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by webos catalog Tue, 03 May 2011 7:33 am EDT
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The highest performance remote access app bringing your entire computer to your phone or tablet, featuring full video and audio support! See your desktop, use your regular web browser with Flash and all of your bookmarks, watch movies, and access any application or file on your computer.

★★★★★ "Both a breakthrough and a bargain." -- The New York Times
★★★★★ "Splashtop Remote WINS hands down!" -- Apps for iPads

* See and control your computer as if you are in front of it

* Access all of your computer files and programs

* Watch videos in any format (including Flash!), and listen to your entire music library

* Play advanced PC games via patent-pending Splashtop streaming technology

* Connect to multiple computers with the same app

* Interact with computer applications using intuitive touch controls and familiar webOS gestures

Fast and easy setup:

* One-click access to your computer desktop with minimal setup

* Application finds your local computers automatically

* Supports computers with all versions of Windows 7, Vista, and XP, including Home Premium

* Supports Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

* Dual-core CPU strongly recommended for best performance

* Wi-Fi connection currently required

★★★★★ "Splashtop Remote is... extremely easy to setup" -- Pixelatedgeek.com

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Would love this but, Downloading on a AT&T 2.1 Palm Pre is a no go. Get the "wrong OS" Sad face.

Hmm. that is weird. I am on 2.1 and although not on ATT, i can still download and use it. I don't think carrier is an issue since this is a US app.

i could seriously go for a Review on this one Precentral!!!!! I've seriously been looking waiting for a remote desktop app and is prolly the biggest thing that makes me feel like my phone is out of date being that WebOS really didn't have anything like this! VERY EXCITED!!! This may be what pushes me to put WebOS 2.1 on my legacy.

splashtop review

After spending a few days with splashtop i came to conlude that it is a pretty decent desktop application but has a few shortcomings, some are kind of major. Even after all this though its still a good app and our first solution for remote desktop.

This developer has a lot of time to refine this app and really take some market share before other apps follow for the VNC/RDP category. But besides a beta vnc app, we don't have any apps like this so 4 stars for now. Fix a few things and then 5 stars.

The Good
1. Connects nice and fast when machine is called upon.

2. Streams your pcs output to the phone flawlessly, sound quality is very

good. It can pretty much eliminate the need for playing stored music as long as you are near a wifi spot with a spare pc

3. Very smooth and polished UI.

4. Finally an RDP app. Been missing this since i traded in my winmo phone. Palm should of provided us something built by them or HP should of stepped up. I Can't beleive we went this long without any functional RDP apps but the wait is over!

The Bad
1. Relies on wifi only: It can't be used while away from a wifi hotspot. I really wish we had the ability to use not on a hotspot. Even if you disable streaming sounds or skimp down on the resolution, at least give us this option.

2. Will not multi-task or run in the background: it would be awesome if we had this option to force it to stay on in the background.

3. You can't do multiple connections at one time: this kind of goes hand in hand with issue 2, i want to be able to have 10 cards open, each a different server.

4. You lose connection when switching apps, this isn't that bad since it reconnects very quickly, but still a pain.

5. There is no WOL option. You can't wake up a sleeping computer. This is a big Pita since you have to go move the mouse or something to wake it up. Luckily there is freeware app for WOL. Use that to send the magic packet to get over this little annoyance.

6. Has a weird resolution issue, will only do 1024x768 as max resolution. Why is this?

7. Will not store your windows login credentials, if logged out you have to go to the machine and type your password in again. It will not even ackowledge until logged int.

8. The keyboard feature works when pulling it up but its glitchy, the windows button sometimes takes a few presses. Plus NO Control+ALT+Delete. A combination of the buttons work but the fav 3 combo isn't doing anything. I think this was disabled by default since splashtop cannot log you in.

9. Lack of options for configuring connection speed, sound quality, options

If this works as advertised then they are crazy to sell it this cheap!

I just downloaded this app and I have to say, it's pretty awesome. My review is 5 full stars just for the simple fact that I can run flash with sound over my phone and its better and faster than using the phones included flash player.

I work at a place that blocks almost every website, and this helps me get around this without having to use a virtual machine on my pc.

You DO NOT need a wifi hotspot to use this! This app will work perfectly fine over your phone network if you have a good EVDO signal! To do this you have to port forward the streaming server on your network and use your pcs external IP. This DOES work, I am doing this right now and it works beautifully!

The only issues I have so far with this app are:

1) As others have said you cant send it to the background or it loses connection.

2) It crashes occasionally causing a need for a battery pull or the phone to reboot on its own.

3) It doesnt disable screen dimming, so if you are watching a video you have to tap the screen a lot or disable screen timeout.

Other than these issues which are small and can be fixed, great app for the price, 5 stars!

Ok cool, i thought i could port forward to run it off the external ip

address but the developer has it advertised as wifi only in the App Store

description. Maybe they can make a help section on this app that can walk

the user through port forwarding, or mention that it is possible. I still

think its a pretty sweet app and if they give multi tasking ability its

for sure 5 stars. Still 4 stars is pretty good. I would recommend buying.

Yea it's strange that they advertise it that way, maybe to save themselves the support hassle of trying to help people port forward (which can be a pain no doubt). It is very possible though and very easy to do, although you need a good EVDO connection, a 1X connection will just stutter.

I agree though, very well worth the money.

Does this app need to have a "server" installed on the host PC in order for it to work? (VNC?)

Or does this simply use the Windows RDP prorocol? I need the ability to log into different user accounts on one computer

I haven't yet bought this for webOS because I'm on still on 1.4.5, but I bought it for Android and thought I'd share a little tip.

You can use it with virtual machines! That way you can have someone physically using the computer and having a remote user also using the same machine (via vmware/virtualbox/etc) at the same time.

Great application; I highly recommend it. The only thing I wish they would add now is support for a linux host.

It does require a server to run in the background. good idea about the virtualbox. I kinda am already doing that. I have enyo sdk 3.0 setup to my main machine, and i connect to rdp through the ipad. Been using a little enyo on the ipad. cant wait for june!

This app badly needs support for the Veer.

Splashtop seems like a good option for iPhone or iPad remote desktop software. Unfortunate that the software requires an excellent Internet connection in order to function, as this is often not the case when using a mobile phone.

I have it for my iphone and it rocks would love to have it for my new touchpad.

The link above seems to go to the HP App Catalog, which says "This is not a valid webOS application". Hmmmmm . . . Then I wonder why it's listed here in the webosnation's webos catalog!??

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