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Share your app ideas on a website for developers to find and create 61

by Nathan Mylott Tue, 15 Mar 2011 11:09 pm EDT

Developing for webOS is a lot easier than learning a complex programming language, as it requires mostly only web design skills. So theoretically anyone could learn to be a webOS developer. But creating apps is like any other creative venture in that sometimes you run out of ideas for what to create. On the flip side, there are a lot of apps we wish existed but don’t know to whom we should suggest them. The Internet Wishlist bridges that gap between the creators and the consumers.

If you have a great idea for an app you would like to see built, all you have to do is send out a tweet with the hashtag #theiwl. If you have a good idea, they will post it to the site. Only the best ideas will make it to the site.

If you are a developer in search of inspiration, the interface is very easy to navigate. It looks like an idea board with little notes stuck to it. You can also search by tags. If you click the little thumbtack on an idea, you can read or post comments. There is also a link to the Twitter profile of the person who suggested it.

You should not have to wade through too much junk to find good ideas, since the site says, “only the most forward thinking ideas will be shared on this site and on Twitter @theiwl.” But many of the ideas posted are nonsensical fantasies like "I wish the Internet could replicate smell and taste, especially smell," or "I wish there was an app that projected your imagination out into the open." But the majority of them are practical, useful ideas.

So, webOS developers, get out there and start creating. We don’t have the biggest app catalog but maybe we can have the most innovative.



there used to be a webos app to submit ideas in...

that's my first request for an app.

so, let's have an app to track ideas for how to motivate developers to create these apps.

I actually am working on an app that's similar in concept to the IWL but specific to webOS app development. The idea I had around it was that it would be like the Game of Life where ideas could flourish if there were more people working on it and had similar ideas it was related to. And would die out if not. Just getting swamped with a major new project at work.

This is a good idea. Nothing wrong with it.

But, honestly i don't think the issue is a lack of ideas. There are there's an 800+ post, 43 page app wishlist thread
And many other where people have said the apps they really want.

The issue is lots of the stuff that people request, developers either can't or won't make. Like i'm not developer so i don't know how this works, and some of it is hardware and api based issue. But in many cases it's something else. i think the reason there's no ESPN scorecenter app is cause ESPN has to make it. Same for Netflix. I'd guess Fidelity has to make an app cause they'll never let random third parties access bank records. And i'm sure there are tons of others.

If it's not an issue. i have to wonder why many apps don't exist. I doubt anyone is not making an ESPN fantasy app out of spite if they could.

But it's not like nobody's mentioned these. I don't think the issue is a lack of ideas.

good comment blackmagic01. right on.

well thank you.

This isn't meant to be a solution to a problem. Just a source of inspiration for working developers and a way to get your ideas into the right hands.

*cough*Navigation software*cough*

*cough* Sprint! *cough*

What about a simple countdown app for "coming months" ? Would love that, each day the app would just pick up a random season and start counting down. Veer in Spring, TP summer.

Great concept, but how do I get paid for my idea? I'm assuming this is just a giant post-up for ideas to get snapped-up by developers for free? I visited the site, and that's the impression I got.

I gues I'm just not one of those uber generous souls who wants to invent perpetual energy source and then give it away to the world for free. My motivation for suggesting an app has got to be more than just the possibility that I might one day get to see it in use. What do I get in return?

Of course, once the idea has been pinned to that wall, it's out there for everyone to see - and take a shot at developing, without cutting the originator in on a single profit. Or is this all done on the honor system?

But, hey, I totally realize there are plenty of people with plenty of app ideas that they are perfectly willing to part with for no profit at all. I'm down with that. I've got one or two of those. But the really good ones I'd like to get paid for.

just my $0.02

NEWS FLASH - Your idea combined with about $3 will get you a cup of Starbucks coffee.

Hey stay with that thought.. I sold an idea for I phone app.. Cut a deal & I made 2000 my cut.. So you are on the right track.. I'm on my 5th ap idea for IPhone & Android. If HPalm ever figures out how to get some happy users I may try same with WEBOS developers...

"Great concept, but how do I get paid for my idea?"

Or you could give back to the community that has freely given to you. You think Rod or 'Psycho get paid for this?


Like I said, I've got a couple ideas that I'd be willing to do that with (give away for free).

But make no mistake, I'm not about to just open source my best ones for absolutely no return.

Trust me, (as an example) if a year ago this app idea website existed and you posted about a game idea you had where some hungry pigs stole eggs from this group of birds and made them angry, I think you'd be reasonably "angry" that you were'nt at least cut in on some of the profits right about now.

Look, I'm not saying ALL apps need to profit somebody. But don't go all Socialist on me and start hinting that NONE should profit the originator.

