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HP pays for #HPVeer to be top trend on Twitter [update: make that #smallbutpowerful] 34

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Sun, 12 Jun 2011 8:07 am EDT

HP has been promoting its tiny Veer smartphone everywhere from the roadways to the subways to Nickelodeon. The latest channel is clearly designed to both highlight the Veer's social media power and to reach a connected demographic: HP has paid for #HPVeer to be the top trend today on Twitter (at a reported cost of $120,000 per day), sharing the trending list worldwide with such notable phrases as "Rebecca Black," "Lemonade Mouth" and "#thanksjustin."

The high profile is not without its challenges: Twitter users unfamiliar with HP's newest smartphone are wondering whether the hashtag has something to do with Harry Potter, the Human Papillomavirus and other things, but the paid trending spot also comes with a top-of-search placement for HP's tweet about the Veer, so curious Twitter users (at least those using the Twitter Web site) can discover what it's all about:

HP's growing efforts to promote the Veer are encouraging. We look forward to seeing what the company has in store (pun intended) for the impending launch of the more important and more hyped TouchPad.

Update: Apparently the confusion was too much for the legions of Harry Potter fans to handle. HP's now paying for #smallbutpowerful to sit atop the trending topics list, but it too doesn't seem to be having the desired effect. Other things that are considered to be #smallbutpowerful: Tic Tacs, eye contact, surprising/firghtening insects, all manner of short-in-stature Twitterers.... and just about everything but the Veer. In fact it has a whole mess of people trying to guess what it means, and (at least if they're using the website) they'll get to see that @HP tweet sitting at the top of the #smallbutpowerful list.

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Hi all,

Louis B Mayer of MGM almost 80 years ago said, "There is no such thing as bad publicity"...even if HP paid for the top listing I think just getting them names: Veer, webOS and the HP Smartphones out there is $ well spent!

Take care,


There is no bad publicity? I think you haben't seen the Palm Pre ads with the creepy lady.

That wasn't bad publicity. People definitely noticed them. Palm had other problems after starting out well with the Pre. Poor build quality, lack of apps, lag, phones like the Hero popping up on Sprint, etc.

Great quote and post Jay.

Was just about to tip you on this. Glad to see it.

def promising. if they did this for the veer, the touchpad and the pre3 are gonna be incredible marketing campaigns.

Getting devices from the back shelves of the stores could be just as promising

That put to rest of the "highly respected HP brand".

How famous is this, when nobody actually knows who you are.

Still want to sell the pricy tablet with your brand? think again.

I am happy to see the ads kicking up! I work in advertising and I am becoming impressed with what HP is doing. In fact, Miranda Cosgrove has made my kids tell me I need a Veer, so that is kind of cool to see.
Just wanted to share this: I was at Walmart yesterday for the first time in a long time and I wanted to poke around for the HP dedicated display I have read about on PC. There was a HUGE display for iPad and other Apple devices, but sadly, the Touchpad was under a small tag in a very small display unit in the back corner of the Wally World Electronics Department labled: "other tablets". There, next to some crappy knock-off "tablet" by Olivea or some crazy brand, was a pricetag of $599. Above the tag, it said HP Touchpad. It didn't say coming soon or anything of that nature. You would have to be looking to even notice it. I was happy to see the TP will indeed have a shelf space in my local Walmart, but the display was really sad! They also had Touchpad screen protectors for $16 in another section of the store, but that was all I saw. I know it is not July 1 yet, but I got worried.
I have been an avid Pre- user since launch day 2009 and I really do my part telling people about the brand. But I have to say I can't see how anybody that wasn't looking for the Touchpad would find it if this is indeed how it will launch in my Walmart.
Hoping for the best! July 1 I will do my part and buy one from this walmart. I just hope I am not buying the only display :)

You're impressed with HP advertising but yet share something that isn't too impressive.

