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So Canada! Your Pre is Native Now! 47

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 27 Aug 2009 9:31 am EDT

In Canada? Waiting in line?  Already got your Pre? Giddy as a schoolgirl? Feeling the sting of a brand new 3 year contract? Is that contract offsetting the joy of not having to hassle with a mail-in rebate? We really, really want to know because we're happy for our Canadian readers (we just wish more of them could feasibly use Bell).

Hit us up in the comments, email your photos into, let us know what you think!

If you're still on the fence about the Pre, be sure to hit up our insanely comprehensive full Palm Pre Review and Guide. Toronto's Globe and Mail (thanks tipster who for some reason wanted to be Anonymous) has an article up on the launch and why it's good for Bell as a network:

“There's no doubt the Pre will have a positive impact on our market share and there's no doubt the Pre will have a positive impact on ARPU [average revenue per user] because it's so easy to use, so our data revenue will grow,” said Wade Oosterman, president of Bell Mobility and chief brand officer of Bell Canada.

Don't you wish you lived in a world where you didn't know what APRU meant? Also, and we say this gently, why do you think Palm decided to start their Pre launch with two smaller (some might say struggling) networks?



Im so confused. I was at my Bell store the other day and they told me that all Pre-Orders were being shipped today, but stores couldn't start selling them until Friday, even tho they have had them since last week!?

Who cares about the pre? It's my birthday!! GOO MEEE!

First one in town !

WebOS version -> 1.1.0 Build 83
Config -> Bell 1.1

;) i think i will skip my day to be able to play with it haha

Build 83 sounds promising... I wonder if they fixed the email notification bug.

I hope they learn from our experience, don't buy a PRE until you check out the nearly 200 things it won't do that almost any other phone does right out of the box, the same nearly 200 things that Palm and Sprint won't acknowledge and can't say if they are even "working on it". Then, just don't buy a Pre. Im past my 30 day return, so here goes 2 years of being reminded daily that my full price phone barely functions and how Sprint didn't care at all to even discuss a remedy.

what are you talking about the only thing i can thing of is forwarding text messages. I'm sure thats getting worked on, since it is a basic function.

You are a nincompoop. Post your list of 200 things. Heck, post your list of 20 things that this phone cannot do that all other phones do.

Anonymous troll postings. Gotta love it.

you're an idiot. this is by far the coolest and easiest to use smartphone on the market. it may not have as many apps as the iphone, but atleast i can listen to music and send texts at the same time!

Go home Apple fanboy.

Typical Pre comment .. a "pre-sumptuous" one at that. The poster never mentioned Apple nor the iPhone in his post. But yet you still have to bring up the "A" word.

You know, all the mention of iPhone this and Apple that could be interpreted as the iPhone being perceived as the true superior phone. Why else do folks keep attacking it/them in so many posts?

STFU forum troll!!! You are an early adopter of a BRAND NEW DEVICE with a BRAND NEW OS!

This is still a better phone than my TREO & CENTRO were!! AND it's better than EVERY Blackberry out there! For ME, it's even better than the iPhone.

So it doesn't have $2.4 billion in apps sold yet...get over it. YOU chose to be one of the first to buy this device KNOWING it was BRAND NEW!!!

Shut your piehole & sell it on ebay to ME so I can put it on my 2nd line! You are lame.

Wow someone sounds a littly whiny, just wondering what it is all your phone can't do? Mine is leaps and bounds better than my old phone, missing the fine polish and a couple features but nothing too bad. And when Iphone and HTC first released their stuff it was missing a ton of stuff as well. Palm has a great platform to build on, hoping they just don't mess that up. For speed they should be able to get this thing easily 2x-5x faster than what it is now with improved js engine and more tweaks on the low level side.

French guyz can go to this website :
Palm Pre Canada & France
Vous parlez fran

Liking my pre so far. The keyboard is a little small but ok

Oh and it says version 1.2!

Scratch that. It is 1.1

I PRE ORDERED mine a couple weeks back, can't wait to get the Bell store. Also, Bell's network isn't struggling it has the best 3G network in Canada, that covers 98% of our population. As for the 3 year terms, unless your on fido than thats normal on any carrier up here.

Can you rotate your Google Maps to landscape mode?

The screen does not rotate in g maps

@ Anonymous
You are just another IPhone Fanboy Smacktard.

