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Sprint adding $10/month charge for data on new smartphone activations 175

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 18 Jan 2011 10:02 am EST

There are a lot of Sprint users in webOS land and a lot of them are still holding on for HP and Palm to give them a new device that will let them stay on their favored network. That network is favored by many because it's the least expensive monthly option that gives you a large (or unlimited) bucket of minutes, texts, and data.

Starting January 30th, it will be slightly more expensive. Sprint is apparently feeling egalitarian about that $10 fee it had been charging WiMAX users and spreading it out to all smartphone users. After Jan 30th, if you buy a new smartphone on Sprint, plan on spending an extra ten bucks on top of Sprint's default unlimited plans.


Source: Sprint; via Android Central



I was sticking with Sprint because they were cheaper. I guess I don't have that motivation any more. It looks like I'll be switching back to Verizon when my contract is up. Especially since it seems Sprint is less-than-enthused about new WebOS phones (if the Pre2 is any indicator).

The $10 charge is being applied to new activations, so why are you upset about this being an existing Sprint customer?

"when my contract is up"

because it will apply to existing customers who get a new smartphone, thereby signing a new 2 year contract...I assume anyways, right?

I guess I interpreted "new activation" differently, but perhaps it also applies to existing customers signing new contracts. In that case, yeah it kinda sucks.

well if thats the case i will probably b switching to verizon as well since it will cost the same and the service is better in my area (coastal nj)... so if i sign a new contract with sprint to get one of these new hp phones i will indeed get a fare hike of 10 bucks a month? thats a bunch of crap. i think i will switch just because i feel like sprint is doing me dirty.

Coastal NJ here as well, and my service rocks. Plus even with extra 10 bux it's still cheaper than Verizon or AT&T. THe 10 extra bux sux but not hard enough to switch.

ya and how much do u think verizon and att will charge for 4g service??? 15+ extra on top of the 30 for limited internet...

The policy will be that any Smartphone activated after 1/30 (aside from insurance phones or Service and Repair exchanges) will have to add the $10 not just the New Activations or Upgrades.

Good luck with Verizon they are still $20-40 more expensive anyway and with all the changes Verizon has made over the last week this is pretty minor news. I saw it coming the plans having changed for a couple years. It may cost an extra 120 a year, but it's still better than switching and loosing 240-480 a year and not having unlimited mobile to mobile. Oh and without "new every two year" pricing. Sprint's still way cheaper in the long run.

This is still not clearly written.
Will I be charged the $10 fee on the next smartphone I purchase even if I already have a smartphone or will I be grandfathered?

Only when you buy a new phone with data. Currently no grandfathering but expect that by this coming summer.

So... if I need to get my Pre replaced via insurance... will they upgrade me to whatever the new Palm device is since they have no more Pres left?

They have plenty of Pres left. I asked them about that recently. They'll continue to support it for a while.

yea but you will upgrade at some point right? guess what that 10.00 charge will be there waiting for you too.

you have to upgrade at some point right? it will be there waiting for you too.

When I get my new smartphone I will need to be charged that extra $10, because that new phone WILL be using WiMax haha. If I was buying another smartphone that wasn't up with the times then this would obviously concern me.

I would encourage you to take a real close look at those plans before you jump. At least for me, the Sprint plan will still be way less than ATT and VZW, and still offering more features as well.

And there will be new webOS devices on Sprint, just not the Pre 2. I think given all the indicators we've seen that it is almost guaranteed that webOS will be back on Sprint this year.

Further, I would take the addition of this fee that Sprint is removing all caps on their smartphone data plans. No more 5GB cap, real or imagined, to worry about. Show me that on VZW or ATT.

Sprint will still be cheaper

Yep. IN all my years with Verizon, I never got the same amount on a bill two months in a row. With Sprint, I know exactly how much my bill is every month and it's always at least 20 bucks less than what it cost me on Verizon.