To be more specific, I am becoming more and more impressed with HP's multimedia advertising. You are correct, their store merchandising (at least at this one Walmart) needs improvement. I am hoping that it is just contained to my Walmart though... We certainly have seen that HP is going out of their way to get nice in-store merchandising displays up in other Walmarts and Best Buy stores and those I am impressed with.
I can't wait to own a TPad!

Nice to see HP spending money to promote webOS products!!

Just keep having pricing errors on Amazon and there will be more people!

too bad people on the twitter are convinced that the HP Veer is a printer...

Ummm, a printer? I see more references to "HPV" - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_papillomavirus. Keeping the Palm name would had been a good idea here.

well i had been following it since about 6:30 EST. it started with harry potter fans who were disappointed that it wasnt Potter related. then a popular potter fan made the comment that "#HPVeer is in fact, a printer" then all the other Potter fans started retweeting it. then non-potter fans... around the time that stopped retweeting, HPV came into play.

moral of the story is, HP needs to get Harry Potter in a veer commercial.

Actually, I keep reading tweets for people thinking it's related to HPV. What the...?

I opened up phnx and went to trends. I didn't see it listed, however went to Twitter.com and there it was at the top. I think this should be good for exposure. Our city just went through a mayor race last year, and an underdog made a surprising landslide win, by doing most of his campaigning through twitter & facebook. It's the way of the future, now. Whatever works, be it tv, youtube, twitter, etc.
Still seems like they aren't pushing to 100% yet but steadily increasing. Another month, when the TouchPad comes out, I bet the ads will be even more prevalent.

Looks to be a big joke for most. Should have stayed with Veer4G or something. Or even better, the Touchpad.

Yeah...maybe they didn't think this through. I guess it's time to double down on the Miranda Cosgrove commercials.

I see more people thinking it's about Harry Potter lol

and even so, a lot of people are clicking it and now know that it's actually a tiny smartphone.

as a matter of fact, the ambiguity may be a good thing. Now people looking for Herpes and obnoxious wizards are exposed to webOS instead... And everybody should consider that nobody KNOWS about webOS right now. Even if people won't go and buy a Veer now, they at least know that it (and the webOS) exists!

Agreed. It may fail enough to end up on the news and maybe in the hands of some influenced news Anchors who wow at everything.

Eh, who cares. I want #pre3onSprint

now the hashtag is #smallbutpowerful :D

Isn't the idea of trending topics to show what people are actually talking about? If you just buy your way to the top of the list, doesn't that just make it a sham? Isn't HP just trying to make it look like people care about the Veer? How about some sales numbers to show us how much the Veer is really trending, or is everything just a marketing scam these days?

Well it looks like advertisement to me. How can HP boast about sales if they don't advertise their product first? I don't get how thats a scam.
It's clearly labled, "Promoted by HP."

"HP has paid for #HPVeer to be the top trend..." That is the part of the article I was commenting on. I have no problem with advertising. Advertising is fine. A top trend on a social network is a slice of what people on that network are talking about at the time. You can be a trend or buy an ad, one or the other. If you buy your position as a trend, then it is not a trend. If the story had just said HP bought an ad on twitter, that would be a different matter.

Oh, for the record, when I go only twitter and search for hpveer, it brings up the post, but says nothing about being sponsored. It just looks like any other tweet.

Sounds like a tweet about a Chihuahua pup. Or a tech guy who has issues with his "pe nis"

Here is an idea: why don't we all start trending the hash tag #makeitright and see who listens?

I am STILL waiting for Verizon to release the 2.1 update! How is that 'making it right' for we, the faithful.

It is nice to see HP spending some cash on marketing. And people are responding.

"Nation" ???

If the Veer was that compelling a product, HP wouldn't have to buy a trend on Twitter. The buzz would be naturally created off the strength of the product. Apple doesn't have to buy twitter trends. Google doesn't have to buy twitter trends. Of course, few consumers know anything about the Veer because marketing for it just started. It will be interesting to see some sales figures for the Veer.

HP needs to come out with a Harry Potter version of the Veer?

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