black one, you're automatically judging them based on that?


It can say different things.

1. He is okay with his sexuality
or people think
2. Is he...?

Your comment can go both ways.

Many men wear pink shirts and are completely straight. But lets not forget. This is size not colors
I am a guy and find the phone to be very tempting, even more so if I was to get a TouchPad.
Chance are if i decide to get the Pre3, I would be less likey to get a TouchPad.

I can't believe PreCentral let it get this far. Seems that with Dieter gone, they've gotten even more irresponsible.

I know guys that wear (and can pull off the look), pink or other color shirts. I know guys that have painted their wheels pink. Doesn't make them lesser of a man.

I also know I can't pull off a pink shirt, has nothing to do with me being a man, it has to do with my build and my look. At the same time I have multiple purple ties that when matched with the right dress shirt look real good.

Just guessing these folks saying this also think certain cars make you less of a man... damn it feels awesome to know I am comfortable with who I am, couldn't imagine having to keep all these stereotypes straight and still get through everything I do in a day.

It's easy to keep straight.... If you're a man.

There are certain things that need to be accepted if you are really are a man. I'll list two.

- Bacon can make everything taste better.
- You do not buy electronics pitched by tween stars.

Arguing against either of these statements does in fact lower your "manliness". You can buy a Veer and still be a man, but it does knock you down 1 notch. How many notches you have to give is up to you.

It's not controversial. It is a little silly for a spokesperson to make a decision for you though. If it's not for you, it's not for you. If it is for you, don't let a spokespersons age/gender/background ruin it for you.

Wise, wise words!

I completely disagree and it doesn't really make any sense to me. However, this is the most sense I've ever seen Glenn Beck make.

i dont know why your surprised, the veer is obviously a phone designed for women and hipsters, if your a guy with a veer your probably just a webos fan or....

Too cute!

(My daughter, now 18, grew up on Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick.. Nick-el-O-De-on!).

Made me smile...its a well targetted commercial, I believe.

This awesome. Hooray for HP's marketing money!

Great commercial. But even if they advertise to kids. just pay the extra million or so and put it in the show.

This is what they gotta do. Good move.

HP Veer is also being featured as a "cool gadget" of the summer on "The View"! A little more PR for the Veer. Very big platform to promote.

LMAO, yea a phone a man can be proud of.......

Nice to see some marketing muscle starting up. Hope this is just the start.


I get it, their target demographic isn't us. The original Sprint people are not getting a Veer. Dammit, I didn't wanna have to learn how to work an Android to get a modern big boy phone.

Or you could, you know get the Pre 3 when it comes out.

so when is that happening again? on Sprint?? with apps?

**** I'll settle for on Sprint, without apps.

Leave Sprint if they don't carry it. That's what I'm planning on doing. Their network is pretty mediocre compared with Verizon's and for me it's not worth the slight cost savings to have a phone I hate on a mediocre network. Sprint's great if you love Android, that's about it unless they get the Pre 3.

Do whats best for you man, but for the VAST majority Android is good enough to not warrant switching carriers to keep WebOS.

I will and I understand that some will choose Sprint over HP in the divorce. Most of the people who aren't loyal already left for Android when their one year upgrades came up.

Or, you know, actually try a Veer.

I did. It's snappy, sharp, and way too tiny.

Saw the Manny commercial last night during the NBA Finals...

BTW, who actually gave me a thumb down on this earlier??? Really?

Relax Sparky, this is Precentral you're commenting on.

Plenty relaxed, was just curious who would -1 a comment on seeing one of the new commercials on a nationally televised sporting even.

Maybe you need to relax if you are responding to my question about who and why someone would -1 that.

can i just point out that "yard ape" doesnt really mean "kid"...............

depending on where you are from, it can be use to refer to kids. I know in my area yard ape is not the racist term you are accustomed to but it is in reference to kids.

with that said Derek where are you from because outside of where I am I have not heard any other area refer to kids as such. I actually got a laugh out of it.

well, it kind of mean black person everywhere else...

But if you never knew it meant "black people", then how would you know not to use it? As I said in my other comment, I've lived all over the US but am currently settled here in Ohio. I've always heard it referring to kids. Derek lives in Ohio as well, I would assume (based on his words in the article) that he's heard it the same.

