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So, what about the Pre3? Yeah, we hear you: Sprint. 272

by Derek Kessler Fri, 17 Jun 2011 7:49 pm EDT

Two weeks ago my colleague Tim Stiffler-Dean wrote up an excellent editorial on the HP Pre3 and how we need to have patience. After all, relationships between carriers and manufacturers take time, as does certification and software development. And as we expected, the comments filled in quickly with a metric tonne of readers asking, nay, pleading for a Pre3 on Sprint.

We hear you, dear commenter. We’ve heard you in practically every article posted on this site in the past month (seriously, it's a bit crazy). We’ve heard you all over the forums. And we can’t say that we have anything that amounts to good news about Sprint getting the Pre3. In fact, apart from the collection of Sprint reps who have said with no degree of authority that Sprint will get the Pre3 at some point in the future, we have no news whatsoever. Meanwhile, we’ve at least heard about the Pre3 coming to AT&T and Verizon.

And believe us, we understand. There’s something about webOS that’s addicting. While there are still at least tens of thousands of Palm Pre owners on Sprint, we hear all the time from those that have switched to Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 7 that they miss webOS and would consider coming back for better hardware.

And then there are all of the aforementioned Sprint Pre owners, many of whom purchased on launch day more than two years ago. They’ve fallen in love with webOS and invested in apps, promoting it to friends, family, and strangers, and for some – buying replacement devices when Sprint offers none. They’ve watched with hope and envy as Palm and now HP released newer and better devices onto AT&T and Verizon and other carriers around the world, only to be disappointed by these new powerful phones not being available on their carrier of choice. They waited patiently for the promised webOS 2.0 update that would breath new life into their tired old phones, only to be let down in a most frustrating manner. And it was only yesterday when all of the disappointed webOS users and fans learned what HP meant when they said they were going to "make it right" after these mess-ups, though we can't say too many of you are thrilled with what's been offered.

webOS fans are a funny bunch. That’s not meant in a “you’re humorous” type, which you are, but that you’re the kind of fan that’s puzzling to marketers. You’re like the fans that tried to the to raise enough money to finance a fifth season of Star Trek: Enterprise. You’re like the people that wait outside a restaurant for hours so that they can pay for a meal, just because it’s that good. You’re super fans, and that makes you awesome. Despite every way you’ve been disappointed by Palm and HP, and all the amazing new devices released by Apple, HTC, and Samsung, you’ve stood by your OS. And it’s important to note that you’re webOS fans and not Palm or HP fans. It’s the OS that’s kept you around this long.

We know that HP is giving a $50 discount on the 32GB version of the TouchPad to fulfill that promise they made 5 months ago, but is that really enough for you? It’s an interesting question, because right now we’re sure many of you would just accept the Pre3 being available on your carrier of choice as enough to make things right. You want that new phone, with its new OS and fancy processor and gorgeous screen. In fact, that’s just about the only way it can be made up to you – HP’s certainly not going to invest the energy into making webOS 2.0 run well on the Pre and Pre Plus, and without webOS 2.0, you can’t have the new App Catalog and HP can’t even give you discount codes to go and buy a bunch of apps.

HP could, theoretically, offer a discount on a Pre3 on AT&T or Verizon, but that puts the Sprint Pre owner into yet another bind. While many have stated that they’ll dump Sprint after several years as a loyal customer for the Pre3 on another carrier, plenty more have voiced their unwillingness to leave Sprint. The only thing that’s going to satisfy them is a Pre3 (or better webOS smartphone) on Sprint.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that HP wants to offer the Pre3 on Sprint. Why wouldn’t they? It’s a carrier with a modest, but fiercely loyal webOS userbase already in place, one that’s clamoring to buy a Pre3. The problem is Sprint. They’ve got to be hesitant about carrying a new webOS phone after the marketing, sales, and quality debacle that was the Pre and Pixi. Sprint likely still looks at webOS with a wary eye, given all that they invested in it and the poor results they got in return. Since then, Sprint’s gone all-in with Android and actually enjoyed a reasonable amount of success. To this day the year-old HTC Evo 4G is one of the best-selling Android devices, and it’s soon to be followed-up by the even-more-impressive Evo 3D.

We know that the fans have been bombarding Sprint with requests for the Pre3, through official and unofficial channels. There's the previously mentioned billion comments on every article here, plus posts on Twitter, Facebook, our forums, Sprint's forums, and everywhere else. A number have even taken the step of contacting Sprint - and Sprint CEO Dan Hesse - directly, which has usually been met with a form reply about how they don't comment on unannounced products and that they have several worthy Android devices to choose from. But the barrage of emails might be getting through to Sprint, as just this weekend one of our readers reported that Sprint replied to him with an email that at least acknowledged the number of requests for the phone. Does that mean much? Not really, but it's a sign that Sprint at least knows there are plenty of webOS fans who want the phone.

Even for fans like these, patience is a limited resource. Eventually, if nothing’s been done to “make things right” to their satisfaction, they’ll release their grip on their old Palm Pre and grab something else on Sprint. There’s no shortage of quality Android phones on the carrier, and while these fans will always look with longing at webOS, they’ll never speak well of HP.

It’s like that restaurant that has amazing food, but also has horrible service. Yeah, that one. Somebody’s asking what’s good around here, and you’ll say, “Montana’s has amazing steak, but the service is just awful.” Nobody’s going to hear that and say “I want to go there!” Just like nobody’s going to be enticed to pick up a webOS phone after being told, “webOS is awesome, I love it, but HP let me down too many times.” Word of mouth is a very powerful tool, both for and against products. It elevated The Hangover to smash hit status, while word of mouth seriously hurt Microsoft after customers started expressing dissatisfaction with Windows Vista.

Loyal fans like those thousands of Sprint Pre owners are the best advocates HP could buy. After two years they’re still using a phone that’s woefully underpowered by today’s standards, and can’t even run the latest software. They’ve accepted all of its flaws and disappointments because the love it, but every day they’re tempted by a new piece of hardware and a newly updated competing OS that has that one feature they’ve been waiting two year for it to come to webOS.

They want to stay on webOS, they want to be satisfied by HP. They want to be able to recommend to their friends that they should buy this phone, because the OS and company behind it are awesome and are doing great things. But right now, they just can’t. Even if the Pre3 on AT&T and Verizon is awesome, the massive disenchantment that would result from it not getting on Sprint would cause a horrible backlash.

webOS fans are a funny bunch. But they’re a loyal and vocal bunch. They want for HP and Sprint to make it right, and HP has offered what they think is a reasonable solution with that TouchPad discount, but it's still not enough for those users waiting for a new webOS smartphone to use as a daily driver. The ball's in your court, HP, let's make something really happen now, for the sake of all that is holy and just, and the sanity of us all (especially though original Sprint Pre owners), please make something happen.


