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Specs for Pre Plus and Pixi Plus leaked ahead of CES reveal 140

by Derek Kessler Wed, 06 Jan 2010 7:50 pm EST

Spec sheet for Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus

Over at Phone Arena they’ve got their hands on a what most definitely looks to be a specifications sheet for the Palm Pre Plus and the Palm Pixi Plus. Anybody hoping for big time upgrades over their Sprint counterparts best turn away now, as it seems the following is the gist of the upgrades:

  • Palm Pre Plus: 16 GB storage
  • Palm Pixi Plus: Add Wi-Fi

Both phones appear on a Verizon-logoed sheet, so take that for what you will. Either way, we expect this to be at least part of what we will see tomorrow at CES. The question we have to ask is, are such upgrades worthy of a “Plus” moniker?


pretty predictable

Anyone notice? NO BALL!! :D

I am glad to see the physical center button gone gone. hopefully this means they made other small hardware changes to make the phone feel a bit more solid.

wow, it *is* cool that the pre plus doesnt have a front button, on the other hand, it could just be dark...

I personally am more exited to see that for the pre plus the inductive back cover is labled as an "included in box" accessory.

A touchstone back cover that comes with the pre. I cant wait!

I don't know... I like the button because I use the LED Notification blink patch. I love having this notification function even if it it through a patch.

I second that. The center button rarely gets used by me, except for LED notification, but it's certainly not intrusive. I can't imagine removing it would constitute an improvement.

It probably has that light like the Pixi which could theoretically work as a notification light?

The LED works the same way on the Pixi. I used the patch on my gf's Pixi with no problems.

Are you sure it's not your Pixi? As long as it's not pink or purple, it's ok man.


yeah, once I saw the Pixi didn't have that button, I realized how little I use it (ie: Never) and wished my Pre didn't have it either. Oh well, good for you, people who will buy it on VZW.

All these folks that never use that button, how do you close apps?

they don't. their pre's are capable of running hundreds of apps at a time.

kidding..a fast swipe up from the gesture area brings up card view. or if you're looking to open another app quickly then you can use the Wave to bring up your dock. swipe up slower from the gesture area and drag left/right to open the selected app.

gesture-up. The button really is pretty useless, as is the launcher icon. Perhaps artifacts from when palm was developing WebOS, and they left them there despite having a gesture system? It'd be nice if the button could be programmed to be whatever hotkey you want it to be, or used to lock/unlock the phone, but its current function is redundant and useless, and definitely unintuitive. Same with the launcher icon, which can also be done with gesture-up.

We do need LED notifications, however, so keep the LED there, it's useful. Or better yet, give us a multi-colored programmable LED in the upper corner like my blackberry curve. That would be pretty sweet. I'd settle for multi-colored in the current location, though :-)

I never use the center button but would have loved to see it be a trackball.

really you never use it? I'm sure you don't

The Pre's been...NEUTERED!!


i think its just a crappy photo copy. there are other areas that are hard to read. it may have been a photo copy of a photo copy.

I was hoping they'd get rid of the useless hard-to-press ball. I'm hoping that there is still a center LED that can still lite up for notifications and this time without the patch.

I actually think the inclusion of the ball was very smart on Palm's part. The Pre was the first generation and not many people are used to using gestures to navigate phones. When I started using the Pre in the store I had no idea how to go back, and it put me off a bit. After a rep told me about the back gesture I was okay. Granted, there's a tutorial when you first start your phone, but that's not when people get their first impressions, those come in using demo models and there isn't going to be reps around to give every person tutorials on gestures.

The ball is a natural and familiar way to navigate the phone. If they relied solely on gestures when the device first came out I could see a lot of people picking it up, not being able to figure out how to navigate, and walking over to the Hero. If somebody couldn't figure out how to bring up the card menu how impressed would they be with the Palm Pre? They wouldn't even be able to see its multi-tasking features, which is a huge selling point.

Hi all,

1. before you all get upset, we still do not know if this listing is correct, we only have abotu 12 more hours to know for sure.

2. For all of you complaining that you want an upgrade for free or very cheap as you are loyal Palm users.

Grow Up! This is what happens when you buy a product, in the very begining, esp. a very high tech product.

