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SIM-free Pre3 now available via Palm Europe for £299.00 [UPDATE x2: Statement from HP] 127

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Tue, 16 Aug 2011 1:58 pm EDT

There have been a thousand-and-one rumors and bits of news going around of the HP Pre3 being made available as a SIM-Free device in Europe, but now it's looking to be official. At HP's online Palm Eurostore, the £299.00 8GB Pre3 has been listed as available, in-stock and ready to ship within 1-2 business days for webOS fans who want to get in on the game early. We have yet to see an official announcement from HP, but if you're bold enough to try you can head to the source link below to order the HP Pre 3 right now from the official sales channels, and then let us know your experience in the comments below. 

Update: We have confirmation from our Forums that the Pre3 is shipping to customers in the UK from (listed at £349.98), and that has the device listed for sale as well (at £360.00 VAT). The Pre3 is finally on its way - and it's about time.

Update x2: We've received an official statement from HP confirming that the Pre3 is indeed available, and that the US is coming up in the near future:

HP is excited to begin its regional rollout of Pre3, the only phone today that offers users a slide-out keyboard coupled with a large touchscreen and the fastest speed (1.4GHz processor – the fastest on the market). We expect to share additional information for U.S. customers soon.

Of course, as any webOS fan will tell you, "soon" is a relative term. Regardless, European availability, even if unlocked, has our fingers cross that we might soon have a Pre3 of our own...

Source: Palm Eurostore,,; Thanks, Antonio!



when will it come in USA on Verizon and ATT?

There's serious belief in Sprint again too. Check the CDMA forum. the lastest rumor is that the Pre3 is getting a 3 carrier release mid-Sept and Sprint was the cause of the hold up. I personally believe this rumor because it jives with what I heard from Sprint people almost a month ago.

Also sprint made the Pixi EOL today. EfffYou to HP, or making room for the Pre3? You decide.

Three-carrier release? There hasn't even been a sign of one-carrier interest in this phone over the past six months since the announcement. You seriously think that AT&T and Verizon would be held-up due to Sprint's lack of interest? Carriers are interested in exclusives, not simultaneous releases with their competitors.

If it was a quiet launch similar to the UK launch, you really think they care if it was exclusive or not?

AT&T and Verzion can be held up by Sprint if HP wants to wait. HP is delivering the phones after all. That would mean HP hasn't signed a contract containing a release date with AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint yet which also would explain why there hasn't been a carrier released.

Or you could say the wait was due to HP adding features to the Pre3 since its April FCC filing, as evidenced by the TouchPad Go's recent filing which included a letter allowing the Pre3 to communicate with a "TouchStone Audio dock" using the 6mhz frequency.

And do you think Verizon all of a sudden giving 2.1 out today isn't a sign that they still care?

Every time a webOS device is late to the game there is someone who hypothesizes that it's because they are making it better or getting it perfect. Unfortunately, that's never the case. The TP did not show up with a slimmer design, HDMI-out, nor all of the bugs worked out.

Except, if you read my post.....

This time they did make a known change to the Pre3 as evidenced in the letter they filed with the FCC attached to the TouchPad Go filing which was approved August 10th.

If the carriers are paid enough, they will.

We have simultaneous launches here in Canada all the time.

Well the carriers aren't going to get paid much for webOS phones. They usually have to majorly discount them to move inventory practically from day one. That's the point. These phones aren't very popular with consumers so why should carriers offer them without an exclusive?

stop jerking me off.....

ok don't stop :)

You people are STILL here??? The world is passing you by while you wait on this abortion!

Another device pushed out to die without any promotion or publicity. If consumers only know about your products because they read specific tech forums, then you are going wrong something.

Did you really expect HP to promote or give publicity to this phone?

Given its specs compared to the competition it makes sense for a quiet release. Shuts up the remaining WebOS faithful and allows them to concentrate on a device they designed.

People shouldn't expect HP to "promote or give publicity" to the device that was 1/3 of the reason for the "big" Feb. 9th event?


Sure. In February you definitely would expect them to promote it when it came out.

Now though...

Would YOU promote it given its August/September release?

