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Skype integration coming to Pre3 with webOS 2.2, expected on AT&T and Verizon in July 251

by Derek Kessler Fri, 17 Jun 2011 9:33 am EDT

We’ve got a trifecta of leaks to bring to you this fine morning, all dealing with the HP Pre3. First up is software: contrary to what the FCC would have us believe, it appears that the HP Pre3 is going to be launching with webOS 2.2. Included in webOS 2.2, as noted by, is full Skype Synergy integration. Skype is necessary for the Pre3 to enable video chat using that front-facing camera (just as Skype will be integrated into Synergy on the TouchPad for the same purposes), as well as permitting calls to be place to your Skype contacts (and for your Skype contacts to call your phone, all free of charge through the magic that is Skype).

Now, of course, the question on a lot of minds when it comes to the Pre3 “When and where?” Well, we’ve got two bits of news there. First up is Verizon, where we’re hearing that Big Red expects to be launching the CDMA Pre3 on July 21, 2011. We would have hoped that the upcoming webOS flagship phone would be launching earlier, but the latter third of July is still well within the bounds of “summer.”

And then there’s AT&T. Ma Bell seems to be getting all sorts of comfortable with HP, and they appear poised to launch the Pre3 this summer as well. We don’t have a definite release date for them, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it was right around July 21st as well. An anonymous tipster sent us the above, plus a few more shots after the break, of a Pre3 decked out with AT&T apps but blessedly absent of obnoxious AT&T branding.

The good ‘ole tipster has also given us our first glimpse at the Pre3 with its back removed (after the break), and as you might expect, it looks pretty bland. In fact, it’s kind of like a Pre meshed with a Pixi. Notably absent (and a source of the blandness): the brightly colored antennas that were laid out on the inner back of webOS phones from the original Pre all the way up to the Veer. Where they are? We don’t know, perhaps embedded in the removable back, or maybe buried elsewhere in the phone. What we can say is it seems that removing the back also appears to remove the power button and volume controls. Needless to say, you’re not going to want to be using a Pre3 without the back attached.

Source:; Thanks anonymous and anonymous!


Still no news on Sprint?? I have had this Pre Minus since day 1.....kinda need an upgrade

You knew it wouldn't be on Sprint...

HP or Sprint will never give it to you straight, but that metal object sticking out of you is called a fork. It's been there awhile.

"You knew it wouldn't be on Sprint..."

We did?

I did, but then again I can read and interpret things... seams like that has been lacking from some Sprint users.

Guys we call it critical thinking and analysis.

(sorry for being harsh, but as a long time Sprint customer, I am getting tired of all the whining about Sprint)

Let me just add this too for everyone blaming HP. If HP had not offered Sprint anything, don't you think Sprint would have nothing to lose by saying that with how many people have been blowing up Hesse???

Either the rumors are true and Sprint is getting a WebOS phone in the near future (Pre3 or otherwise). Or Sprint told HP they didn't want to carry the phone.

Sprint has nothing to gain by stringing WebOS users along until the Pre3 launches on the top 2 networks, they would rather have us all sign 2 year contracts today (Sprint doesn't care what phone we are carrying).

So either Sprint is to blame for not carrying the Pre3 or they already have a deal with HP to carry something.

I think Sprint users can read and interpret things as well.

The problem is that people (like myself) are financially tied to Sprint. The cost of the plan is more important than the phone.

At the same time, many of us have been Palm customers for years and launch day Pre owners. People commenting here, have been the company's biggest fans.

You might as well get used to the whining about Sprint until there is a satisfactory solution for these customers. A satisfactory solution is the ability to get the webOS phone of their choosing with the service price they currently play.

Well as a long time Sprint and Palm user I am here to tell you, there will be no way to get a Sprint phone for what you currently pay... they have added a $10 per line fee when you activate a new phone.

For some of us long time Sprint users that were tied to the network due to price, this has priced Sprint into the realm of ATT and VZW.

BTW, in the forums, some long time Sprint users have gotten hit with the $10 fee when activating a Pre on a line that had a Pre previously (some have gotten the charge taken off, but others haven't).

I can actually get an AT&T plan that will work for me for less than I will be paying for Sprint if I activate 2 new phones with them.

Other than the unlimited data, AT&T is just $5 more on a single plan and the same for 2 Pre's. AT&T does include any mobile to any mobile now. Typically the data is faster too unless you are in a Wimax area. Of course coverage is important too.

Longtime Sprint/Nextel user here... First one out of the store with my Pre minus on PreDay... Homebrewed from the begining, overclocked and everything! After waiting (and honestly, complaining in the comments and forums of this blog) for years and watching the world pass us by, I cut bait.

