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Sprint Google Voice integration kicks off April 26, early invites going out now 23

by Derek Kessler Fri, 22 Apr 2011 10:13 am EDT

If you’re a Sprint user, chances are you were at least somewhat intrigued by the possibility of hooking up your Sprint account with Google Voice without any repercussions. Well, as it turns out that time is nearly upon us. There are two things to note here: first is that the system will be officially going live on April 26 (next Tuesday), with full technical support from Google and Sprint.

The second is that if you happened to have signed yourself up to be notified when the service was available, you may have received an invite to get in on the Google Voice action early. This blogger did, and we’ve received several tips that indicate that many of you have as well. With just a few clicks on your screen and a two-digit confirmation code on the phone you can use your Google Voice number as your mobile number or use your Sprint number as your Google Voice number, all without any nasty porting charges or having to deal with canceling a line on your contract.

Our friends over at Android Central spent the night toying around with the new system and came away impressed. Your voicemail is automatically routed through Google Voice voicemail regardless of which option you choose, giving you both easily browsed voicemails and transcriptions sent as emails and/or text messages (quality of transcription is debatable). The question of MMS, which Google Voice does not yet support, was answered with a resounding “it works!” which we see as a good thing.

So if you’ve received an early invite, congratulations and welcome to the next step in the cellular revolution. It’s a small step, but one that’s moving forward at a time when the carriers seem to be taking so many steps to the rear. If you’re still waiting, well, next Tuesday’s not that far off.

Source: Android Central; Thanks to everyone for the tips!


I still don't get what this does. I can set up my phone to use google voice mail without any difficulties. I just dial "*28" followed by my google voice number. And doing that, when I make outgoing calls and send SMS, they appear from my sprint phone number.

Anyone have any clarity as to what this really does?

Curretly, when you dial out from your Sprint phone, it shows your Sprint number. If you routinely give out your Google Voice number, then contacts might not have this number in their information for you (or they get it when you don't want them to have it). People circumvent this with Google Voice apps (which will display your Google Voice number), however, with this option, your Google Voice number will now display whether you have a Google Voice app or not.

The other option is good for those who want to get into Google Voice, but don't want to have to give a new number out to their contacts. Before you could bring your own number in, but not have all the benefits of Google Voice (just the voicemail) or you'd have to port the number (and end service with your provider or get a new number). With this option, you can use your Sprint number as your Google Voice number without having to give a new number to others or having to terminate your contract or get a new number with Sprint.

This lets you change your google voice number to that of your current cell number. This lets you receive all of the benefits of google voice, not just the voicemail, without having to change phone numbers.

So, if you make your Google Voice number your Sprint mobile number, what happens when people call your old Sprint number? Do the calls go through or is the number gone forever? I'm not clear on whether this just enables the ability for calls/texts sent from your Sprint number to show your Google Voice number, or whether it will actually replace the number you have on Sprint. If it just enables your the ability to show the Google Voice number on outbound calls, I'll probably just make my Sprint number my Google Voice number instead (although I like my new Google Voice number more...).

Actually think I'm going to go with making my Google Voice my outbound number anyway. Also, it's cool international calls go straight through Google Voice automatically.

Besides not needing to dial a prefix, it will also let you use Google Voice's voice mail system with your regular carrier's phone number. Otherwise, you'd have to port your cell number to Google Voice (I don't know if that costs money, but I assume it does -- there was just an article on Lifehacker recently about this...)

There's probably other benefits too, just because of the actual, SUPPORTED integration. Obviously better GUI instead of using some third-party app like Voogle, and maybe even slight performance benefits because of the reduction in latency (since again, this will be supported integration on Sprint's part)...

A former Grandcentral user, I've been using Google Voice to handle my voicemails to my Sprint Pre since it was available. It's terrific getting a (variable quality) email transcription instead of having to call in to listen, or listening on the web. Google Voice also has free SMS (in US). Unfortunately, people got confused when my texts came from my Google number, and actual calls from my Sprint number.