Isn't it better spec'd than the Veer? The Veer got some promotion. Why wouldn't they promote this phone. Isn't it supposed to be the "flagship" phone? Isn't it the thing that is supposed to take the TouchPad to a whole new level with TTS?

You really think a "Psst...shhh...I've got the new Pre3 if you're interested" approach is the way to go with this device?

No, I would at least announce a launch date :)

I'm really only thinking a quiet launch makes sense if they have a better phone to announce soon. I mean they announced the Pre 3 right as the Pre2 was uber-soft launched on Verizon. This launch is even softer so far!

HP ????? Slab announcement within the next two months is what I'm hoping for.

"HP ????? Slab announcement within the next two months is what I'm hoping for."

Better ask for a Slab "carrier, release date and price" announcement instead, less you get an "announcement" and nothing more for 6 months.

Slab? It took them six months+ to make an existing form factor a half inch longer. Now they have their hands full with tablets, about to go gonzo on laptops,...who's coming up with all this free time to do a slab, and if they have time, where the heck has it been?

I think that specs are less of an issue than they used to be 2 years ago in mobile. The fact is, it has a high resolution, larger screen, a front facing webcam, skype integration, and an autofocus camera. Plus it has a processor that's likely 30% faster than the pre2, and better gpu.

That's not bad, and it's likely the iphone 5 is going to have the same cpu+gpu as the ipad 2, and with the possible exception of nfc/lte, won't have much else better hardware wise.

The software has me far more worried than hardware. I just don't understand why HP continued with 2.0 at all, instead of moving everything to webOS 3.

No way man, guess you haven't heard of HP's new revolutionary marketing technique: The Soft Launch. Let your product sit on the shelves for a few weeks, and then promote! It's all the rage! /s

This. yet its still better than creepy lady commercials.

Don't forget about dropping the price by 30%

Worked for the touchpad. Still sitting in Amazons top 5 selling gadget.

No it didn't work. "Still" ? There was one day where it was the #5. It felt like someone whipped out their HP Amex corporate card and ordered two dozen that day that Staples posted it's $200 off deal. Sorta felt like they wanted to counter the "its not selling" response to the deep discounts.

The truth is, it's "still" dropping like a rock, even at the lower prices. The 16gig is #16 and the 32gig is #21.

The buzzz is over. Everybody on. Rearrange the deck chairs. Down-tick this post so perhaps Amazaon will sell more units. That should help!

32gig, now #22.

16gig, now #18, 32gig "still" #22, but now suspended from sales from Amazon.

How, without any promotion, would the average consumer know about a price drop?

It is like hour 8 of the device first appearing without a carrier. Give them a little time here my friend. I know we were all burned by the pre2's piss pore launch, but HP has been doing good things lately as far as ads and promotions.

8GB? Its like back to the Pre Minus days.

secret release for beta testers

And if you wait a few weeks, it will cost drastically less to beta test the Pre3 for HP AND you will get a software update! How cool is that?!

well I do not think they can lower the price of Pre 3 significantly, because unlike TP, that was insanely overpriced, this device is priced reasonably from get-go.

But reading posts like your - you can appreciate the full scope of PR damage that has been done by overpricing TP in the first place. People now EXPECT HP to drop the price of Pre 3 significantly, after few weeks from release. Why wouldn't they?

This is obviously meant to be a developer device. The Pre 4 will probably be the one that is really marketed to the general public.

"This is obviously meant to be a developer device. The Pre 4 will probably be the one that is really marketed to the general public."

When the Pre 2 came out people said that was 'obviously' a developer phone and that the Pre 3 would be the one marketed to the general public.

Maybe the developers could make money selling apps to each other while they wait for a phone that HP actually want to stand behind?

Exactly, and a year ago it was assumed that HP would produce a superphone to compete for the high-end smartphone user - a flagship device for a major US carrier. After all, why would HP spend $1.4 billion dollars if they weren't going to be competitive in the smartphone business?

Because their former CEO said exactly that but no one wanted to believe him, HP did not buy Palm to compete in the smartphone market. All the signs are pointing to this but no one is picking up on that. I did, that's why I no longer use webOS.


And yet P|C missed the fact that lucky UK posters on the forum have their devices confirmed as shipping as of today.

The way you guys put it people are still going to think this may be another spec typo, or launch date speculation by an online vendor.