Scratch that. It is 1.1

@ Anonymous
Can you name 15 of the so-called 200 things? As a matter of fact, name me 10 of those things. Get out of here with your exaggerations and childishness.

I pre-ordered mine from bestbuy mobile (first on there list), I called yesterday and they said they have it but cant give it to me until the 27th. Now I have to wait until im done work then drive in an hourin bumper to bumper traffic before I can pick mine up.

ROM is still 1.1. Google map still don't have landscape..
even so, i was still deeply impressed by pre.
As a previous iphone 3g owner, the first hour on pre really blew my mind

BTW, I am not the earliest to get the pre.
The stuff in Bell informed me that they just received some new coupons for palm pre. The three guys before me didn't get the chance to take it. It is a 50 bucks coupon. I used it to buy the touchstone, which sells at 80 bucks.

So, if you don't get the coupon, phone the bell store and ask for it!!

Thanks for the info. Can't wait to get the pre, 30 minutes until the bell store opens...

@ Braden

Bell does not cover 98% of the population. It only covers about 90% (doesn't offer service in SASK, MAN, or any territories).

As a Regina Sask resident, i'm pretty bummed out that I cannot get a Pre. I have been waiting for one since they announced it in the states :(

don't they use the Aliant network?

or have roaming agreements with SaskTel?

Picked it up at 10:00AM this morning in Montreal - first one sold in the store!!

Walked into the Bell store 5 minutes after they opened this morning. Walked out 30 minutes later with my new Pre. I was amazed the number transfer was instant. It only took so long because I had lots of questions about Bell service. I'm the sort of customer Bell was hoping for: someone who switched to their service just for this phone. Hell, I even broke my contract with Fido with 6 months left.

Too bad they didn't have the Touchstone in yet. Too bad the store charges an outrageous $30 for UPS shipping to Canada (plus the inevitable UPS brokerage fees), else I'd buy it from them.

Got my Pre today, so far Pandora wont work in this country (canada), according to MY pre... :(

use net2stream its better

Yes, Pandora is US only now, and has been for a long time.

I got my pre on tuesday cause my local bell store just got them in and I was the only one on the waiting list they sold it to me early...

Bell has service in sask but its only 1x anywhere outside regina.. I'm in BC and I had to switch from rogers to Bell because rogers service is horrible anywhere outside the lower mainland, bell has 3g in places rogers has no service at all and where iam rogers still runs on edge which has a nasty habit of dropping to GPRS all the time...

"Also, and we say this gently, why do you think Palm decided to start their Pre launch with two smaller (some might say struggling) networks?"

Because its still beta and we just happen to be the Beta testers! I don't mind though.

I think by year end when they launch on all the popular networks its going to be a very polished product and webos will probably start making its way into other phones and dare I even think of other vendors challenging android.

Oh man.. I'm so going to play with one but it'll be a cold day in hell before I sign up with Bell. And you have to love their motives - "it'll drive up data rates and make us rich because we already charge wayyyy too much for that anyways". Bell should have been broken up a long time ago.

Actually, Bell's Smartphone plans are VERY reasonable in comparison to the competition.

is it possible to hack this bell pre gsm to use it in belgium?

is it possible to hack this bell pre gsm to use it in belgium? dying to buy one. please provide info if someone can help.

is it locked?

if yes

is it possible to hack this bell pre gsm to use it in belgium? dying to buy one.

please provide info if someone can help.

Well the Pre is CDMA, not GSM, sooooo NO!

Smaller struggling networks? How so in Bells case? They have the same user base as Rogers and the coverage for 3G is double that of Rogers, so I don't understand. By the end of the year they are also rolling out their HSPA network, which cost them over 1 billion dollards. I don't know how you can call that struggling.

Was anyone else told by Bell to wait 4 hours from purchase before turning the phone on so it can activate itself!? Doesn't seem right to me!

"Was anyone else told by Bell to wait 4 hours from purchase before turning the phone on so it can activate itself!? Doesn't seem right to me!"

Seriously? They told you it may take up to 4 hours and you're pissed? Seriously? C'mon. Tomorrow or the next day or next week that won't matter at one bit. Relax man. It's only a phone.

When I bought mine, I wasn't told anything like that. We set up the profile instore, ran through a little gesture tutorial, and that was it.