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Sign of the new era: Palm on, brand intact 33

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Thu, 01 Jul 2010 10:39 am EDT

With the HP acquisition of Palm closing today, the first public sign of the new combination arrived this morning with the launch of HP's Wireless Central store and new sections of its Small and Midsized Business pages.

Last thing's first - at the bottom of HP's SMB pages where you can now find Palm devices, we find this valuable piece of information from the business site is in its fine print:

Palm, Pixi, Pre and webOS are trademarks of Palm, Inc., a subsidiary of Hewlett Packard Company.

That is solid confirmation that, at least in the near term, the Palm brand, and Palm itself, will remain intact within the HP organization.

Read on to see how Palm has already popped up on HP's site.


On the Wireless Central site )in reality a co-branded effort with Simplexity's users can purchase Pres, Pixis and their Plus versions (and even a legacy iPaq) from various carriers. 

Within its small & medium business site, HP also features Palm hardware, with new lease options.



That didn't take long.

I was in Best Buy over the weekend and noticed NO Palms at all. Usually they have 4-6 of them under Sprint, VZ and Smartphone displays. But with 3 carriers now in the game, very odd noon of them had it featured. So I'm wondering if the 1st Gen products have already been EOL'd at BB in anticipation of Gen2. I know they're out of RS already.

The clock starts today!

I sure hope so. I can't wait for the next gen. I'm really hoping for a 4g model at sprint.


I love that Palm is a subsidiary and not a division of :)

They have been working on the branding for some time, it's really just a flip of the switch once it is final.

Yep, Palm, while not strong in sales right now, still has a brand identity. I'm sure HP will see if they can leverage "Palm's" success and keep it a viable name. If Palm products do not show superior growth in the coming year, HP will move to homoginize them into the HP branding. If you like the Palm name, go out and buy Palm stuff, and take a couple of friend with you. Palm has to OUTGROW other HP product lines to keep their identity.

Hmm...didnt see any mention of a regular Palm Pre. Wonder what Sprint users would have to buy?

The Sprint pages do show the Pre rather than the Pre Plus. {Jonathan}

Wonder what Sprint users would have to buy?
Hmmmmmmmmmm. New hardware. New hardware!

all that means is that the pre original is obsolete, and a new device is on the way for all those on the sprint network, YESSSSSSSS!!!

Good start indeed =) I think they'll keep Palm as is for a long time just because most of us (smartphone consumers) can only rationalize a Palm webOS phone. True? They can do toasters and netbooks and printers and slates w/ webOS plastered onto those with the HP wouldn't be weird because HP is already known for those devices. Put webOS on an HP branded smartphone and trying to get loyal Palm customers to buy it...its not that easy. Our minds are wired to where we associate particular things and if things change to where our minds are like WTF we get thrown off. Palm and webOS go hand in least when it comes to mobile. HP can do whatever it wants with other appliances and webOS...leave mobile with Palm's branding =)

Go H/Palm!
Go webOS!
Go Sprint!

Now let's see more devices coming up :)

Now let's see more devices coming up :)

This is awesome to see on the HP site! Go for it, HP! Let's get some new devices out in the wild!

Well, after the issue with the hardware and people demanding HTC hardware, or other tech sweatshops to create the device, I don't see people, 'palm users' having any problem getting HP branded product with webOS on it.

I'm glad Palm doesn't have to focus on hardware (internally) since the CEO of HP makes it sound like a breeze!!

Now that we 'palm' owns rights to and i'name', should Palm abuse it to torture Jobs?

ipaq by Palm.

That would be funny.

But I'd love to see the Treo name come back.

I hope that precentral doesn't become hpcentral !!!

Wouldn't that be HPocritical of us? :) {Jonathan}

Yes, yes it would. {Jonathan}

this is just my personal oppinion, but i think that now that the acquisition of palm is finally complete i could see new handhelds being detailed in the next couple(and i do mean couple) of weeks, because in all reality palm has been relatively silent because of the merger which has given them ample time to produce new hardware. then again this is just me being optomistic about the whole situation...

Silent also because they've been trying to work off a surplus of unsold units they dont want to obsolete by previewing new hardware.

Whats with the Black and Black plus. As far as i remember that is the only color choice

Yes I also noticed that...Palm Pixi Plus Black...hmm!

Would not be hard to make a shell in Ivory, Carbon Fiber, or otherwise native in design. Pixi can change the backs...I know, but I'm talking about them offering newer shell designs for older units

A New Coat of Paint - Per say! Sorli...

I can taste it.. Lol

Free phone with new activation except on sprint.

Whats the diffrence between being a subsidiary of and a division of?

Subsidiaries remain separate corporate entities, whose shares are held by the parent. Division can be an internal designation, like "business unit," but part of the same corporation.

Irrelevant for most consumers' purposes, except that it could help Palm keep its distinct identity within the broader organization. {Jonathan}

Says this site is not affiliated with HP at all...operated by Simplexity. Strange...

I'm really glad that Palm is actually a subsidiary rather than just a division of HP. The Palm brand is much more well known in the smartphone world than the HP brand. Looking forward to new hardware!!

Did you notice the HP's store frontpage ( and reference to Palm with a sale link in Lower Right.

I suspect their web development and marketing is going to be real busy moving things around (replacing the iPaq picture), adding new, and a completely new division for Mobile and Slate opportunities when they come available.

Yes I agree, is REALLY Impressive - Wow Frontpage and in Big Lights!!!! Love the limelight...way to go HP!

Good to see HP and Palm, and all the major carriers working together selling webOS devices. I actually like HP Mobile site better then Palm's, I'm sure they'll also be making changes shortly. HP's billing and playtime has to help motivate Verizon, ATT, and Sprint sales. Sorli...

I'm selling phones for Simplexity too! Thats awesome!
I got a domain and we offer great deals, really. Mostly AT&T and Verizon. Like Droid for 19.99! Sold 5 since I started.
HP + Palm + Simplicity (aka...)= awesomeness