Depends on how you define "originator". Is this a detailled description on how the gameplay should be and so on?

Otherwise I just originated the Idea that it would be good to produce a tablet which

1) replaces your PC and Laptop
2) has a wireless HDMI-out
3) can be used like a Wiimote
4) has dual-back cameras to be used like a Kinect

So... now I will just wait until somebody produces this thing and then I will ask for money^^

if someone posted an idea in a public forum before rather then written the code and sold the game that person would be naive to expect money. All he had was an idea.

Ideas are worth $0.02, everyone has one, and they think they are the only ones with genius ideas...

Invent time travel. (My idea)
Useless unless I actually invent it, build it, use it...

If you like the apple-method, "It is mine, so unless you pay me millions, for doing nothing more than thinking of it, then you get nothing." You will be waiting until you learn how to build it yourself, because you will not find anyone to pay you for an idea which millions of others have had, unless you are apple.

(They didn't invent the tablet, or the touchscreen, or the OS, or the chips, or anything that makes a tablet. They simply charged users 3x more for the same **** that is in every other tablet. They just had better marketing, and lots of suckers with free cash, wanting that gold-necklace, not realizing it is just gold-plate.)

An idea takes a second to think-up. Less than that, since most ideas are just creations of someone-else's idea.

However, coding takes months, and up to years to perfect. If it takes less than that, it wasn't worth much to begin with. So your second of thought is not even worth $0.02 in a $200.00 app.

The alternative is... Take it to your grave. Someone-else will think of that idea soon enough, if it was good, and you get no credit at all, for contributing to your future.

What was apple's idea? Overprice hardware and lock-out every competitor who doesn't pay them, while convincing everyone that they need this useless service that they already have on a PC. They won... That idea was worth $0.00, but the labor involved in making it a reality was worth millions, for CEO's, and minimum wage to US workers, and $0.02 an hour to kids in china.

The question is... What are you going to pay me for turning your idea into reality?


Thus, we collect only if the idea is even marketable. If your idea is marketable, pay the $10,000 for the patent and market research and lawyers, then come back to me and ask for a percentage.

By the way... any idea you think-up at work, is property of the company, not you. By all patent and copyright laws.

Any idea you voice in public, is public domain, unless you can secure patents within a year, and that requires tons of up-front money for validating that your idea is actually yours. Having a patent is NOT a guarantee that you own it, in reality. You only own it until it is contested by another. That is how apple man-handled most of the patents they have now. They simply had more money.

Look around... The world has created most of what you need, without demanding that you pay them. They don't even take credit.

Who invented the spoon? Fire? Shoes? Wires? TV Dinners? Pizza? IceCream? Amusement Parks?

Ok... Al Gore thinks he invented the internet, but that is hardly true.

we used to have the App Idea Box by WeTap in the catalog but it disappeared after one of the WebOS updates.

i wondered the same thing... where is that?

this doesn't seem to be webos specific. seems like someone, upon seeing a suggestion, may just make an iphone app so it may help to mention you're interested in a specific platform only.

If I give you my idea for free will you make it into a free app?
Or will you share your profits with me?

Yeah... If the guy who invented the fire would have thought that way we would still live in caves and without something to heat.

You misunderstood me :) I was calling out on developers who will bank on our free ideas. Thea least they could do is to make the app free and givit back to community.

Only few will ...

And those who won't, they also won't share profits with you either.

OK, then I really misunderstood you ;)

Yes, if somebody has a good idea and shares it (in detail) with somebody else, of course either the App should be free for all or he should share it with the guy who gave him the idea.

But actually I don't count those 140 characters of Twitter that you are sending as worthy enough to apply to this (other wise it would remember me more to "patent trolls" that see where the general direction is moving and patent something just so that later they can ask for money from the guys who actually made the real work and made the things possible).

If later some programmer thinks that it is a good idea and comes to me to ask me some more detailed questions I could really understand your point. Then this would be a partnership, where one partner has the idea and knows how it should be in the end, while the other one has the know how and the skills.

I think it would be better if everyone gave me your ideas for apps. I need the money.

If you are an developer... just look it up there^^

Otherwise: I would pay for an App that enables me to control my Samsung TV (I have an LE40C750 with WiFi) including the Internet@TV and if possible even the Media Player... But only the Internet@TV would be great already ;)

somebody's workin on a samsung app, fyi!

In my opinion is the best application ideas, so vital and basic that they should be included from start in webOS and that might also be exactly why no third party developer fix this...

I am especially thinking on two applications and the first need mainly to get the basic functionality it had in Palm OS and the second would be extremely practical for most people that handle a lot of information...

