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Sound the trumpets: Spotify is coming to the US 16

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Wed, 06 Jul 2011 7:53 pm EDT

If you're a big music fan (or even a small one), this bit of news will probably be exciting for you. Spotify, the award-winning and fantastically applauded music streaming service that has taken Europe by storm, is quickly approaching US shores and bringing millions of popular and niche songs along with it. For webOS users, it will add another option for starting random jam sessions while on the road and going mobile. We've already seen the Spotify app for webOS smartphones in the UK and abroad, and soon we'll get to know what all of the hype is for in the US as well, which is definitely a welcome sight.

There's no word yet on if there will be a new app coming to webOS devices like the TouchPad, but as soon as we get an update you'll see a review from us. Hopefully HP will be able to get their HP Play music service off the ground as well, a little competition never hurt anyone.

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No way does Apple allow spotify on the iPhones, they HATE competition.

Nah... Apple creates the markets that drive competition.

As a related aside that should please WebOS fans with a TouchPad, just revealed a spiffy new completely HTML5 streaming interface.

Kinda functions as a workaround to the lack of a app, from what I understand. Plus, by not paying for access on an app, I think it's just $5/month for all-you-can-eat with no ads.

They used to have a pure-Flash streamer, and that works on WebOS 2.x too, I think, but this should be smoother and much more visually appealing.

Meh, it's just a lot of hype. They like to say it's free, but neglect to mention there's a 10 hour free listen limit monthly, and if you're not Premium you only get to listen to any song five times.

Also, on their website they only mention iPhone and Android as being able to use the free version. Does this mean that webOS users will have to pay no matter what? If so, it's free service doesn't really provide competition for HP Play.

Plus, there are several good services usable in the Touchpad browser that let you listen to unlimited free music anyway. I think Spotify is the only one without a web client.

with all due respect, rsanchez1, I have to disagree with you there:

1. "it's just a lot of hype"- well that's subjective. I use it and love it and highly recommend it.
2. "they neglect to mention" the limits on free usage- they do spell it out very clearly in fact, on their website.
3. "there are several good services usable in the browser"- which ones? I've not found one that lets me listen to whatever I like (not "artist radio", how useless) & cache files locally. This is why spotify is such a big deal compared to lastfm, for eg. I may be wrong here as I'm not that familiar with the competition in the US.

as for the mobile app, free users cannot use it on any platform. They don't mention webos on their website probably because the userbase is so small (especially in europe).

They neglect to mention on this announcement. That way they can bait people, but when people realize the limitations, they have them hidden on the website to cover their backsides.

Also, their website definitely days free iOS and Android users can use Spotify to sync their own music. Are you saying they're lying about that?

About the services usable in the browser, mikah already mentioned you can use Mog in the browser, and you can also use Grooveshark just fine in the browser for free. Grooveshark also has local song cacheing in their app if you want to pay for that.

Maybe Spotify was a big thing when they said they were coming two years ago, but in those two years all the other services have caught up. And they don't cost 9 euros.

This is great news! I've been waiting for Slacker to update their webOS app to support track downloads like they have for iOS, Android, and Blackberry. But it's clear that Slacker has no intention to release any new webOS app -- they've said so on their forums. So goodbye Slacker, hello Spotify!

Grooveshark also has that feature.

spotify costs 99sek (roughly 10-15usd) on all mobile platforms / month (afaik). Youll need the premium service.
its really really great on webos. I really recommend it.

"music streaming service that has taken Europe by storm" and is available in the incredible huge number of 7 european countries (of about 46)

well, its the seven that matters :)


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So Spotify is landing tomorrow. Anyone have a guess on when the app will show up in the US app catalog?

Just downloaded from the US app catalog! I am honestly shocked that HP did this so quickly. Like al things webOS I was expecting a needlessly long wait until they flipped the switch.

What's it listed as? I just searched for Spotify and got nothing....