Now, I'm happier than I could have imagined with my Samsung Epic. The screen is RIDICULOUS! The toughest thing to get used to was app switching without card view. But I enjoy little to no lag time, a million more apps to chose from. (most) Everything just works. And the screen is amazing... OH and the best part, I've had about 10 updates to Google maps since I got it 2 months ago. Yeah, apparently the Google Maps team DID'T all get fired 18 months ago, they just stopped caring about webOS.

I still have a warm place in my heart for webOS and I keep my Pre for an iPod Touch replacement (although the battery only lasts a few hours even with all of the radios turned off...)

Point is, if you think your hands are tied... they're not. Try out something else for 30 days... Sprint is good about that.

10 updates! In 2 months! I hope for your sake that is the map app's fault and not Android's!

If price is the driving force and you're on an individual plan, then you should be looking at some of the newer prepaid unlimited everything options that other companies are offering. If you're on a family plan then you might want to consider reassessing your minute, message, and data use and see if other services might actually cost the same or less.

agreed! I knew it wouldn't be on Sprint when Red and ATT got the Plus. I just thought it was obvious, so I held out on upgrading with Sprint. I only just joined and my first two yrs is up in Aug. That's about all I can handle, so I planned on switching then... but then I lost my phone this weekend. Still not upgrading though. Sprint won't even give a loan phone. They lose lots of contract customers every year, so maybe we can get back on this yellowed boat when it's all cleaned up.

ebay is your friend

has nothing to do with HP.. Sprint decides who sells phones on their network.....

And HP has the job of convincing them to sell it. HP shares the blame with Sprint, without a doubt.

If Sprint tried the tactic of demanding better prices for the Pre 3 than other carriers, that would be what failed, and it would not be the fault of HP in any way. You have seen people making demands before, and unless they have an excessive amount of influence, they generally end up unhappy.

If both Verizon and AT&T will have the phone available, then I would say that it is Sprint that doesn't want to offer the phone.

Me too, I really can't believe this whole debacle. If this whole thing wasn't so sad it would be funny. 2 years and 11 days with the same F***** phone, I think I'm done. Now I just have to decided which one to dump, Sprint or HP? It'll probably be BOTH!

You're mad the Pre 3 isn't coming to Sprint, so you're dumping Sprint, moving to a carrier that will carry the Pre 3 and then not getting it?

Funny thing is... Sprint will have the HTC Sensation in a few months. It actually just passed through the FCC two days ago.

So we'll see you again around this time next year?

It seems like he feels that both companies deserve to lose his business.

Seems pretty fair to me.

@ Psychonaut

Really, you drew those two conclusions from what I wrote? "I think" and "probably" are not definitive. Plus I was pissed after reading the article.

Wow, great response...three year old. I don't get people like you.

I posted this a ways down but I'll repost so it gets read:

Not on Sprint = FUCKED UP.

PreCentral, are YOU going to call out HP on this? Are YOU going to ask Jon what exactly he meant about "taking care of" us Sprint users?

It's been over 2 years. Our contracts are up. Not that we're owed anything, but yeah we're kinda owed something. I'm getting the TouchPad on launch day and I'd kinda like to be able to look forward to a new phone as well. HP, throw us a frikkin bone. PC, time to use your clout for the good of the readers.

"taking care of us Sprint users"...Yeah, that's a good one. They took care of us all right...they gave us all a BIG **** for hanging in there.

He never said he was going to take care of petulant children. You're a Sprint fan the question you should be asking is HEY SPRINT! WHY AREN'T YOU TREATING YOUR LOYAL CUSTOMERS WELL!!!

You're right, but we have to **** about something. Plus, you really never know whose not releasing the phone.
By the way, petulant might be a little strong to use in this situation, it has taken a long time to get to this point.

I might be a whiney brat, but i ain't "petulant", Mr. Thesaurus!

You're right Sprint should be called out too but if HP really wanted to launch on Sprint they could get it done.

I can only guess by your immature comment you did not read where Jon Rubenstein was quoted saying Sprint customers would be "taken care of" for their patience. If you did then it would come as no surprise that we users are a little upset at today's rumors.

How can HP release a Sprint phone without Sprint's approval?

Lower the price they are asking for the phone so Sprint could give out the phones for free with a two year contract.

Sprint would make good money without having to invest much and us first adopters would be taken care of.

Ahhh yet another business/econ expert advising HP. Good luck in your fortune 500 consulting business.

That probably wasn't the right answer from milta981, but I think he/she has a point.

HP can make Sprint an offer they can't refuse. This offer doesn't even have to be that high. Sprint is pretty desperate for customers.

