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Six new Trademarks filed by HP - All for new TouchPads? 32

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Tue, 14 Jun 2011 4:55 pm EDT

If you thought that HP was going to stop with filing new trademarks after webOS Pivot, you thought wrong. Today HP decided to continue stoking our curiosity fire by adding another six trademarks to the list - all of them with the TouchPad brand in the name. Here's the list of trademarks that they've filed:

  • TouchPad7
  • TouchPadGo
  • TouchPadFlex
  • TouchPadTwin
  • TouchPadGeo
  • TouchPadPro

Want to know the details behind each of these filings? Well, HP has hardly given us any. Each of the documents does have a description, but sadly they are more vague than we'd like them to be.

Computers; computer hardware; computer software; computer and communications networking hardware and software; computer hardware, namely memory cards; computer hardware for telecommunications; computer monitors; mobile computers; handheld computers; portable computers; tablet computers; personal digital assistants; electronic organizers; computer memories; telephones; mobile telephones; smartphones, videophones; mobile and handheld communications devices for sending and receiving data, information and other digital content, including audio and video content, namely handheld computers, mobile phones and smartphones; photographic and video cameras; audio players; video players; computer communications software; computer software, namely, prerecorded computer programs for personal information management, database management software, character recognition software, telecommunications software, telephony management software, electronic mail and messaging software, paging software, database synchronization software, computer programs for accessing, browsing and searching online databases; computer game programs; video game software; downloadable computer and video games; downloadable music, audio, video and entertainment related content; computer carrying cases; accessories, parts and cases for all the foregoing sold as a unit; instruction manuals in electronic form supplied with the foregoing sold as a unit; apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of data, text, graphics, sound or images; blank magnetic data carriers; prerecorded magnetic data carriers featuring software for use in connection with handheld communications devices, namely, mobile phones and smartphones

Basically, each of these trandemarks stands for a whole lot of different things, and doesn't really point to any one thing specifically. What we can deduce from our findings, however, is that these trademarks are for tablet devices of various purposes. You can guess for yourselves which features are coming with which names (netbooks, 7-inchers, flexible displays, etc...), meanwhile we'll wait to see if these filings will actually make it past this stage and onto becoming actual products. There have been plenty of other filings that have bit the dust in the past. 

Of course, we can't just dismiss them, either. Good thing the McDonald's down the road is hiring part-time, we may need to fill a few new positions if we're gonna be able to afford all of these (possible) goodies.

Source: USPTO; Via: PocketNow, webOSRoundup


Can a slate phone be called a Touchpad as well?

TouchPadPro could be a 3.7" to 4.3" phone and the TouchPadGo can be the same but without a phone radio like the iPod touch.

my quick and most likely off theory. :P

TouchPad7 - seven inch touchpad (opal)
TouchPadGo - a slab tablet/phone touchpad?
TouchPadFlex - flexible display touchpad?
TouchPadTwin - dual screen touchpad? lol
TouchPadGeo - uhm. unknown.
TouchPadPro - touchpad version 2?

of course that was if these were all going to be independent final products. most likely not though.

not a good time to see these for me. makes me unsure for my purchase of the "Touchpad". :)

@blackfireball5, the TouchPadGeo has to be a navigation device, no??? (;>)

lol. sounds good to me. :P

TouchPad7 - seven inch touchpad (opal) *YES!*
TouchPadGo - Is also the Opal. They might not be sure whether to call it TP7 or TPGo

TouchPadFlex - flexible display touchpad? *YES!*

TouchPadTwin - dual screen touchpad? lol *Maybe*

TouchPadGeo - Navigation type device, one that can possibly replace current navigation systems in cars - kind how microsoft sync works.

TouchPadPro - Enterprise Pad

I dunno. I see geo as a ruggedized device with a "real" GPS. It would be used in the field for surveying or for recreational activities (hiking etc.).

I would also put together the TouchPadFlex and the TouchPadTwin as this most probably will be some sort of "convertible" like the ePad Transformer.

Also TouchPadPro and TouchPadGeo would come together and so we would have two filing for each product.

A Veer and a TouchPad7 sound like a nice combo :)

TouchPadGeo could be a dedicated world phone..

