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SFR posts Pre 2 details (again); 99€ on contract, 449€ off-contract; Update: page taken down 37

by Derek Kessler Tue, 19 Oct 2010 4:28 am EDT

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Apparently it wasn't enough for SFR to jump the gun and post Pre 2 details once, they've seen fit to go ahead and do it again. Marcel points out a full-on Pre 2 product page on SFR France's website, listing the Pre 2 at a price of 99€ on contract, 449€ off-contract. The specs we saw rumored before are still here: webOS 2.0, 1GHz processor, 512MB RAM, and a 5 megapixel camera. SFR also lists the weight at 145 grams, call time at 10 hours(!), and the storage memory at 16 gigs.

It's currently unavailable, but they do have a link where you can give them your email address to get alerted for when it will become available. Marcel also noticed that the Palm Pre doesn't seem to be showing up on O2 Germany's website, in case one European rumor isn't enough to tide you over.

Update: SFR has taken the page down.

Source: SFR France; Thanks Marcel!



so pretty much still everything we were expecting and what are you doing up working at this hour? Go to bed you.

The page is gone again. What is happening over there?

source is not available....

99 = $137 and 449 = $624 US

5mp camera? sounds good. sounds like 720p might also be a real possibility

talk time. I might just buy the phone for that.

WebOS 2.0

Palm just sell me this phone already, and let me laugh at all the nay sayers

Between this and the review units in the hands of Engadget and a certain semi-silent website I would say these things are out within two weeks.

I hope It will come to sprint, and I'll b first in line to buy it. This phone better not cost more than $150, or ill b force to wait till it drops to $150(or lower)... Oh may b I'll just wait till the the super phone is release...... What to do? What to do?

It weighs 10g more than the pre plus, must be a glass screen then!

ya, it is a good sign. nice "monster" glas. and it can take 10 gr. more. it is also "cheaper" then the first pre in germany. was about 485

"Review units in the hands of engadget" I think I missed this story.

A few people have commented that it's strange PreCentral haven't picked up on this story.

In short a guy from Engadget tweeted a link to a photo via a twitter client only available for WebOS. The picture was 5MP and the EXIF metadata said the camera was a Palm Pre. Conclusion Engadget has a review unit.

As PreCentral haven't picked up on this news we can only assume that they have a review unit also. I think we should treat their general silence and article looking back on WebOS update history as a giant knowing wink.

picture by @joshuatopolsky on Twitter
Metadata says
Make Palm
Model Pre
ExifImageWidth - 2576
ExifImageHeight - 1944

so its 5MP.

think the full review will be up when the phone hits stores.

Still hoping for an high res (640x960) screen. And I will change my Palm Pre.

640x960 would really go nice with the 5mp camera, but I need to know soon if sprint will get this.......upgrade is coming in 2weeks!!!!!! Come on palm, let the cat out of the bag already!!!!!!

It would definitely be nice, but I'm thinking no high res screen. Just my hunch, but hey, I would love to be proven wrong ;P

if it's webOS 2.0, where's Just Type in the front pic? I can't see the other shots. Does it only show up with the slider open?

The previous nor these ones are final. This one still says "China Telecom" and has a CDMA radio, so it's P102EWW.

I always thought the bar doesn't make sense unless it's the tablet. Slide open the keyboard and "just type".

Did they release another webOS 2 feature? Or is my French not good enough:

Would "Email avec pieces jointes" (literally email with joined pieces) mean "threaded email"?? Here's one hoping for that feature.

Spud, I think that "Email avec pieces jointes" means 'email with attachments' rather than 'threaded email'.

Sorry to disappoint you, but "Email avec pieces jointes" just means "Email with attached files"

The price is actually the most exciting thing here to me. If this is released at $149 or (*gasp*) $99 on Sprint, I might not be able to wait till the superphone. That talk time is amazing if true! To save myself some grief (and set up a possible pleasant surprise) I will just assume it was a translation error.

gotta love that posting error.

Triple post, sorry.

All right. Im happy for new camera and improved battery life. What concerns me is the price. If itll have high-res display its definitely superphone and I wouldnt mind paying 450

If this phone is over $300 with no contract on Sprint then I won't be getting it. Not because I don't want to but because I can't. I'll just save up for the superphone lol.

Just notice that the carrier in the picture is China Telecom. It does not make sense!

the pre is online still available at O2 Germany

I think precentral got the Pre 2 .. And once palm give it a official announcement that's when Precentral going to post pictures and hands on video.

I'll pass and wait for the 4G version.

The Pre is actually still available in Germany (the few phones that still are not sold):
But neither the Pre Plus nor the Pixi Plus can be found.

Update: if you use the search, you can still find all Palm phones. Don't know what that means.

The announcement of this phone's release date probably yields the latest date for "HP" webOS 2.0 as well. Things suddenly got exciting again, especially because Dieter is probably putting the phone through its paces as we speak.

On another note: I really don't have too much of a problem with the screen res at this size, but I want higher res only because I also want a bigger screen. I'd only get this updated Pre if it happened to fall into my lap... my phone can do 1GHz anyway! =P

Why wouldnt the previous slip-up at SFR state a 5MP camera? It seems odd that the details on the SFR website seem to only leak after other sources have uncovered specs. As if HP has not given them a total spec list and SFR is basing their listings off of the PreCentral postings and forum. Was anyone able to open the "technical specifications" link when the SFR site was up?

Does anybody thing Palm is going to announce this at engadget meet up? They are going to be there and the editor in chief of engadget supposedly already has a review unit.

There is a bunch of tweets going around that the Verizon launch of the Palm Pre 2 is November 11th.

I still have yet to see any reference to storage space :(

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In addition to all of the things that we've listed as desires for the new PRE, I just realized that, I hope the keys on this Pre come with the red/orange numbers and function button like the original on sprint. So trivial I know. :-p

Sweet... Now where are all those non-believers? What else will they complain of? Screen resolution. :-D