Nice Update P|C!

Thanks for reminding me. :)

Can we kill the dual core processor rumors once and for all now?

The reason we haven't listened is the same reason we still visit these boards. For some reason we have a sickness where we hope that palm/hp will do what the consumer wants.

"We killed it a long time ago, but apparently people still aren't listening."

...for a split second, I read this and thought it is official HP representative statement, regarding webOS

You have lots of idle thoughts in your head, chap.

...what can you do... Great minds like to roam free! Chap :)

I for one, have been keeping fingers crossed, and hands lifted in prayer for the Pre3 to come to Sprint. The fact that it has not received a definate carrier here has had me excited. The TP was strongly slated for AT&T, but the Pre3 has never been picked out to sit on one platform. Maybe as to not get everyone excited about something that wasnt going to happen.

Now that I got that out. Go ahead naysayers and rain on my Preminus owning parade. I can take it. I am not upset at Sprint, HP, or even at the negative posters. I am happy with my Pre minus, but I will be happier with my Pre3. (on Sprint) Never give up, never surrender.

So, until Sprint gets the Pre3, or they run out of refurbished Pre minuses to give me in trade, I will keep on going.

I really believe this rumor because it completely agrees with what I myself heard from Sprint in July.

Dare I order? Will I get it on friday? I'm jumping on a plan to S.Korea on monday. Staying there for half a year and there's no info about a release there.

Does anyone have experience with the palmstore shipping times? Are they trustworthy?

I am glad to say "good for you non-USA webOS guys for getting first dibs on a new device!" I live in the USA but feel bad for my webOS friends around the globe when they don't get the same consideration and availability as I have enjoyed. I think its just fine to spread the love...but I do want it to spread here too... ;)

Let's see if any decent apps are ready when the phone arrives

I'm sure there is a proverbial "flood of apps" waiting for the release of this new device that has a nonexistent US launch schedule.

Aren't there already apps for the Veer and Pre2?

The link on the official German product page has been changed today to "Buy now", though it's still 1-2 weeks shipping time...

The £299 price does not include tax.

e,g in the UK, it's 20% making the Pre3 £360

Not true! Just ordered. The site's T&C's state that prices include tax but not shipping. I checked. Total cost is ~£306.

yeah I was wrong :-)

In Europe, it is mandatory that consumer products prices are displayed as end prices (eg. all taxes/duties included)

Had one in my basket ready to buy until i realized it was a 8GB unit. Why would i buy an 8GB device for £306 in 2011. No thanks.

You can pre-order the 16Gb one from Delivery is the 9th of September and it is £350.

it's the pre2 all over again... delay after delay, then finally released quietly in Europe in unlocked form direct from HP, with a few 2nd-tier networks tagging along. I suspect it'll be released on Verizon in 6 months when no one cares any more.


If you want one, get one. Personally, I will be getting one when it is available on Sprint. If it takes too long for Sprint to get it, I may wait for the Franken Pre3 on Sprint.
While a lot of us (pre minus owners)will be happy with whatever the Pre3 has to offer us, the others can wait for a bigger better device from WebOS, or go ahead to another great phone that doesnt have the great WebOS platform.

There will be no Franken Pre3, unless there is a device on Sprint that has an identical com board to the Pre3.

Nooooo. Ok, I will just wait for Sprint and HP to give me the good news about all of the Pre3 goodness we will be receiving.

Thanks OldSkool

you don't understand how a franken pre works then.

you need half of a sprint pre- with the sprint radio in it, and half a verizon pre+ or pre2 with all the smartphone bits in it. since a pre3 is bigger than a pre-, there's no way to mate the two.

Does anyone know whether this, like the Veer, is a quad-band UTMS/3G device?

Quad Band GSM 850/900/1800/1900, Tri-Band UMTS 900/1900/2100.

Really? Unlike the Veer? That seems weird, since the Veer was UTMS 850/900/1900/2100...

Veer is based on a completely different design spec.

See my reply to ToniChpriani - it's quad-band 3G, no matter what the spec said, 850/900/1900/2100.

So while the webOS hardware may be dead, at least this phone is worldwide 3G.