I also had AT&T (and Cingular) and their voice service was terrible in the New Jersey area. Their pricing was always as expensive a Verizon. The advantage to AT&T is they tend to carry the sexier phones first. I'd rather have phone calls that don't drop.

you don't want to pay the extra $10? Have fun at verizon where their limited txt messaging plan is $20, not to mention you can bet your ass they will charge you more for LTE. Sprint is by far the cheapest still. Not only that but their customer service is stellar. Their service is also not second rate, I've on at least 2 occasions put my phone next to a VZ droid and had full 3g while they were switching between 3g and 2g with no bars which I find humorously ironic considering VZ has the "better" network.

You have to wonder if this is a sign of the iPhone coming to Sprint. Either way, it's sad news for a company I really (used to) love.

After a frustrating 18mo of the Pre and a sudden decrease in service quality/reliability (possibly due to the Pre) and the $10 4G fee then this makes it very easy to jump carriers.

I suppose it was too good to last. So, does anyone know if this is ANY new phone? Or is it just with the activation of a new data plan?

Any Smartphone Activation after 1/30, excluding Insurance phones. That includes the old 755p laying in a box back home.

this suckks!!! But at least there are no caps like ATT and VZW and I still get to use my 8GB per month....still the best deal in wireless. If an additional 10 bucks keeps it truly unlimited I'm willing to live with it...

Once again please read what everyone has stated.. the ONLY cap Verizon has is when using the mobile hot spot. I have unlimited when it comes to ANY other data I use

Actually in the fine print there are caps (or monitors) on all the carriers Data on phones. Start tethering your Sprint phone, or any other carriers and using a lot of Data per month and just wait for the phone call. At&t has already adapted tiered plans and Verizon is likely to follow, especially when they feel the strain of the iPhone.

As I said the only cap verixzon has is when you use the mobile hotspot...that would be tethering.

I have gone over 6 gb in a month (several times) using just my phone... not tethering and not a single peep has been stated by verizon.

How is that i have 11 email address that I check so I'm always getting email traffic plus when in the field I have to access the internet to get information. this is why both my cars and my desk has touchstones. I eat batteries for lunch

they throttle you back cause the big v sucks big donkey dick

I guess

I guess

I guess

I guess

Greedy bastards. I'll hang for one more contract term as soon as they get a new WebOS handset. But this has left a sour taste in my mouth.

WOW Sprint!! Why? you might still be the cheapest, but if the price margin with VZ is negligible, I'll have to switch back to VZ for having the superior network.

yuuup. the only thing sprint had over verizon is that they are cheaper. sprints service, as i have noticed based on what my friends tell me, has better service in my area.

Sprints service is just as good as Verizon in my area and I live in Central NJ on the shore.

yuuup. the only thing sprint had over verizon is that they are cheaper. sprints service, as i have noticed based on what my friends tell me, has better service in my area.



•Existing smartphone customers will remain on their current rate plan, until they upgrade, perform an ESN swap or activate a new smartphone

•Existing smartphone customers will remain on their current rate plan, until they upgrade, perform an ESN swap or activate a new smartphone

•Existing smartphone customers will remain on their current rate plan, until they upgrade, perform an ESN swap or activate a new smartphone

•Existing smartphone customers will remain on their current rate plan, until they upgrade, perform an ESN swap or activate a new smartphone

•Existing smartphone customers will remain on their current rate plan, until they upgrade, perform an ESN swap or activate a new smartphone

Boooo. I still prefer truly "unlimited" plans to tiered or metered plans, but this is less than exciting news. ;)

"including Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile, Palm, and the Instinct family of devices. The Premium Data add-on charge previously applied to HTC EVO 4G, HTC EVO Shift 4G and Samsung Epic 4G devices."

'Previously' = This is not in addition to the 4G charge? So, a 4G smartphone will only pay one $10 add-on charge, right? If so, that's not as bad as I thought.

