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Silence or ignore incoming call 9

by Adam Marks Tue, 27 Jul 2010 3:45 pm EDT

Ever wondered how to silence or ignore an incoming call when your phone is locked? When you are already using the phone and an incoming call appears, you are presented with a green or red button to answer or ignore the call, respectively, but you only get the green "answer" button when the phone is locked. This is where the ringer switch comes in:

  • To silence the ringer, simply press the phone's power button once. Per the comments, you can also tap either volume button.
  • To ignore the call altogether and send it to voicemail, press the phone's power button a second time
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And don't forget the beauty of using a Bluetooth earphone, e.g., my Jawbone ICON sends the call to voicemail by holding down the talk button for 2 seconds. Nice.

Wish there was way to silence text message ring tone as well. I have a 15 second ring and sometimes the phone is in my hand and I cant silence it till it plays it out for text messaging. Plus ignore with text for incoming call would be great.!!!!1

OR you can press the volume button to silence your ringer, which is what I always do.

yap I do the same thing

Pressing the volume buttons also silences the ringer, and it is far preferred since you won't also accidentally hang up the call and make the person think you "sent them to voicemail" because you were too busy.

Oh and you can also power the phone on by pressing the power button ...smh...

You can also gain access to the keyboard by opening the slider!!! WOW!

Not sure if this works on the Plus models but when a call comes in I want to ignore I press the 'center button' which silences the call and minimizes it to the notification area. The beauty of doing it this way is that if you quickly change your mind, the notification is still "active" and you can tap on it and still answer the call.
Try it out! =)

I do this regularly. What I would really like to do is be able to reply to a call with a pre-defined text message or email. Its nice to let someone know you're in a meeting, or on the other line and will get back to them when you can.

My old Centro had a button at the call ring screen something like 'Answer with Text', exactly for situations like you describe. Hope WebOS or app developer comes up with this soon. If you know of an existing app like this, please let me know. Thanks.