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by Adam Marks Fri, 24 Sep 2010 12:37 pm EDT

Sounds & Ringtone app Setting a ringtone is a great way to personalize your phone, and doing this with webOS is really simple. To change your ringtone, all you need to do is open up the "Sounds & Ringtones" app and tap on the "RINGTONE" line to bring up a list of available ringtones. Simply scroll through the list ringtones or just start typing to search for a specific ringtone. Tapping the Preview sound icon play button on the right will preview that ringtone, while tapping on the name of the ringtone will set it (a checkmark will briefly appear before returning to the main Sounds & Ringtone screen). Once you return to the main Sounds & Ringtone page, just close the app and you will have set your default ringtone. But what if you want to use a song or sound file that is not currently on your phone, or didn't appear to be listed as an available ringtone? Continue reading after the break to learn.


The first step to get your personal ringtone added is to make sure that the sound file is on your phone. If it is not already, you will need to:

  1. Attach your device to a computer and access USB mode
  2. Copy any .mp3 or .wav file to your device. If this is to be used only for a ringtone you should copy it to the \ringtones directory on your device. Otherwise, you can put it anywhere on the USB drive
  3. Exit USB mode when done

Then, you need to set the ringtone. If you added the file to the \ringtones directory, just follow the directions above to set the ringtone. However, if you added it elsewhere on the device, there are a few extra steps you need to take. Just as above, load up the Sounds & Ringtone app and tap on the RINGTONE line. You will then need to add the file to the list if available ringtones. To do this:

  1. Click on the  Preview Song icon at the bottom-left corner of the screen to be presented with a list of all available .mp3 or .wav files on your device.
  2. Find the file you are looking for by scrolling through the list or use the type-to-search feature and tap on the name of the file/song. You can also tap the Preview sound icon play button on the right to preview that song first.
  3. Once you return to the listing on available Ringtones, follow the original directions above to find and set the ringtone.
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I wish there was some way to go to ONE place on the phone to change all of your sounds, like the ringtone, the email sound, the messaging sound, etc.

I still use the defalt ringtone. I likes it. Does that make me a bad person?

I have changed my sms sound though...

I wish there was an app that let you edit the file so you can choose what part of a song/sound you want.

This is probably a dumb question, but am I right that you can't download a new ringtone onto your phone over the air?

Not a dumb question. Try . Lots of ringtones there.

download free music ringtones from thew app catalog (name might not be 100% right) you can basically use a portion of any song you can think of as a ringtone

try any of these apps: PRingtones, ITunes Search, or Free Music Ringtones....they all do pretty much the same thing and allow you to download a ringtone

This came at a perfect time because I just changed my girlfriends ringtone to another custom one. I still have the same problem now that I did ringtone gets cut off and switches to voicemail. I looked for a patch to fix this but didn't see any. It is EXTREMELY frustrating because I spent 20 minutes getting it PERFECT (cutting, inserting to the hundredth of a second), and with the time and effort it takes to make it perfect, it gets cut off at the end :/. Anybody know a solution? I am willing to pay a dev to type up a patch for me if necessary btw. Thx.

To Hrolf...There is a website called where u can register and then upload songs stored on your computer for free to then use by attaching the phone by usb and then saving it to the ringtone file. U can also set it to play whithin any point of the song. Great site for that!!!...Try it and let us know!!

I use zedge when I'm actually near a computer, but a phone app would be sweet as I'm on the road 4 weeks at a time and the computer stays home.

Free Music Ringtones is no longer available in the App Catalog

Time for an old crotchy crank to weigh in:

I love mobile phones and my Pre, but the biggest downside to the mobile phone era is having to listen to what other people in public places think is a cool ringtone and something it's O.K. to subject the rest of us to when a call comes in. Talk about obnoxious!

At the very least, just set it to something that sounds like a phone ringing. Better, join the rest of us discreet types and set it to vibrate. Can't feel the vibration for some reason? Get a Bluetooth earphone. For my money, I can't see why anyone uses the ringer given how cheap Bluetooth earphones are these days.

The noise pollution must end!

End of rant--we now return you to your regularly scheduled tip...

Nicely put! I'm old tooooo.


Well, for those that are interested in the Free Music Ringtones app, go to:, download the ipk, and install via WebOS Quick Install. It still works great, and in my opinion is the best app for finding ringtones. I've tried a few others and not been as impressed. Of course, your limited to only the preview of a song and there's no ability to edit, but the ease of finding a wide array of songs makes it completely worthwhile.

One-Click Ringtone Converter.It let's you pull whatever section and how long out of a song you want to use,then convert it to the format your phone uses.Great little program.

Where's miniTones for WebOS? Another way the Pre feels like a downgrade.

use Audicity for cutting songs to use as ring tones , save the clip to the phone and then apply it.