That's correct. Those of us on Evos and Epics will not be charged another 10 bucks. Sprint is just "spreading the love" so to speak that we already pay to everyone else. Still, I'd rather pay 10 a month for truly unlimited data, then be put on a tiered plan a la AT&T. Not to mention I think Verizon is eyeballing tiered data pretty heavily too, so I don't think it'll be too long before they jump on that pony.

verizon is going to go with the tiered plan...they love to screw there customers

For me, Sprint will still be a good $20 or more cheaper than Verizon after this, AND includes Sprint Navigation, AND does not have gimped GPS. Still my preferred choice of carriers. I just hope they get a new webOS device, but in the meantime, i am happy with my Plussed Sprint Pre

Wow, Sprint this is truly stupid. So does this me each phone will get a $10 increase or per plan. My wife and I have a shared unlimitted data plan and she barely uses here data anyways.

sprint still gives you the most for less even with that $10 add on.

I actually wonder if the increase has anything to do with their increased userload from their cheaper, prepaid services. Kind of taxing your full price customers more, in order to keep your dirt cheap prepaid services still dirt cheap.

Good question.

Typical American company, talk about screwing your base! Well, I guess they gotta do what they gotta do. And we gotta do what WE gotta do.
I kinda question their timing with Verizon's impending release of the iPhone. I don't think it was a smart move at (this) time.

Not a bad idea. But as usual, a supremely stupid way of selling it to customers. Just like with the original add-on for 4G phones, why call it an add-on or any sort of extra fee? Just raise the unlimited plan price $5. Everybody gets hit fairly. Not enough to make people lose it or even notice, in a lot of cases. Done.

Now, countless people will be angry or bothered, and unlike last time, Sprint doesn't have the hottest new device available today to temp them to stay. (I'm sure they will announce one at their event in three weeks, but that's still too much time between this and that, IMHO).

I'm not crazy about this but perhaps they are doing this in anticipation of a great new web OS device announced on 2/9? If they do, and its as great as I hope, then i will grin and bear the increased fee. IF not I may head elswhere

Unless Sprint suddenly supports LTE or HSDPA devices a new Sprint device is not even on the long range sensors. Even these mainstream 4G devices are likely to be tatooed with "in the coming months". So, if a Wimax WebOS is to happen, its likely a year or more away.

Unless Sprint suddenly supports LTE or HSDPA devices a new Sprint device is not even on the long range sensors. Even these mainstream 4G devices are likely to be tatooed with "in the coming months". So, if a Wimax WebOS is to happen, its likely a year or more away.

why would sprint go lte? clear wire is as big or bigger than verizon and at&t. and the fact that verizon went lte makes me think it not the way to go... verizon screws people

lol they been the best deal in the industry for years and they run a larger charge and they are greedy bastards. I think it has to do with the fact that my friend says sprint has asked permission from the fcc to gut every tower they have and install 3g and wimax in every one over time. I think that's going to get pretty expensive.

um clear wire ownes the 4g wimax towers not sprint.

Sprint owns 51% of Clearwire.

While I do not like this increase, Sprint will still be cheaper in plan prices than the other networks.

I don't like the wording on this. So by "activation of smartphones," do they mean new customers activating smartphones, or when I, an 11 year customer, decide to get a new smartphone, they'll hit me too?

They can't raise the price on you as long as you keep the phone you have now. They will get you when you upgrade.

got to pay for the redundant LTE deployment somehow. They better just change the plans though rather then pretending this is a special fee.

Boo Sprint.
I wonder if this will apply when I upgrade in June.
I don't get why anyone is RAISING prices when more and more competition is popping up.

ill just buy out the phone then lol i just like seeing my bill under 85 bucks anything closer to 100 bucks a month makes me feel like its a lot of money

I think I'm going to feel less bad about going to Verizon.

We need someone to chart out the options with the latest data from each.

Thanks Sprint!

You've made it that much easier for me to leave if you don't carry any of the phones Palm will be announcing on the 9th.

go to verizon what do u think they will charge for lte??? 15 or 20 extra month

Felt compelled to comment. Soooooooooooo...anyone buying a 4G phone will have to pay $20 more a month huh? ($10 "premium data" and $10 4G access)

I guess it's still cheaper than most others.


$10 premium data is not across all plans, not just 4G.