I could not buy a Pre before this due to lock in with V and the fact that Sprint's coverage in my area is G-D awful. Furthermore, I get a huge discount with V due to my g/f works a store that maintains V kiosks. In addition, In the 6 years I was with Sprint, they had the world's worst customer service, which is bourne out with Consumer Reports rating. I have NEVER had to call V in all the time I have had them as a carrier, (3 1/2 years), for repair or problems with my Palm Centro. However, I have had a Treo 300, 600 & 650 all with Sprint. Each had to go into the shop nemerious times. Sprint is too cheap to even have a service location in my count. Thus it is a 100 mile round trip, if you have a problem. V has a service location just a few miles from here.

3. Getting back to my remarks abotu this is what happens all of the tiem with high tech products getting upgraded. When I get my Palm Pre Plus, it will be outdated in short shrift, as Palm will do a major overhaul, to deal with the new airwave freq. that will be used by smart phones, (mostly V), and my Pre will be outdated.

It is the nature of the beast. I have had computers all the way back to the commadore 64, (28 years ago), and each new computer, became outdated as soon as I unpacked it, (I beleive that I am now on computer number 12, in 28 years)!. That is life.

In the meantime, you have had all this time with a Pre, that I could not an dI had to settle with a Centro, so that is life!


I'm just hoping the 16gb version comes to Sprint soon, I'm this close to getting a Pre, but don't want Verizon.

I just hope the best WebOS phones always come back to Sprint.
If there is going to be a Palm Pre 2 or Palm Post, I hope that it is on Sprint.

It would make sense that Verizon gets latest BB stuff, AT&T gets latest I-stuff, T-Mo gets latest Android stuff, and Sprint gets latest WebOS stuff, with Win-Mo getting mixed in all.

But life can't be perfect like that =/..

WinMo, are they still around? :-P

And why exactly do the secondary carriers get the updated version? Why don't they get a lesser version and then they get a similar version as Sprint in June when a newer version comes out? Or, what Sprint should do, is give everyone a free upgrade to this 'Pre Plus' because, honestly, Verizon and AT&T will be getting it AFTER Sprint did, so Sprint users should get the 'Pre Plus' around the same time as other carriers do.

I say Sprint should offer users the Pre/Pixi Plus same day as Verizon does and if you have previously bought a Pre/Pixi from Sprint or an authorized retailer, you should be able to upgrade fee-free by simply paying $100 (or turning over your Pre/Pixi if you bought elsewhere along with paying $100).

What planet do you live on? Very wishful thinking.

that wont happen.. have to at least wait like 18 months into your contract for sprint to consider an upgrade.

Because what would they do with the outdated pres? they wouldn't be able to resell them to cover the loss.

I am sure by the time my contract is due for renewal, "palm pre 2" will be out.. hopefully.

You don't have to wait 18 months to upgrade your phone, just 1 year if you meet either one of the following easy-to-meet criteria:

still no video???

no. video is a software issue that needs to be developed. when it happens in one spot it will happen all over.

I think it should also be noted how the Pre Plus comes with a touchstone backcover in the box.

According to the chart, Pre Plus also has the Touchstone cover included (so you will only need to buy the Touchstone itself, presumably). And is "Broadband Access Connect" Tethering?!?!

That is what it sounds like to me, Bluetooth tethering.

But this is North America. You probably need to pay a fortune to use it.

so what are the bets on when sprint will see the same phones replacing what they have now? and will those be the same price as they are now? I would think sprint can't really afford to not have the same thing. palm cant really sell the "plus" versions for any more than the non plus versions are. the competion is too fierce now. will the 8 gig pre be 49.99 soon?

Sprint will have new pricing out 1/10/2010

I haven't seen it yet, but I assume the Pre's pricing will drop. 149 is a bit hefty (I work in IPCS territory, I don't know if mother Sprint's pricing changes at the same time, though I assume so)


Correct me if I'm wrong, but at the very bottom, it looks like the pre comes with an inductive charger i.e. touchstone, IN box.

EDIT: Reread it, it has the inductive cover, doesn't mention charger. Still, I wonder....

If you look closely it says "cover" not charger

It says inductive back cover, i.e. you get the back, but not the touchstone itself. I would still rather have that than the crap stop cover.

agreed, I typed that out too fast and went back, reread it thinking that was too good to be true :P

but like you said, just having the back cover is a plus XD

Including the Touchstone backcover is nice, saves $20 wehn purchasing the Touchstone.

