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Song ID brings music identification to webOS. Finally. 51

by Derek Kessler Tue, 27 Mar 2012 8:06 pm EDT

Song ID brings music identification to webOS. Finally.

At long last, webOS finally has an app that can identify songs via audio fingerprint. That app is the oh-so-aptly-named Song ID from SSGLabs (their first webOS app). $5.00 brings the basics of a Shazam- or Midomi-like service to webOS. And by basics, we mean you open the app, hit the big green Listen button, and wait while it gets a sample, sends it up to the servers of an unnamed audio fingerprinting service, and spits back a result consisting of the track name and album info.

We've been playing with Song ID for a little while now, testing it out on Derek's weirdly varied music library. The majority of the tunes Song ID was subjected to it was able to easily identify, be it Frank Sinatra, Tenacious D, the Vince Guaraldi Trio, John Williams' Jurassic Park soundtrack, or the funky offbeat tunes from Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog. More obscure stuff, like the Dallas Wind Symphony under the direction of Frederick Fennell or the intense ambient tones of The Dark Knight Soundtrack spat back negative results. Song ID also had some problems with Weird Al Yankovic, but that's more a testament to Weird Al's weird abilities than anything else.

Over Wi-Fi Song ID usually returned a match in five-to-ten seconds, while working over 3G took up to 30 seconds. Song ID is pretty basic in that it gives you just the results, no links to a music store to buy the album or YouTube to watch some videos. There's also no way to cancel an identification attempt without just closing the app, which was annoying the handful of times Song ID froze up on "Searching…"

It's not Shazam, it's not fancy, and at $5.00 it's certainly not cheap as far as mobile apps go. But with Song ID webOS users finally get something they've been longing for for so many years.



This had been #1 on my list of "Apps that webOS needs" for a while. When I read this post, I simply can't describe how happy I was.

so freaking stoked that this is FINALLY out!

Soon as I get that 5 out of the gas tank, I'm getting this one. Crap, I cut off my cell service to get gas.

Derek, does this work with the Touchpad as well or is this for the Pre's or is it WebOS version specific?

It's a Mojo app, but it is TouchPad-compatible.

Any lyric/kareoke mode?

No. Song ID and that's it.

OMG... Thank you thank you thank you!!!!! Now please tell me it works well!

The most disturbing thing about this article is that I'm only missing Dr Horrible and that Dallas Wind Ensemble from MY musical archives.... Pick of Destiny followed by Linus & Lucy followed by White & Nerdy: my perfect Friday evening.



sorry. Stupid touchpad wifi broken connection caused double post. Thanks 3.x

Not compatible with original Sprint Pre. More dissapointment.

The Microphone API is in webOS 2.x. Nothing can be done for 1.4.5.

Why did it take SOOO long for somebody to do this? The talk was that these kinds of things would be available almost immediately after 2.x came out. Why is this the first app to utilize the Mic API? Was it exceptionally hard to code for?

double post - sorry

As the developer of the app I can tell you, it was exceptionally easy to code it.
Midomi or shazaam could have done it in less than 4 hours !
It took me a week to write the app, just because I haven't coded in years, and I had to learn all those Enyo and Mojo stuff almost from scratch ( I had never done any serious writing in JavaScript ).
My first attempt was to do it in Enyo, however it seems that MediCapture API in enyo doesn't work on legacy devices.

Wow! Played bits of songs from multiple artists/groups over 4 decades & it only missed one. This app is a keeper. Too bad it's not available for my still functioning Pre Plus.

Why not? I'm pretty sure I had 2.x up and running on my Pre Plus without too much fanfare.

Actually WebOS 2.1 works fine on a Pre-, and it was the platform this app was developed on.

This is great news. THIS is the kind of interactive app that I think most people mean when they say that webOS apps are lacking. One down...

for europeans, it is 5€, which is currently about $6.66. quite some bucks and I am afraid it won't get most of my songs as I prefer electronic music.

Exactly. That's why i rely on set listings and forums.

Hurray! This is the kind of app I was missing the most from my iOS days...

Kudos to the developer who'll get my 5 euros, and looking forward to updates (being able to save the song info would be greatly appreciated).

PS: HP needs to promote this app in the Featured Apps section, AccuWeather and Pandora have had their time...


I guess I shouldn't be *that* surprised that my lowly Pre+ can't run this (1.4.5). Doesn't change the fact that this is decent news for many of the WebOS stragglers.

Put together a linux box and bump that bad bird up to 2.10. don't let webOS Internals work in vain. :)

I guess you should be aware of the fact that the microphone API is only in 2.x and 3.x, meaning developers can make apps use the microphone only from 2.x on. There is no API for 1.4.x so they can't do anything with this app on 1.4.x

3 years after the launch of webOS?
I'm speechless.
Well, if this is the magic week, bring on the DLNA remote app as well, please :))

Ha! Don't hold your breath.

Did HP help develop this? I recall they were using their resources to create the missing/needed mainstay apps and were going to sell or license them to the ultimate providers. These apps were "coming soon", is soon, now?

No HP did not help in any way, except to provide the app catalog service, which auto-rejected the first 2 versions of the app. ( One is com.ssglabs.songid which used non-static libs and then i found out that the domain is taken by somebody else, the other one was version 0.1.0 which had debugging symbols in the same binary )

So this was not a 26 mile marathon, it was a 26 mile steeplechase? Nice work.

But not 3 years since they FINALLY released a public API (only in webOS 2.x and higher) needed to capture the song in order to make the app possible in the first place.  Granted, it took longer than I thought it would, and the price is disappointing, but hey, there it is.

And you blame webOS for that? Dude, the microphone API was there since webOS 2 was introduced. It's not webOS's fault that no dev stepped up at the webOS 2-launch to make use of the API.

"Well, if this is the magic week, bring on the DLNA remote app as well, please :))"
We will try, but it will take more than a week. ;)

very nice idd, would be nice to have a page/screen that listed your last set of searches and kept until you manually wipe them, good app tho so far.

Glad it works on both my TouchPad and my Veer for a one-time fee. Thanks for that. It's identified most of the songs I've tried out. Seems to have issues with live versions of songs, but aside from that great app!

All song ID systems have problems with live performances. It's like trying to match a drawing of a fingerprint to the database instead of an actual fingerprint.

I didn't really expect it to, but had to try and see :)

That's probably the most intelligent analogy I've ever heard anybody make ever. Kudos

Well... if it wasn't already time for an upgrade, this may have me convinced!

Awesomeness. At long last! At a mere 5 clams, it's an honor and my duty to support our devs.

Now if only we had some HD fart apps. Or better yet, an Enyo Fart ID app that identifies who dealt it???

c'mon Open webOS!

I guess it had to do with having the song matching database API. As far as I know nor Midomi nor shazam offer an open API.

For whatever it's worth, on my Wifi network, Song ID was consistently faster in returning a result than Shazam on an iPod Touch-- 85% of the time, Song ID returned a result first, with it failing primarily on more obscure songs.

I will say that part of that appears to be due to the fact that Song ID is only returning a few bytes of information, whereas Shazam is giving me everything and the kitchen sink, but that's fine, I only need the artist and title.

Thank you for the article Derek :)

Thank you dev for the app...

Bought it for my touchpad but couldn't find it in the App Catalog for the Palm Pix Plus. Not available for Webos

I'm sorry, but it can't work on stock WebOS 1.* , the app needs support for services and MediaCapture API and as far as i know both are not available in WebOS 1.4.5.