I live in Ohio, and I've never heard this term, although I wasn't born here. All the same, Ape is probably a term to stay away from in general. Mall-rats might be a better way to convey youth with disposable income.

ah now that makes sense why we both know it to mean kids, I live close to the Ohio boarder.

urban dictionary refers to yard apes as black people. derek, i suggest you remove it from the article if you dont want to offend anyone else (including myself)

lol where does yard ape NOT mean black people? so funny/wrong

Yard Ape does not mean black people where I come from in Ohio. Derek lives here, too.

Does it matter? It's simpler to remove it.

Was already removed.

Yes... The same (or almost the same) words can mean quite a different thing in different regions.

While I was in Brazil and called somebody "black" (which would be non-racist and non-agressive where I live) he was really offended and asked me to call him "negro" as this is the non-racist term there ;)

FYI Vito, you just offended a lot of people in America with that post. But I guess that that proves your point.

I don't think that those people are that stupid as you think they are.

Tim, let's go out drinking next time you are in Akron!

Never knew so many Ohioans were representing webOS, but like recent politics 'As Ohio goes, so goes the nation." Perhaps we'll start webOS resurgence. I'll be hard pressed to choose between the iPhone 5 and Pre 3 though, my upgrade is in november. I'm assuming Verizon won't get any of the Nokia+WP7 phones which would be my first choice (you know the camera/call quality/battery life will be amazing).

Good! More people at the bar with tim and I, I would invite Derek, but he doesn't seem like a bar guy to me...

We can swap war stories about the good ol' days of WebOS, and how things got tough and how the future may be brightening.

If you are aware that Derek meant kids when he wrote yard apes, why would you get offended? I just don't get why people get offended by nosense.

Here in the good ol' South that does not mean kid... unless they're talking about a "kid of color". I had to read that sentence 3 times to make sure i read it right. pfffft! hahaahah.

I can't keep up with all the stories today. good stuff!

I had to move on to the Nexus S. My Pre literally fell apart in my hands. I know I couldn't own one, but I did mess around with one for an hr or so. Solid HP! I hope to return to WebOS as soon as there is a handset I can use on sprint. Until then keep bringing the guns!

Would it be a bad idea to let everyone know I just got 'Free Quote' approved by Android and it will be available on June 13th! Get a quote right from your Android Handset! It WILL be coming to WebOS but lack of users made us attack Android first. Thank you all!

Why would kids be using Navigator?

Back seat driving?!

Will kids 17 and older could use it.

Correction - Kids 17 and older would use it :)

How many kids 17+ watch iCarly and SpongeBob?!

What about the parents that are forced to watch those shows with their kids?

I'm 29, been watching Spongebob since I was 18. I do have a 5 and 2 year old (with another due in Oct), but most episodes are pretty funny and can be watched without the kids.

Even the one where he was "just looking for the sports channel".

Oh great, now my youngest kid is going to want one.

Good ad!

I got the Veer just for the heck of it. I went out to play with my kids and took the Veer instead of my Pre+. I did not get that pocket sway back and forth that happens with a heavier phone. The Veer was awesome because I did not feel it.

Its a great little phone. I would consider using it lots of times. I am sharing it with my son just so we can both check it out. He love's it. He's 11.

Yea - its marketed to kids (my kids love iCarly. She has a lot of influence). But there are lots of times I will prefer to have it in my pocket because its almost weightless. I am a 38 year old software programmer.

I just need to figure out how to put all my mail, FB, and contacts on both phones but wipe it when my son uses it...

This is exactly the angle to take with this phone. Thanks for the feedback!

PreCentral just got racist.

Oh and, hey there Miranda Cosgrove. O:)

This is the true target demographic for the Veer. Next up - Rebecca Black.

So the Pre 3 is all business aimed at prosumers/enterprise. But the smaller version running all the same stuff is meant for preteens? Anyone feeling the disconnect here?

Hi all,

1. I'm glad they came out with the Veer. While I want a Pre3, the veer would be something that other people will want. HP needs to have webOS on a device in every size and category!

2. It's basically the same commercial that Manny Pacquiao filmed, but with Miranda Cosgrove....I think she is a TV show for Tweens & teens, (but since I have no children, I could be wrong).

Take care,


Now rinse and repeat with 6 different celebrities please..When are we going to see Lady GaGa doing one of these?

