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Skype integration live and well on the TouchPad 44

by Derek Kessler Tue, 14 Jun 2011 4:27 pm EDT

We’re getting ever so closer to the official launch of the HP TouchPad, and there are still some details we don’t have a complete grasp of. Like what about Skype integration? We know that Skype’s exclusivity deal with Verizon is up and they’re free to play with whatever manufacturer and carrier they like, and HP has been saying ever since the TouchPad launch that they were working with Skype for the VoIP provider to be the service behind the TouchPad’s video calling support.

Fast forward to today, when PreCentral forum member DavidVogt posted the above image (we’ve cropped it): that’s Skype in the Messaging app, integrated all nice and Synergy-like. David snapped the picture at a recent webOS event where multiple HP staffers were using TouchPads. It’s the first time we’ve seen confirmed Skype, chat, video, or otherwise, on the TouchPad, and it raises our hopes that Skype will be fully integrated for video calling as well when the TouchPad lands next month. Full photo after the break.

Thanks to DavidVogt in the PreCentral Forums for the tip!


Great, what H/P needs is a seamless integration with facetime and Skype. Plus whatever enterprise solution for video conference.

Facetime is a complete waste of time in the enterprise unless Apple opens up all its proprietary codecs to everyone.

HP's huge advantage in this fight is Synergy. Synergy integrates 3rd party apps at core-OS level. The more people realize Synergy's power, the more they'll gravitate to the webOS platform.

for what it's worth, apple said that facetime would be an open standard when it was released, but I don't think HP wants to support an apple-based product.

Skype is popular, open, and neutral, making it the obvious standard, and integrating it into synergy would be a hugely helpful.

Apple and open standard just don't go together. It's all just talk so far they haven't opened it up.

Skype is not open. Do not confuse being on multiple platforms with being open. It has historically been very, very closed about its protocols, and does not share them without significant compensation.

skype is to be a Microsoft property. We'll have to see if the #4 mobile o/s wants to continue sharing it with the #5 o/s, or uses it as a strategic advantage.

well, that is again webOS trying to break through the closed door (iTunes deja-vu, anyone?), instead of encourage 3rd party devs to came & write apps for them, not the other way around.

Actually this IS the "encouraging of 3rd party devs". Or do you think that HP hacked Skype onto webOS?

Of course this was done in very close cooperation with Skype.

true, Synergy is one of core differentiators, and should be beaten up all the time.

AND should be opened up for developers (API), so all the Skypes of this world could integrate w/ WebOS on their own accord (and as users require/need)


wishing for a split keyboard.

im sure there will be an app for that

An app can't modify the underlying operating system, so I'm not sure it would be very convenient for most text entry. You'd have to do a lot of copying and pasting.

There will probably be a patch for that until it's integrated into the system which could be a simple software update.

Found myself wishing the same thing when I saw that pic

What would you get with a split keyboard?

It's an Apple feature so it must be better right? Personally, I think it'll just make the keys smaller and less useful. I'd rather have a stroke-based input system like Graffiti.

When you have a wide tablet in front of you, thumb typing becomes more of a challenge when compared to a smaller device. A split keyboard puts the keys more towards the sides and makes thumb typing a bit easier.

Both Apple and Windows (8) are doing it and I think it could be a good thing.

I was really hoping for this! Looking better and better for the TouchPad as July 1st draws closer.


Not likely to get integration of facetime, considering Apple hasn't done a thing to open up the protocol, despite their promises.

I'd love to see Google Talk audio/video support though, so that I can make VOIP calls out while still using my Sprint number through Google Voice.

Don't see that happening, but it'd be nice.

I believe you could do it through the browser. With out the need for an app.

Sadly, you can not do it in he browser without the google talk video/audio plugin, which currently only the newest android Honeycomb 3.1 tablets can do.


I actually also expect that integration to be included into the Pre 3...

Maybe not in the USA (because of the carriers, maybe only on WiFi) but at least in Europe I hope that I will be able to use it freely :)

Pre-order in 5 days. Wifey "needs" one too.

This is awesome.

Hopefully the new facebook app with chat will also be out before the TP lands.

HP really needs to take Greg Rolls Synergy Messaging Plugin and incorporate it into the OS already, I mean:

Facebook Chat
Live Messenger
Office Communicator
Myspace chat
Novell Groupwise

all integrated into the messaging app? That would be a competition destroyer.

Cool! 1 Down!

9 more to go:
PlantsVsZombies, BarCodeScanner, QRCodes (integrated), IMDB, WordsWithFriends, Shazam, NetFlix, CutTheRope, DoodleJump

oh and I added two more today to make it 11 to go:
+ Swype
+ LastPass

What the?
Since v1.66.0 - February 14th 2010
As with all smartphone apps, LastPass for Palm webOS devices is part of our Premium offering and can be tested with a 14-day free trial.

Why the heck isn't this showing up in the AppCat or the Preware feeds?

agree with most, although I like soundhound better than shazam but ya... I would add slingbox to the list!

I'll update my list to say shazam/soundhound and add Slingbox/DVR Remote apps...

Robdmau, slingbox would be the perfect gift of an app for me. I certainly have to agree. and as well as netflix.

and I already have a barcode scanner. I don't know if it would work well with TouchPad though since it doesn't have a good camera.

Which one?

I searched for ZXING and scanner and couldn't find anything...

Great news! It really does look as though HP is swinging for the fences with the Touchpad. Here's hoping for a Homerun (or at least a triple ;-)!

Its nice to see Skype integrated in very well! but I don't see a call button any were :(

Maybe because that's the messaging app and not the Skype app?

The call button would be in the contacts not the messaging if they do indeed have a call button.

I don't think HP is averse to supporting protocols from Apple. Isn't MobileMe an Apple thing? Yet HP is supporting it for email access on the Touchpad.

Patiently awaiting a new review or confirmation on how skype integration is going to work. I constantly use group chats on skype for bfbc2 after our conference calls. I wonder how group chat is going to work if it included at all.

Need to add a robust SIP app to that list. Something like Acrobits Groundwire on iOS and android is sorely needed. After an initial exciting few weeks linphone development for webos seems to be halted.

I have to have SIP access on my handset and so no matter how much I want to use webos, I have had to stick with my stupid iPhone for months now. I'm sure I'm not the only person in this boat.

What about Whatsapp?... I don´t know in USA, but here in Spain, everybody with an iphone uses it (or any other smartphone, but people here mainly buy iphones)... all my family and friends keep asking me how come we don´t have it with webos when all other platforms have it.