Also notice the broadband connect, only through bluetooth, but some official tethering of any form is still nice.

It will be interesting if we can port the Verizon tethering code over to Sprint phones to have "official" tethering.

Depends on how they do it. When I had my blackberry curve on ATT, for example, I used the phone's DUN profile, which made it look like a modem, and I just used PPP with it. Here on Sprint, it's done differently, at least over bluetooth. I guess if you had serial over USB, you'd do it that way and still run PPP on the computer. I haven't needed to tether the pre yet, so haven't really looked at how the community has implemented it so far, or even what type of bluetooth or USB protocol you would use. I do know that Ubuntu automagically does the connection, but I haven't gone any further than that.

i still think that 8 gigs is plenty .. but for some reason.. knowing another carrier gets to have 8 more gigs than i do bothers me >:(

I'd imagine verizon would have some sort of tethering option a al the droid. Plus I remember something about some software feature for verizon pre having something to detect tether vs regular data.

awesome finding ;-)

I wish the pixi had the same internal hardware to the Pre.

Same brightness screen, the smaller resolution is okay.
Same Camera
Same CPU

The form factor is very appealing. I tried one out the other day and it's smaller than expected, which is good thing imo.

Dude! Where's the convection oven attachment?!

id still rather have the music player not be a bogged down piece of crap, so that having more storage would actually matter. Im tired of having to take my zune hd around with me because the pre sucks as a multimedia device.

Have you tried the lovely Music Player (Remix) homebrew app?

I really can't see wanting too much more out of a music app than it brings to the table.

ive been using it for a while, but no playlist exporting (i.e. flylists), and still most of the lag from the stock one ruins it for me. I just want speed, changing view, flicking between songs, etc, BOGG DOWN. its painful. Even over bluetooth it lags so much that I often hit the button again because i thought it didnt take.

Sprint is screwed. Pixi becomes a much better phone with Wifi. Is Dieter going to get Pixi on Verizon now?

this is just unfair on the people who bought the original pre with only 8gb lol I wnt 16gb and bluetooth tethering please upgrade every1 for free o2 haha, fat chance heah

Not that I expect many more changes than the article says, but this doesn't really tell us too much. It says nothing of any potential chipset changes (which again, I don't expect really), changes in a camera (autofocus would be nice), or other additions 8ompass would be nice).

Again, I don't expect more, but it is at least possible that this doesn't tell the whole story. Though if it's only going to increase flash, where's the 32GB version?

No center button on the Pre?

I haven't used mine in over 5 months. Good riddance.

I actually use mine all the time, ever since whichever upgrade let it turn the screen on when the keyboard is open. I know any button will work, but it is pretty convenient positioning when the keyboard is open.

I've only pressed the one on my Pre release day device twice.

It has been stated by jbern8 but it is worth stating again . . . No Video. That is unfortunate. Not the end all be all for a smart phone but it is odd. I guess it could be coming in an announced update tomorrow, but you would think that Verizon would know about updates coming out for one of their new phones (especially if the update includes a key selling point).

Video recording is coming via Precorder. Hopefully sometime soon, looks very promising.

Yeah I agree. If this is all we're getting at CES is some different carrier announcments and a ho-hum update to the two flagship phones then I must say - boring. I was expecting Palm to really bring something big to the table. I will withhold judgment until tomorrow but I'm not expecting much.

Tomorrow is all about webOS, new apps and devs. No new hardware surprises for awhile.

Is Palm going to show a new WebOS device (not the pluses), likely to be made for business people, to compete with Blackberries head on?

Form factor : Treo-Pro
Treo-Pro like key-board.
Voice activated features
SD card additional memory
All necessary business software including hack-proof security software.
Inter-changeable battery
launched through all carriers asap

I would like that. I do not mind if it is a little bigger than Pre. However, I think it would hard for Palm to compete with RIM in the business world.

What I see is that RIM rules the business side and iPhone rules the consumer side. Palm is trying to fit in the middle. Take on either directly would be hard. I think Palm should focus on the middle and squeeze into both sides. That's why Synergy is important.

In fact one problem with Android phone is that it is hard to see which market it is trying target.

it's coming at end of the summer.