She doesn't use phones, she has people to do that for her.

Whoa, they aired this during a SpongeBob episode... and I missed it? Gonna have to check the DVR.

Too bad I'm on Sprint, because despite how long it might be for the Pre3 to come out, with the discounts this phone has been having I would buy one now and the Pre3 later, and I would be tempted to keep the Veer with me (if my wife didn't take it over) as an extra on the account.

At that rate I would like to see touch to share from the tiny Veer to my Pre3 though. Hmm. Wouldn't it be cool if my wife and I could both be on our phones and I say "hey look at this, this is pretty cool", then I touch my phone to hers and she can see what I was looking at while I continue to look up something else?

It was recorded on my DVR on the 7th, don't remember which ep. it was.

The "I want one on Sprint" comments keep ignoring the fact that this isn't HP's decision to make.

Ultimately, this is why CDMA carriers -- and Sprint in particular -- are in decline. The idea that the carrier should decide which device you may use on the network is abhorrent and anti-consumer.

I'm guessing you've never owned a business before...

That's funny, Verizon doesn't seem to be in any sort of decline.

1) This is a good continuation of the marketing/ad campaign.

2) Why is this not on HP's Youtube channel if its on TV? I would like to send a link to a good quality vid not this shoddy interlaced video'd debacle.

HP is coming @ the teen audience, but they need to get with the apps that are gonna make the young'uns want to stay on board.

It doesn't sound like this commercial is showcasing that side of things. Let's hope they do another one with an app from a developer who has re-committed to HP. This time use Freddie (The geeky kid from iCarly; Sorry, my children watch, so I'm familiar with the cast).


Young'uns only want a Facebook app, a Twitter app, and some games. That's check, check, and check.

Well hopefully they fix the Facebook app soon because they haven't updated it in a while and I think Facebook changed the API. None of the photos work. None of the profile pictures show up in the Facebook App or in my contacts. I love Synergy, but this is a major bug that needs to be fixed. They also still haven't addressed the Facebook Calendar Timezone skew issue that's existed since day 1. They don't see it because they are in the same Timezone as Facebook, but I'm sure they've heard about it by now.

with fans like these commenters, who needs enemies? You guys have been begging and waiting for webOS devices....HP delivers the first one (and a pretty impressive one!)...and then this community rips it to shreds. Geez. It's one thing to analyze -- it's another thing to act childish about something that, in the big picture, really doesn't mean much.

I'll admit, I was disgusted by the Lady Gaga endorsement. But big deal. You gotta give HP props for knowing their target audiences and developing messaging specific to them.

Much of this community is starting to sound like a bunch of whiners who have waaay too much time on their hands. Just my 2-cents...

My kids watch this show, and I've struggled through a few episodes myself (honestly, it's really not THAT bad). Pardon me if this has been mentioned already (I haven't read all of the comments) but what's funny is that the kids on the show have a web show that is run off of a "Pear" laptop, and they all have "Pear" phones. The devices have, yes, pears on the backs of them. Miranda Cosgrove is very popular right now, but I'm conflicted about whether running the ad during this show is really the right place. Then again, I'm sure the HP ad buyers are smarter than I am. I'm a PR guy ... not an ad guy.

I'd love to see Apple or even parody Apple gear on any show replaced with HP/Palm gear but I doubt that would happen in this case. I don't think there is any product placement in any of Dan Schneider's shows. Everything is a parody so I'm going to guess that he's against product placement. The best you could do is get the characters to use some parody of HP's products, but I doubt even that would happen and it probably wouldn't do them any good anyways.

I'm probably gonna get minuses for this (more like 20 minuses) but what would happen if they used Justin Beiber.


...please, no!

You'll get crying three year olds.

What's a Beiber?

Connor LaCombe would flip out (in the happy way).

I just want to say I love my Veer. I generally am man enought to not care what other people think about my choices. I will liken this to my car choice, the original scion xB. Yeah it's butt ugly but if you get past that and sit in it, you realize it's roomier than any other car out there and fun to drive. But people couldn't get past that and the car was discontninued after 3 years. It annoys me. But at least my phone is comfortable in my pocket and my car is roomy and fun. I wish you the best at makeing your own choices.

They're never too young to get them hooked. If HP had aired this commercial (and released the Veer) months ago, I might have convinced my little sister to get one instead of an iPod Touch.