If someone is a loyal fan and they refuse to move from Sprint, which they can do at no charge because their Pre is now more than two years old, they are a loyal fan but not loyal to webOS like your editorial leads us to believe, but loyal to Sprint.

If you're a webOS fan you'd be willing to use the OS on any mobile network not only Sprint. This is my big problem with the petulant children that seem to believe that because they bought a phone on Sprint that the manufacturer owes Sprint undying loyalty because of it. I am a webOS fan and I originally owned my phone on Sprint but I switched to At&t when the Pre 2 released.

The only thing your forgetting is that Sprint offers unlimited data plans where the other 2 carriers don't. While most of us are webOS fans, many of us are forced to look at the bottom dollar. I get everything included in my Sprint bill. If I go to Verizon or AT&T, I will see a bill increased by at least $20 per month and that also comes with data caps. This is what makes it hard for the loyal webOS users on Sprint to consider switching.

Which is completely fine and a very valid point. However! If that is your bottom line then you should go with the phone that supports your budget and not get angry based on the choice you're making.

and thats what makes us webOS fans..... I'm in college and cant afford to pay more for the same thing i get from Sprint. but i AM a webOS fan.

i have recently invested in a Pre2 to convert to a Frankenpre 2 on Sprint. Thats dedication and loyalty.

yeah if that isn't loyalty to a phone OS i dont know what is

Please take a couple of classes on capitalization and punctuation while you're in college.

just sayin'

Please stop being petty and childish...Just Saying.....

That is garbage. I have 10 lines on Sprint and a 20% discount. There is no way I'm leaving Sprint with the deal I have. And yet you're saying that I don't have a right to be upset if I need to get a new phone that isn't webOS? You're saying that if I were a "true" webOS fan I would follow it to another carrier, pricing be damned? That is an absolute joke.
The reason so many Sprint users are upset is that they do have good deals on the carrier. A pricing structure much, much lower than they would receive on another carrier. They feel slighted because they bought the original Pre, and have not had an option to upgrade to another webOS phone for over 2 years. Not only that, they also have been left behind on the support front, with the Pre- now basically abandoned (somewhat understandably) by the company that promised to bring it Flash, 2.0, etc. They, and I have every right to be upset.
It is precisely because Sprint users are such ardent webOS fans that we have been vocal about getting the Pre 3, or any new webOS device for that matter, on our carrier. True, immature whining can get a bit annoying, but it just illustrates the point many have been making: having to "choose" an Android or Windows phone after their pre- finally kicks it is not a simple choice. We can always get the Pre 2 and Frankenstein it, which is what I did with my wife, or buy a Pre- on ebay. But having to hack a phone to get it to work on your network isn't easy for many, and dealing with 2 year-old hardware that will only become more dated as time goes on, is even less appealing. But in the end, it has nothing to do with loyalty to Sprint. In my case it would mean increasing my bill at least $60 - $70. Staying with Sprint isn't loyalty. It is a necessity.

Then bring your whining to Sprint and stop making it out to be an issue for HP to resolve. Do you honestly believe that HP would not like to have its phones on every single carrier in the world? Any phone manufacturer would like that. For the love of god, the problem is with your beloved carrier NOT HP/Palm. Enough of this painful discussion already.

APPLE would not love that. They seems content to be on 2 carriers for now.

Which is fine but you're a Sprint fan not a webOS fan. If you refuse to leave Sprint then you must make due with the phones Sprint offers.

No, it means that most people have a practical limit on how much extra effort and expense they are willing to tolerate for a mobile communication device. Just stop trolling already.

How is he not a webOS fan? I guess I'm not a webOS fan, either.

I was first in line to get a launch day Pre. I recommended (and still recommend) webOS phones to everyone I know. I stand up for webOS on a daily basis at work when our software engineers stop by for the morning palm-bash session. I have picked up 3 touchstones and a few hundred dollars in apps over the past 2 years... but I also have twin 11-month-old boys who used my Pre as a chew toy and broke the screen yesterday.

I didn't know my 'fan' status was at stake, but to remain with webOS meant downgrading to a Pixi for the next 2 years, going without service while waiting for an e-bay Pre- (or Pre2 for frankenpre) to arrive, or switching to another carrier and losing my 20% discounted family plan. Since ATT/Verizon are more expensive even without the discount and I have two babies to feed, I decided to pick up an Android and stay put.

I'm not digging Android. At every turn I'm running into issues with fragmentation (first app I downloaded wasn't compatible!), with unintuitive UI, and I'm finding things such as the browser are just as glitchy if not moreso than the same features on the Pre. I will be switching back to webOS when Sprint gets a new webOS phone.

I'm not a Sprint fan. Their coverage is not great where I am. I'm with them out of necessity. I, like all the other "whiners" want a webOS option on Sprint. HP and the Palm GBU have stated they monitor this and other sites, so why wouldn't voice our discontent in this and every other forum to compel them to continue working with Sprint to release a new webOS phone? The Sprint forums are filled with the pleas of users, too. If we are silent, neither party will be fully aware of the demand for webOS on Sprint.

I'm sure we, the disaffected Sprint webOS fans, are collectively sorry if voicing our discontent is bothersome to anyone. But in this comment thread for an article about how Sprint users got he shaft, you've got to expect a lot of belly-aching in the comments. I simply don't get how anyone can say "you're not a webOS fan" to those who are passionate enough about webOS to still clamor for it after all the disappointment they've been subjected to.

The Sprint reception is horrendous inside my house, yet I too stick with them out of necessity as having 3 lines with unlimited text & data capability would cost a fortune from AT&T or Verizon. And if you have a hardware issue with your phone the reps are very quick to try and sell you some Android or Crapberry device.

I did a Frankenberry on my wife's Pre when her screen died (not an option for me as I need the GPS for business travel purposes), I've had to replace the backplate on my Pixi 4 times after the rubber cover got all floppy and seperated. I lost the war with my daughter, she replaced her Pre 3 times in two weeks due to various issues and she got a HTC Hero. I bought a busted up but working Pre off eBay (for wi-fi tethering capability) and had it replaced with the insurance from Sprint. After going through 3 devices that have all had various issues with no mic audio, no speaker audio, or very muffled sound quality, I've really begun to suspect that Sprint is intentionally putting **** webOS devices out there so users can be so fed up, bash anything webOS related and buy an Android instead.