Hey Palm, might want to give your loyal customers the 16 GB first instead of letting the folks over at Verizon have it.

I see it like this, although this is just my opinion. Sprint gets the first generations of palms devices, other carriers get the updated slightly better versions. Then, sprint gets the newest device(s), whatever it may be, and the cycle repeats. Sprint wont get left in the dark, just might have to wait there for a little while longer.

dude. vzw has loyal palm customers too.

dude. vzw has loyal palm customers too.

I have waited 6 months with my Treo 755P for the pre to come out on Verizon - I think I am loyal to Palm.

Although I would agree, I believe the poster meant something like:
"loyal Palm customers that bought the initial webOS devices, which helped Palm stay in business long enough to release a webOS device on Verizon".


no center button = no LED? = commented code stays commented? or even leaves? they know we like LED notifications right

Its either a poor picture, or the Pre Plus will be like the Pixi and have a touch sensitive area that acts as a button

itll have the gesture area definitely, im wondering whether theyve kept the LED beneath the button for the LED notification

You don't need the button to have an LED light in the same spot. Just look at the Pixi.

i know i'm just thinking since that code hasnt officially ever been implemented i hope they remembered to stick an LED there. I'm sure its there

does it also come with no oreo?

The question should be if it comes with milk ;-).

Is that even an issue anymore? I would love to hear from someone who has purchased a Pre in the last 2-3 months that has the Oreo effect.

As for myself, I picked up 2 Palm Pres on launch day June 6th and neither of them have this issue.

The oreo effect is gone in the newer Pres. I just got my GF one and its as tight as a drum. Mine is a little shifty, but hers is nice and tight, and i'm talking about her Pre..LOL! Hmmm everything else is nice and tight too, but anyways...The point i am making is the newer Pres feel really good and solid. The power button even feels nice and sturdy with good bounceback when its depressed! It felt so good it made me want to buy another one!

Maybe the Pre's entire body will be like thouchstone cover. No cracks?!

if you mean no seams then you could not have a slider, or a removable battery cover. i do like the touchstone texture though

I don't think they can use Touchstone texture on the top half, because the touch screen has to be smooth and it would end up with some kind of a frame. It would look ugly.

The edge of the top half maybe? I keep hearing about cracks appearing around the micro-usb door. Or howabout changing the placement of the usb door to the back casing like the Pixi. Its kinda hard to open but so was the Pre's.

No I meant the texture. That would make it feel real nice.

Seriously, what is the point of bumping the storage from 8 to 16? I consider myself a heavy user of the phone and I'm more than happy with 8. The days I use the Pre as a music player I barely get 8 hours of continuous music play with occassional texting and occassional browsing, and I only have 4 gigs of music on it. A 4 gig library of 192 bitrate mp3s is not going to play from start to end in 8 hours. I'm not seeing the need for more ram other than a marketing scheme and added production costs.

its not RAM but yeah im happy with 8, however 8GB is the absolute min available on smartphones these days so im sure they bumped to 16GB to compete a little better

It's not about listening to the music straight through in hours and hours, it's about convenience. If I commute an hour each way every day, I'm going to eventually be bored of what's on there. But it's also a huge pain to switch out the music, especially on the Pre. Because of a combination of slow write speed and the fact that the phone has to be turned off to transfer in USB mode, it's something where you need to have a block of time planned out where you won't need to be contacted, for one.

In addition, 192kbps doesn't really cut it for some of us. My music is a combination of VBR stuff purchased from Amazon (average bit rate 256 I believe) as well as 320kbps CBR rrips from CDs I own. And yes, on my Etymotic headphones, I can tell a difference. With one movie on there, plus now all my apps on there, a single movie, plus needing to reserve space for Dr Podder downloads of video podcasts, plus some space reserved for future app purchases, I only have around 600 songs on the Pre.

600 songs can get old very fast when you listen to it for a while every day. And because of the aforementioned inconveniences, the less you need to sync the better. Even solving them, it's still a pain to swap out music. While a device that can hold my entire library in flash memory won't be possible for a while, 7gb usable is just miniscule, with 16gb or even better 32gb being far better.

