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Sprint Airave gets early revamp, but no EVDO to be seen 19

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 01 Dec 2009 5:31 pm EST

We've been anxiously anticipating an update to Sprint's signal-boosting Airave femtocel for some time now - one that will not only provide a mini-cell-tower in your house for calls, but will also provide genuine EVDO 3G instead of the paltry 1xRTT that the current model offers. Sprint has hinted it would come in 2010.

Well perhaps it has come now. Impulsebuyer in our forums just received a replacement unit that's significantly different that the original. You can see the new unit on the left. It's bigger, yep, but another wrinkle is that it tucks the GPS unit away under a door on the top of the device (you can still remove it to place by a window). That should make travel with the unit a bit easier. (That GPS unit, by the way, ensures better E911 location). It's positively Verizon Network Extender-shaped, if you ask us.

The 64 thousand dollar question, though: does it provide 3G EVDO for data? The fact that this looks pretty much identical to the Verizon Network Extender makes us think we're just looking at a new form factor. Forum member elder_shawn backs this up. So before you go out and Impulse Buy a new Airave (ahem), we recommend head on into the forums to see more photos and get the final word.

Thanks Impulsebuyer!



I hope all this becomes obsolete with development of VOIP (voice over IP) in pre. Most blackberries already have them. Anyone knows if it is possible to do VOIP in pre?

I have a Airave but don't know what Voip is please explain.

Very good point. What added value do you get by having the Airave have EVDO when you can simply get a wireless router and make it have WiFi?

Ok...so maybe I'm a bit slow, but don't you have to have a broadband internet connection to use the Airave in the first place? So, if you have broadband in your home, why not just use the Wifi? I understand the need for voice network boost, but 3G/EvDO seems like a useless endeavor if broadband is a prerequisite...

Please correct me if I'm wrong and am not seeing a very cool use for the Airave...

And I'm with you kkhanmd, VOIP would be sweet!!!

I myself have a Pre, so this wouldn't really benefit me, but this would be great for people that don't have WiFi enabled phones, such as the Pixi.

WiFi is useless if you have a Pixi.

hopefully PIXI-2 will take care of that. We need VOIP.....

Why the heck would sprint bother with EVDO through this gadget when you should be using wifi through the same thing the airwave is connected to? Sprint mandated all their phones to have wifi. Ooooooooh thats right the pixi doesnt have wifi :|.

Hmmm yeeeeaaah thats what 50 bucks less gets you.

Or any one of the hundreds of Sprint phones out there that doesn't have WiFi that other members of the family might have.

Actually, the GPS is so you don't violate your ToS (terms of service) and take the Airave somewhere that does not natively have Sprint service and then use your Sprint phone... like say, Europe. :)

I wonder if the Sprint femtocel is as potentially hackable as AT&T's... http://www.robotskirts.com/2009/12/02/att-3g-microcell-hacking/

Sorry guys cant comment on if this thing is totally worth it or not (impulsebuyer) here, the thing still wont connect, having major issues with airave in general, hoping to have this all resolved by tomorrow (its been 2 weeks already) ...

I had to add my airave to the DMZ in my router. You may need to do the same thing, well first you would have to find its IP address.

Turn on logging for outbound in your router and look for the IP address trying to access these ports 500, 4500, 53 and 52428. Make sure that ipsec and VPN tunneling is enabled in the router as well.

If it can't access those ports if can't talk to sprint servers.

Basic test on newer Airave unit:

WIFI: 3000 to 4000 kbps average

Sprint Airave (Full Bars w/no EV showing): 150 to 500 kbps

Test: Mobile Speedtest

WIFI is oviously better, but the Airave is still needed here for voice communication.

My problem with the Airwave is that the Pre still gets terrible battery life with it. It constantly jumps from full service and 1X to barely 1 bar and EVDO. The Pre seems to have a preference for EVDO even though this signal is far weaker, which causes it to drain the battery. My parents have an Airwave, and when I'm visiting them, I have to charge my Pre 4-5 times a day with no usage. Interestingly, it often shows full service (ie, it's on the Airwave), but shows EVDO instead of 1X.

So adding EVDO to the Airwave will probably greatly improve the battery life on the Pre and likely many other phones.

THe airave is a GREAT little device, I don't understand why wifi and the airave is part of the same conversation. I've been using the Airave for just under 2 years now because we tend to get houses out in the boondocks. I live in Kissimmee, FL now and sure enough we loved another house where the sprint signal is weak, the airave helps boost that signal all over MOST of our home so that we can make and receive crystal clear calls. The other benefit to it is that since we use our sprint phones as business phones, Airaves calling plan gives us unlimited calling to land line phones for just 10 bucks a month. Glad we got it, still have the "old model" but from what I have been told by the folks in Sprint Tech it's nothing more than a new casing.

last year, I moved into my new house. And sadly, were I live now, I don't even get one bar. So I called sprint and told them. Either they send me one for free and pay the monthly fee for me. Or I drop all 5 lines and go with att. I just hope the new one will be better then the one I have now. It takes a second to pick up the signle, my gps says I am in canada, (I live in MI) and sometimes my phone will disconect from the stupid thing during a phone call. But better then no bars. Anyhoo, lets hope this one will work better.

I have had the Airave fo about 6 months and when I am home I have full bars and it shows EV on my phone so I must be the lucky one..

Mine shows EV as well but it is DESPITE the airave not because of it. I do get an sporadic EV signal in my house. The airave however boosts the voice signal, which in turn, logically makes it easier for the phones resources lock in on an EV signal... Either way I love the airave. problem for me is that the house is too big so I either have to get another for down stairs or just be happy that most of the time being in my office upstairs i have excellent signal.