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Sprint: The Network for People with ADD, the Pre 36

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 07 Apr 2009 9:37 am EDT

It's time to talk about that other kind of "Synergy," the kind you cringe when you hear it spoken: Synergy of business.  Sprint has just launched some sort of new viral-esque campaign parlaying their "Now Network" into a seizure-inducing array of webwidgets telling you what's happening "now."

Click on the Pre to find their Pre-specific page, including links to Pre tweets, Pre headlines on tech blogs -- quite possibly including this very blog and maybe even this very post, which presents a level of recursion we're not entirely sure we know what to do with.  For what it's worth, tech specs on this site do not list tethering.

If nothing else, it's a precursor of the marketing blitz to come with the launch of the Palm Pre.  And that dirty use of "Synergy?"  We're thinking that Sprint launching a widget-based site that helps market a platform for which you can develop widgets is almost nefarious in its subtlety.  Or maybe we're just bitter that there are images of the Pre next to "Calls on Sprint Phones" and "Texts of Sprint Phones."  Surely there are, right now, Palm Pre Phones active and engaged in those very activities. 

Not bitter yet?  Check out the commercial above, the 27 second mark, that dude has a Pre.  Jerk.



That commercial makes me think (alright pray) that the pre could have wimax.

Now? How about releasing the pre now? It's starting to become a myth!

I heard that the Kaizer Sozae uses the Pre to text his victims right before he kills them...also, Bloody Mary.


I didn't read anything into the commercial. I liked it! I think I'll like any commercial with the Pre as the main star. I sure hope it comes out this or next month, not June because I bet it's main competition will come out with new hardware too, not just software.

I keep hearing rumors that iPhone might be coming out with a third piece of hardware, not just a new OS. Someone PLEASE point me to something that actually corroborates this notion!!!!!!!!!

Apple ordering 3.2 mp cameras: http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/09/04/03/report_apples_next_iphone_...

Apart from that, June is when Apple's World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) falls and will mark ~1 year since the release of the iPhone 3G.

For the record, the iphone is NOT getting a new OS, it is the same 2.2.1 with updates. Apple is calling it 3.0 for marketing reasons. If you but new shoe laces for your old shoes, do you have new shoes?.... NO! Also, the hardware (3.2 camera) upgrade is just a rumor, just like the dual-core CPU rumor. Apple is more interested in pushing it's app store than investing in new expensive hardware for the iphone. If the 2nd generation iphone is still selling well, what would be the point in pushing out another version? Apple is going to do what Apple always does with it's products, once they have a cult like following they continue to release a similar product with a couple of software upgrades.

NO iPhone fan here, but that is childish post and metaphor. A new operating system is not new hardware. Your shoelace metaphor is strange.

Where did I say "A new operating system is new hardware?" As to the shoelace metaphor, whether it's strange or not it is a matter of opinion. Metaphors are usually weird and corny. It was only to make a point.


Wake up and smell the hummus you're shoveling. You are living in a dreamworld.

They used the wrong verb for Twitter. It should have said people are TWEETING not TWITTERING. I hope that doesn't annoy the young Twitter crowd and make Sprint lose their cred. Or am I just looking for things to pick apart?

I have heard, "are you twittering" or "the twittering type", numerous times.

sprint went hard with that commercial...and if this is a sign of things to come...watch out AT&T....

I think that's "Hymie" not "Tiny" the talking boxer. I'd like to see more of him!!!

I think tiny, the talking boxer is saying, "I want my mama"...lol

I wish I could see the video(s) from my iPhone! I want to try the pre out, and see if I need to start saving my money up to break the contract with AT&T. Wife and I both have iPhones...

The first page is too busy for me. Pre page is ok.

great visual and direct ad love it.

This ad was ok, its more of a general Sprint network ad with a brief shot of the Pre. I guess they are laying the ground work regarding there 3G network and next will be more specific ads regarding the Pre.

Haha! Fun ad. +1 internets.

That commercial was AWESOME!!!!

I like that commercial!!! I wonder if i have ADD...

ironic isn't it? Calling it the "NOW Network" not the "First Half of 2009 Network"

I'm already anticipating a 3rd party app that makes your Pre play that matrix-y sound when you close or open the qwerty like at the end of the commercial.

It says that the video has been removed.

Do a search for "Sprint What's Happening" in youtube.com and you'll find it.

it looks like sprint is really getting their act together and ready to try and run with the bulls again, lets hope this great lookin commercial is a sign of good things to come

this off topic but on the pre with the notification led light i believe the pre will not have one..it will still show you your notifications it probably be just like with the pro.. i have no led light that will blink or anything to show me what i missed only thing that will blink is the circle part and it only does that when i have an voicemail.newho whenever i got a text message or a miss call it shows me with out me having to wake up my phone to see if i missed anything..while the phone is sleep locked whichever you may call it. it shows a lil phone symbol showing i missed a call doesnt tell me how many though.. with an sms or mms message it shows me an envelope the pre will probably do the same

sprint really betting big time with the pre, but they didn't do so well with the instinct when spent $200 million on promoting it.

Sprint is famous for spending big bucks on advertisements, but i seriously hope they will do well, at least folks at http://www.PalmPreForum.org spent sleepless nights try to find out the lastest and greatest info about the PRE!

They only ended up spending $125 million because the new iPhone came out when they had been spinning Instinct as an iPhone killer against the older iPhone.

This commercial was show last night (Monday) on NBC during CHUCK. Could actual TV airtime mean we're getting closer to a release date?

Saw it during 24 as well XD

Another Now Network page based around their Boradband USB Dongle can be found here: http://now.sprint.com/widget/

That was a terrible advert, I doubt any of those statistics are anywhere near true. I don