If you pick integration option #1, you are essentially doing the same, but will lose your Google Voice number, and is not reversible. But then people will see your cell number as your Google Voice number for texts or calls from Google.

If you pick (for me, at least, the better) option #2, your phone will get the Google Voice number, so calls and texts from your phone match Google's. Plus it is reversible whenever you want. And calls to your old cell number still go through.

I'm thinking of doing option #2. However, when I dial contacts now it actually dials GV number first before dialing my contact. I have unlimited calls to and from my GV number on Sprint, so I do not get charged minutes for these calls. After switching to option 2, do you know if when you dial a number, does it go through GV first?

Also, the same when someone calls me currently; it goes though my GV (free minutes) number first. Would that change if switching to option 2?

All incoming calls should be free on Sprint, regardless of where they originated, I believe.

But if you are taking advantage of not using minutes by ultimately having Google handle the call, then I don't think you should integrate.

I have the 450 minute plan, and since cell-to-cell calls don't count, and I have an AirRave at home in which calls don't count, I use very few minutes each month.

That brings up a good question. If you choose the option that has all your calls show up as your gvoice number, will those get charged as minutes? I don't have all calls to my GV number for free. I get charged minutes for calls to & through GV. This limits my desire to use GV. Anyone know if Sprint will be including GV calls in their "any mobile anytime" deal?

The invite email sent out indicated that anymobile anytime would apply.

"In both cases, Google Voice replaces Sprint voicemail (pressing one on your phone links you to your Google Voicemail) and international calls made from the Sprint phone will be connected by Google Voice. Integrating your account with Sprint means you will still get the benefits of Any Mobile Any Time if that is included in your service plan."

You do have a lot to give up if it does not carry forward the same functionality. If I had what you had (free calls in/out GV), I would not integrate if it meant I lost that functionality.

Agreed. See my other response above.

I did this last night and it broke my GPS tracking patch... Doh. I did post to the forums if anyone has any ideas as to how to fix this... I chose option 1 - I kept my Spring number.


I've got my invite and I've gone with Option 1.

Also, more reason for me to go with the Nexus S 4G as I am sure it will have very good integration of GV.

Can I attach my NEW sprint integrated number to a google voice and still get text messages? Right now it will not let me since its on two lines.

Can't wait to get my hand on that Evo 3D, sorry webOS friends, I've waited too long.

I've been using it for several weeks now and the functionality of the new integration for both calls & texts works very nicely

I got an e-mail invite and was excited - I want to do option 2. Only problem - Google Voice can't handle "short codes" for text messages. I use Roadify (short code 95495), and when I enable Google Voice so that my GV number "displays", the text messages to the short code number don't work properly (I can send out, but don't get a reply).
Until Sprint fixes this problem, I've deactivated option 2 - I send text messages to short code numbers more often than I make calls where I need to display my GV number.

I choice Option 2, but I was told by a Sprint rep. that if I pressed "1" on my dialpad it would now go into my GV Mailbox, this is not the case. Now when I press & hold "1" I get a recording that says **** xxx-xxxx" Does Not Have a Mailbox Setup". Which leads me to believe that it's not properly dialing into my GV number. : [ Boooo! I wonder if I can somehow change it initial Phone setup somewhere?!?

Update on using Option 1.

Loving it. I can now call my family in the UK and not have to use a 'skype number' or calling card. No fear of getting a massive bill. First time I really used GV for calling, prices are lower than skype and quality was excellent.

I tried this with option 1 but then my phone didnt ring and I didnt get any texts on my phone so I disabled it.

Does anyone have a favorite Google Voice app? It's been a while since I followed that on the site.

Just did the switch tonight (option 1). Pretty sweet. The voicemail transcription leaves a little to be desired (quite comical actually).

But the simple message is this: They made it ASTOUNDINGLY easy to make this transition.

Now the sad part is that this was motivated by their android handsets and such, but I pray for a Pre3 on Sprint. Hopefully it isn't wishful thinking.