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Send Google Voice message to ANY contact with SynerGV 2 5

by Adam Marks Fri, 31 Aug 2012 10:37 am EDT

Messaging - Google VoiceSynergGV 2, by Eric Blade, allows you to send and receive Google Voice messages directly in the stock Messaging app on your TouchPad (or webOS phone, if you are homebrew savvy), but has a pretty big limitation in that you can only initiate a conversation to someone in your Google Voice contacts list or by manually typing in the entire phone number. If you keep all your contacts in Google, this is a nonissue, but if you use your Palm Profile or Facebook to keep track of phone numbers, you are out of luck. That is, unless you know a little trick to initiate a conversation to anyone in your contact list, regardless of which synergy account they reside in.

Unfortunately, you can not use Just Type to search for your contact, nor can you open an existing conversation with that contact.  In addition, this new Google Voice messaging conversation that you are about to create will not be integrated into that existing conversation like all other Synergy messaging/IMing accounts do, but will rather remain as a separate thread unless and until you add that contact and their associated phone number to your Google contacts.  Regardless, to send the Google Voice message to any contact, just follow the directions below

  1. Open up the Messaging app
  2. Tap the new SMS icon to create a new message
  3. Do a search for the contact and then tap on the number you want to send a Google Voice message to.
  4. You will see that the contact's name, and not their number, should be listed in the "To" field.  Tap on that name to display the number.
    • On the TouchPad, the number should be highlighted. Tap at the end of the number to place the cursor at the end of the number and then press the space bar
    • On phones, the cursor should already be at the beginning of the number. Just press the space bar once
  5. Once you do that, the number will no longer be associated with your contact, but instead webOS will just think that it’s a number you manually entered. All you need to do is tap the SynerGV2 messaging icon icon in the "IM WITH "(XXX) XXX-XXXX" USING" to address your Google Voice message with that contact

As stated above, if you don't want to go through this hassle you just need to add that contact to your Google account and you should be able message with them directly in the future. Note, though, that this will not be available immediately as you need to wait for webOS to sync back between your Google and Google Voice accounts before it will show in your SynerGV account on your device.

SynerGV 2 is available in the webOS App Catalog for $4.99 and is compatible with all webOS devices running webOS 3.0 or higher. If you know how to use App Tuckerbox, you can install SynerGV on devices running 2.1 or higher after it was purchased on a TouchPad.

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Wow, I didn't know that! And I looked for something like that !! :D

Once you have a IM conversation started with that person, you can tap on the number in the titlebar of the conversation, and select to add them as a new or to an existing contact, and then that will associate them into your webOS contacts directory, although it will not sync it back to the Google Voice service.

Also, rather than waiting around for Google to resync back, you can use the "Add Contact" function in the SynerGV app, or from the Google Voice website, or from SynerGV 1, or directly from Google's contact editor, then go into the Contacts app in webOS, and hit the "Sync Now" button.

I didn't want to suggest the simple "add to existing" contact option because it didn't seem to be a permanent fix to link back to your Google Account. However, good tips otherwise to add it permanently to Google!

Thanks for the info! So, how do I call a new number, not on any of my contacts?

To message them, hit the "+" in messaging, enter the number, and select the google voice icon. To call them, you can launch the SynerGV 2 app, hit the icon that looks like a telephone on the top, and then enter the number.

You can also go to Settings->Just Type, go down to Actions, and make sure that "Place call with SynerGV" is enabled. Then you can just type in a number to Just Type, and hit Place Call with SynerGV, and it will launch the app and open the phone dialer. At the moment, it does require actually loading the first page of messages, so it takes a little bit to launch, but it does go there. :)

Good start . This is a good app. Only the app does not have notifications whenever sms are received. - Missed Fortune