And before people mention Pandora or other radio apps, or streaming podcasts instead of downloading them, well try doing that when underground on the subway every day.

jhoff80, you do make some good/understandable points. However, did you REALLY think your Pre was going to be you PRIMARY Media Device when you bought it? If so, that was an incorrect assumption. The Media capabilities of the Pre (as well as most Smartphones - even the iPhone) are there for what I call "Consolidation Convenience". I can grab my favorite music, favorite vids, favorite pix... just not all of them. If/when you get bored with the 600 (I have 800+ @ 192) songs onboard your Pre... launch Pandora, Accu-Radio, or RadioTime, and you'll have an unlimited supply of tunage! --- As for sound quality. I did extensive research and testing before Re-Ripping my CD collection for the 3rd time. I settled on using CDex w/the LAME Encoder (choice of quality ripper and encoder often matter MORE than compression rate) at 192. Both soft and loud passages were indiscernible to me at 192 vs. 256. Age of ears (44 here) does count. If your ears are a lot younger than mine, you MIGHT be able to hear a difference. --- Finally... On ease of Music Management/Syncing on the Pre... I have one word for you... WINAMP!

Yes, I expect my Pre to be my primary media device, just like I expected my Treo 600 to be my primary media device back when my 512MB SD card was huge.

I tolerate the limited space, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.

I completely agree Echto! I am in the same boat as you. Heavy User, avid Music Listener. However, I only keep about 4 GIG (out of my total of 40+ GIG) of my FAVORITE music and playlists on the Pre... considering usage, battery time, etc. Any serious music listener is going to have a collection larger than 8 or 16 GIG. So, it's not like anyone can/should expect (or want) to carry around their entire music collection on their Pre. That's what my Zune is for! --- So, while it would be "nice" to know (or say) I have 16 GIG... Who really cares?

1) Maybe YOU don't want or need more than 8GB, but others do.

2) People may want or need more storage for apps, if not media.

3) Let's face it, people always compare the size of things...

anyone notice or have a file called Camcorder%5FLoader%2DCoLo.. ?
it appeared in my Pre the day I upgraded to 1.3.5.
Could this be some type of file used for a future camcorder update hmmmm...

What's the full name of the file?
What is the full path name to the file?

Sorry it took me so long to respond.
When I use my Pre as a usb drive I can see this and many other files in this path

16GB... att&t?
I'd byte... I currently use a 32gb SDHC in my T680... 30GB full...

I don't think the Pre Plus'll have the button. The comments about it being a bad picture don't exactly hold much weight, you can see the speaker thing at the top, and if anything it's vertically smaller, so the button'd definitely show.

A better battery and a expansion slot for memory would be the only reason to call it a "plus" version (IMHO)

Very disappointing that there is (apparently) no SDHC slot; even if the 16GB makes it more able to store multimedia files, removable storage would allow Palm to surpass Apple once more and stay competitive with the other similarly-featured phones that *do* have removable storage options. It also would allow for more secure, off-device backup without depending on the cloud.

Still, I hope to switch to the VZW Pre Plus (ideally through my Real Reviewer gig, but will likely do so if/when that ends anyway), as I've been a VZW customer since it was NYNEX, I've been very pleased with the coverage and even customer service, and the rest of my family remains on the Verizon network. {Jonathan}

I'm wondering if they'll add expandable memory once the AT&T versions get released as they will need to make room for the SIM card... if I'm not mistaken, that slot is about the same size as a Micro or Mini SD card... So perhaps that will be a feature in the Pre 2 ...

LAME. I hope this isn't the real specs. Palm should skip 16gb and go straight to 32... I feel like 16gb is just catching up with the competition, which is sure to move even farther ahead soon, and Palm will still be left behind - at least on the memory front.

I think removing the LED is a mistake. The number 1 issue I see when people try the Pre is that they don't know how to do the back gesture or don't know it exists. There is no way to go back in an app unless someone shows you how to do it. I can just see it now--someone walks into a sprint store and trys the pre and doesn't know about the gestures and now there is no center button so they get stuck and don't know what to do. There are no service people available so they just move on to another phone. I guarantee this is why the iphone does not have a gesture area (some have asked why apple hasn't copied the pre on this) and instead uses the center button to go back home, or uses back buttons in apps. It's a pain but at least people get the gist without someone showing them. I bet if I was a fly on the wall in the sprint dtore that I would see palm losing sales over this. Just a thought.

In fairness, when someone buys the Pre, the first-use app / video does teach you this.