Except for the fact that the iPod Touch doesn't require a carrier contract. It's ashame there isn't a webOS based competitor to the iPod Touch, but I'm pretty sure it would fail way harder than any other webOS "legacy devices" have. At least we'll get the Touchpad carrier and geo-restrictions free. Not that the geo-restrictions affect me at all since I'm in the USA.

Miranda is A-OK.

Nice hire by HP. Don't hate on Miranda.

I do not understand what the problem is with the Veer, or more particularly what the problem that commentators have with the Veer. It's a phone, of which there are thousands of different form factors and OS's out there. It's just another choice. I'm starting to think that some of the posters here feel that by their very force of will they can either push HP to succeed or to fail based on a comment to a blog post.

Seriously, it doesn't amount to anything as to our opinions on these things. it only matters for drama or for entertainment value.

It's a commercial. And it's actually a pretty good one. I am not sure what folks want from these commercials. We got the creepy existential pale lady and people bitched, we got the fun Pixie hand around commercial and people bitched because it didn't show what the phone does, we got the Mom commercials and people bitched, we are finally getting recognizable spokespeople and people are still bitching? Really?

I am starting to think the WebOS fans are feeling even more entitlement than the Apple fanbois do. It's kinda embarrassing.

100% agree.

I think it's mostly because the Veer was released first. If it was released after the Pre 3 none of us would care. I hope the Veer is successful because ultimately I think it's success will help the platform. However I've been ready to upgrade my Pre- since my upgrade became available in September 2010. At this point the Pre 3 should be released by time my Sprint contract expires so I'll be able to jump ship to Verizon if I have to without an ETF. I'm working at a summer camp this summer so I got a cheap prepaid phone for better battery life and so I don't risk breaking another Pre. Right now the Touchpad will be much more useful to me than a Pre 3. I was hoping to have one in my hands before I got to camp but with the July 1st release I'll still have it for most of the summer.

I'd get a pixi over the veer, if the specs were the same. Miss that form factor.

Whoa. What an embarrassing thread. Really. Come on you people.

Alright, what HP just did was divide their target group into segments and create commercials directed at specific segments. So withing their general target, one segment is kids.
Does that mean adults shouldn't buy it, or that adults with a Veer are childish? No. The Manny spot was for a different group. So what?

Not only is that perfectly normal, it's simply common sense.

Your second-guessing HP's (and their ad-agency's) communication strategy is seriously embarrassing to read. Think about how other brands (ones that you aren't so uptight about) do it. If you don't like a commercial, it doesn't mean that it doesn't fulfill its purpose, maybe you're just not the target...

The Veer?

I saw this thing at Best Buy Friday. Held it in my hand. Smaller than the already Small Pre Plus. I am a large man with big hands and I just couldn't type on this thing. Screen too small. Keyboard too small. This thing might be great for teenaged girls but the only adults I can see buying this thing are short, small frame women. Most of those are either iPhone and Android users already.

I take it back. "Little People" would probably love the Veer, as it's small toy like size would certainly work for them. The first commercial with the boxer was funny. As if a real male boxer would actually want to pull this toy out in public and be seen using it? If you hold the thing in your hand and try to type on it, you'll see what I mean. Having done so, all I can do is laugh at the thing next to my EVO.

What is probably being overlooked is that, if HP is marking this toy phone to kids or kid's parents, which parent in their right mind is going to buy their kid this Smart phone for use on AT&T's network with a capped Data plan? Rich people with more money than sense who don't mind over paying for services on a hobbled network? And yes, I'm second guessing HP's strategy. Who's going to just swallow whatever they feed us? I'm not. A bunch of OG Pre and Pre Plus owners won't. After HP shafted the installed base by not offering WebOS 2.0 for the Pre and Pre Plus, we're suppose to just swallow and follow? I don't think so. You want a Veer, get yourself one, but don't dump on others for not drinking the HP koolaid and following along with this HP joke just because you do. When they produce a compelling product that makes sense to me, I'll consider it but I held the Veer in my hand and I can tell you for a fact that HP has to be marking this thing to kids. Any parent who buys this thing for their kid for use on AT&T's network instead of a feature phone or "other smartphone" on an unlimited data plan with any other vendor who is not AT&T, is an idiot, in my opinion.