I don't know what TouchPad7 is... it's a bit vague I think. /s

Touchpad with... Windows..7?!!! :O

That was my first thought.

My guess:

* TouchPad7 - The Opal
* TouchPadGo - A multimedia oriented tablet (with DLNA, HDMI, Beats Audio and that stuff)
* TouchPadFlex - A flexible tablet, using the display McKinney likes to show.
* TouchPadTwin - A tablet with 2 displays, à la MS Courier
* TouchPadGeo - ?
* TouchPadPro - A tablet/netbook with detachable keyboard (like the Asus Eee Pad Transformer)

I see the touchpad geo (based on the name) as something like this:

Sure it is a niche market, but if HP can offer a complete solution it could be profitable. HP plotters (printers) are still the default in this field so offering a complete, integrated solution meshes well with their current offerings.

Doubt the flex is a flexible display. That is still a decade off or so. More likely I'd peg flex as some sort of docking tablet aka the eee Transformer.

TouchPad7? Let's get TouchPad1 shipping first.

TouchPadGeo: Non-verizon edition with a working GPS radio...

TouchPadTwin = dual slot toaster!

Best TouchPad Picture ever.

A scaled family of TouchPad devices. Sounds good to me. Why only have only one version of a form factor when you can have multiple to fill whatever needs you may have. All powered by webOS.

Since I don't see McKinney's flexible display hit stores anytime soon, I could imagine the TouchPad Flex being 'flexible' as in convertible like the eeePad Transformer.

Could the TouchPad Pro be a tablet with a slide-out keyboard or a super-ruggedized tab that doesn't mind if it's dropped in the factory / at the building site?

The only one I cannot connect to any product in my mind is TouchPad Geo. Some have said satnav, but I can't think of any reason why HP would want to enter that game when more and more people are abandoning dedicated satnavs for smartphones with navigation software.

It would be cool to see flexible screen touchpads !

My guesses are:

TouchPad7: 7inch touchpad
TouchPadGo: 7inch touchpad
(They have reserved two names because they don't have a final name yet or for future use)

TouchPadFlex: Could be a flexible screen but most likely a fold-able touchpad of some sort? Like the Acer thing

TouchPadTwin: Dual screen sounds like a good shout!

TouchPadGeo: Maybe a sat nav of some sort or even a software app?

TouchPadPro: Most likely the touchpad with a hardware keyboard or something to make it more professional. Normally the pro versions of phones have a keyboard so could be some kind of foldout keyboard.

I figured the TouchPadGo would be a smaller tablet. I'd like to see a TouchPadFrenzy as in Media Frenzy as in all the hdmi out and multimedia bells & whistles.

Here's my guesses...

TouchPad7 - 7th version of touchpad which we will never get to since they can't seem to get TouchPad 1 on the shelf

TouchPadGo - A device that will be "available in the coming weeks"

TouchPadFlex - A device that they will say "stay Tuned" about

TouchPadTwin - A bundle of two touchpad 1's that will sell for 250.00 after TP1 fails to gain traction

TouchPadGeo - No clue

TouchPadPro - Touchpad for enterprise that everyone thinks will save WebOS.

I think a sensible guess would be that the TouchPadGo or Geo might be an in-car GPS system, to integrate webOS into the auto industry. HP's said they're pretty serious about creating a great ecosystem of devices, all running webOS. I know most phones have built-in GPS, but most consumers still seem to favor dedicated machines. It would seem a logic step. And there seem to be some pretty neat possibilities with integration as I'm thinking about it...

The Geo could be more of a handheld unit, like TheHomelessGuy suggested above, and the Go could be an in-car or even in-dash unit.

Anyone have info on whether or not HP could get webOS into cars off the line? I know almost nothing about that area...

What about the TouchPad Lanyard?

I think just like any company producing products you apply for all sorts of trademark names. Many end up never seeing the light of day. No one knows what these could be -- it could be a slew of possible names they have for a single product, or it could be six possible names for six different products.

Or who knows, it could even be all a farce so that stories like this are written to keep interest in the TouchPad up and on the front pages of sites...

Can someone make that pick a wallpaper for the TouchPad? I think that would be awesome.

I am buying every single version of the touchpad that comes out... webos ruuullleeesssss

Sounds to me like they are just hedging their bets before taking these to the focus groups...