I say all this to set it straight that I'm no fan of Sprint, a big fan of webOS, yet I stick with Sprint out of practical bottomline wallet based considerations. In the meantime, I'm trying to be patient and avoid the temptation when I see these nice big Android slab phones with beautiful AMOLED screens, and hear about the latest snazzy app that's not available on webOS, because I know that Android can't hold a candle to webOS and all the apps in the world won't keep me from missing the elegant simplicity of webOS if I were to switch.

This may be naive, but why not just pay the full price for an unlocked Pre3 and activate it on Sprint? If Sprint allows this (no loss to them) and you save $20 per month per phone, you'd make up the difference from switching and paying more before the 2 year contract is up.

If HP really wanted to "make good," give a discount on unlocked Pre 3 to legacy users to ease the pain and work out a deal to waive/rebate activation fee.

Not necessarily "naive" just uninformed. Sprint uses CDMA, not GSM. CDMA carriers like Sprint and Verizon do not have the equivelent of an unlocked device the way GSM phones does. Thus, this is not possible.

I've moved on from my f'd up Pre, but I still come by p|c to keep up on WebOS's future.

The Sprint guys (if you must) seem rugged to me. They have tough constitutions and are willing to fight, while the other people seem to whine in a sissy kind of way. Like telling people what they should do with their life? Why not let them vent their anger, and you simply don't read their posts. In my book, you are the MUCH bigger problem in this virtual room.

Sprint original pre people = ARE rugged people.

People offended by Sprint people = ARE running to Human Resources and talking about other people.

I'm a Sprint original pre person, and I am tired of the whining. Some folks have valid reasons not to leave Sprint (like 10 lines).

Most of those whining haven't even compared pricing of Sprint to others and are carrying the mantra from 2 years ago that no other carrier can compete in price. The truth of the matter is, when you look at CURRENT Sprint plans and add the $10 per line fee Sprint is not always the cheapest any more (the wife and I will be SAVING money going to AT&T). Also a lot of these folks don't know that AT&T does the unlimited mobile to any mobile now.

people should really look beyond the cap and actually research their usage. at first i had the same reaction as everybody else. but then i looked at my monthly usage. i'd like to think that i'm an average user...i don't even touch 500mb/month. so verizon's 2gb is more than enough for me.


I was mad that we lost all unlimited up here in Canada.. honestly.. i have a 1.5 gig plan.. I never even come close to 500mb.

The only time I came close to 1 gig of data is because when I moved I lost my cable for a few weeks, and I Mobile Hot spotted my phone to my laptop to stream 3 hours of hockey. Again, still didn't go over.

OK, I looked beyond the cap and it would still cost us over $30 a month more.

Did you factor in $10 per line on Sprint the next time you activate a phone? That $10 per line is making Sprint more expensive than AT&T for us, and I could probably go with lower data plans than I will be going with on ATT.

Even factoring the $10 increase, many of us receive discounts through our companies. I will miss the 23% discount that means AT&T is over $60 more. I know Sprint doesn't have the best coverage, but it is adequate. I have been burned plenty of times by the shoddy support of AT&T and VZW both, thats why I LEAPT to Sprint despite its reputation for poor coverage. (It's not that bad.)
I'm not paying $50/month more for less data and having to deal with the window lickers at AT&T!

I get discounts on the big 4 carriers, should be saving around $20ish a month.

Same boat, except going to AT&T, I am tired of not being able to purchase unlocked phones.

Totally agreed.

Despite this, I'm getting to the point of eating the cost and making the switch. Partially because WebOS has seriously destroyed my ability to be happy w/Android and especially IOS's limitations... but also partially because Sprint continues to ignore a wildly vocal and fanatic group of early adopters - even if they are only numbered in the thousands now, that is still a sizable chunk of business, and given all that HP is pouring into spreading their gear - it's very hard to believe this isn't doable by Sprint.

I think for me the last straw was walking into a Sprint store the other day. They almost started throwing android phones at you the moment you walked in the door. Even their Blackberrys and Windows phones still were powered on and gleaming brightly in their displays. Literally in the farthest corner, a lone Pixi was tucked away on a display stand. Lights on the stand were turned off, and the device itself had no batteries in it. I swear it was the visual representation of all my frustration w/Sprint and I felt like kicking something.

Yeah it's ridiculous to get worked up over technology, but in this day and age, our phones are essentially our life secretaries. Sprint - go f*ck yourself, I'm out.

"because WebOS has seriously destroyed my ability to be happy w/Android and especially IOS's limitations"


Amen +2

I wanted a Blackberry or an iPhone before I stumbled across webOS in March of 2009. I have five lines with three being Blackberries, one just upgraded to the HTC Evo 3D and I have the Sprintified Pre 2. Using those two operating systems was a pain.

For instance, I tried to upswipe on the Evo 3D and Multitask like webOS with no avail.

Have you tried a recent android phone? Look at the new evo before you jump ship, its a winner.

You were upset about the employees not pushing the Pixi? The thing is a year and a half old, has no wifi, and is light years behind the other smartphones out there. If you said you wanted a free smartphone with a physical keyboard, they may have led you to it, but other than that, why would they work to sell you on it?

You really missed the point of the post didn't you.

yea but dont forget the $100 for repairs even if u have insurance ... also the $10 charge for smartphones that have been activated after january
sprint is turning to the wrong road and i mad as well just switch to at&t ,, verison is the worst ...

Some people have circumstances that do not allow them to move from sprint. Just because you could it does not mean that others can. You call us children, but your the one assuming that others situations are the same as yours.

My small business has 13 palm devices all locked in contracts that expire at different times. I pay 19 dollars a month for my phone. I will not switch carriers and it makes me mad that I can not have webOS on my phone. I have considered going to Verizon, but when I called to inquire about their plans the sales rep was atrocious.

Agreed. some ppl just can't. I have a family plan and it's more than just selfishness to move everybody's accounts just to satisfy my need for a new phone. I NEED my phone to be on Sprint so that i'm not **** over the rest of my family.

Although i'm not leaving sprint i'm def not signing another contract with them until there is a phone that I want. so, i will most likely keep and work w/ my crippled WebOS device until that need is met. It Sux. :-(

Yeah, the rep I talked to was an **** too. They wouldn't do a credit check to see if I would require a deposit or not so I could plan ahead, so I had to do a dummy order on line. The online ordering didn't require one, but I cancelled out of the order since I don't want to get the service until the 6th or 7th. I plan on going in to the store to set up an off contract phone, and if the sales person is worth a darn I'll have them call me when they can sell me the pre3.