Problem is: it's not getting people to buy a Pre. It's getting them WANT TO buy a Pre. Get it?

wow the palm pre plus still doesnt get a video camera which we've been promised to be given back in late second quarter... i love palm's big mouth

This is an ad from Verizon, not Palm. Wait until tomorrow CES Palm announcements.

Show me where Palm ever even mentioned the Pre getting video.....ever.

sprint said it in an FAQ in may, i think.

Adding video recording is a software issue, not a hardware one, as the Precorder team has demonstrated. {Jonathan}

i just had a pre screen shatter from that effing center button.

i would LOVE a pre without it.

oohhhh yeeeaahh!! Instead of offering loyal sprint/palm users an upgraded pre after all the waiting and work since it's come out, lets just offer verizon customers an upgraded product and leave all of the people who've worked to make this phone what it is, behind! NICE!! Way to go sprint/palm!

+1 on that... i've been really dissapointed with things on WebOS, but i still remain hard on floor with my beloved Pre :) i think ppl like us deserve a reward for supporting Palm! haha

How do you know Sprint wont have a Pre II? This is about Verizon. Sprint has their talk tonight and Palm tomorrow at 11. Wait until then to decide.

that isn't exactly sprints track record. Serving their customers. There are just so many developers who have contributed to what the Pre is today who haven't exactly been compensated for fixing issues which should have been fixed on launch day. Nor do they expect to. I'm not trying to jump to any conclusions but sprint users getting shoved on the back burner for verizon users just feels wrong. And it's not like palm has really paid a whole lot of attention the their user issues/wants/needs, pushing out useless updates for issues that shouldn't have existed in the first place and having to delete patches to do so. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my pre. And I sold phones for about 5 years and have had dozens of them. It is BY FAR the most veritile phone a have ever used. I just think at this point the people who have helped develop webos to the level of functionality it is at today deserve MORE than verizon customers and NOT just a "well that's just the way it goes!"... Companies should be loyal to their customers as well... Rant, over lol

Good rant. I bet in a few months when Sprint gets the Pre II, Verizon users will be upset. I wonder if they will ever get the phones in 'sync' across cell providers.

Worthy of a Plus is for me, I think it is good. It's a + that it has double the capacity and a plus on the pixi wifi.

If it's a rev 2 or a pre/pixi 2... I'd like the Pre2 to be on a snapdragon, Video recording and camera with autofocus and macro, a flash that actually is useful, better battery, 64GB internal memory with slot, 3G/4G/GSM capable and improved webos version 2. And upgrade for free through sprint.

For the Pixi2, it can be the same form factor, just with the Pre's stuff, except running at 600MHZ instead of 500. 3g/4g/gsm capable and free upgrade withe simply everything at 50 bux a month instead.

How sweet would that be?

I think removing the LED is a mistake. The number 1 issue I see when people try the Pre is that they don't know how to do the back gesture or don't know it exists. There is no way to go back in an app unless someone shows you how to do it. I can just see it now--someone walks into a sprint store and trys the pre and doesn't know about the gestures and now there is no center button so they get stuck and don't know what to do. There are no service people available so they just move on to another phone. I guarantee this is why the iphone does not have a gesture area (some have asked why apple hasn't copied the pre on this) and instead uses the center button to go back home, or uses back buttons in apps. It's a pain but at least people get the gist without someone showing them. I bet if I was a fly on the wall in the sprint dtore that I would see palm losing sales over this. Just a thought.

so will sprint get the palm pre plus also?

Well this is about as underwhelming as can be. Looks like in 6 months I won't be on a Pre. That's Palm for you day late and many $$$$'s short.

Now that we have the patch for the ball, I like having it, before that I saw no reason for it. Now taking the arrow off the app launcher, there's something that needs to be fix!

Saving $20 on the TS back, that's cool!

I've been happy with 8gig, but it's always nice to have more. God bless Pandora for those of us not in subway tunnels!

We all knew this was a first generation phone and OS, so it comes as no surprise to me that we are seeing new upgraded models already and on differnt carriers to boot. I mean Palm has to make money right? I wish Palm would be loyal to us Sprint users that purchased the Pre 060609, but I'm sure there's no real money in current customers like there is in a new carrier and their customers. Guess it's bang for buck!