Yes and then HP angers AT&T customers and VZW customers, loses profits and sales and market share.

You do get HP wants to make money, not give away phones to Sprint users (most of which aren't currently carrying a WebOS device).

I just wish people would be more realistic around here when it comes to this **** I mean this is basic business economics.

Free on two year contract is not giving them away. Plus HP is already doing that with Veer. You can get Veer for free with a two year contract from several places.

Business contracts are never the same between entities. Not to mention Palm and Sprint were long time partners and all Palm flagship devices were released on Sprint first so having a special contract with Sprint is not that unusual.

HP can do without making a big profit and instead work on rebuilding the user base they have lost over lack of attention.

What his concept was is for HP to sell the phone to the carrier cheaper.

The varied pricing of the Veer shows exactly what I am saying. The off contract price is the same at all retailers, it is the companies that are subsidizing that vary.

AT&T subsidizing less, than HP, HP subsidizing less than Amazon and BB.

As has been said many times, HP never committed to SPRINT users anyways. Blame Sprint.

He never mentioned Sprint customers once.

and THIS!

I don't remember Rubenstein saying anything specific about Sprint customers. He was speaking about legacy devices not receiving WebOS 2.0. Their are legacy devices on all the major carriers.

I wouldn't hold my breath on the "make it right" statement right now. Just let the carrier announcements play out and if they do nothing for Legacy device owners I think it is perfectly fine to express angry about the statement.


Please see this thread:

It's in the Sprint community forum. 97,424 views and 493 replies.

My Pre (Sprint) is about to die. And like many of us longer time users we wonder. Well here is the result.
1) I will not switch carriers. Sprint's deal is just too good.
2) I will not get a TouchPad if I cannot get a Pre3 on Sprint as the biggest benefit is they work together.
3) I will wait. It is now a race, sadly, between when my phone dies and Pre3 on Sprint.

The longer HP waits the more customers will be left unhappy. HP needs to convert their old Pre customers to preserve market share. The wonderful idea of webOS on my phone, tablet and PC is just great! It has all the potential of an Apple experience without the the Apple draconian controls. BUT it is only potential.

This is real revenue for HP. I am one of many potential HP customers....
Phone $300 (guessing there)
Tablet $500 / $600
PC (2) $500 / $1000
{I have two I pick the brand}
Printer (2) $200

This is real revenue when expanded across the market but without webOS across these devices, I will go to other sources.

Sprint may be only 12% of the cell phone market but I bet they are more than that Sprint is more than 12% of the Pre users.

Please see this thread:

It's in the Sprint community forum. 97,424 views and 493 replies.

Please see this thread:

It's in the Sprint community forum. 97,424 views and 493 replies.

It looks like us folks up here on Bell Canada will be in the same boat as Sprint Pre owners since rumors are the Pre 3 is going over to Rogers like the Pre 2 did...

So did they take those Pre 3 pics with a Pre minus?

HP is most likely doing this on purpose so they don't have to make things right for us early adopters whether on Sprint or Bell.

Come on, really? Are you that paranoid?

If this phone does not come out on sprint i'm switching to the EVO 4G or the EVO 3D.
Yeah the EVO 4G is an older phone, but it looks like it still kicks the pre 3's ****
Ability to use my phone in landscape mode here I come!

I went to the Nexus S... two weeks later I went back to a pre refurb. Android is put together terribly... I just couldn't tolerate it.

I love my Nexus S.

I am waiting for the new from Sprint as well. I hope the Pre3 will come on Sprint if not, when it's time for me upgrade then it will be Nexus S for me.

I just checked prices with verizon, just us$10.00 more than sprint.
I think i won't be using my yellow shirt anymore

Your upgrade is waiting for you at VZW or AT&T. Sprint moved on from webOS a long time ago. I'm moving on from Sprint, time for the rest of you to do the same.

Unfortunately such a move is cost-prohibitive for many people. An upgrade at VZW or ATT is equal to no upgrade available at all.

$10.00 x 24 Months (2 year contract) = $240.00 Just saying........

That is less than many people spend in ONE year at Starbucks. Also, $10 isn't much over a one month period if you consider the price of everything else out there.

I seriously can't believe anyone would still be holding on to Sprint Pre Minus at this point. Sprint has made it obvious that they are all in with Android. They had nothing but failure with webOS, so I don't blame them for not wanting another one.

I won't switch because I don't want to pay the extra $10 a month. No phone is worth $120 a year extra to me. I guess I'll stick with buying old Pres and swapping my radio over. Doesn't look like that is possible with the Pre3. Maybe I'll snag a Pre2 someday.