By the way, this is actually not true. Now that I have one, it's the same as the Veer - Quad band 3G, 850/900/1900/2100.

Cyberport, Germany (common reliable dealer):
309 € (incl. VAT 19% = 49 €).

In the Q&As (top right tab of the information box below) this question rose on August 15th:

Q: If the price rises later on, do I have to pay more?
A: No. But if the price falls, the amount invoiced will be adapted.

If I recall correctly - The Pre2 was released in Europe in Oct 2010, we finally saw it here (USA) in Feb 2011, only 5 months Later, But then we had an anounced carrier (Version).

So, does that meed we First have to wait till a carrior is anounced, then wait an additional 5 months??

Cool as HP!!!

They probably will announce a US carrier at CES 2012. There is apparently no hurry on HP's part. It's a marathon, not a sprint.

I'm guessing no pun intended?

I see what you did there.

Once again a reminder to the editor: the primary currency for Europe is the Euro (€), *not* the British Pound Sterling (£).

Euro price is €349, if that includes VAT I might just order one now ;-)

Yes - that includes VAT (at least that's the case in Germany). Consumer prices in Europe usually include VAT.

Price on HP's website was listed in the Pound Sterling.

That link lists the price in Pounds.

Ordered mine!!!!

Me too, should arrive in Ireland in 1-2 days time ;-)

hopefully be processed tomorrow and get here thursday!!!


Between Pre3 and the N9, my mobile needs are catered for. See you in the forums!

When can we see a p|c review?

I believe HP will announce Pre 4 very soon (to be released before 2012) - that would stop people buying Pre 3. Anyway Palm always did that before and now HP will continue this way. Good job!!

no, they will not release anything new apart Pre 3, according to their official roadmaps.

OMG where is 16GB...need to order - sooooo bored of nexus s, its **** even compared with the pre 2 although its probably the next best thing to webos.

Agreed I have a second Nexus S (returned the first) coming to tide me over until we get some solid pre3 news. I like the Nexus s just slightly less than my pre-, but my need for new tech and the blown speaker in my pre- have had my touring android land lately. sucks in android land.

and if americans can't wait its available on ebay from $629 usd for pre-order, but its the unlocked euro version... Not that I recommend it...

considering the presence of the 1900 MHZ band, the EU device will be functional providing HSPA+ on AT&T's network in most (not all) places, however even if it is functional in a particular area, don't expect great reception or signal strength indoors. The reason for dual UTMS HSPA bands is because the lower freq 850 MHz bends around objects and it bounces off of obstructions whereas the 1900 MHz band is designed for line of sight reception situations. It does however bounce a little. Not nearly as much as the 850 MHz signal does.

Can we get some user reviews?

Still waiting for HP SERVER to be fix, since Saturday my TouchPad can not get a OTA version 3.0.2, not even via computer everything is "blocked", I am stuck in the middle with a new TouchPad using a "old version" 3.0.0, ....HELLO HP!
Fix you server, PLEASE!

Does anyone knows why HP stopped the upgrade OTA 3.0.2 ???
Need help, new TouchPad with a old 3.0.0 no updates not even via

8GB with no expansion via SD slots feels very weak, and even if you don't mind to much it's clearly a step backgrounds.

That being said, I want it, but i think i am going wait in the hope of better model being just round the corner to.

Might wait for apps to, i know its vain but I got a job recently and my manager has an android HTC and the amount of decent apps that help our day to day running is amazing.

The phone seems to be listed as 8GB everywhere, which coincidentally is the only model shipping according to these sites where it's available. has it listed as 16GB with the date of 9th September.

Take it with a grain of salt, but I have a feeling 8GB models are only available until further notice.

Which is a damn shame as I want the 16GB model!

And continuing in the tradition of **** marketing from Palm, HP offers up another installment of how NOT to market the Pre. Sheer brilliance!

Can anyone tell me something about the business apps mentioned by HP on the Pre3 product page, which are

Citrix Receiver, Mobile Iron Sentry, LexiComp, Pronto Forms, Luidia, and Intelligent Papers

are all of them available, which purpose do they have, ...?

