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by Derek Kessler Wed, 09 Sep 2009 10:24 pm EDT

Sprint: We

Sprint Premier customers are getting a teaser email from Overland Park, Kansas. Sprint is saying that tomorrow they will “serve up something big.” While there’s no hint of what that may be, the chaps over at Gizmodo claim to be in the know: they say that Sprint will be introducing a new calling feature named ‘Sprint Any Mobile.’

The vast majority of Sprint customers have a plan that includes unlimited Sprint-to-Sprint calling. What Sprint Any Mobile is predicted to do is change that equation to unlimited mobile-to-mobile. As in your Sprint phone to any other mobile phone, on any carrier, at any time, for however long you like. Considering how many people are using their cell phones as their primary phones, this amounts to veritable unlimited calling.

So the question is: will this be an optional plan add-on, or will it replace the current Sprint-to-Sprint arrangement in some - or all - of their plans? Hopefully tomorrow we’ll find out.

Full text of the email after the break.

UPDATE: An anonymous source has confirmed for us that Sprint Any Mobile Any Time will be launching tomorrow morning, and as described above will allow for unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling, regardless of carrier. Any Mobile Any Time will only be added to the Everything Data and select business plans, so all Palm Pre owners will be set with unlimited mobile-to-mobile. Oh, and it will be a free upgrade to your plan!

We're about to serve up something big.

And you'll be among the first to know.

As a Sprint Premier customer, we want you to be among the first of our loyal customers to know about some exciting news coming soon.

In the past, we've brought you Simply Everything (SM), Right Plan Promise and ReadyNow. Sprint is ready to change the game once again.

So look for the big announcement in your Sprint Connection newsletter tomorrow morning and take your place in the wireless revolution.

You can also find out more tomorrow by simply logging onto My Sprint.

And be sure to checkout the "Sprint Premier account alerts" at the top of the page

Thanks to fraz in our forums for the transcription!


I don't think there's no way they'd do this without an extra add-on. As you said, that'd make it unlimited calling for most people. If it's $5-10 though, I'm in. That'd give me in effect unlimited calling for $60 (25% corp. discount - discount doesn't count against Premiere).

But, I'd settle for no longer paying to conditionally forward, so that I could put my Google Voice account to good use.

I don't think there's any way...

Haha, yeah, I totally restructured that sentence from how I originally wrote it, and must've missed a word. Thanks... though now I can't edit away my stupidity.

I was calling for Sprint to offer sanctioned tethering because it would either be a competitive advantage, or it would force others to follow (ouch for that ATT Edge).

But, think about this. Millions of closed accounts, Sprint might have some excess capacity to use up.

For every minute I spend free, talking to my Verizon and ATT friends, they gotta pay (at some point) leading to lower satisfaction for the customers of the other providers.

With Sprint, we're all ready getting weekends free. About half of the weekdays are free (night start at 6 or 7). Mobile to mobile is free. For me, that's makes it a challenge to use a chargeable minute. If I tossed in a Fave-5, I'd be down to about twenty charge minutes a month.

And, they'll make it up by moving per-text charges to .25/each and some family with teenagers will fund the whole program.

Guess what guys... It's true! I just went to sprint.com and it says it right there, Any mobile.. Anytime to any everything data plan! SPRINT ROCKS!!!!

I rather have a Pick 5/10 option then this. I call a lot of landline during the day time. I'm sure many will like this calling option (if true) and many will not like me.

Cant please everyone LOL...

Sprint already has a (hidden) Pick 5 option.

can you provide more details or a link? id love to get in on this.

I was out of contract at the time, and all I did was mention that I heard that there was a pick 5 option and they asked me for the numbers and added it to my plan.

I know it's really a pick 3 and then an additional pick 2 separately (all were free for me).

If you google sprint pick 5 then you should be able to find a ton of sites with information on it.

I hope this rumor is true, and the only way to really revolutionize the market is to change all current plans to this new way of doing business

Definitely jumping on this if it proves to be unlimited everything.

This isn't really a huge benefit. You'll be burning minutes of the person on the other end, so may try it a few times until the person on other end asks you to call in the evening/weekend because you are burning up their minutes.

this is a good point, but then you can say to them. "Well switch to sprint" and isn't this what sprint wants? To attract new customers? This would do it, thats for sure.

I guess they'll just have to switch to Sprint (and get a webOS phone while they're at it).

kansas city is wassup! overland park is not though

I never hit the limit on my existing 1500 minute share plan, and I've got 600 bonus minutes for free on top of that. So in essence I have unlimited calling to any number already. If this is an extra cost, it gets me nothing. But I bet a lot of people in the same situation as me will sign up, thinking WOW, I can call all my friends for free!