It's a little bit of work, but you should consider a sprint frankenpre2. Doing that has totally rejuvinated my enthusiasm for the platform. The Pre2 hardware is just so superior to the Pre- hardware. If this is what came out on June 6, 2009, I think it'd be a whole different smartphone ballgame today.

The problem is that when you are a Sprint or any other carrier for many years, you get things that new customers don't get. For example, I went over the limit in my data card. Extra charges: $80.00 called Sprint they review my account and removed my charges. Why? only because I have been a Sprint customer for more than 8 years.

Damn, the article didn't have time to sit properly on the site and became a Sprint whine fest! Over 200 comments about Sprint and the article is about Skype on a webOS phone. Jeez.
I just hope the Skype app works over WiFi.

IS it SERIOUSLY a requirement to take leaked pics with the BLURRYCAM app?? I mean seriously....these might be the blurriest leaked pics I have ever seen!

Either way great news for me VZ!! WOOT!

Probably shot with a Veer. Absence of a Flash for lighting.

That is not a bad camera. That is a Photoshop effect called "noise". Just made to look like it was taken with a bad camera to make it look like a leak. My guess is this came from HP to get to word out.

Maybe to get a reaction from Sprint customers to get them to cave and carry the phone.

Either Pre- users on Sprint can be counted with your fingers or Sprint wants a slab phone.

Or wants a WiMax phone. If they accept a CDMA phone under a 2 year contract then they have to support the legacy CDMA network for 2 years. Do you want to do that if you're Sprint? Sure, Clearwire can upgrade their towers easily but if they do it's to LTE not a flavor of CDMA. HP/Palm has never done a WiMax phone if if they do it would likely take more time to market and delay the launch of the Pre3.

These two systems work independently of one another. Sprint isn't dumping CDMA for WiMax/LTE anymore than AT&T would dump GSM for LTE.

It's my understanding that even 4G phones have CDMA and use that for 3G data and voice. Two reasons for this.. (1) Not everyone has 4G coverage and (2) voice doesn't require or even use 4G.

Oh I agree completely. Sprint has invested so much time and money into WiMax and guess one is interested. Sounds like the BETA and VHS days of old...Betamax was better, but it still lost in the end.

To be honest, Sprint won't bring Wimax to my area either way and neither will ATT/Verizon with their LTE. Unless you live in a very big city, your out of luck paying an extra $20/month for 3g speeds...if you are lucky. I also suspect HP is hoping Sprint just switches over to LTE standard that would make supporting multiple phones standards less complicated.

Actually, I also wish Sprint would do this so I could use one (1) phone anywhere in the country...the European Union did something right years ago forcing everyone on the same standard.

I'm sure the Europeans think we're idiots here in the States! Sorli...

Not idiots, just mental

The WiMax hate is ridiculous. Don't believe everything you read dude. I have an Epic 4G and see 7mbps regularly and bursts over 10mbps are common. Even with 1 bar the phone can pull 5mbps.

Sure it's not LTE, but it is fast. Especially compared to EVDO. I would hope LTE is faster since it has a faster theoretical speed. Also WiMax has more left in it, as I believe what is really holding back Sprint's/Clear's WiMax from hitting the low teens on a regular basis is backhaul, as there are people in other parts of the world on the same WiMax spec who see 30mbps connections. (Someone I spoke to from Germany.)

This is the start of the LTE deployment, so in the same way that 3G was limited to big cities early on and made it out to MOST areas, we will see LTE in the next 2-4 years all over the place from AT&T and Verizon.

So, WiMax came out's that deployment going? Just because Sprint doesn't have the resources to get WiMax all over the place doesn't mean that AT&T and Verizon will be that limited.

I agree with you, it will be harder for Sprint to charge the extra $10 a month for a phone without 4G.

Wow, great to see some pics and some info on the Pre3. Disappointment of no Sprint info, of course. Will lead to some interesting decisions this summer. At&t, Verizon,....stay with Sprint and hope for iPhone?

"stay with Sprint and hope for iPhone?"
That's kinda where I'm at right now. I think that is Sprints plan not taking the Pre, but I'm not sure it's a good one.

They are saying iPhone on sprint this fall. If not I am leaving. No pre3 and no iphone will be an issue for me. Android is a joke.

Omg please give these people a phone HP. THEY'RE waiting for a freaking I-Phone...ewww, barf and puke.

Yeah, who want's a phone that will sync all music, contacts, videos, and files automatically? And who wants a boat-load of awesome apps?

That would be silly to buy a phone from a company that supports their product with updates for more than a year? Don't forget, HP has NEVER delivered an update to any device in the US, new or legacy. Not pre-, pre+, Pre2, or Veer. Shameful.