Unfortunately for some of us on Sprint we are still locked into a contract due using a change in terms of service as an opportunity to get a discount... I did this in December of 09 and was offered $20/month reduction in cost for 1 year if I would re-up the contract for a 2 year period.

This resulted in me being eligible for an upgrade for over a year now and having not used it as I haven't been interested in any of their new phones.

I'm not one of the people who has been complaining on here, but there are some valid reasons that people are still with Sprint other than loyalty.

Social media is a driving force, and if you do not complain then people will not know what you want. WebOS rocks a 1%ish market share if we are not vocal we will be forgotten.

problem is that people complain daily, in every single thread, article, post, on here. This is the wrong place.

Is it? Is it a webOS topic? Did it get an editorial on the front page that has a chance to reach higher ups on sprint? I feel that it is one of the many forums for it. People have also lashed out on Engadget, TIMN, Sprint forums, and facebook just to name a few. Just because you read it here does not mean that its the only place that it happens.

The people that make those decisions for Sprint probably aren't going to be reading this site.

I said "a chance to reach" and I would argue that most major companies have people info mining for how they can get an edge. Couple that with the email's that have been sent to Danny boy about the Pre3 and I think that there is a good chance that someone has seen this from Sprint. They most likely have a person or department that monitors what articles are written about sprint such as this editorial.

PS. You are only helping by driving the comments of this article.

I am in the same situation. I had a change in December as well so I am stuck with another year and a half currently unless I pay the ETF...

then ultimately pay even more to use the device somewhere else...shame

i'm a pre minus owner and a huge fan of webOS, but i'm far more loyal to my bank account than to webOS. the $ dif is blatantly clear at almost $500 over the course of the contract.

+1. I understand the contract issue and the Sprint pricing. However, the problem here is not HP it is Sprint. They can easily and probably quickly come to an agreement with HP if they chose to. However, they believe that they can migrate webOS customer into something else because they believe that they are Sprint customers first and foremost. Forget that it might be that the customers were more in love with the marriage than the carrier or handset manufacturer.

HP is 'making things right' for all of their legacy customers, not just those on Sprint. They want to sell a lot of TouchPads (and more expensive model at that). This offer does not mean that they cannot or will not do another promotion for the Veer or Pre3 (when it launches). Remember, they're selling a platform now not just a handset or tablet. And in selling the Pre3 at Verizon and AT&T they're hitting the fattest part of the handset market.

Which brings us back to Sprint. They know how many webOS customers are still on their network. They see how many are talking up and know what percentage of the whole they make up. They are not stupid business people. They know roughly how many will convert and how many will likely walk to A&T& or Verizon. For them, they believe that it is a risk worth taking to pass on the Pre3. It's not an existential threat to them, just a decision that they made a while back and have no interest in revisiting.

So people, it's pretty much a done deal. Time to make a decision - it's a simple choice to buy a webOS handset on another network or stay with Sprint.

And Derek, how can you spin this as being something that HP can fix if Sprint will not budge? Sorry, I'm not buying. Sprint is the one who needs to blink.

Amen! I don't understand why people continue to believe this is an HP issue. It's up to Sprint to decide if they want to carry the phone or not.

Tho I am also a frustrated day-1 owner, I can see Sprint's point in wanting to push 4G phones for the future. If I got a Pre-3 on Sprint tomorrow, and started paying $10 more a month for data, it probably wouldn't be too long before I started whining for a 4G HP phone anyway.

HP could certainly step up and announce a Sprint compatible Wimax or LTE Pre-3.

Because HP is the big guy in the room with the muscle and ability to give Sprint some guarantees about number of units sold and compensation for repairs/returns. Enough to make it not risky for Sprint to pick up the phone. They haven't done that, but they could.

And you know they've done that, because....???....

Don't make assumptions. You're not HP.

Being the big guy and muscle in business generally mean that you don't have to make those kinds of guarantees. If you're Sprint how do you justify wanting Terms and Conditions better than what AT&T and Verizon ask for? And if you're HP why would you grant them their wishes? Doing not for profit business looks great on an Internet post but is not how things get done in the real world.

You forget, many people fancy themselves to be business and econ "experts" here, while they have never taken an econ class and never managed a business.

I agree, I believe Sprint has made their decision and counted the cost of attrition vs switching to a new OS. I think they are fine with the level of attrition they may get. Most people move on to different phones and their bet is there won't be many iOS like fans left. If this is true it's really unfortunate because I really hate the prospect of moving to an Android phone. My wife jumped ship to the Epic and the app selection is awesome but I can't get with the OS. :-(

@Ulairi, as others have mentioned, everyone's circumstances are different. There are plenty of reasons why many people want/need/have to stay with Sprint. For you to make a blanket statement like that is incredibly insensitive and insulting to your fellow webOS users.

In the end, we all want the same thing: for webOS to succeed. For that to happen, one of the many things we need is mass adoption. For mass adoption to happen, we need to have the hardware accessible to many. For hardware to be accessible to many, we need to have it available to all carriers.

It's quite simple really: If you care about webOS's success and future, stop bashing your fellow webOS users on Sprint. Instead, help them out with with various efforts to get Sprint and HP to make it happen. Sometimes helping others is helping yourself.

couldn't agree more. Best statement I've heard on here in weeks. We all want WebOS to succeed, so voice your opinion to the carries to get them to carry the device so their can be mass adoption.

I’m confused. The Pre 2 is not on AT&T. You switched to ???

It’s not that easy to switch. I can’t switch to AT&T because my company paging system is not supported by AT&T, it works with sprint and Verizon. The cost is just too much. To spend $75 a month more for my family. Not have Navigation, TV and unlimited everything just doesn’t make sense. I am a very loyal WebOS user and do not want to change but I need a phone that works. If I can’t get a WebOS phone on Sprint I would have to use a different phone.

The unlocked GSM Pre 2 that you can obtain either through the developer program or through HP unlocked works fine with AT&T. I should know, I have one myself.

That is good to know. I should have known that.

This is why I am going to AT&T (well and it's cheaper than Sprint). I am tired of having to be locked to "carrier approved" phones that our CDMA carriers do.

I understand with your work situation this is not an option, but then again either they are paying your plan or you write it off if they require it. I would suggest a FrankenPre2 for you, if I was tied to Sprint this is what I would do.

Can Verizon or AT&T offer me unlimited text,data 450 minutes to land lines, unlimited to any mobile, nights starting at 7pm, turn by turn navigation, TV for $50 a month?
No? Then Moving to verizon or AT&T would cost me $30 more a month and I would end up a non-unlimited plan.

When you sign a new contract with Sprint will you still be paying only $50 a month? Guessing you are on an old grandfathered plan... plus you will be paying $10 more a month for the Sprint smartphone tax.