I suppose it might ease some reluctance for people on a family plan on another carrier to switch to Sprint.

ive never hit my 450 anytime minutes. lol

why cant they just give us a 911 plan and unlimited texting. i hate talking on the phone it is so last century.

uh, yeah...right.

you can always dial 911 from any cell phone even if not activated as long as the battery is still alive and it is a working phone :)

I used 1000 minutes last month.

I used 100,000 minutes last month.

I am impressed by your ability to talk for 134 hours a day.

I used 1,000,000 minutes last month

impossible there are 10080 in one week!


I am 100% sure u r a female :P

you guys really have no clue....lets just same I'm in the know about this new feature and its a win win literally no catch deal for sprint customers both new and existing. unfortunately u guys must wait for tomorrow for the details though..

Haha Sprint will be king!

This will replace mobile to mobile on Data Packages and will be actie at end of your bill cycle.

I doubt it is unlimited minutes for mobile to mobile for free. It would almost eliminate the need for their simply everything plan unless you happen to call landlines a lot. It should be interesting to see what happens.

I know thatthere will be many new apps in the app catalog tomorrow. I don't know if it is related to this teaser email or not.

Just got done talking to sprint rep. and they said that it will be included in your plan starting on the next pay cycle so thats good news.

I heard it was $10 off everyones plan. Plus free jelly beans at any Sprint store. The biggest plus will be 12 more food apps in the catolog tomorrow. Way to go Sprint.

Jelly beans!!!

My guess is the Pick 3/5 option for everyone. I already have Pick 3 on my account, but it isn't something you can sign up for. In the past, it's a service only retentions can put on.

Why wouldn't they do this. Look at the details of their Boost Mobile plans. And I really do think this is huge if true. Screw Pick 3/5. That is plane stupid, we still have Anytime minutes for that. Sprint is redefining Mobile, and they really have to.

Why can't it be unlimited data for my MIFI. I have the unlimited plan and I have no concerns about minute usage. More data please.

Maybe free tickets to local NASCAR events in my area!!! Boy.. I can't wait to throw those away!

Give them to me, I'll take them

I love my plan the way it is, but only one thing is truly missing. Unlimited Call Forwarding for free. That would be perfect.

ATT's A list is about to look downright foolish...

att is going to look like such idiots if sprint does this!

OK. Back to the article.
Let's do a simple break-down.

I use roughly 650 minutes a month.
I NEED unlimited data and messaging.
That put's me at in the $89.99 Everything Data plan with 900minutes.
So I could technically drop to the $69.99 450 minute Everything Data plan. Super. Unless this rumored feature would be a pay feature. Now we're back or close to the the other plan and a savings or hardly anything.

That is the reason I pay for the Simply Everything plan.
I rather pay the 33

Many of the people I know use a wireless company called I wireless. Depending on what they choose each month (prepaid) they can get unlimited local calling or unlimited nationwide calling. If Sprint had unlimited mobile to mobile to any carrier, that would mean I could talk to those customers a lot more. Another majority of people I know use uscellular. They get unlimited incoming, so I could call them without using anyone's minutes.

I talked to a rep...they could not offer the official information up, but if you told them the rumor then they could say yes or no...and looks like it is going to be the unlimited to mobile on any network (on certain plans). There will be no extra costs. She said my plan would qualify...I am on the everything data plan 450. That and I already have the pick 3...which they try not to advertise they have. It is a nice feature though. I cut my usual of 500-800 minutes used per month to about 300...well under my 450 mark...plus I also have a 60 free minutes. So this and the unlimited to mobile is going to be great.

My guess is that this will ONLY apply to the first line (the true Premier line) just like the yearly upgrades do.

What is the pick 3? I've never heard of this. I am a Sprint Premier customer with a Palm Pre & SE plan. But what is the pick 3?

Look people why sprint won't just do something as simple as doing what boost mobile and metro pcs is doing! Make everything unlimited for 50$ save us all the trouble and headaches about not killing our pockets!

boost and metro dont have the towers or infastructure Sprint has...although sprint has shed alot ofthem. Would $50 unlimited make them a tier 1 carrier or send them straight to the MNVO pile?

Can anyone tell me the timetable on the mail in rebate?

My palm pre rebate took right at 6-7 weeks. You definitely won't get it within 30 days from date of purchase.

The reason for not withen 30 days, is because part of the requirement is for you to be eligable...which requires 30 days of active account from the time you purchase the phone...then usually 2-4 weeks after that to get a check. Sprints standard time frame...6-8 weeks

thanks! it seems silly but I guess I'll do it.

