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Sprint to deploy $20 Billion LTE Network with LightSquared 51

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Mon, 20 Jun 2011 12:24 pm EDT

In the #3 spot in the US phone service provider race, Sprint has been working with Clearwire's WiMAX 4G network to provide their customers with the first 4G devices on any network. Unfortunately for these two companies, the billions of dollars that Sprint has put into Clearwire have resulted in less than optimal deployment  and customer satisfaction patterns. So what is Sprint to do now, but find someone else to assist in managing their 4G efforts?

In steps LightSquared, a 15-month-old 4G LTE network provider with whom Sprint has sign a 15-year agreement. In that time period they are planning to spend some $15-20 billion deploying and expanding an LTE network, and no doubt they'll want a lot of 4G devices on their network to take advantage of it all (and to offset those huge costs).

What does all of this have to do with webOS, though? We know that HP is pushing the Veer as an AT&T 4G device, and the Pre3 will more than likely be marketed the same way (on AT&T). If Sprint is investing this much into their 4G networks, it is possible that they are waiting on a true 4G webOS device to come out and play for a bit before giving the Palm GBU another chance. Though we can't be too certain of this, and a Sprint LTE webOS device probably won't be coming out any time soon, either, since LightSquared has hardly created a large enough network yet for Sprint to capitalize on (especially given the aggressive speed of Verizon's LTE rollout).

Still, it's fun to think about and is something to keep an eye on in the future. Sprint and LightSquared are expected to have a formal announcement very soon, though we don't expect many more details to arrive that we haven't already gotten from Bloomberg. Sprint will probably also comment at some point on how this effects their relationship with Clearwire (or at the very least, Clearwire will try to calm down their stakeholders) - we'll let you know if anything interesting comes out of the talks.

Source: Bloomberg; Via: Android Central



Go Sprint!
F U HPALM! Release the pre 3 on sprint soon.

You realize that sprint doesnt want 3g devices which pre-3 is. Its not that Palm doesnt want sprint, its other way around.

How do you explain the Kyocera Echo?

Nothing will ever be able to explain the Kyocera Echo to me.


the echo is an ugly phone but sprint prefers android. android made them money. webos didn't sell well. so, though they never should have released an echo, i think the the bigger issue is android is selling and webos doesn't have a good history on sprint. If people that want a pre 3 are lucky they'll get to order online. at launch. But i wouldn't hold my breath for a big old sprint launch with sprint buying millions of handsets because the last time they did that after 3 months they were sitting on shelves unsold. At least online sales they wouldn't have to buy all that stock a head of time to stock in stores. They could buy what they need and ship to you.

So am I the only one on this forum that thinks HP is making yet another mistake (first the veer) by releasing a non 4G phone in a time when every other new phone out there is 4G.
Honestly by the time the pre 3 comes out, if they are charging $200 for it. Is it worth it?

I'm also paying $50 a month for a nearly unlimited Sprint plan right now. Why would I want to switch to AT&T or Verizon and pay at least $30 more a month?

You do realize the Veer IS 4G don't you?

you realize the veer is small right? So small that if you want to view web pages or read email on it, prepare to constantly pinch zoom & scroll to read even a short paragraph.

What good is having 4G on something that you have to squint at to see?

I don't care about the veer. Veer sales and reviews are showing no one really cares about the veer. We're all mostly waiting for the pre 3 or a slate phone because we want a webos phone with a bigger screen than the pre, but HPalm just keeps F-ing up the hardware.

The reason the veer makes sense in HP eyes is to pair it with their tablet that way you can have a tiny "4G" hot spot and tether it to your Pad. Only reason I see why you release a pocket hercules.

Anything ATT labels as 4G is 4G... Whatever that means anymore....

You'd think this website is a Sprint fan-site rather than a WebOS site. :) I love WebOS, and would gladly switch carriers to follow it (I'm on Sprint now with a dying Pre-). Unfortunately, I don't think my future employer will support it, which ultimately speaks to HP needing to hurry on the enterprise front.

I just can't believe that my future employer wants me to get an iPhone rather than WebOS (which in my mind is an incredible enterprise platform). How did we (HPalm) drop the ball on this again?

clearly you need to dig deeper cause this is very much a webos phanboy site. sprint just happens to be the carrier for, i'm guessing, the majority of U.S. Pre users. And that presents a problem for the early adopters who find themselves, upset, frustrated, forever waiting, tired and with zero insight as to what the future holds device wise. I understand why they are annoyed. Now often their anger is misguided or doesn't account for every issue but i do understand the frustration.

"or at the very least, Clearwire will try to calm down their stakeholders"

You mean like Sprint? They only own a majority stake in Clearwire.

They are going to take some loss on that.

VZW & ATT LTE is 700 MHz

Sprint/LS LTE is 1.6 GHz

Still not able to switch carriers with same phone? Frustrating how they do this.

Are you sure?

about the bandwidths? That's the info I found.

im tired of thinking about a new WebOS phone on Sprint. its a lot less fun when your Pre- is in its death throws.

throes *, just looking out.

So in like 2 years we're gonna have a LTE HP webOS phone. Great, I love waiting...

This only means Sprint won't have a proper 4G network for years to come. Wimax hasn't been expanding all that well and lightsquared LTE is having serious problems with GPS and most likely will not be approved by FCC.

In case lightsquared LTE is a go Sprint will end up with a split personality making manufacturers hesitant on building 4G phones that would work with Sprint's 4G network since both Wimax and LTE on Sprint will only be Sprint exclusive.

One of my daily e-mails, Aviation eBrief, included a link to an article that LightSquared had agreed to move to a different 10MHz block of spectrum further down and away from the GPS frequencies to avoid interference.