I'll give you an extreme analogy just to make a point. If you don't have Chik-Fil-A in your town, are you going to move to a town that does or are you going to petition Chik-Fil-A to open up a store near you?

Neither, Chik-Fil-A is a horrible company. Sorry for the off topic mini-rant.

We don't have Jack in the Box here in Michigan. When I visited San Diego earlier this year, I had tried it out and wondered when it would come here too.

understand some sprint users are long time customers with multi lines on there account with different contract dates...i am one of them....i can't afford to jump ship for another carrier and frankly would if i sound like the kind of person that beds down carriers like i do women....its no big deal to you....but some of us have committed ourselves to deep and can't afford to divorce our cell spouse

This is loyalty to an OS, not loyalty to your wife. Taking into account the huge cost benefits of staying with Sprint does not lesson your loyalty. Using a 2+ yr old Pre- when there are some pretty good Androids available proves everything

What does it prove? For me, WebOS is critical to my daily life as it integrates my information in a way no other OS has been successful at doing (my opinion only, your mileage may vary).

I don't understand why loyalty to a carrier for financial reasons and loyalty to a OS for personal efficiency/value reasons have to be mutually exclusive. For many of us, that simply isn't the case.

Sure, Sprint has several nice android phones. But for me, wat i find nice about them isn't the OS, it is the hardware, which only goes so far when the OS isn't great (again, only my opinion, YMMV).

I won't be moving from Sprint for many reasons, not the least of which is that it would be awfully selfish to move the whole account (4 lines) just to satisfy my WebOS need. But I rely on WebOs that much in my day-to-day life, that my only available option is to go month to month on my line and hope my December '09 Pre- survives until Sprint as another WebOS phone to offer.

That is what works for me, and is my choice. I get that my reasons aren't the same or maybe even close to others reasons for staying or leaving. But I am loyal to WebOS AND loyal to Sprint. and that creates decisions points for me and I have to understand the possible outcomes of those decisions (like a limping Pre-), and at this point I am still OK with that.

Why do you feel the need to poke the webOS on Sprint fans in the eye? What you say worked for you, does not work for others. That does not mean you are correct and the others are wrong. It just means you are willing to spend more money. Good for you.

"Can't we all just get along?"

You are 100% right on. I have 4 lines with Sprint. I will be moving one of them to AT&T as soon as the Pre3 goes on sale. Yes I will be paying more but I don't care, I want the damn phone.

Just like I've been telling people on Sprint and Verizon for years who lamented about the iPhone available only on AT&T, if you want the damn phone, go get it and quit bitching.

Carriers shouldn't dictate what phone you use. I'm switching carriers because AT&T has the phone I want.

I don't understand why Ulairi's post got so many haters. When it comes to priorities there is only going to be one that is your top priority. Sprint or webOS. If you prioritize webOS over sprint, then you'll abandon sprint to get webOS. If you prioritize sprint over webOS then you'll stick with sprint.

Me: I currently have (IMHO) the best webOS phone available a Pre2 and I've frankened it to work on Sprint. So I get to have both my preferences met.

But when the Pre3 comes out, I'm going to have to make a choice. And more than likely it's going to be to abandon sprint (*). It means it's going to cost me a little more per month. It means I'm going to lose some of the features (GPS) that I've become accustomed to. But if webOS holds top priority to me, then that's the way it goes. OTOH if Sprint holds top priority for me, then that's the way it goes. I stick with the webOS phone that I have. And that's that.

I just don't understand what was so controversial about Ulairi's point. You pick your priorities. And those who stick with sprint, seem to me to be revealing that sprint (for whatever reason - probably price) is their priority. Why's this controversial?

(*) To make this work, I'm probably going to put my son & wife on pageplus - a prepaid plan that's going to match well with their usage patters for a lot less money, and move me to ... AT&T? Verizon? Not sure which. Probably AT&T because I'm really tired of my carrier telling me which phone I can and can't use. Even though, at a protocol level, CDMA smokes GSM, that SIM card makes a difference. Of course that means it's going to cost me a few $ extra per month compared to Sprint.

Well if everything were as simple as you make it sound there wouldn't be any hard decisions. Your so smart!

I'm not saying the decision is simple. Decisions always come with tradeoffs. Always. Trying to figure out the balance between those tradeoffs is not easy.

What I'm saying is that those who have stuck with Sprint have revealed their priorities.

Well you are correct...we are loyal to Sprint but who wouldn't be with UNLIMITED everything...How do you enjoy any Data phone on AT&T or Verizon with data plans such as theirs?????

That is absolutely not true. It is possible for loyalty to reside in more than one place. I absolutely want to be loyal to WebOS. The problem for myself is that I also have to be loyal to my wallet (NOT to Sprint). I have 5 different phones on a family plan with Sprint and don't really have an option of switching because Sprint has the best price for my needs. If Verizon or AT&T had similar pricing to Sprint then I would most likely switch but they obviously do not.

Sure. But when staying on sprint is in conflict with staying on the latest webOS, one priority has to win.

It is not practical to switch to AT&T because some people have family plans where the other three phones are still under contract. It is defineatly NOT cost efficient just to switch because I could get a pre 2 elsewhere. So, I must wait or switch OS, especially if my phones goes bad without insurance.

bro what you believe to be a true webos fan is completely inaccurate . we are talking about fans not obsessed addicts. you should not be forced to change carriers only for the sake of being a fan. i am a day one adopter of this lovely os and still have my pre going barely. i am not going to change carriers so that i can have access to an under performing phone. thats great that you all have the means to do so but i like to do better things with my money. if hp is unable to reach a deal with sprint to bring a webos phone to my carrier of 8 years then i will be moving on to android and thats all there is too it. oh and yes i am going to complain about hp taking so damn long on releasing this damn phone and not having it on sprint. they really need to suck it up and have enough "cojones" to stand behind their product and use their scale to get it released on sprint. BRING PRE 3 OR BETTER TO SPRINT DAMN IT!!!!!

Sure. I'm not saying you're not a fan. Just that you put higher priority on staying on sprint than getting the latest webOS phone. You seem to agree with that. I'm not sure what you think is inaccurate about what I'm saying.

**** u retarded lol .. im all for webos and if sprint doesnt adopt pre3 .. then im leaving this carrier and follow whoever gets pre3 ... cuz sprint now add the 10$ charge for a smartphone which is retarded and a 100$ to repair ur phone even thi u have insurance ...i have the original pre from sprint and im screwed lol that is why im waiting for pre3 .... i got 1.4.5 ver and hate it even tho i got it modd up the **** .. i want the new **** apps ... at&t plz get it !!! ... i wouldnt want to go to verison

Guys Carrier wins over WEBOS... my plan is cheaper than anywhere else. I am not going to behave like and IPHONE user that will pay anything to have an IPHONE.

