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Serena Williams got to play with a TouchPad. You did not. [video] 64

by Derek Kessler Fri, 11 Mar 2011 10:41 am EST

We were a little surprised ourselves at HP’s celebrity plugging at the Think Beyond event, but it seems that tennis star Serena Williams and MC Hammer (feel free to make your own joke here) were there so they could play with the new toys when we could not. To that end (and we’re ashamed we didn’t see this before), Williams hopped on out to the demo space so that she could literally go hands-on with the TouchPad, something that only the trained demonstration folk were allowed to do. They even let her go off script and hold the TouchPad over here head to go flying in Armageddon Squadron II.

Sometimes being a celebrity has its advantages. Video after the break.

Source: WTA Womens Tennis Blog; Thanks to chalx for the tip! (and yes, we know, this is from a month ago)


I don't think she was very impressed... Ol boy was kinda annoying. She looked like she wanted to throw that thing! Lmao

She said at about 0:43 that she loved "this guy"... listen more carefully

I am not impressed with her - could careless what she thinks. After her on court display of un-sportsman like conduct recently, she should not be representing HP at all.

Didn't she threaten to kill a female line judge in the US Open because she didnt like a call?

Hate to see her get a TMC error on the day HP admitted they were not going to update the Pre any more and we'd never get Flash or Stacks.

we need all the famous help we can get to keep web os mainstream. Weather it's a williams sister or olsen twin, isht! I'll take Fred savage and steven segal

In defense to her, how is what they showed her any more impressive than the Ipad? Only a power user would really care about the cards. Half the people I know would have the same response as her after that demo.

Forget the touchpad I wanna touch HER! She got a phatty! lol

Ya ya I know thumb me down... :-p


Now this is the beat he can touch

MC Hammer? Serena Williams?


Not so random. I don't know about Serena, but Hammer lives in the area, and he owns other Palm products.

i think serena lives in the l.A. area. don't remember where.

I've always considered Pre might find an audience in "the hood". It's not much of a business phone. Doesn't work well for international travelers. Mom's didn't eat it up. But it does ok with games and it does ring when your homies call you. And with Dr. Dre, Serena and MC doing exposures, might just work. Heck Puff Daddy (or whatever he calls himself this week) might even change his to "Webb O. Ess" for a few weeks if Leo gave him a gift card to

Live moves fast, be a gangsta.

Well, this actually might be a cool advertisement campaign with funny spots if they do it like you said... ;)

I at least laughed a bit^^

Another awesome plug for webOS... Apple's days are numbered at the top.

Meh... There's no substance to the video... Still waiting for a release date, and I'm hoping it's before I have to makea decision between the Motorolla Zoom or a HTC... I certainly prefer WebOs to Android, but I'm not gonna wait forever.

With that phatty of her's I would love to be her Touchpad >:-)

Its very laggy, dont you thing
(I know it is in Beta fase, but 5 apps on a 1.2 dual procesor???)

HP has gone on record saying that webOS on the TouchPad hasn't been optimized yet. This is usually one of the final stages of development. Most of the time premature optimization gives more problems and complexity.

Trust me. It will work like butter. Go play with a Pre 2 for example purpose.

WebOS hasn't been optimized on Pre either. Rusty lawnmowers start faster than native apps.

She was saying what a big piece of cheap Shiney plastic that attracts lots of fingerprints... a poor man's Ipad. Now let me leave here and get a real quality built aluminum and glass Ipad 2... the real deal not a wanna be. She said it looks like that cheap Shiney failed Pre... I don't want that.

Wow, what coincidence, I don't want you here! :)

Do people log into and **** about how iPhones aren't as good as Android phones? Seriously, why are you wasting your time here?

"Serena" is a strange name for a man.

haaha u craazzzy

I was thinking, that sure is a strange looking Kilt on that dude.

I know that everybody's got an idea for an ad, but Hammer brings the possibility of "you CAN touch this!" to a video. That is, once it's available and we can touch it.

Is this serena williams a famous tranny or drag queen or somebody like that?

