Songbird 1.8 out of beta; another great option to sync music with Pre/Pixi 38

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Tue, 07 Sep 2010 9:06 am EDT

We've been covering alternatives to iTunes for Pre/Pixi music syncing since Apple finally defeated Palm's efforts to spoof iTunes into supporting the Pre, and we just got word of the latest version of another fine choice. Version 1.8 of Songbird, a free player for Windows, OS X and Linux, has just graduated from beta, and is available for download at the Songbird Web site.

Although the release notes for this latest version discuss the new devices it supports (Storm, Evo, Magic, etc.), Songbird has officially supported the Pre since last December, and the current version continues that support. With video, playlists, and syncing all built in, Songbird is definitely worth a look for your music and media management.

Source: Songbird (Thanks to rmausser in our forum for the heads-up!)

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