Great post, Derek; you read my mind.

You know what, this post didn't change anything, but It makes ALL of us feel like someone is on our side, forcing the conversation we want had, and that means alot.

Great commentary. It's well thought out and pretty much hits on what I think most of us are feeling.


This is a great post, Derek.

Thank You.


Nice write up! Hopefully this post will make it to Danny boys desk. Squeaky wheel my friend squeaky wheel.

PS. Nice timing on a post that is going to generate a lot of hits!

i was a launch pre owner and loved it. i waited for a few months after i had gotten my upgrade to see if there was any hope for a pre 3 on sprint but obviously my waiting was in vein. i picked up the evo 3d on friday. it's like a mini super computer. it is quite endlessly entertaining i must say. however, i do miss having a phone that's easy to manipulate in my hand (this thing is rather large-feeling after having a pre for 2 years). also, webos is like 10 times more slick of a interface. not to mention it has a much better universal search and apps didn't force close and hang rather often (that may b do to the newness of the phone and devs haven't optimized for it yet). if the pre 3 had just come out in a more timely manner, i would most def have gotten it. i think i will survive with my super hd screen and tons of apps in my pocket though ;)

Yeah, I have given up for now and gotten the 3d as well. Not a big fan of the feel of it in hand so far.

yeah the pre felt sooo nice in the hand. thats why when my sister got her upgrade a few weeks ago on verizon i convinced her to get the pre2. she wanted a smaller smartphone with a keyboard that was cheap. i was like, "i know the perfect phone for you." i gave her my touchstone and mounted it on her dashboard. she thinks its the coolest thing ever. at least i'm keeping the WebOS legacy going in my family!

Advice: You probably should not use webOS and legacy in the same sentence around these parts. :-)

I am with you, I keep trying to backswipe and the droid email app is the worse. It's been 2 days, 12 more to go before I decided to go back to my Pre...........

I have went back twice already and this might be my third....Hopefully there will be sprint webOS rumors by the time my 30 comes close.

Great post. I could not have said it better myself!!!

Great editorial. Great read - sums up everything nicely.

In response to Ulairi's post about loyalty to the OS or carrier: some of us are not able to leave Sprint due to other phones/users on our plans that are still under contract. I've probably got another year that I'll have to stick with Sprint until the last phone on my plan is no longer under contract, then I can contemplate a move to a different carrier.

Hopefully Pre- refurbs are still available until then LOL

Or maybe, just maybe, Sprint and HP can come to an agreement before then and help assuage us petulant children...


Well said.

I left WebOS for a Samsung Infuse and I am very happy. I even kept my Pre plus on dispite it's very small screen to play with my little hacked nicks and nacks. I could have gone with a Veer, but I have no urge to even get that phone even if it came with a $50 bill inside. I wanted to hold out. I am not saying that my woes are compared to a Sprint user (I am pretty amazed about their endurence). What bugs me is that Palm and HP are taking back what they said. Flash, more apps, more this and that. I thought about a Hp Pad, but for only $50 off the 32gb? No thanks really. The 16gb is what i want for my needs to be met. Why not $50 off of that? Once HP gets a slab phone is when I would like to roll back with a WebOS phone. And maybe after a few months, after seeing if the tablet fails or makes it, really the fact not left to dry while HP thinks of something better to do.
Hp, sorry to say, no honeymoon period for you. I don't want "wishes" or "Coming soon." At this point, even Sony is making you look bad. At least they gave the user base, both phones and psn a reason to stick around, they know they failed and are taking action.

Why bother with a slab when the Pre 3 will have a 3.6 inch screen PLUS it will have the slide-out keyboard?

because you would be able to type in landscape mode and they would be able to make the phone thinner.

On-screen keyboard. If it's available on the Touchpad, then it should also be available on the Pre 3(though some homebrew magic might be needed).

**** Very Nice ****

What good is a touchpad with no WebOS 2.0 on my phone?!

The make things right was said for the Smartphone NOT touchpad... it is great you are trying to please us but its like...

Selling out on movies tickets to see the new transformers and INSTEAD of letting us see it in 3D you offer us tickets to see Mary Poppins...

Lets be for real. Yes its a nice deal but don't mix apples with oranges.

Yes,but to get the most out of the Touchpad, you need a Pre 3 (that's the only on with Touch to Share). Veers, Pre 2s and older don't have the hardware in-place for the TOuch To Share functionality. So it doesn't really matter what version of webOS is installed on any of the older devices, it won't help.

The veer does have the hardware for touch to share, but will need a software update pushed out. Otherwise the rest of your comment is right.

That isn't exactly correct. Touch to Share itself may not work with older phones, but an app on the older phones may be available to initiate the communication, or I am sure a homebrew application set for Pre minus/plus and Pixi and the Touchpad can be set up to allow a SIMILAR ability where we tell our devices to initiate the Bluetooth connection and bingo, share works.

As the other poster below states: You don't need webOS 2.x on your phone for any of the features of the Touchpad.

Instead you need the new Hardware (Veer, Pre 3) to use Touch-To-Share (which is just a cool gimmick to me for now until other developers start to make cool applications for it) and the Message-synchronisation between the devices (which would be cool). Other than that you can pair your Pre with the Touchpad, use the Pres internet and even receive it's calls on your Touchpad.

Great article except for the final conclusion. The Ball is in Sprint's court.

Combined with the offer from HP, Sprint should step up, face their loyal customer base and provide their intent clear and final. Then we can all move past the initial pain points of being an early adopter for a new technology.

I think the reason he says HP is because the article is not exclusive to Sprint users. Many people have pre+ on verizon/at&t and are impatient to the pre3. Although Sprint users have been loyal much longer.

Loyal when it comes to the Pre, but my previous phone was a Palm Treo 680 that I kept for over three years while I was waiting for a new device. At least the Pre Plus wasn't a disappointment when it came to AT&T since most of the hardware issues had been worked out by May 17th of last year.

I'd love to see them at least acknowledge their intentions on this matter. Sprint hasn't said anything officially and acts as if they never debuted the Pre. HP needs Sprint's involvement to truly make things right. The 50 dollars off proves that HP is willing to spend money for early adopters. Is Sprint willing to give its customers the webOS phone that they have been clamoring for? We need an answer to that question once and for all.

The only thing that Sprint is facing now are the new upgrades and customers they're selling Androids too. I went to a Sprint Corporate store and when I showed them the Pre 2 they were like they were getting an enormous amount of returns on them.