The one bad thing about this that It would actually cause other carriers to go over on their minutes which translates to big money for them. I sounds a lot more cool than it actually is. Sprint is already giving away so much I think they are at a good price point they don't need to keep giving things away.

Sprint is trying to get people off of the SERO plans. This is what this plan is about.

This info is now listed on sprints website... each Everything plan mentions free mobile-mobile... Check it out a sprint.com for your self.

Thanks for the early tip though!

that has always been there. mobile to mobile as in sprint to sprint. this is different and not up on the sprint site.

Sprint Any Mobile Anytime webpage is live. anymobile.sprint.com

Does anyone else see this as a way to discourage services like Google Voice? Think about it -- if other carriers follow suit, suddenly calls to mobile numbers are unlimited and calls to GV numbers count against minutes.

Or the way Google Voice currently works on phones like the Pre -- you receive a call (against minutes) calling someone's mobile using the Google Voice apps. Call someone's mobile directly, now that call doesn't count against minutes.

Just a thought...

Now live...

This is the greatest thing to happen on Sprint since the Pre....

I am forever grateful! I always wished and hoped they would publicly add a feature like "Fave 5" and what not...

But NO, they decided to give us a REAL mobile-to-mobile feature, and its free.....all the numbers I frequently call are freaking mobile numbers! I rarely call land-lines/800 numbers!


"Now reverting back to the 450 minute plan in order to save and have no fear of going over minutes"

-This is my happy place :)


I am/have been on the 450 Everything Data Plan since getting the Pre. I also get a 25% discount with my employer.

As with many others, this gives me a virtually unlimited plan for only $52.50 +tax. Very happy to be with Sprint since 2000.

I think this has the most appeal yet to draw subscribers in the smart-phone/data plans arena. This may also encourage and provide incentive for more current subscribers to upgrade to a data phone... such as the new Pixi or existing Pre.

I think Sprint is doing a good job at generating buzz and providing the needed perks to start rebuilding it's network. Now they just need to make sure they don't end up with the AT&T overloaded/slow network issue

Go Go Sprint!

ITS TRUE,ITS TRUE!!! I just checked my account online and i have the unlimited mobile for any network!!!!

*******f you have an Everything Data plan, you just hit the jackpot - now you can make unlimited nationwide calls to any mobile, anytime.*******


You guys don't get it. This article is the first to explain everything about this correctly:


Read that now if you're considering this.

I can see that for some people "roamers", if you will, need to stay with their 99.99 everthing unlimited plans.

For the majority of users though there isn't a roaming issue. Obviously the plan does not beat the prepaid $50 dollar plans that the article mentions, but those plans don't offer the same level of phones.

The line about the majority of minutes/data/usage has to be on Sprint's network has always been there to my knowledge. I also doubt they are just going to terminate an account without even a warning/advisement for the "offender" to change their plan.

Take it or Leave it, but I am overjoyed that I no longer have to watch every minute I use during "anytime" hours provided I am calling a cell number!

Go Sprint! Go!

I don't get why they would do free mobile to mobile. I mean cost wise, is it anywhere cheaper to route a call to another mobile number if its on another carrier.

I could understand within other sprint customers because it stays in their network and they route the call directly. But if it goes to another carrier does it somehow route in a way that costs less and not have to convert to POTS at any point?

I'm ignorantly going out on a limb. I reckon the costs are not what they are made out to be. They are minimal, your monthly plan shoots profit hoops, simple as that. They could offer more for the same money and still make heaps.

What is the pick 3? I have the 450 data plan with the pre. I didn't know that there was a pick 3 option. What is this all about?

so verizon decides it needs to start forcing data plans on "multimedia" phones, and sprint does this ...Does verizon not like having so many people on their network?

i got the premiere mail and went to my account and it was not there. so i did chat line with a rep and asked when it was going to be on there and how it would be displayed.

she stated that it will apear on new bills and would normally be put on at the next billing date. she however said she could add it and retro all my old wireless calls. i how have 417 mins of my 450 left when before i only had 39 left.

hope this helps.

Btw i have the 450 everything data and am a premiere customer(stupid title)

Looks like i'll jump, on the bandwagon....I've been with Sprint since 2000! WHEW!
this was posted over @ PhoneScoop forums, buy Twonice2cee:






Now if people would stop calling the Cable Company during working hours and wait until they get home...after 7pm. They can stop whining about how they are on their cell phone using up their miutes! LOL

Let's go crazy and party like it's 1999!


I have always had the Unlimited everything plan. So what does this mean for me? Before this " BIG CHANGE" in plans, was I being charged to call others on other networks? If So I never notice. So Im not seeing what all the big who-ha is for. Unlimited means unlimited and I think Everything plan holders have been marveled by this already. No?