Put your faith in HP, I'll go with Apple, they at least care about their users and don't S*** on them over and over.

The Pre2 is an update to the Pre+, which just happened to be Palm's phone. Palm is dead, HP can't be responsible for the previous phones. The Veer is brand new, why would it need an update? The Pre3 is coming in less than a month. There is a slab coming to Sprint in August. That then will be 2 different form factors in 4 different flavours spread over the major carriers in less than a year that HP has controlled webOS.
What other miracles are you people expecting?

How many iPhone owners do you think are on their 5th, 8th or 10th model? While I prefer webOS operating system immensely more than iOS, the fact that Apple continues to improve both its hardware and software, has an already established eco-system, tons of apps, and great battery life does indeed intrigue me. These are all unanswered questions from HP right now. HP needs to give me a reason to stay, promises won't make me stay with webOS.

I think your statement speaks more to the user's love of webOS than the quality of an iPhone. All the users on their upteenth Pre keep asking for more because they love the experience and would rather break another Pre than switch to a shoddy Android OS running on better hardware.

I have to reference switching to Android over iOS because they didn't really have much of an option to switch to an iPhone without switching carriers. Although I do think that a webOS user is more likely to keep coming back for more, whereas if an iPhone kept breaking their users might be more willing to switch and try something else.

This is obviously just HPalms way of "Making thigs right".....
because you know it wouldn't be right if HPalm didnt **** the sprint pre faithful...again...and again...and again.....

wow I might switch back from android on t-mobile to pre3 and a tablet (Please HP release in july and make it work right. I gave up hope, but want to come back sooo bad.

What?!?!? This article a day after the article that said no carriers announced, take a breath, etc., etc. And now you are saying AT&T and Verizon in July? What is this based on the fact that HP said "summer"?

Along with webOS and HP, this site is becoming a joke...

Throw enough conjecture up there and some of it will stick.

so i guess information just stops flowing after one particular thing happens....

I suggest you have almost zero reading comprehension.

I hope this isnt actually the case bc I cant imagine why Sprint isnt pushing to get a replacement and at least give hp a shot here... At this rate T Mobile will get a webos phone before sprint... maybe even the merger with AT&T completes before sprint gets a new webos phone..
WTF SPRINT.. I love me some Sprint but come on Danny boy... make it happen.

hmm att or verizon....decisions....

looks like adios sprint soon!

Yeah, I'm now stuck with the same question. I know that it had been discussed, but I guess I was still holding out for a miracle as it didn't seem possible that Sprint would just flake out of the running on the Pre3.

I figure Verizon. Everyone I've ever talked to on ATT sounded horrible. I may only move one sprint line so I don't lose my 10 year status.

Go Att if you want device choice and easy upgrades (since you can always sell a nice gsm phone and buy another full price), or go Verizon if you want great coverage. Note, the Att pre3 will likely be faster from a network perspective. Really wish a full touchscreen 4G with webOS was in the cards for late this year.

I am w/you. If Sprint doesn't announce by the arrival of the Pre 3 on Verizon/AT&T, my family plan moves to one of the other carriers.

Looks like HP is going the "Apple route". Phones only on AT&T/VZW.

My purchase of a Touchpad is solely dependent on if I can buy a phone on Sprint to go with it. No webOS on Sprint means I'm not buying into HP's "ecosystem".

In a way I'm glad HP has given us all this time to wait for carrier announcements. It has opened my eyes to other mobile OSs and experiences.

Verizon = somewhat costsly, but now for a limited time offering a 30 dollar all you can eat data buffet, I bet once you bite on that solid3g experience for unlimited, say a year down the line when we upgrade again surely we will be a 4g device, locked into a good rate.

ATT = the costliest pig out of the bunch, so so phone quality reception but... The only way to expierence a much much needed speed bump. Also H+ is faster than sprints wimax (which you wont be able to even get on sprint) let alone if they even carry the pre3 which i bet they don't. They are going balls to the wall with the EVO 3d sending everyone i know emails saying pre order now.

Sprint made the choice easy for me though, I already jumped ship to the veer. Couldn't hang onto that pre- and even though I have a pre2, i was still wanting the new device.

I can tell everyone one thing though, that speed difference in att vs the old 3g is major. I mean major major you never see a youtube video buffer or wait for something that would timeout and piss you off with the pre.

Id tell anyone if you know somebody with a veer, or an android device like the inspire on att, ask them to play with it. Do some net speed checks. You will find out that the speed is really needed badly.

So its either wait it out, lock into the true 4g LTE, get a better data rate, or eat ATTS 10 dollars per gig.

My first month i used 3 gigs of data. I use my phone and stream a lot too.