I was looking at the N1, it looks cool, wonder when Sprint will get it, or the iphone?

idk about anyone else...but im not thrilled at all. 16GB upgrade? eh...i could do without. I would have liked to see a quicker cpu. The 1ghz CPU in google's nexus one would be nice. That would be worth the upgrade. Hopefully palm will push out a good upgrade on sprint by the time we (us early adopters) all will qualify for new phones. I got mine on day one. I WANT AN AWESOME UPGRADE FOR MY RENEW DATE! 8 extra gigs does not qualify as an awesome upgrade :)

just my 2 cents

Ok, I have to comment here. How many of you know what an LED is? IT IS NOT Pronounced LED. It is L-E-D!!! Light emitting diode! It is not the ball/button, it is a diode which produces light when electricity flows one way! To remove the stupid ball is great! The ball is a physical switch, which means moving parts. Moving parts mean fail ratio increases! Put an L.E.D. under a touchscreen means BETTER hardware! Please, stop calling it LED, it is not a sinker or even METAL!!!!

lol good rant

Wifi on the Pixi! That will probably be my next phone. I don't really like the slide out feature of the Pre. Probably because I had a Centro first. Besides the Pixi's smaller in general, which I would prefer.

MAN!!!! Why couldn't palm just put webos on top of android kind of like htc sense....... Then it would be awesome..... Because honestly the pre disappoints me, and I am sure it disappoints some of you guys too.

No it doesn't disappoint me at all.

The quality control on the Pre is what disappointed me. I am used to Palm building rock-solid phones and the Pre was flimsy. Too many corners where cut and it was reflected in the phone's quality.

I liked the design a lot and if they had built a more solid Pre, I'd still be with Sprint and I'd still be using a Palm Pre.

From what I heard though, the Pixi is rock solid and seriously durable. "Throw it off the top of a building and have it survive" durable.

Nobody at Precentral was saying a brand new phone or major hardware changes. If they are going to make a new phone it won't be under the Pre moniker and it would have a different name like Palm Prestige or something dorky like that.

I really hope Palm announces some big things at their showing. While WebOS is amazing, I don't think it will be able to compete with the Nexus One or the next-gen Iphone. Even with a 1ghz proc (supposedly the current cpu can be overclocked to that) in the Pre, I still don't see it competing well against the next generstion of smart phones. The expansion to other carriers sounds nice, but even then, I still wouldn't call ita game changer. Lets hope Palm has some big news.

Let's hope that this revised Pre has a slider that isn't horrible.

I love the "loyalty" we deserve from Palm that some people talk about, as if the webOS updates end tomorrow for Sprint customers. They have been giving you stuff every month in those updates. If Palm has not done well enough for you then move on to something else.

As for me, I like my button and use it half the time I want to back out of a card. I checked and somehow still have 4.4 GBs of storage left (must hurry and use that stuff up, whats wrong with me?) out of my 8 GBs so that doesn't hurt me. I don't use a Touchstone so that doesn't bother me either. This phone is for me, works for me, and I enjoy it.

you're crazy if you think palm owes you a phone just because they come out with a better model 7 mo after launch. It's called running a business. Did you forget palm has to compete and make money? Everyone who buys a nexus one this week will regret it in 1 yr when brand new one comes out with a 1.2ghz processor and other addons. But that's just how competition goes. I say GO PALM and i'll happily wait as an early adopter for the Pre2 to come out.

Wheres the dang video recording capability??!?! This is a simple feature that all these phones should have. This is annoying the crap outa me.

I agree with treoace700 about loyalty. I'm still using my 700P and I love it. Yes it has its problems but I will not hesitate to buy another Palm product again. Using the rationale of some here Palm/Sprint should have upgraded me for free when my phone was updated. Why stop there? When Jeep came out with a new Wrangler I should have been rewarded with a free upgrade for my "loyalty". Remember you chose to be an early adopter noone twisted your arm.

i must say, I'm not too jealous about the PrePlus, 16gigs, I havent used up my 8. the other positive is it looks like the touch stone back will now be included with the phone. Im not going to get bent out of shape over this. i welcome more webos users. Anyway I'm sure if Verizon gets this phone Sprint will also get it. And if not, give it a few months and Sprint will have a better Pre... I have my phone for 2 years so I'm OK with waiting.