No, just $10. There was never a $10 charge for 4G access as most places don't even have 4G yet. It's a "premium data" charge due to the amount of data used on smartphones. They just decided to start doing it with the Evo then Epic. Now they are applying the $10 to other smartphones as well. And it's still cheaper than Verizon or AT&T

I bet part of this is becasue so many people (like me) will not upgrade to a 4G phone because of the additional fees.

I rarely have 1X data in my area, never have 3G and it will probably take a decade to get 4G. I told Spring this and that I would NOT upgrade to any 4G phone if the additional $10 fee was added. Especially since I often cannot even use 1X data - even then, roaming.

So... if all the smart phones are "taxed" equally there is less resistance to new phones (and related fees) from rural phone users.


$10 premium data is not across all plans, not just 4G.

@Brian Not sure what you're saying here.

What's happening is that the $10 "Premium Data" is going to be applied to all smartphones, not just the one's that support "4G". What Bruce says makes sense. This will help them convince people to buy the 4G phones since they can no longer save money by getting a 3G only phone.

Verizon iPhone FTW.
I just got a letter in the mail from Sprint saying I need to stop roaming. Their service sucks here. Verizon has full 3G coverage here. Bye bye, Sprint.

bye have fun paying out the ass, but your in luck verizon gives ya a little ky packet with your bill to make it easier to take hahahahahahahahahaha

Too bad new phones won't come out until after Jan 30 :(. Still cheaper than VZW though.

I don't get it. They're going to charge everyone for 4G, whether they have a phone that can utilize the service or not? I had already presumed that the next WebOS Sprint phone would be 4G, but at this point, I'm not upgrading to it if it's not. The EVO Shift is looking more interesting all the time.

It was NEVER a 4G charge....and this pretty much proves it.

Instead of the tiered data approach, they are supplementing it by increasing prices by $10. Still have the best features per price in the industry.

Oh come on. They are STILL cheaper than Verizon and AT&T and data is still unlimited and not tiered.

bye sprint... Nice knowing ya!

...hello higher prices???? wow. Hey, pay me the $20 extra you're gonna pay any other service provider worth a damn if you are that ok with parting your money over $10 more that is still cheaper than any other provider out there.

Well that definitely puts a whole new spin on Palm's next phone offerings on Sprint: indeed, at this point, it would feel slightly shabby to buy a 3G Palm on Sprint... If a Palm is even offered, that is.

Greedy? Probably.

But... the bump in contract price might also be an indication of a bump in some extremely awesome hardware. Engadget has already hypothesized that Sprint and TMob could be getting the iPhone soon.

Perhaps the iPhone with the addition of some awesome webOS hardware next month will make us all forget about this $10 bumpage? We'll see.

@Interxs: This price increase comes into effect only with the activation of a new plan or if you re-up your contract: http://www.engadget.com/2011/01/18/sprint-increasing-new-3g-data-plan-co...

It's still far cheaper than Verizon

I will be waiting until the end of my current contract for a new phone then. And will strongly consider moving to T-mobile, as they offer their version of 4G (I know it really isn't) w/o an extra $10/mo fee.
Lets see what new WebOS Sprint decides to cary in the next few months.

I won a Samsung Epic in a contest so I am going to be switching to one of their phones that had a premium anyway. I'm kinda glad they are doing this so all the Sprint customers can share the burden of maintaining and upgrading Sprint's network and not just the people that were getting the upgraded 4G. I hope they actually use the money for that purpose. It would be nice if all new phones released this year are 4G compatible and they actually get their network to the place that everyone can enjoy it.

This is clearly Sprint focusing in on WiMax activations. Would any of us actually buy a phone without 4G capability right now? I wouldn't.

Is that per phone? Does that count for upgrades?

I Know this is a pre blog and all...but the dates are making one wonder. Starting "January 30", add $10 for a new smart phone activation. The day after the Macworld 2011 Expo ends. Is that a coincidence?