Umm, PreMaster, you may want to double check those costly plans again between AT&T and Verizon. You can get the same deal with AT&T for roughly $20 more a month (not unlimited but well within the range someone with unlimited would use). Verizon on the other hand is about $50 more a month than Sprint and $30 more than AT&T.

Verizon is the king of the expensive cell plan. It's not even a race. They win by a landslide.

Hmm you are right. After all the fees and taxes its pretty pricey. Although I haven't had vz in years, i just know that going from 7 years of sprint to ATT i noticed the price jump right off the bat.

Heck that makes it kinda easier folks. Think of it this way

TOUCHPAD - 3g only on ATT. which really means it will probably be H+

If you want your touchpad to also have some data, and you wanna be in touch with your inner chi then it looks like ATT or bust.

I meant to say $20 more a month than Sprint (currently the least expensive US carrier not named Boost or Metro)

Similar experience. I went to Sprint for the original Pre (the rest of my family stayed with AT&T). It was OK. The network coverage was slightly better than AT&T, but only rarely enough difference to give me bragging rights over Sunday dinner. Their 3G speeds were not as fast as AT&T. I switched back for the Veer, and haven't looked back. AT&T now gives us unlimited mobile-to-mobile at no additional cost (to any carrier, just like Sprint). The HSPA+ in my area is fairly zippy, up to 7Mbps, which, as noted, makes a big difference in the webOS experience. We've had an AT&T family plan since Shep was a pup, and AT&T customer service has always been good to my family, coming through for us in multiple instances. Bottom line: I don't understand the ferocious loyalty to Sprint...much ado about nothing.

Thats the other thing, since the last prl update to 0115 or whatever, my phone has been very slow. Internet goes in and out, I have to toggle airplane off and on. I'm sure that is due to the aging device and not the network tho. I haven't added new patches in months, and I don't think the universe browser would cause it, tho it locks my phone up. When I'm on break needing to check something on the internet very quickly, this can be very annoying. My phone has never been this slow. I'm also not in Evdo a lot of times it's 1x, at the EXACT SAME SPOT that I got consistent evdo before, I'm not in a roaming area. It's SO frustrating.

Hope the antennas are not embedded in the back case. I am looking into manufacturing these backs with the old Palm logo and other works of art for the Pre 3 and other HTC phones. This would make it a bit more tricky.

What is this long time love affair with Sprint all about? If you like a phone on another carrier and, as many of you keep saying, your due for a new phone, then go to a good company. Sprint even has more dropped calls in our area than AT&T or Verizon. So please, either go to another company or another phone. Your carrier apparently doesn't care for WebOS!

For me, when I switched to a smart phone I switched to sprint to save money. A three smart phone family plan with a 25% employer discount on Sprint is what keeps me from changing carriers. Of course I've had my Pre- for less than a year so it will be awhile before I upgrade.

Hear, Hear! what about this whole "making it right" for us pre plus users.

I sent an email to Leo Apotheker yesterday (email site posted here yesterday), and SUPRISE I got an immediate answer via email telling me someone would contact me. within 3hrs someone from WEBOS Support called my phone 4 times in a row. I was on a conf call so could not answer.
Finally got to my voice mail to hear info on release of VEER, TouchPad, and to watch for news on the PRE3.
My email was asking for an answer to several issues, one of which was what do we as Sprint Pre- users have to look forward to?
and what was with the committments from LEO and others re: dates, and shipping etc.. or does HP just lie for convience.

So after hearing the voicemail from support, I resent my original email, restating that I was looking for fullfillment of Leo's commitment and HPs committment to us Sprint/Pre users.... that was yesterday at 5pm. No response yet?

email the Board at HP here....

This has been posted before but that pre 3 site states: Pre3 is a CDMA/EVDO Rev A device that supports download speeds of up to 3.1 mbps. Connection speeds will vary due to location, environment, network conditions, and other factors. Wireless connection requires wireless data service contract, network support, and is not available in all areas. Contact service provider to determine the coverage area and availability.

So I figured it was going to Verizon first.

Just need Sprint to pick this up.

Also, THE TYPOS!!!! For crying out loud! Proof read, man!

Seriously. Typos. They're annoying.

While I agree about the typos; for the record, "proofread" is one word. :)

The AT&T logo is probably on the mirror. There's no shot of that with the slide open. They can put it on the body on the Veer because the cover isn't removable.

As a SERO Premium customer I just cannot leave Sprint. Stupid fiscal conscience outweighing my desire to show Sprint a piece of my mind.

I agree. Sprint is not that great of a carrier compared to Verizon in my neck of the woods anyway.

