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Setup Save/Restore for automatic backups (homebrew) 5

by Adam Marks Mon, 09 Apr 2012 3:25 pm EDT

Save Restore preferencesThe WebOS Internals' homebrew app Save/Restore is great to backup your important application data in case you ever need to webOS Doctor you device, swap it out with a new device, or even transfer data between a phone and TouchPad.  When the app was initially released, you were required to manually run the "save" process. However, an auto-save option was added in quite some time ago to perform this function for you on a regular basis, without any intervention on your part (well, some manual intervention was still required. See below)

To set up Save/Restore auto save:

  1. Open Save/Restore
  2. Wait for the app to load up all the scripts and when once done, swipe down from the top-left to bring down the Application dropdown menu and select "Preferences"
  3. If not already set, toggle "AUTO SAVE" to on
  4. Select the desired time to perform the backup, and choose "Every N Days" to your desired frequency. Choosing "1" will save every day
  5. Swipe back to exit (or press the back arrow on the TouchPad)
  6. A dashboard notification will appear with the time of the next backup

The only caveat to this process, as alluded to above, is that the auto save will only work for those items that you already have at least one backup for. In other words, if you haven't saved the data for a given app at least once, it will not be a part of the auto save. Therefore, every so often, it is a good idea to open up Save/Restore, choose "Save Application Data" and manually run a save of all available scripts.

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Will this allow me to get the contacts I have on my pre2 loaded on to my touchpad without using something like google contacts? Big time pet peeve of mine, this lack of functionality. These thing should sync up automatically.

How are your contacts stored? If they are on a synergy account (e.g. google, facebook, yahoo), etc, all you need to do is log in to those accounts on your Touchpad and they will load in

If the contacts are loaded to your Palm profile, then you can only do a 1-time load of your contacts from the Pre2 to the TouchPad when you activate the touchpad. after that point, if you make any changes to the contact one the Pre2 or the TP, you are correct that they will not sync up. and yes, this is annoying

I missed - did not know - the caveat at the bottom of your post when using the app ... good tip/advice. Thx.

I changed my save schedule to daily like you have done Adam after I noticed that each save overwrites the previous backup and does not create a new backup (i.e. With multiple backups dates like in Windows).