WTF?! Seriously! Just because she is in shape she gotta be a tranny? I mean really...

Don't waste your time Cube. Boys like CPL are always going to be threatened by a woman that's more curvy that a 10yr old girl

Of course they would have M.C. Hammer. How many people complained about "Can't Touch this" Touchpad?! lol

I don't like the fact you have to touch the side button every time you want to go back to card view--why the heck doesn't it have gestures?!

Trannypad when she's using it.

since HP paid her to be there, you'd think she could at least pretend to be impressed.

It doesn't even make sense to get Serena and MC Hammer in the first place? Their celebrity stock is not on the high tip right now. I thought HP was trying to be cool. They might as well have gotten Vannila Ice. seriously though, it would've been more interesting if they'd have gotten Flavor Flav instead.

and BTW, where's Dr. Dre and Alicia Keys? i thought they were the ones working with HP.

this just doesn't make any sense.smh

Wow. Some rude comments in here
about her. You guys are the reason why the webos community is probably the most childish out there.

And you are the reason that nobody likes you.

No, not the most childish.. I guess the people are pretty much in line with other "geek"-sites. Nevertheless I realised that it seems as if on that "other" big WebOS-Fan site there are less of such people.

there is another? if you have the name could you send it to me. if you don't want to post it you can private message me. i'd like to take a look.

i have noticed less of this on the other smartphone expert sites. Don't know about the android portion of the site but surprisingly a lot less in the iphone forums.


you are an idiot! WebOS is made for the youngsters! Get ur OLD butt outta here...

Not fare...

Great spelling.

Samantha Fox not available?

who the **** that?

I love HP and I'm rooting for them, but AAPL is just controlling the market with all that power they have. I'm getting an iPad2 since the competition is not here yet. I'm not gonna wait another development cycle. When the touchpad comes out, I will get that too mww ha ha ha.

lol, if you have the money... I would do it probably the same way if I wouldn't just have different priorities.

The iPad would be a good substitute to the Touchpad, for just surfing a bit around etc...

The Touchpad on the other side is the product that has to replace my Notebook. And therefore I have higher demands, which seem to be fulfilled for now with what is announced :)

She gets to use a touch pad and gets a blood clot. Might wanna rework the ergonomics.

If you guys knew this was a month old, then why do it? You should do what someone suggested in comments to another story and review the Verizon Pre 2.

Folks, take a moment to step out of the last century and look at what MC Hammer is into these days. He's HUGE into social media applications and iPad. Having him at the celebrity dog & pony is a pretty big deal, from my perspective.

oh, you said last century right? okay, just checking.

How about Vanila Ice and Billie Jean King! let's get some irrelevant Caucasians representing.

Wow, tough crowd! Come on, it's a far cry and so much better then the creepy blonde chick ads from 2 years ago.

who the **** is this woman? Who cares that she played with TouchPad! She's technology illiterate! Swiping left n right like moron!

Can't ship this ...

hey they showing off the touchcrap lol

you fucksticks are busy talking about Serena, when the real issue here is how unimpressive the Touchpad was. No apps, lags, and did you retards even notice the keyboard didn't pop up when prompted? Sigh... I'm really getting sick of losers handling webOS. And they took away the gesture area? SMH

She was just as excited about the Touchpad as the media was when they introduced the Veer and the Pre 3 feb 9th...yawn.


"You did not"?
How could you know that for sure? ;-)

doesn't look like it's a awesome cool flowing pad...she was a normal consumer and had problems with the handling...lots of homework needs to be done before palm gives birth to another unloved child

You need someone who is IT-aware to endorse your product. She looked clueless.

The success of a product like the iPad is that people don't need to be IT aware to use it. It's just easy and simple. This thing is obviously too complicated for the average moron, which means it is a big FAILURE.

This c unt's hands are freaking gigantic. Disgusting pig.

Well they seemed normal sized to me. But then again if she was holding your "stuff" in her hands they would indeed seem gigantic. I guess you can't wait to get a Veer.