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Special edition Mobile Nations podcast tonight at 9PM Eastern 12

by Derek Kessler Thu, 18 Aug 2011 7:01 pm EDT

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you this special announcement: Mobile Nations podcast is broadcasting live tonight at 9PM. There's a lot for us to talk about between HP dumping webOS hardware to Google gobbling up Motorola, and we can't sit on our hands anymore. So we're broadcasting live tonight at 9PM Eastern (6PM Pacific, 1AM UTC).

Mobile Nations brings together the heads of the SPE communities, with at the very least Rene Ritchie of TiPb, Kevin of CrackBerry, Phil of Android Central, Dan of WPcentral, and - of course - Derek of PreCentral (plus maybe a few others). There's going to be a lot to talk about, and things will be kicking off at 9PM Eastern, so be there. It's going to be amazing. There might be tears.

Join us here, or at MobileNations.com.



I guess Phil will be looking for a new job.


DAMN you guys its the same time as the WOR special !

HP Palm WebOS and ReplayTV. Two industry and class leading products
killed off by companies that wouldn't listen to customers and thought
that they alone knew what would sell.

WebOS demise was totally predictable because it was obvious HP was not
listening to its developers or customers from day one.

We all knew what the specs that needed to be in the TouchPad to
compete, HP released a Touchpad that would have been innovative last
year and yet two years behind everyone else when it was finally
released in May 2011.

How many press briefings and industry meetings did we all attend where
HP kept saying NO WE AREN'T INTERESTED IN LICENSING when we kept
telling them, you need to license.

Now they are suddenly interested in licensing but they goofed that up
by killing off hardware platform leaving all of the developers that
heavily invested in WebOS saying f*ck.

So why would those developers come back for an OS licensed to third
tier handset makers?

They won't.

HP can't even kill off WebOS correctly much less release a
competitive Tablet or phone.

If they really wanted to make something interesting, create a Mozilla
like organization and release WebOS into the wild.

Now that would be interesting and something fun to work on.

The show tonight will be interesting if nothing else to learn what new
jobs any one inside and outside of HP WebOS are planning to do.

This announcement also means the death of the Pre 3.

Put a fork in it, WebOS and the Palm platform are dead.

The problem with all of the WEBOS products have been, that they were NEVER cutting edge! I blame all of this on Jon Rubi! The new products(NOT cutting edge) that came out after HP took over; would have worked but definitely in a different order. They should have released the PRE 3 first (In veers place), unlocked and at a great price point! This would have got the diehard PALMsters to buy a new product and get the word out. As well, as generated a BUZZ! People need apps, I get it. But if they would have had a hand full of great apps, it would have held the consumer over for a little while. Then the Touchpad (A 7in, not the 10in and with a rear camera). These two releases would have gotten me out to buy both products and I would have been semi satisfied for awhile. This would have given HP enough time to license out WEBOS to a couple of different companies. Oh and they wouldn't have to be exclusive to WEBOS! In closing I really do think that WEBOS phones and tablets are not dead, they will be picked up by a different company thru licensing. LONG LIVE WEBOS!

P.S. I hope the companies come by pretty quick b/c my Pre plus is crapping out.

Make sure Mr. Rubino doesn't **** on Webos like he usually does

You guys shouldn't have done you DomCast at the same time as the WOR Podcast. Any which way.... DOMCast of all domcasts will be today.... :(

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