If Palm doesnt make a 4G device for sake of battery life, does it mean, sprint wont carry Palm anymore?

If iPhone doesnt make a 4g device, sprint would bow to allow a 3G. But if Palm doesnt make a 4G device, no H/P products would be allowed on sprint. Thats double standards.




You're on fire today. Haha....

I think that the Kyocera Echo just brings humor out of me. It's a strange phone to me. Although, I don't think I'm being very fair since I've never gone in to the store to check it out and play with it. I probably ought to before anymore jokes about it.

Seems to me that Lightsquared is years from widespread rollout... they announced that they just now learned that they need to use an alternate frequency spectrum to avoid GPS interference. IF Sprint is waiting on LS LTE before signing on another HPalm device, then webos is surely dead on Sprint.

Just for reference in case people miss it above, LightSquared had agreed to move to a different 10MHz block of spectrum further down and away from the GPS frequencies to avoid interference.


They also said even with frequency change there will be GPS interference with some devices. That is if we go by their word. Not to forget they said that their LTE has no GPS interference before they failed the GPS test and had to make modifications.

FCC will most likely fail them unless they do some serious rethinking.

I thought Sprint was the largest holder of spectrum in the U.S., maybe they can peel some off for LightSquared

myself could careless about 4g, just gimmie mii pre3 on sprint even if its 3g. 4g a battery sucker n e way, plus dont live in big city where its set first. gimmie pre3 on 3g oh on sprint an i'll be happy for 2 more years!

"it is possible that they are waiting on a true 4G webOS device to come out and play for a bit before giving the Palm GBU another chance."

Just pandering to the Sprint users here, and trying to keep us interested? I have to say this is completely baseless speculation. Pretty weak Tim.

I think it is about time for all phone manufacturers begin thinking about World Phones and supplying devices that support every standard. If I remember right, Apple is doing this or trying to do this with their iPhones?

Of course this would probably make smaller phones impossible (Veer) since all the extra hardware needed to make this tech happen. Hopefully Sprint, Verizon, and ATT can all get on the same page tech wise and eliminate our major problems, throwing away technology every two years.

If the European Union can do this, why not us and suspect both free enterprise (which I believe in strongly) and politics (the backbone of most our problems in the USA). Sorli...

Can we get a post about the competition. Meego on the n9? It is also linux based like webos and android.

As long as I get a WebOs device in between this transition time, I dont even have to have 4G, im fine not being forced to pay an extra $10 instead of optional. Would really be cool though if they some how came up with a Wimax/LTE radio chip in one and have like the biggest 4G coverage, when you lose your Wimax coverage you will pick up LTE or vice versa. One can only dream tho....

Actually couldn't they just give us the Pre 3 now with the LTE, dont charge us for 4G service and then send out an OTA update for when LTE starts rolling out? instead of creating a Wimax version for the in the meantime of transition?

I'm not sure what you mean "not being forced to pay an extra $10 instead of optional."

Are you referring to not having to pay the $10 fee by purchasing a 3g phone off contract and activating it with Sprint?

I meant I don't like being forced to pay for 4G and that its not optional. But as someone pointed out to me 2day, all the smartphones have that extra $10 now if you have a smartphone, with or without a 4G phone.

I guess I would have to purchase one off contract like you mentioned if I want to keep my $69 plan.
Although I'd gladly pay the extra $10 at this point for a newer WebOS phone.

Unfortunately, this is not true for Sprint. Activating any new 3G phone will result in the additional "premium data" $10 surcharge.

Article: who... cares... about... some... US... provider???

Sprintcentral, perhaps? Sprint this, Sprint that, OMG, for real?

"What does all of this have to do with webOS, though?"

Honestly, nothing. I think this has EVERYTHING to do with a Sprint LTE iPhone down the road and competing with Verizon.

t means the cash cow of phones, the iphone, can now be made just like the Verizon one in the future. So anything verizon can use sprint will be able to use. When they go lte iphone sprint won't have to convince Apple to make a new version just for them. I think they've said we must have the iphone to compete because soon it will be on all carriers plus tmobile may get swallowed. We need to compete. We need all the platforms. I think this is a long term strategy so they can offer whatever Verizon offers and beat them on price.

"What does all of this have to do with webOS, though?"

Sprint is currently the single carrier with the most webOS devices worldwide. I'd be curious to see how many other carriers you'd have to stack to equal that. They also have had the strongest relationship with Palm over the years, though some people have questioned where that stands now.

And as for the iPhone, even when we see an LTE model, it won't be totally the same hardware for Verizon and AT&T. They'll still need to have differing 3G radios for those areas that won't have LTE yet. As aggressive as the big V's rollout has been, they're not likely to be at 100% before we see an LTE iPhone.

When the 3G network is finally retired, then we may see one hardware design.

"Sprint is currently the single carrier with the most webOS devices worldwide."
...so what? These numbers of users are still an order of magnitude (or two) smaller than what HP must aim for, if they want to stay in the race with webOS.

The same way as Pre-, it is a history, and it is irrelevant to if webOS can carve a piece of cake for itself.

It is only oh-so-important in US, because unlike anywhere else in the world, your telecom infrastructure is such a mess... I mean, underlying technology is carrier-specific??? C'mon, what a nonsense...

Does anyone even monitor these forums anymore? Can we nix these spam messages please?

I don't think the Veer 4G is 4G. I mean not even the fake 4G which all the carriers actually have. I think it is 3G.

Lightspeed uses a satellite for LTE. How does this compare with the standard wireless setup and bad weather functionality?

Isn't LightSquared a satellite 4g provider meant for roaming coverage only to providers like Sprint?

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