Then, I said, no no, this is a Pre 2 and they were confused because they don't sell that and how did I get it. A couple of them were messing with it and said, man, if this was the original Pre we wouldn't have so many returns.

Right on. The not knowing is the main ball buster at this point.

From Sprint's perspective, if they really don't plan to move on this they'd probably prefer sit on it hoping to milk the webOS loyal just a little longer in case the customers are the types to jump elsewhere for hardware.

At any rate it's an annoying and shady move when it goes on this long. Just be straight with us, Sprint.

Good info Derek. I would assume from a business perspective it would be easy for Sprint to allow another WebOS phone into their future inventory; especially since there is a CDMA solution now. I honestly beleive the hold up, is Sprint's decision on which way they are going with 4G . . . which has become more clear of late. If/When the TouchPad grabs attention HP will have more leverage with Sprint to show how 'they' are going to do things verse what Palm was able to do.

I think the WebOS Nation has a bright future and Sprint will be part of it.

I honestly beleive the hold up, is Sprint's decision on which way they are going with 4G...

But they've released non-4G phones since the EVO. I doubt 4G has anything to do with it.

Well stated, Derek! I am still hoping beyond hope for webOS to come to sprint. I want to get a touchpad and Pre 3 (or newer phone), but can't see paying verizon's fees (although i have not even loked at ATT plans yet.) But i have been considering a Galaxy Tab and possible EVO 3D if i have to.

Great post. Thanks for expressing what so many of us feel so eloquently.

As a Sprint customer of almost 14 straight years and a pre owner since the morning of day 1, THANK YOU for posting this!!

Loyal fans like those thousands of Sprint Pre owners are the best advocates HP could buy...
***** $50 a each.


Its a joke that precentral is writing a piece on Sprint. Sprint Pre users might be in hundreds. Between the people who jumped the ship for Verizon iPhone and those who are satisfied with their 4.3 inch Android phones there is no body left with Pre. I recommended to five folks and forced them to buy Pre. Two of the five moved on to Android/iPhone. The other three are ready to jump the ship.

Honestly this whole Pre 3 thing with sprint is overblown. Sprint gives a rat's **** for the remaining 100 Prencentral frequenters. As for HP, they are trying their luck with Verizon. No either you switch to Verizon / ATT or stay with Sprint and get an Android phone.

I bet Dan Hesse must be still fuming over the failure/ returns of the original Pre.

Guess I'm three of the 100, 3 pre- on a Sprint Family plan. Not launch day though so I still have a bit before my 2-years is up. I won't go to Verizon or AT&T due to the increased cost of the plans. If the Pre3 came to UScellular I'd check out their plans. My state is the only state that T-mobile can't issue a phone number in *sigh* fracking Nebraska Public Service Commission.

Count me in the 100 :). However my 5 th pre is about crack and die. The screen is broken. The battery discharges for no reason.Touch responses don't get registered. I took out the insurance so I am sort on my own. I am eligible for a new phone. with each passing day I keep thinking about buying an Android phone. Cost of the service is the only reason I stayed with Sprint for more than a decade. Lately the calls drop for no reason. Phone can't pick the signal. I reached a point to pay additional 400 dollars per year for switching to Verizon on a comparable plan.

I agree. Sprint put alot time in promoting the pre but phones hardware was **** made by palm. So you can't blame sprint for not wanting any new webos phones this time.'s SPRINT that does not want the phone. This is NOT an issue of HP not wanting to have the phone available on Sprint.

This is Sprint's problem to deal with...NOT HP's.

Yeah, you can blame them. This isn't Palm, it's HP, and HP is bigger than big. I think Sprint is making a big mistake here because if (IF) WebOS succeeds they are going to be left behind.

Why isn't he fuming at Samsung over the Instinct then? You know, the "iPhone Killer?"

All kinds of failed promises over that one. Never did get apps or an APP store...

Troll much? Ask Dan Hesse how the Kyocera Echo is doing...

Two points to make, if I may:

1. "making it right" is NOT exclusive to Sprint Pre/Pixi customers, but to all who bought and use a Pre/+ or Pixi/+, as THEY are the ones who now have devices with an OS with a terminal life, instead of always having OS upgradability, as promised initially, by JR himself. ALL!

2. Carriers have WAY too much control of the devices we have to choose from these days... and its something our regulators have to begin to look at. There is NO reason that any consumer should not be able to buy the device of their choice and have it run on any carrier of thier choice, other than for market/competitive advantages by a specific carrier. Sprint, T-Mobile and even the smaller carriers should all be able to accept any smarpthone into thier network and work with it, to keep the playing field level and assure real competition between carriers. After all, it is a consumer-owned device, and not a licensed/leased unit.


In Europe, GSM was chosen, and all carriers support it. That is why you have more freedom in Europe. The down side is that most people buy their phones off contract and end up paying a lot of money for their devices.

Here in the USA, there are very few people who buy their phones off contract, but a big part of that is we can't take our devices between carriers, so we are trapped on our carrier unless we choose to replace our phones.

Great article, it sums up how I feel as a launch day pre minus owner.

I just want a phone. And I want to know for sure when it is coming. Any carrier will do. The phone is a necessity whereas a tablet is optional.

I hope Sprint and HP read this, but I feel that it will only fall on deaf ears. HP can't force Sprint to take a Pre3 and Sprint is understandably reluctant to try webos again.

I bet Sprint is in wait-and-see mode. If there is a webos resurgence, then they can jump in with Pre3/4/whatever. If webos does not succeed, then Sprint does not get stuck supporting a dead OS.

In the meantime, I'm trying to get my hands on a good pre2 for Sprintification. That would last me to the end of my contract in 2012 at which point I can jump carriers or switch platform. Also, I would be proud to show off the pre2... right now, I'm embarrassed by my pre and rarely show it to friends/family. Don't overlook word of mouth HP!

You can bet this...

If Verizon offers any sprint WebOS customer to switch keeping their same plan they have with Sprint! I'm jumping ship quicker than its taking me to compare rate plans. ALL 5 of my lines!

This, my friend, will help. I would jump the ship in no time.

RIP Sprint.

Unfortunately, Verizon doesn't need to make offers like that. They have continued to gain customers in spite of the high prices, because of the great network. Sprint has lost a ton of customers because their coverage is so spotty.

