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by Dieter Bohn Thu, 16 Dec 2010 3:59 pm EST
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Curious about ghosts, spirits, the undead? Ever see the tools professional ghost hunters use and wish you had one? Wonder if spirits can communicate with the living? Well Spirit Box allows spirits to manipulate sensor data to choose a word from an electronic word bank. The theory is that spirits can manipulate the sensors to choose the word that they wish to speak. Spirit Box sets a baseline for what is considered "normal" activity among the senors used. This baseline is then monitored for abnormal fluctations. To avoid having normal activity or handling disrupt the baseline we are using a modified version of a quantum fluctuation calculation that employs a new method with handling deltas. Please note that the results of this application cannot be verified scientifically so this application is for entertainment purposes only.

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Hello everyone.

Thank you for downloading the Spirit Box. Based on some recent reviews and conversations we have had with some folks who are currently using Spirit Box, we have several updates coming up for it. The update will include a visual representation of a spike/fluctuation, a larger word bank and more stats on what is currently going on within the algorithm.

Thanks again.

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