I swear if hp announces the next device with the"pre" name and before the release of the pre 3 I'm out of here. I can't deal with idiots and I'm not going to pay premium prices on mediocre device. I also will no longer deprive my self of the massive apps developed for the other respectable o.s's. It's been 2+ years and my app catalog has not surpassed 5780 apps. Wm7 did it in like 3 months.............

It's not sold at premium.

The original Pre at 480 Euro was already considerably lower than the IPhone.
The Pre3 was originally announced ( via at 450 (unofficial), now sells at 349.

(all prices off-contract - incl. VAT)

Fortunately, Pre 3 price is VERY reasonable. It is just not enough to make it selling well, with **** marketing and no carrier support/relations

"Soft launch" all over again. Engadget piece on this sums it all up:

"Pop quiz: what's the best way to launch a phone that's left us waiting with anticipation for seven months? HP's answer is to quietly release it on its European store without any pomp or circumstance. We have no idea why the company chose to start selling the Pre 3, its new flagship phone, without any media buzz;"

and comment regarding official statement from HP:
"'HP is excited to begin its regional rollout of Pre3, the only phone today that offers users a slide-out keyboard coupled with a large touchscreen and the fastest speed (1.4GHz processor – the fastest on the market). We expect to share additional information for U.S. customers soon.'

So that's it -- a four-line announcement to launch the Pre 3. But hey, it's at least something. "

Well played, HP. You are blowing your chances one after another. Knowing that there's nothing else to await for in 2011, according to your roadmaps, I hope you have prepared a body bag with webOS dog tag on it already.

Rest in peace, webOS.

HP finally announces something and once again, u.s. customers will get the device "soon". WTF is wrong with HP and these vague timelines? I mean WTF?

i thought they were carefully choosing their words by writing in the near future...but those might have been written by the editor.


I'm surprised HP didn't say that they'd be sharing more information with U.S. customers "in the coming weeks/months." :P

I'm waiting for Sirius and or Slingbox so I guess I'll never get one of these. I plan on using my Sprintified Pre 2 until it dies, then going to a jailbroken iphone or droid. God I love webOS, just hate the lack of decent media apps and all the coming weeks/months bs.

Maybe if it's out soon and on Sprint, it will go back in the running. With the delay, I put serious time and thought into where HP has taken Palm (the name is now dead). The promise of holding the TP until software was perfect, the promise of all of HP working on developing apps to release with their contest, the promise of HP bringing their massive resources to bear.... Pre3, i5, Mango or the Android of the Minute?

That 8GB are just poor for me. And I still can't understand why the lack of a microSD slot. I could DO understand if the 16 or 32GB could live without the microSD, but the 8GB one...

Come on!! If the cheapest nokia phones has that external memory slot, why not the Pre3 ???

...because, it is all about "the clouds" nowadays, m'friend, and especially HPalm, they have their heads firmly in the clouds... I mean, only when they take them out of their arseholes, that is.

I understand it's because of "clouds", but how about those region where HP won't provide clouds service like HP Play? 8G is absolutely insufficient!

Because they don't care about you. No, seriously, they don't.

Putting the logic for applications and storage server side makes the most business sense for a business model. You can manufacture 100,000 phones all with extra hardware for sd slots and triple the flash, or you can just add some more comparatively cheap terabyt3e hard drives to the server farm. It's far more cost effective to put that logic server side. The main reason why most mobile developers even bother with that client side jazz is because they don't have an OS that smoothly works with server side storage. Basically, they're stuck doing things the most cost ineffective way.

Face it, you're going to have to adapt to this. It's the business model that Microsoft craves (Azure), Apple craves (iOS5 is the start), and Google has been trying to get Android onto (Google practically wrote the baseline for this years ago). And since Nokia is basically a Microsoft lackey and Motorola Mobility is going to be owned by're going to have to get used to this. It means, however, that manufacturers will be able to focus more on the really important hardware features (CPU, memory, radios) instead of putting in the legwork for the "nice to haves" (SD, extra flash, etc.) and deliver at the same price point.

...I know, I know! 16GB without the possibility of extension makes me feel slightly uncomfortable, and I wouldn't even consider 8GB myself.

But that's HPalm, they have to feckup things this way or another, so it is last of my worries, really, as it stands today

1.4 ghz fastest on the market? maybe 6 months ago, not to mention the Pre 3 isn't even on the market yet...just up for PRE order.

