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SFR and Palm to Celebrate French Launch of the Palm Pre with Developer Contest 15

by Dieter Bohn Fri, 05 Feb 2010 11:28 am EST


We knew that the Palm Pre was coming to SFR in France, but details on the launch have been a little harder to track down. Looks like it's coming quite soon, as SFR is having a launch party for developers (and a developer contest separate from Hot Apps) on February 9th, complete with Palm luminaries Ben Galbraith and Dion Almaer.

You can sign up for a newsletter, try to score an invite, or just meditate on the meaning of a man being trapped in a giant lightbulb at the SFR Jeunes Talents Développeurs site. You can also follow @sfrjtd on twitter, if that's how you roll.



That is good more pres out and more apps out how much of an impact on webos is the french gunna have???

No your not first, your just not.


Quite a lot! This company (SFR) has approximately 20 million customers. And 70% of their customers are aware of the Palm Brand. If they can bring in half of Sprint's sales, Palm will add 500,000 new customers in 6 months in France or 1 million customers for the year.

lol at the tweet that linked here:
"I feel bad for the 4 guys who weren't able to escape their light bulb egg prisons."

My initial impression was that the light bulbs represented new ideas. The guy bursted out to get his idea noticed or is declaring victory for his idea.

It's not a huge wave of TV ads, but it is great marketing in a way. Anything that contributes to a growing developer base is good for present and potential Pre/Pixi owners.

And it's a hell of a lot more than boring old Spain did for their Pre roll-out.

A bit off topic but I just love to see when people make narrow minded comments about other countries and can't spell using their native language(or proper grammar: hollabak009) . And, if you know anything about history, even the smallest countries have had the greatest impact on advancement. Instead of being so negative, perhaps we can welcome new additions to the family and recognize that additional customers in turn will mean more developers and subsequently give us all a better experience.

neither the website nor the ad above mentions WHICH Palm phones are coming. The ad just says "launch of the new Palm mobiles." Are we sure it's the Pre? How about the Pixi? Maybe they're talking about the Pro?!?!

from the ces presentation, i would think that they would be mainly talking about webos devices

this ad is talking about pre plus and pixi plus which will be available in April in France

are we 100% that it's the plus?

Yes, this is the Pre Plus Plus Pixi and will be available in France in April, but ... I could tell you more very soon, I'm not allowed to provide information for the currently held secret.

Philippe ( )

thanks philippe - are you allowed to say whether it'll be qwerty or azerty?

Palm is selling the Pre in 4 (four) countries in EU out of 27 member states. Now, where's the profit Palm?