Hoping for a world phone from Verizon. That would be pretty bad ****

I am assuming the antennas are colored Black like the Pixi. (If I remember correctly.)

Good lordy, I'm sick of reading about the sprint people's b***hing. Look don't you realize its NOT HP!!! It's sprint. Period. If you're pissed get an android (sh***y OS, if you ask me) and QUIT BRINGING YOUR WHINYNESS TO THIS AWESOME FORUM! We're getting awesome news every single day, and all you people do is b***h.

Seriously Derek, thanks for the awesome news! SO EXCITED!!!!

I don't think HP would have much of a problem getting Sprint to buy into the Pre3. HP can swallow Sprint if it wanted to.

Sorry you're tired of reading the bitching. Perhaps you can get your news somewhere else.


Have you ever ran a business? If they say no, you keep coming back til its a yes. In this case, we're talking about 3rd place Sprint.

Are you saying that HP can get their products out on the top two but somehow can't break past Sprint's walls?

Again, if HP wanted it on Sprint, it'd happen. The obvious answer is, HP is only interested in the top two for now. Perhaps they don't want to **** with wimax which is most likely.

Yep. This is 100 percent HP, not Sprint.

As long as Sprint can attached some sort of silly "FIRST!" to the marketing and "codesign" it with the manufacturer, they will take ANY device.

"Green" Android QWERTY phones no one will buy, the Kyocera Echo,....they don't care.

If HP won't give them a differentiated device, that is on them. They are blowing this.


Dude, get back to taking your Ritalin. People have the right to say whatever they want, it's a forum. Plus , Derek stoped giving brownie points two weeks ago.

And he has the right to say what he said too.

I agree with you, but if he's sick of reading...then don't read!

And your same comment applies to yourself as well.

And where was I berating someone for their opinion?....that's what thought..

You do not get it... It was not SPRINT who made the committment to do right!
It was HP!
If they are not going to do anything at HP, then tell us so HP. Otherwise we just keep hanging on to see if HP can and will keep its word. Simple enough huh? DUH!

Anyone can get a new webOS device for free and if you're a Sprint webOS user you have no contract to break.

Yes I am tired or reading the bitching. Seriously, it seems like every single article that announces something gets bitched at for one reason or another.

Yes it took them a long time to get a new webOS device to market. HP bought Palm 1 year ago. And, in one year, they've had to develop 3 new devices and a major OS restructure/refresh. Apple can't even pull that **** off. Could you do all this in one year?

However, now, thanks to HP and their massive scale structure, we have 3 major webOS dev's being released in 2 months.

HP could easily swallow Sprint just like you said. But if Sprint isn't making it easy on them, why go back a second or third time? It's on Sprint to offer the phone, not HP. If sprint wants to keep itself tied up in an inferior OS w/ android, thats its own problem, and yours if you want a webOS device.

@Cardfan... in fact yes I do have my own business, and yes it takes work to push products and services. However, if there isn't an interest, and the customer(Sprint) is inferior, and I have 2 bigger accounts, why would I bother?

Finally @sweet greggo ... really? Snide comment is unnecessary, didn't I just compliment Derek on the great job he does? C'mon dude...

Face the facts, for now the Pre3 is not coming out on Sprint and no whining or complaining is going to change it. So, if you want webOS and are truely a fanboy, you'll have to go to another carrier (which you probably will because we all know that this is the best mobileOS out there.)

DEAL WITH IT! and quit making us listen your bitchen!

Ha, you can't have it both ways. I think your comments about us whiners were snide as well. Give and get.

If HP wants the Pre3 on Sprint, it will be done. Sprint is simply not big enough to refuse HP.

I'm sure Sprint will get it or another phone at some point but I most likely will not be a customer of theirs when it happens. I will follow webOS but I'm a little upset I have to go through all the trouble of switching carriers. HP is able to handle this better.

Here's the thing, it has to come from BOTH sides. Apple was satisfied with having the iPhone ONLY on AT&T for a long long time, so device manufacturers clearly don't suffer from not selling devices on Sprint.

If you think about it, GSM makes the most sense to target first, since you have all of Europe plus AT&T here in the USA that can use the exact same version of the phone. If AT&T wants a special version, then the people at AT&T know that it will cost them some money for that special version. Verizon people know that a special version is needed, and they pay for customizations. HP on the flip side works with the carriers to get the customizations working, so there is a cost there as well.

If Apple was generally happy with selling the iPhone exclusively on AT&T, then if the carriers don't snub the Pre 3 the way they did the Pre Plus, HP won't have any worries about Sprint not being willing to work to bring the phone to its network.

Rage issues?