Doesn't matter. Apple routinely releases devices that frankly don't have cutting edge hardware speeds, but the user experience is as good or better than their generic Android/Windows equivalents. When you've got a vertical market and you can trick your OS out to run super efficiently on hardware, sometimes cramming top of the line hardware in there is absolutely unnecessary (and frankly, stupid...see "Droid Evo 3D" and it's average battery life).

And Apple charges every bit as much and more for hardware that is "technically" inferior to their competitors. As long as 1.4 runs webOS smoothly, it just doesn't matter. Plus, the biggest two things that effect webOS's execution speed are onboard memory for caching and network speed (and HSPA+ is going to make for a very nice improvement for all those cloud services and Synergy synching).

I don't know why you're dragging Apple into this, but 1.4 single core processor isn't the fastest anything. They need to stop being delusional, they're setting their selves up for failure. The next iPhone is bound to come out in the coming months, they expect to compete with it? I WAS interested in the Pre 3, but since then, more appealing phones have been announced.

"As long as 1.4 runs webOS smoothly, it just doesn't matter."
true, true! It doesn't matter for Pre 3, if it is only fast enough to make webOS fly on it - this device is not able to compete on specs alone with the army of Droids, so as long as processor is fast enough to make it snappy, it is just fine.

I have just ordered one!

Having lost my pre2 while slightly intoxicated and then changing to a Samsung Galaxy 2 for 3 months I am missing WEBOS muchly.

I have just ordered one!

Having lost my pre2 while slightly intoxicated and then changing to a Samsung Galaxy 2 for 3 months I am missing WEBOS muchly.

Huh. Interesting timing, considering that the Sprint sales rep that called me about 2 weeks ago said she was going to call me back in 1 month. After I told her that I was going to switch to another network if Sprint didn't carry the Pre3 when it's released. I still think if she knew for certain that the Pre3 was NOT going to be released, she'd have given up on me. I boxed her in pretty well on my end by saying if it didn't run webOS and didn't have wifi, there was no chance I'd want it. Maybe they just wanted my business for another month, but even then, I wouldn't think they'd care that much about that unless they had something up their sleeve to keep me for another couple years.

For me, having a microSD card slot makes all the sense, because you can have several cards and swap'em while on the road...

Let's see what can I do with that 8 GB of storage... Well, for a start, I'm sure they won't be all of them available to users. It seems to me that at least 1.5 will be reserved for webOS.

If I shoot 720p videos with the camera, how many hours will I be able to record? How many 5MP pictures? How many hours of 320bps music will I have?

And what If I want to see HQ movies with its screen with the powerful CPU?

And what If I want to use MapTool with offline high resolution satellite imagery?

iPhone users at least can do (almost) all of that because of the 16 and 32 GB of storage...

Even the Pre+ had 16GB!!


Let's hope they had setup a better quality control system, because the high rate of hardware failures the Pre family have had is not a good selling point...

I pre-ordred mine more than a month ago, and today received an e-mail saying that due to the reduced price, I will have to process the order one more time, but not till i have been in contact with them... Didn't get an answer from them today... Pre-ordering one month before release, and NOT being among the first ones to get it, is not acceptable... Now im lucky if i get it before the weekend... Bummer! :(

HP needs to release the Pre3 already. I officially laid my at&t pre+ to rest last night, I HAD switch back to my treo for calls but still used my pre for web activity. While removing the charger from the already broken housing, the entire charge port came out from inside the phone still attached to the charger. I love my treo but web browsing is slow and after using webOS it's so hard to not have it at all. As much as I love webOS I now have to be realistic rather that patient. At least I have my treo to get me through my search for a new phone. It's sad because I'll be comparing any phone experience to the webOS experience and there will be NO comparison.

The Pre 3 is too late for me to take advantage. Unfortunately I had to bite the bullet this weekend and upgraded to the Photon 4G. Love the hard and apps but Android is honestly god AWFUL!!! I mean I can't stand this OS, it is so clunky and unintuitive. It makes me long for my dead Pre (minus). :-(

Pre 3 in cdma flavor please....preferably Sprint :)

hello i want £ 299.00 please please thank you bye