Don't feel so bad, at least you have a couple of carriers from which you will be able to choose your Pre 3, in Mexico, where Telcel orphaned the Pre Minus, we don't see webOS devices in the horizon. And that sucks, because even stuck at 1.4.0, the people that I know that bought the cellphone, simply love it :(

It would be nice if things were made "right" in Mexico as well, but it won't happen. So, people, get those $50 and spent them in your new, shiny TouchPads, you won't regret it. And in the meantime, hold on a little longer to your Pres, I really hope Sprint will make things right as well for you.

Hi all,

I'm from France, and I don't get much of your debate.

Can't you buy a phone unlocked from HP?

This is what I usually do: Buy a subsidized phone from my carrier, the trendy one, sell it to someone who actually want it for a good price, and then buy the phone of I want unlocked.
Of course overall it's a bit more complicated, but it works.
And I don't have much choice because
1) it seems like I like only phones carriers don't.
2) I need them unlocked because I share my time between 2 countries.

If the CDMA is only released on Verizon then we cannot activate it on Sprint. It's not like a GSM carrier where you could do that

That works with us in Europe, but not in the USA.

Sprint is a CDMA-Carrier and they have no SIM-card, therefore the phone has to be activated by a Sprint representative to access their network. And even if it technically IS possible to use any CDMA-Phone on any carrier, they WON'T activate it.

The only thing that I don't get is, that Sprint won't activate other phones on their network. As they are a "budget"-carrier it should be in their interest to have as much customers as possible, especially if they bought their phones themselves and still pay the "normal" price for their lines.

Might be a good time for a class action lawsuit to force sprint/verizon to activate each others phones.

you can buy an unlocked pre2 from HP but it's GSM Only. Sprint and Verizon are CDMA so you would not be able to activate an unlocked phone on either one of those carriers it pretty much would only work on AT&T or T-Mobile. That's why its such a big deal. otherwise we would gladly buy an unlocked phone. :-/

It would only work on ATT fully, T-Mobile uses different 3G bands, so, youd be stuck with EVDO.

See my post above - phones should have the ability to work on any carrier and any technology, so that the consumer has the choice of which carrier to use and can get the best deal for their device.

Carriers have way too much control these days, and it is hurting consumers in their pocketbooks, accordingly.

For those who are intelligent, there is a general feeling that the majority of the people in the world are idiots, and it is amazing how difficult it is to find people even worth talking to. Now, with that in mind, marketing people aim for the greatest number of customers, so who do they target and look to please? The stupid people of course.

And that is the basic issue we have here(and with those who are rabid fans of certain shows). The shows that those with a higher intelligence enjoy watching may not be terribly popular, but you find a rabid fan base of people who prefer to look forward, and also look for quality in design FIRST. Along with that, most will pick the best device for THEM, not because it is popular, but because it has a great design.

So, is it really THAT surprising that not everyone cares about what is popular, but instead looks for what works BETTER? WebOS and the dedicated gesture area is something that draws in those who don't want more of the same, but rather, something that has a better design and is DIFFERENT.

WebOS from the ground up is about connectivity with multiple sources, from e-mail to messaging to social networking, and it didn't have to be "hacked in" after the fact. So, many will be rabid fans of given devices, and shows, and movies. We hate when clueless marketing people fail to consider US, the people who really are loyal.

Companies LOVE us, because we don't take 200 hours of customer support time each year, yet for whatever reason, we are the sorts of people who are often ignored when it comes to product development.

I will say this, I have convinced dozens of people over the past year to go with a Pre Plus on AT&T, and while I may not be one of the rabid Sprint fans, I understand the feeling of neglect by their carrier of choice, mostly because AT&T is the same way. It is a difficult decision, and in many ways, it makes us all feel like abused children who have a parent we love who keeps beating us, and we just can't understand why. At some point, we have to walk away from that abusive situation and find a new place to live, just to get away from the abuse. The problem is when you look around, all you can find are others who will also be abusive, just in other ways.

AT&T...depending on the area, you can get either bad service quality with many dropped calls, or you can get great service. Prices may or may not be higher each month compared to Sprint. Customer service isn't bad, but AT&T can't be bothered telling people ahead of time if they will offer a given phone, unless it is the iPhone of course. Still, even with problems, AT&T is generally steady when it comes to rates, and you can count on the quality of service staying generally good(with some bad areas).

Verizon on the other hand has fairly bad customer service, and the company cares NOTHING about the customers. You want a "Ma Bell" situation, you have Verizon. Prices are comparable to AT&T, and the overall service quality tends to be a bit better, though unless you are in a 4G/LTE area, you can't use cellular data while on a call. Verizon customers SHOULD check their bills EVERY month, because Verizon has a history of adding services you have not asked for and then charging you for them unless you call to complain. much as Sprint is trying to fight it, T-mobile will end up merging with AT&T, so I can't suggest going there, since the 3G frequencies are different, if you get a phone on T-mobile, you can't use it on AT&T at 3G speeds.

So, which abusive "parent" do you go to when you just can't handle the abuse from your current parent? My choice is AT&T, but no matter what, it sucks being caught between love of a product and the neglect/abuse of a carrier.

Very good post. After all its only a phone.

I don't want to, but I WILL leave Sprint to keep WebOS. I don't like that option but I don't really think they are giving me a choice at this point. Not only will I get the phone and OS I want but I'll also get faster data speeds, at least in my part of the country the others are faster. Yes I will have to pay more, but after a few months you stop thinking about that when you are happy with the phone and data speeds. Come on Sprint, I will wait until the last possible moment but I will jump if you force me into it.

That's like saying I'm willing to leave my wife just to keep my Harley. Ridiculous

Heh. Spoken by a man who obviously doesn't own a Harley. I know many a Harley man who, if forced to choose, would ride away from the house on the bike and not look back. :)

How often do you go out to the garage and find your wife standing in a puddle of oil? Um, never mind...

It all depends on how you feel about your wife when you make the decision, doesn't it?

And then again, maybe Sprint is waiting for webOS on a Samsung device. Could happen:

Good find, this is real news. He is now repeating the licensing line.

I hate slider phones, this would be awesome.

HP has to put webOS on all their other devices first (toaster, tube television, etc.) before they would license it out. Only makes business sense, and HP is good at making smart decisions.

I'm not a sprint user but maybe sprint can have online only order of pre3 with limited inventory. That way, they don't have unsold stock, don't have expensive ad campaigns and keeps the Sprint webOS people happy. If VZW certifies the Pre3, certainly should be good enough for sprint.

Heck, I ordered my Pre- through HP's webstore (which is currently "powered by Best Buy mobile solutions"). If Sprint would just let HP handle it all I'd be happy. Sprint woouldn't have to stock ANY phones.

I wish HP would just make the unlocked version a world phone (CDMA/GSM) and make the whole world happy.