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Sprint drops Pixi price to free sans rebate 22

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 21 Sep 2010 1:11 pm EDT


Earlier this month Sprint finally got with the price drop program for the Palm Pre ($50) and Pixi (free), but they still resided in the land of $100 mail-in rebates. 

No more for the Pixi, which now sports an instat web rebate in lieu of the Mail-in rebate. It's featured in an email with three feature-phones, which is a little sad from a positioning standpoint - but given that the Sprint Pixi lacks WiFi, we suppose we can understand. In any case, it's a phone that some of us guys would be caught dead with, so good to see it's free.

Source: Sprint; Thanks to everybody who sent this in!



hell ya, i feel like were inching closer and closer to a leak of a drop of new phones
almost time to shut the guys at work down with there epic4 iphone4 3gs and g1

**wouldn't** be caught dead with?


With either

no it's a joke how guys have it or will buy it despite the name...

obviously jokes of that caliber are over some people's heads o_O

The Pixi is positioned first all across Sprint's website. It also takes up the most space in the graphic you posted here. I don't think its positioned "sadly" :)

they better make that phone free in order to sell it cuz i think its not so great (i was going to use harsher words but i held back :)

and yes its *Wouldn't* b caught dead... i believe u are quoting Rahul here right?

you guys are ridiculous. it's obviously a joke about that quote and how a lot of guys actually have the phone or will get the phone despite the name....


I think that not just Sprint but all Carrier need to stop with the Mail rebate BS.. I think Sprint should be embarrased that I always go to Radioshack to purchase their phones b/c they dont have the nonsense.. How can they price those phones better than the carrier who's providing them.. Makes no sense????

Man, it would suck to not know anything about WebOS, get into a contract with a pre or pixi now, find out how awesome WebOS is, then in months have a new/better device come out and you have to pay full price if you want it because you just started your contract. Sly little devils phone companies are.

Edit: Oh and offer ends at the end of October.....hhmmmm. I see signs.

Hey, I got my Pixi free a few months back when they had the deal going. My first smartphone and what cemented me as a webOS customer for the life of the platform. I just upgraded to a Pre off of eBay yesterday. I'm glad I got the free phone and got to play around with webOS and fall in love with it before spending money on the Pre.

Pixi: Stupid name, mediocre phone, but don't underestimate the power of free.

Welcome to the community and enjoy the ride (its just getting started!).

They should just give these pos phones away like candy to anyone that walks in the door thats willing to take one as a door prize and while they are at it give them a Pre - for free as a bonus just for taking the Pixi's.

Just cus you dont how to make the phone work for you doesnt mean its a POS.. As old as these phones are its still a kick as OS and whatever is out and hot now in the market..

what an ass you are. the pixi is a fantastic phone, and while the build quality on the pre isn't the best, it is still the best smartphone 'experience' available if you know what you are doing (ie overclocking, patches). several of my friends have various galaxy s phones and iphones, and while they are unquestionably awesome and more than adequate, the everyday usage of webOS is vastly superior to that of android or iOS. btw, my first smartphone was an iphone, so i have lots of experience with that platform as well.

LOL on the best smartphone qualifier. For every second of perceived time saved using webOS, I've wasted a minute in the Sprint store or online getting replacements. Sorry, but the "smartphone experience" encompasses...well...the "entire experience".

TYPO: "No more for the Pixi, which now sports an instaNt web rebate...."

Good that Sprint has finally gotten completely with the program.

Eh, they're catching up, but until they offer "Plus" versions of these phones I don't think they can be attributed with "getting with the program".

everybody needs to go to fone arena and show their suppor for the pre. We are currently down 400 votes or so againts nokia n900. http://www.fonearena.com/blog/23073/smartphone-championship-semi-final-n...
heres the site. GO VOTE!!!!!!!!!


Was at a Sprint store in Chicago last weekend to sign up the ladyfriend for a service plan. Nudged her towards the Pre, which she got familiar with from using mine. Funny, neither Palm phone was on display in the store. The Pixi had a spot on the wall, but there was no phone attached, and the Pre was under glass without a display. I asked the rep if she'd heard anything, and she predictably said no. Said everyone that comes in is really focused on Android, but surprisingly didn't push either the Epic or Evo after my girlfriend asked for a Pre. Can't be much time left for either phone, regardless of whether new hardware is coming soon.

Anyone notice the Pixi used in the Marshall's commercial about the "gorgeous cashmere sweaters"?