It's not Sprint's fault. It's somewhat HP's fault. It's mostly Palm's fault. They stuck Sprint with the crappiest devices. They allowed AT&T and Verizon to say they were getting the device before Sprint's exclusive had even begun. They're the ones who stopped updating the OS after a year even though customers were locked into 2 year contracts.

HP didn't "develop 3 new devices". They engineered a pre-existing Pre 2 into larger and smaller sizes. The tablet is where all of the engineering muscle went. Apple most certainly could release different size versions of iPhones and iPads, but fortunately for them, they keep junky offshoots in their testing labs doomed to prototype status forever.

Don't discount the changes we will see in the Pre 3, and the updates to WebOS are far from trivial, so even getting WebOS 2.2 or 2.3 out the door, not to mention 3.0 can be a fairly significant bit of work.

Remember, not every company does version number inflation. WebOS version numbers are SIGNIFICANT, and getting the bugs worked out of WebOS 2 probably took a LOT longer than HP was expecting.

Not on Sprint = FUCKED UP.

PreCentral, are YOU going to call out HP on this? Are YOU going to ask Jon what exactly he meant about "taking care of" us Sprint users?

rubinstein wasnt talking about sprint customers but owners of "legacy devices", no matter which provider :)

It doesn't get more legacy than the original Pre! :D

Verizon's website is now offering the Pre2 for $49.99 (with contract, of course). Dropped by half from yesterday. I'd definitely say something "else" is coming!

I am very tired of the network issue I have been having for the past two YEARS on Sprint in the area where I work. They have done nothing about it despite complaints from multiple people in our company (large client of Sprint). Looks like I will be dumping Sprint and going to Verizon for the Pre 3.

at my local Verizon store this week I inquired about the Pre 3 and was told they would have one on display in 2 weeks. I assumed he meant the TP, but this is even better!

Thank God for it (apparently) coming to AT&T! If late July is the target launch date on AT&T, that's great timing for me, as I'm up for an upgrade in early August. I need that upgrade because my Pre Plus has developed this horrible habit of powering off when I snap the keyboard closed.

Can't wait for the Pre3 and TouchPad; should be an exciting next month!

stick a piece of folded once business card under the battery... Sorry for the HI-Tech fix, but it works..... by keeping the battery contacts from opening when you snap the device shut.... or drop it sometimes .....

My ATT Pre+ developed the same shutting off issue after I installed a new battery that I got off eBay along with a touchstone. I switched back to the original battery, and the problem went away. If you have access, try a different battery and see if that fixes your problem.

I'm due for the upgrade now, and will happily wait 5 weeks for Pre3, rather than Android or iOS!

If you got your Pre Plus in the first month or two after release on AT&T, you should get upgrade pricing NOW, but only for another WebOS device. So, 13 months after we got a new phone, we can get another WebOS phone without penalty...I'd call that making it right.

"Skype is necessary for the Pre3 to enable video chat using that front-facing camera."

There's a camera on the front of the Pre3? Where? I don't see it in the specs:

Updated: My bad. I see it. It says "Front VGA".

Released on my birthday! Sweet!

All you Sprint fanboys need to pipe down. You'll get the Pre3+ in December for Xmas. My name is Jon Rubinstein and I support this message.

Sadly, this is exactly what I worry about-- that Sprint *will* eventually get it, just significantly later than everyone else.

I get excellent Sprint coverage at both home and work, and the price is right.

Here's my worst nightmare-- I suck it up with my rapidly dying Pre- for a couple months, then jump to a more expensive service with worse coverage, only to have Sprint pick up the phone two months later.

give me slab phone >:(

The Pre 3 will have a 3.6 inch screen PLUS the slide-out keyboard. Other than how thick the phone is, I don't see that a 3.7-4 inch slab would be so vital.

+1 comment for WTF SPRINT?!

OH BOY!!! I don't see a comms board on the back. I guess franken PRE3 is out also. This is depressing now. I don't like slab phone (in case they are getting one, which I doubt).

I was thinking that, too. I won't switch to another phone because I don't want to pay the $10 monthly fee. But maybe this will drive down the price of a Pre2 for radio swapping and I'll make the switch then.

That's it. I'm done. I'm switching to Virgin & Android. No reason to stay with sprint and pay all this money for a 2-year-old half-broken pre-. I signed up with sprint because it was cheap and I liked the phone. Well guess what, Virgin is cheaper (yes, I know Sprint owns them). In fact, it's so much cheaper I don't even care if I need to get an Android to use it.

If the pre3 ever comes out I can decide if I want to bother paying twice as much for service as what I can get with Virgin.

If HP wanted to sell a bunch of WebOS phones, they should have released the Veer on Virgin for $200.