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SFR giving away 10 Pre Plus and 10 Pixi Plus phones, possibly revealing launch date and price 13

by Derek Kessler Mon, 05 Apr 2010 12:44 pm EDT

Palm Pixi Plus concours à SFR

Attention residents of France: the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus are due to launch soon on SFR, and they’re celebrating by giving away ten of each. The contest merely requires your name, email address, and birth date, and even if you don't win, you're still entered to be notified of when the phones are available.

The contest's fine print possibly has revealed two things. One: the launch date. The contest ends on May 31, 2010, which we can assume is close to, if not the exact, launch date. The date is also a a week over four months past the launch of the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus on Verizon.

The second is off-contract pricing. Operating on the assumption that the phone will be available off-contract, the value declared by the contest is €479 for the Pre Plus and €349 for the Pixi Plus. The phones awarded by the contest will be of the locked variety (they’re not going to give away something you can use on a competitor’s network). The on-contract pricing of €99 for the Pre Plus and €49 for the Pixi Plus was already revealed in an earlier survey.

So, our French friends longing for some webOS action, head on over to SFR’s contest website and enter for yourself. Vive Palm!

Thanks to Adam for the tip!


AZERTY Palm Pres and Pixis!

awwrite its cute that the french can haz plus versions of the webOS yesness, but any news on when we the people at sprint (aka guinea pigs for webOS), will get a new palm device?
can i haz pixi with wifi? thxkbai

Palm C40 showed up again in the sprint order forms at BGR. Check the link:

hopefully we will get my info soon especially with iPhone 4.0 being revealed this Thurs

Did Palm completely forget about Sprint?

Can you all stop your bitchin about the Pre Plus not at Sprint yet? I mean, it's a small improvement. Are you really going to upgrade to the Pre Plus when it comes time? That would be a terrible financial decision for all of you to make.

I'm a Pre user with Sprint and I'd rather wait for a new device rather than upgrading to a Pre Plus in June.

I guess the larger your income, the more $400 feels like pennies .

31 May??? Too late considering that probably Apple is going to show new iphones in june! Hurry up Palm!


i still wait for flash ... :(


So much for the "Life moves fast - don't miss a thing" slogan.

I guess "Palm - We launch late" is just as good.

Who.. WHO is going to get a Pre when you're 2 weeks away from the Apple event?
I don't even care about the freaking iPhone, but if webOS continues to be supported by precentral readers, there won't be any webOS to support in two years.

I'm tired of waiting and seeing Palm do things the wrong way.
And by the way, any launch date in any other AZERTY european country? Switzerland? Belgium? Luxembourg? Or is it just for France?

Oh right, you want carrier support. Well I guess I'm never seeing webOS in here (Belgium). There is no carrier support. Buy the phone, get the plan. No SIM-lock. No subvention. Nothing. Maybe I should just get another bloody Nokia. At least they stay in one piece for years.

I'm not sure that we can read too much into the competition dates. In Europe, competitions like this tend to run while the device is actually available. Clearly it isn't 100% the case, as the 16th March has come and gone but I wouldn't be surprised if it launches before 30th May.

Also, I hadn't realised that SFR is a Vodafone company / affiliate, which gives further credence to the PreCentral story here:

So, over a year after the Pre's introduction, Palm finally decide that French people should be allowed to give them their money for it. I guess the rest of Europe will follow over the next decade or so. It must be great to be such a well-off company that they can afford to ignore so many rich consumers for so long.

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