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Set Messaging status [webOS 3.0.4 update] 7

by Adam Marks Sun, 23 Oct 2011 8:20 pm EDT

This tip is only for devices running webOS 3.0.4 and higher

From webOS 1.0.1 through webOS 3.0.2, your only option when logging into or changing the status of your Messaging accounts was to show as Available, Away, or Offline for ALL accounts, without the choice to pick and choose. And while you were able to set a custom message, that too applied to all your accounts. However, with the webOS 3.0.4 update for the TouchPad, you now have the ability to determine the status and the message for each individual account. Just as in previous versions of webOS, you still need to tap in the top-left corner by the colored circle (which changes color depending in your status), but now your options are expanded:

  • To change the status on all your accounts, you still choose the desired status at the top of the list under the "ALL ACCOUNTS" section
  • To update only one account, find that account under the "INDIVIDUAL ACCOUNTS" section and choose your desired status
  • Unlike in previous iterations of webOS, if you want a custom status message, you now tap on the "Set custom status" option under either the ALL or INDIVIDUAL section and type in the status message.


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and wouldn't it be nice if we had facebook messaging?

I've always been able to set status for individual messaging accounts on my Pre/Pre2, dating back to webOS 1.4. The first time I ever could not was on my TouchPad at 3.0.2.

Now if they would merely add two *useful* options:

1. The ability to send messages in plain text.

2. The ability to set a persistent Bcc: field.

indeed it would be nice if they added support for some of the other major protocols like facebook, live, etc. Unfortunently I don't see that happening soon if at all.

If anything else they should improve the synergy developer documentation which is non existent so others can actually figure out how to make add on for each protocol like they probably intended.

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