I guess it depends on how you view your mobile service on whether this is really a big deal or not. I pick my carrier based off of access where I need it first; then affordability; finally, phone choices. That is what makes sense to me. I still have my Pre (and I miss a lot of things about it), but I upgraded to an EVO last fall because my Pre was falling apart and I didn't want to pay the $100 deductible to replace it. The $10 additional fee didn't bother me. Still a better value with no data cap. Hard to see where Verizon is a better value choice since they are starting data capped only plans, and will not allow phone upgrades on 24 month plans until the 20th month. If Verizon works better in your area, then I got it. Not sure how anyone can win the value or reliability argument though.

oh that sucks!

So even though we now have access to tethering thanks to homebrew, does anyone think they will throw in mobile hotspot officially now?

Well it was a matter of time I suppose. Will have to see what HP reveals for them in a couple weeks to see if it is worth sticking around.

This was going to happen sooner or later. I hope it only affects 'new customer' contracts and not me upgrading. I personally don't need 4G and have puposefully stayed away.

Don't you start a new contract when you upgrade?

Well, I suppose that's not extremely surprising as Sprint tries to move away from 3G and into 4G, but that doesn't make it smart. Better prices are one of the only things Sprint has going for it.

booo.... But times are changing and it's almost to be expected...we aresucking down so much moredata than we used to. So... I accept it. :-D still cheaper.

Hmm, take your biggest competitive advantage and reduce it. Interesting strategy. It's one thing to charge $10 for 4G, it's another to charge $10 for 4G in an area without 4G coverage (which Sprint already is getting flak for), and it's really another to charge an extra $10 for the sake of charging an extra $10. And I would assume that this means 4G plans will be $10 more than they are right now too? Well, I guess it will make it easier to jump ship if Sprint isn't onboard for the new webOS phone(s).

I don't think you understand the change. It's not another $10 on top of the $10 that 4G customers are already paying. Basically what is happening is that all smarthphone customers will be paying the extra "Premium Data" fee that 4G customers are already paying.

Will this apply to existing customers who already have a smartphone and upgrade to another smartphone after Jan 30th?

according to the press release it says that....
“While some of our competitors impose overage charges and complex plans, Sprint continues to provide a worry-free, unlimited data experience while on the Sprint network...."

so does this mean sprint customers aren't going to have to worry about a 5GB cap anymore?

waaaaaaaaaahh I'm moving back to Europe since the USA is less-than enthused about WebOS phones!

bunch of whinnies in precentral! :)

Prices go up. It happens.

Dumb move sprint...you guys barely start slowing the flood of subscribers leaving and now you raise your rates, just because you can it seems. Does sprint already charge a higher fee for 4G service?

They charge this fee for 4G phones (ie Evo) whether you use 4G or not.

well this makes no sense what so ever. I don't like this one bit.

think that will be charged to existing members? Or, what about when I get another palmHP phone?

Is this their big announcement we were all expecting? An "industry first"? Too bad, the all inclusive packages really set Sprint from the pack but not anymore.

I would assume alot of you are on contracts? How don't see how breaking your contract with Sprint to go to Verzion makes much sense when it comes to dollars! If you where getting a 4g phone you where to pay the extra 10 bucks anyways!!!!

Just ran through VZ's site to set up a family plan for price comparison with near equal features to what I have on Sprint (sprint has free nav, and I can upgrade every 12 months vs VZ every 20 months)

VZ = $195.95/month

Sprint = $143.99/month

Add Sprint's new $10 fee X2 = $163.99

Savings of $31.96/month $383.52/yr

Sprint also gives us a $13/month discount due to my where my wife works so that raises the savings to $44.96/month $539.52/yr

I'm not leaving

do we still receive navigation at no extra cost? Do AT&T and Verizon charge extra for this service? If so, Sprint may still be competitve.

FAIL! Sprint jacking up while VZW is reducing with a better network in my area, pending the differences of LTE and WiMax coverages. I may actually switch....

Verizon reducing??? Yeah, benefits...

I can see only 4 comments (the last one posted at 09:15:51 EST) whereas the post indicates 75 comments !

Edit: I can see them all after posting my comment. Very strange behaviour!