(3 in my list of webOS problems) The included Task application seems to be almost worthless, compared with the "old" Palm OS because of six big usability limitations, that mainly can be fixed with alternative settings in options menu... -1- You can't see if there is an "extra note page" connected to the task, as you could before... -2- It don't show the priority either, as it did before... -3- You can now only select 3 priority levels (just as in Windows mobile and Symbian) even if it was 5 levels before and that detail was one of the biggest advantages with Palm OS because it's good to have two extra important levels for "fix first" and "soon" one for "when you got time" one for "don't forget" and the last for archive... -4- The huge fixed fonts and plenty of empty space around the text, make it only possible to view 6 short tasks (!!) without scrolling, instead of the 11 longer tasks that I can view on the much smaller Treo 680 screen and that is almost insane, when a simple setting / option could allow 12 task in Pre, with clearly more empty space around the text (for easy finger navigation) than before... -5- The extra big check box steal a lot of valuable screen space and make each task line very very short, so that should be an option instead... If you have to show your boss what you done, is it better to move stuff you done to a "Done" list / category where it also is easy to see everything directly and where it not mess up the view of everything you still have to do... Yes, there was a check box in PalmOS too - but it became twice as big now and that make it a much bigger problem! -6- Then will task only sync with Exchange servers (if you have that) but not with Google, as example and the best would naturally be a desktop application, so you know your information are safe... But this lousy task management, can of course be fixed soon by HP or in good time, with extra third party applications... And it support at least "multiple todo lists" as categories, so it work slightly better than some simple Nokia smartphones...

(4) The pretty "Memo" application is pointless (just as before) when each post is limited to just 4.000 letters and you anyhow have ToDo / Task and the Calender... And it is not even possible to sync, so what you really need is a good plain TEXT EDITOR that is easy to back up and open from your notebook, rock solid, ultra fast, has smart search & replace, at least three alternative font sizes so different people really can use it on a tiny smartphone screen, a slim proportional scroll bar and handle at least 200 huge text documents of minimum 100.000 letters each, sorted in 12 folders... Including at least txt, html and hopefully some other type of files... I sincerely hope (and guess) that someone will make a fine text editor, because a true Word document editor IS a lot more clumsy and slower to use, especially in a smartphone... And there are now one simple text editor with name "Scratch" that offer some of the functions above, including a find option... Then could you probably use the excellent old PalmOS application CardTXT that have the text functionality you may need and more, with help of the amazing "Classic" emulator - but this emulator do NOT work in webOS 2.0 or higher!

(5) I also need the magnificent "floating event" functionality (or "roll over" as some say) in the calender (at least as a third party application) that I now have in DateBk6 so you can show vital events "that should be done today" and then get them automatically moved to next day, every new day... Simply making that event show every "current" day, from the date you post the event... But before you get this in a webOS application, can you use DateBk6 (made for the old PalmOS) that have this great functionality, with help of the amazing "Classic" emulator - but this emulator do NOT work in webOS 2.0 or higher!

Then is it more possibilities to make webOS clearly greater, but that was the three most important application updates that I guess many people would love ;-)

Exactly - that's why I'm still using my Centro & wating for the dust to settle and see if HP/Palm can make something that will work for work as opposed to work for entertainment.

Will HP open up the API's to allow the hottest apps like Shazam or Barcode Scanner? If HP will now allow the hot apps, couldn't you just go to the iPhone or Android app stores and just suggest a list of their 100 top titles?

Instead of taking the ideas, why wouldn't HP give incentives to get the actual developers to port over?

I hope that's exactly what they are doing right now. I don't think they are talking to one-man-developer-studios, but rather to the big guys like EA, Citrix, Netflix, Skype, Quickoffice, Hulu, Gluemobile, Rovio etc...

And: The APIs already are open. I'am using my Voice Recorder that I bought through the App Catalog on a regular basis ;)

honestly if HP or Palm was serious about them why wouldn't they just have called up Shazam and Barcode and say here's an early look a long long time ago? It's not like developers don't get early looks. Its not like the launch apps didn't have access to information that everyone else didn't have well before the sdk came out.

You'd honestly think they'd have looked at the bigger name app properties and given them what they need first since catering to them brings a lot of customer satisfaction.

Maybe Shazam just didn't want to do it?
Maybe they are waiting to market it when the Veer gets official?
Maybe they are still working on it?

We don't know. Just in webOS 2.x they implemented these APIs and only a few devices do have it officially for now. It would be a logical step that those things come up soon after a "big" launch of a new webOS 2.x device, which now even will get marketed seriously by HP.

no we don't. But i'd think if they were smart, which honestly, i don't think they are as evidenced by their failures, but if they were smart i'd have thought they'd have approached them long before the veer existed. During the original pre and said here we'll help you. They did it already for every launch partner.

a dog wistle app

a tv remote app

Why do you need an app to contol the TV? Did it not come with a remote? If you can't find the remote get off your **** walk across the room and push one of the buttons on the TV itself.

