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Sprint gets with the price drop program, Pre to be $49.99 and Pixi free 37

by Derek Kessler Fri, 03 Sep 2010 11:06 am EDT

Sprint Pre and Pixi price drop

It’s taken a lot of poking and prodding, but Sprint has finally seen right to drop the pricing of their webOS offerings. According to the latest edition of The Playbook, Sprint’s internal employee newsletter, effective September 12 Sprint will be dropping the new-contract price of the Palm Pre to $49.99 and the Palm Pixi to flat-out free. Right now a Pre will cost you $149.99, while a Pixi costs $49.99 - both prices sadly still include the $100 mail-in rebate.

In addition to the new contract pricing, Sprint is also dropping the pricing for off contract purchases, with $200 slashed from the Pre (dropping it to $349.99 off contract) and the Pixi cut by $50 to $299.99. After a cursory glance at Sprint’s smartphone offerings, that’ll make the Pre and Pixi the cheapest way to get into the smartphone game on America’s #3 network. Unless, you know, you want a Centro ($80 off contract, free with a new subscription).

Thanks anonymous tipster!


So Sprint DOES read P|C.

Thank Dieter for this one.

cum hoc ergo propter hoc?!?

thank god someone understands this. I was gonna say the same exact thing.

Yeeeeeeeeeeee! The fat lady is singing! All channels in clearance mode now.

We knew big things were coming first week of september. Announcement for hardware is the next step. Where is Suzi-Noo hiding?

Pre and Pixi *still free* today at hp.com's Wireless Central site. The sale was to end last night at midnight, but has been extended 24 hrs. I picked up a free Pre last night on a 2 year Sprint contract. Wife is moving off the iPhone and ATT service to the Palm Pre and Sprint. Big savings! We'll be installing PreWare and patches, including UberKernel and Govnah to transform the Pre- into a Pre++. This from a very satisfied Sprint customer and Pre user since July 2009.


they still miss it, they should both be free without a stupid rebate.

+1. And also prepaid so I cant stop waiting for the device to wing my girlfriend off the Palm Pro she was talked into by some moron at a Sprint store. After I told her to pick up a Touch Pro2.

I agree...

While this, in Brazil... noooothing from Palm!!

The last device in our country was... Treo PRO!! :0P

Best Regards...

wonder if this means the tep price for replacement goes down too...i hope so.

"Thanks anonymous tipster!"

Please don't equate this to a leak of SDK information by a dev. I think we all know it's not the same thing.

Why not? This is commercially sensitive, private, information in a document for Sprint staff use only. Sprint does not have a system for releasing this document to anyone who is registered with them and owns a phone; arguably, then, this is article is less justifiable than writing a story about a future release which Palm have been less than cautious about who gets it.

Either both stories are fine, or neither, in my opinion. And I'd go for both...

True, both are leads of sensitive, private information. However, in the case of the SDK leak, it is intellectual property that forms the basis of the company's business plan, and a leak could undermine the entire company. Whereas, a leak of a pricing drop on a smartphone will not be detrimental to Sprint's business. Palm exists today solely because of webOS, and the leak was caused by a third party dev who signed a NDA. That leak threatens the relationship between devs and HPalm, which in turn becomes a huge threat to HPalm's smartphone sector. We all know that apps are becoming an increasingly important part of the smartphone market, almost to the point of becoming the main reason people are purchasing specific devices. If HPalm can't compete to get devs, or fall behind the curve in releasing apps, their business will be seriously, if not permanently, affected.

No. You can't have it both ways. The best you can do is assign differing shades of grey. And in all honesty, these two are close.

What you also can't do is trivialize this leak and exaggerate the other one. This leak WILL delay more than a few sales and Sprint will lose money because of it. Just because we feel this leak less doesn't make it any less important.

Apparently my point needed underscoring.

Just hours after this news leaks, Verizon drops their prices a full nine days ahead of Sprint's September 12th price cut. So this leak is already "detrimental to Sprint's business."


at the bottom of the document there's an NDA. it's at the bottom of every page, of every sprint marketing deck.

can i take my newly bought pixi back and get a refund then?

Call Sprint to confirm, but my understanding is that Sprint will honor a price drop if the drop occurred within 30 days of purchase.

So yes, I think you can get the difference refunded.

It's about time, although, a better move would be to give the original Pre and Pixi away for free and barter with Palm to get the Pluses and sell those for $50.

And I just bought a second Sprint Pre from the PreCentral Marketplace for $120. Dang! Oh well, at least it came with a Touchstone and I didn't have to use one of my upgrades.


Off contract price still too much... Bell has been selling it for 299.95 for the longest time.

I give credit to Dieter's intervention

Centro's not long for this world, I think.

cool, i like it!

finally, the price is rational.

The price was rational before the drop. Do some math. Sprint could sell the phone for $400 before the phone plus 2year contract would begin entering the price ranges of the competition.

Still too expensive...I have and ideal Sprint why not give the Pre/pixi away at the door instead of candy on Halloween?

By the way, Sprint offers a 30 price guarantee so don't bother waiting until the 12th. I just brought my mom to get one and they confirmed the price reduction and told me to just call in on the 12th and they will credit my account for the $100 difference. I assume this would be the same for any location but you might ask to be sure.




the regular price on the phone has dropped a lot.

it was $549.99 at launch for a pre sans contract.

now it's $200 less.

still the crappy base versions. Sprint should pay you to take the pixi and give the pre away for free at this point. Stuck with old technology for another year if you sign on now. Who would be dumb enough to do that. I'd rather be stuck with an Epic or Evo for a year while waiting to see what Palm brings to the table for round two. Oh wait, that's what I'm already doing. And I'm editing docs like crazy too.

This still sux. Having to wait months for a rebate is so silly. Sprint tried but still falls short.