So, if I'm paying $100 for my "Simply Everything" plan now and I upgrade my Pre to a new WebOS phone, I pay $110 a month? Do I have that right?

Edit: sorry, I would not have posted but when I first read the story, there were no posts at all. After I posted, BOOM!, all the previous posts showed up. Yup, weird.

It's still cheaper than anyone else, and coverage complaints? It's unlimited roaming. There's a patch for that. Keep your phone roaming only if you're having trouble keeping a signal (and killing your battery looking for one). I've gone over 5Gb in a month (tethering or not) and nothing has ever happened, however it would be nice to not have to worry about it. $10 a month should go along with removing that limit.

I don't believe Sprint is truly unlimited if you read the fine print. I believe there is a 5GB cap or something like that, but the just never say anything if you go over the cap.

I agree that is kinda sucks, but they still are the best deal around. I'll just stay grandfathered in my current plan for as long as I can!

At least this gives Sprint users an early ETF-free out of their contracts in the event the new webOS phones don't go to Sprint...

No it doesn't because they aren't applying it to existing phones. It's only when you upgrade, which means you start a new contract. They can't just change the price on you mid-contract. If they did they would have to let you out of it like you said.

I wouldn't care about this is as much if they had brought 4G to San Diego...but they haven't. Considering it's the 8th largest city in America it seems like a drastic oversight - as Verizon already has full LTE coverage here.

Will probably switch if no Sprint 4G here when new Palm Phones announced. Don't feel like waiting two years for Sprint to get their act together.

What's ridiculous is that if you go to Sprint's website and look at 4G coverage in California here is what they cover:
Merced (Where!?)
Modesto (WTF?)
Stockton (Is this a joke)
Sacramento (Ok, good)
Los Angeles (We're making headway)
San Francisco (Perfect)
Visalia (WHAT The F is Visalia!?)

I'm calling it:

iphone 4G on sprint.

what the heck is wrong with the comments section here? I can only see the first 3 unless I post a reply

It's like Sprint is actively trying to eliminate any little shred of competitive edge they have left.

I'm not sure how I feel about this...

I will think of this as $9.99 for GPS to keep from getting po'ed at this latest gouge. (I mean at least *try* to sweet talk me before just trying to bend me over!!)

Still cheaper than VZ, and no borked services. Although the fact my plan is really $143 ($129 + $7*2) but my bill is almost $190 really frosts mi juevos. However Sprint is a little more gentle.

As long as I still have my discount on my bill.. I'll never leave Sprint..

If you think this is more expensive than other carriers, check the math.


@Interxs - Applies to new smartphone activations or upgrades/swaps to a smartphone.

A few things here, Fist off Sprint's 4G network is the slowest of all carriers when it comes to data speeds. Yes Sprint is unlimited date but at the cost of slower access to the internet. Secondly, Sprint has the right to throttle their 4G speeds when their network is overloaded. This means 3G speeds during peak hours of the day.

I hope Sprint upgrades their WiMax to a Rev (A)to stay competitive when it comes to data speeds. I also believe this is a push due to new netbooks and tablets on the horizon that are going to increases the traffic on the towers.

Should be interesting to see what Sprint's announcement is on the 7th. This should help explain the increase in price.

We are all complaining but what are we going to do about it? It was a time we people didn't accept things like this.Especially if you are paying for it.I think it's time to go back to that.Let out voice be heard and tell sprint we are not happy with this and they are in danger of losing alot of customers.Here is their facebook page.http://www.facebook.com/sprint I think if it's going to be an extra $10 they should add free mobile hotspot.

If the 4G phones don't get some more tacked on, that makes the decision to upgrade a natural. Now just praying Palm/HP comes out with a 4G WebOS.

lets assume this mean ALL new phones will be WiMAx

Why can I only see 5 of the comments for this?

Edit: Just like the poster above, I can see them after I've posted. Weird.

This isn't as bad as we think, since Sprint is trying to make all their new smartphones 4G. So technically this $10 bump is old news. Just get a 4G phone and you won't feel robbed.

