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by Dieter Bohn Thu, 16 Dec 2010 8:08 pm EST
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SMARTRUNNER INCL VOICE! SmartRunner - the most popular free gps tracking App for palm – as a Pro version for 0.99 USD only (initial price, later 2.99 USD). Features: live map, voice feedback, speed and altitude chart, browse routes on map, facebook and twitter integration. SmartRunner records your next run, biking trip, hike, walk, ride, or any other outdoor activity. The application informs you in real time about average and maximum speed, distance, calories burnt and your location via live map. Afterwards you take a detailed analysis via speed and altitude charts. Sign up for a free webaccount at and you can archive your training history and undertake detailed analysis of tracks on maps and altitude profiles. If you want, your uploaded tracks will be sent automatically via Twitter, Facebook and other Social Networks to your friends. Become part of one of the most active sports enthusiasts communities whos members uploaded over 400.000 tracks already.

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can't connect to my existing profile, can't change activity, The free version seems to work, but the premium version I just purchase isn't working. Please update it. I enjoy the app, free version was working well. Like the idea of on device maps and more features. Will up the stars when fixed, (I've even installed it twice to see if it was a corrupted download)

There was an issue with Palm corupting the file when uploaded to the app catalog. The App now works great. it's worth the price if you run, hike or bike.

I use this with my Veer. Phone for emergency, MP3 for music while I cycle, run or ski and GPS for tracking. I love this thing,,,and the Veer is small enough not to feel like I'm carrying a tablet with me.