I want a remote control to have a better control of my integrated media player than I do get with the remote control. Also don't forget, that modern TV also have a lot "PC" Functions.

My Samsung TV even has a Facebook-App oO

I just don't use the stuff too much, simply because it's hard to type on that remote and the usability isn't good with it. If I could have a remote that would work like a mouse and would allow me to type with my Pre's keyboard I would pay money for ;)

there's another way to do darn near everything any app does. Hell why do you need a phone. you can just drive to someone's house and talk to them. You can't talk down to someone just cause they want an app for something that can be accomplished another way. There's a starbucks app that lets you pay with you're phone. Hell if you have a starbucks card you could just take the card out and hand it to them. But you don't have to. it's a convenience thing. People want what they want. period. that's never gonna change. Hell i don't need 90% of the stuff that's in app threads. but i want a whole bunch of stuff that's not there. That doesn't make it wrong.

how about an app that filters this blog... It would save me 75% of the time I spend reading dumb posts like this one...

I need Chase bank mobile deposit and useful navigation (better office line).

creo que escribo por muchos necesitamos un cliente de mensageria que se conecte con WhatsApp Messenger...

"I wish the internet could replicate smell and taste, especially smell." I second that suggestion. I wonder what PreCentral tastes like?

bitter regret, despair and near hatred for HP.

How about a way to submit an idea without have to tweet it for those of us who avoid Twitter like the plague?

+1 to the non-twitting idea submissions! (yes, I'm aware some people call them tweets...)

I like to see IDX feeds for smarts phones, with branding for any Real Real Estate Office listing. IDX for MLS already is big on the net having on a smart phone is the step, mobile for Realtor and customers in the field.

Southern California Real Estate Listings

how about a countdown app where you can count down to when your sprint/pre- contract is up and you can leave them and get a verizon iphone? Which apple will give new ios upgrades to past 16 months

How about an App that filters out comments on precentral that contain BS Apple Fanboyism?

+1 for non-twitter and non-facebook.

sorry vito, I should be a hp honk like you and just be happy that they give us nothing. I should just be happy that I have crappy apps and no future updates. Keep drinking the hpalm coolaid.

Audible, Shazam, Barcode Scanner, Kindle reader, Nook reader, XM-Sirrius sat radio streamer, Comcast DVR remote, Google Earth, (w/ streetview/navigation), Google Goggles, Word Lens, Hulu, Dragon Dictation, Skype, Trillian, TAKEphONE, TurboTax, Layer, StarChart, Satellite AR, Voice Search, Text to Speech / Speech to Text - Spoken/Talking Caller ID.

that'll be a start. !-)

First, I wanna give a "Shout Out" to "TheFishGuy"!! What Up?! This is BadBoyBri from the "App Idea Box"! Which BTW, was in the App Catalog, and was kinda cool, til the dev shut it down. :-(

I read most of the comments and agree with several of the issues, but right now, I want to see something happen!! webOS is Very Close to being DEAD!! Whether anyone wants to admit it or not! We Are The Sole Survivors!! PreCentral and WebOS Internals is the backbone. We need to create our own webOS App Idea Wishlist website!! Now that the API's are available, once we can have all the same apps from iOS and Android, the wishlist will get kinda small, cause how many times are you gonna re-invent the wheel?

But what we need MOST is Action, NOW!! We need Growth, NOW!! We need Devices, NOW!! Not "in coming months."!

PreCentral, WebOS Roundup, or WebOS Internals should set up a site where users can leave ideas and devs will go to, and make apps!! This will be just for webOS, and not the WWW! And we should make this happen ASAP!!
"Life Moves Fast. Don't Wait For HP/Palm." ;-)

I like it.
I also like the idea of one of these sites having an area which coordinates user-directed campaigns at companies that have apps we want on our platform.
(Shazam, Opera, etc..)

An app to get my team to finally win a SuperBowl. It's been 15 years!

I've got an app idea for musicians: When in the process of making your own music, alot of people out there (including myself) like to make original ideas. therefore I think there should be an app that you can enter in a specific beat or riff and have it search through almost every song (or however many possible) out there and tell which songs have that specific beat or riff.

I've got an app idea for musicians: When in the process of making your own music, alot of people out there (including myself) like to make original ideas. therefore I think there should be an app that you can enter in a specific beat or riff and have it search through almost every song (or however many possible) out there and tell which songs have that specific beat or riff.

really very nice job

I've got an idea for cellphones to cut off texting while driving. Anyone heard of anything like this out there? I'm not a developer, just had an idea!