To all the ppl saying they are going to switch to att or Verizon, I hope you realize even with the extra $10, Sprint is still significantly cheaper than att or Verizon. A plan with unlimited text/data is still prohibitively expensive for many people on other carriers. At least your still under $100 on Sprint, and they don't charge you extra for GPS.

That said im not surprised, I don't know if Sprint is still bleeding customers like they have for years, but I think the success of the Evo (and Epic) has put Sprint is a more competitive position to charge more. For years they have been desperate to keep customers, so they had to do any and everything they reasonably could to do so. They may stop relying in price as there only selling point. Realistically, they haven't had the cheapest plans around just because they are nice guys..

Sprint will still be cheaper for a number of reasons:

1) Nights start at 7PM -- Verizon starts at 9PM
2) Unlimited mobile to mobile to any carrier.
3) Sprint Navigation is included, Verizon is $10 extra.
4) Sprint's Everything Data plans provide for an upgrade every 12 months -- Verizon requires 22 months.

#4 on that list is changing April 1st. Only top tier plans (single line $89.99, family plan $169.99) will be eligible for an upgrade every 12 months. All other plans will fall into Premier Silver that gets an full upgrade every 22 months. Looks to be non grandfathered also meaning if you have an upgrade available when this kicks it, you lose it and it will be given according to the new premier Silver stipulations. I've been upgrade ready since Oct last year, it would be moved to Aug this year.

Do you have any proof or at least a link about #4? That suck if it's true. Seems Sprint is getting cocky. All of a suddenly they are ending all of their competitive advantages. I wonder how many customers they have now.


Just hit Google with a search about Sprint changing premier and you'll find it on multiple sites

well this is just stupid... At least now when I get a 4G phone I won't be upset about wasting 10 dolla for a service that isn't available where I live.

so are existing customers going to be grandfathered in or are we gonna be charged when we update phones?

my brother went to verizon & came back immediately, even with this hike I'm sure verizon & ATT are more expensive. I don't blame sprint at this point. Look at verizon & att, both continue to add new fees & still have a high clientel. And with new devices & new web features, sprint has to charge us something to not go under from the whole unlimited deal. I'm just glad it's higher than $10.

and they've done some thing like this before with the sprint power or vision plans being different than regular sprint plans. Cost of living bump I guess.

Why not just raise the price $10 instead of sticking it as an add-on? Oh that's right, because Sprint changed their discount policy so that it only applies to charges that are more than $20, so this means everyone's plan raises $10, discount or not. Bad move and given that the barrier for Premier is rumored to be raising and your new every year dropped, I see zero reason to stay on Sprint.

I have the $69.99 plan plus $10 extra because I have the evo with 4g which they told me am paying for. That totals my bill to $79.99+tax and others charges which I still considered cheap for what I get. Those that mean that I will be paying $10 more which will raise my bill to $89.99? That sucks.

Wow, look at all these posts now after I posted mine.

However, Sprint is still cheaper for what I get with my plan even it is $20 more to my plan.

10 may not seem like much but it does add up

Tmobile talk text data 500 79.
Vz talk text data. 450. 89
Sprint smartphone. 79
.... Not really enough of an incentive even worse is family plans... We have 5 lines all smartphones. That puts us at 280 aposed to the 230 we are spending now. Thats not a huge difference from verizon anymore.... Sprint better have some BIG news to counter this on feb 7 or people wil lrun to vzw iphone. I want webos so im seeing where that goes

I think what its saying is that all smartphone plans will cost the same whether 4g or 3g. Im fine with this cuz I wouldnt buy a new phone unless it was 4g anyway and we already knew that was $10 more. Its still the cheapest, AT&T seems to do the same thing as Verizon and big V is going to implement tiered data plans which means a lot of data=$$$.

Dangit!!! now I can't complain that I'm paying an extra $10 a month for 4g when I barely get it in my apartment. Now everybody has to pay for unlimited data!

Darn you for keeping the fees fair Sprint!!!!! DARN YOOOOOUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, nobody likes an increase, but hey, they gotta build that network up somehow. In order to stay competitive its something they have to do. Especially with Clear having financial issues.